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  1. Monster Myoui

    The Official MiMo (Mina & Momo) Thread ❤

    In my house we only ship the tragic Mimo!
  2. We love a vocal queen! Lets just think of all the times she hit her high note in One In A Million and has the crowd SHOOKT
  3. Monster Myoui

    [JEONGYEONIST/PIC/POLL] Jeongyeon's New Pink Hair

    Yes I agree, her hair pink hair was quite bold and refreshing. I thought it suited her quite well along with the blue hair too. It was nice seeing her try something so drastic and different.
  4. Not to be a super soft stan, but in my opinion, Jeong looks beautiful either way. I think she looks the most beautiful when she feels comfortable, beautiful and confident in her looks.
  5. Monster Myoui

    [NAYEONIST] Nayeon little bodyguard

    Tzuyu is so careful! (But Natzu, the lost ship)
  6. Monster Myoui

    [NAYEONIST] What is your favourite Nayeon 2017 Era?

    I'd say it would be between Likey and Signal. Nayeon's pink hair was a skinny legend (we know this) but with Likey/Heartshaker, idk what it was, what kind of water she drank but HONEY WAS GLOWING. Nayeon at the end of the year gayos had me shook. She just looked so good for no reason. Likey was such a solid era for Twice as a whole if you ask me.
  7. Monster Myoui

    [NAYEONIST] Why did you like Nayeon?

    I had always had an eye on Nayeon since her trainee years, but I almost instantly fell in love with her when her sixteen teaser was released. Her teaser was just so lively, fresh faced and cute and her choice song cover kind of just pulled everything together
  8. Nayeon has always been pretty, but it's like her beauty just keeps changing for the better. We love a goddess.
  9. Monster Myoui


    Yes I peeped Chaeng had almost no lines too. There was no Dubchaeng rap in DTNA and my heart hurts because of it. (I mean yeah it was that one part where they sang "Dance the night away, lets dance the night away" but i'm used to them spoiling us with a rap) JIHYO AS CENTER SAVED LIVES. A vocal and visual legend. I really live for Jeongyeon thriving in her extensions! She's so pretty! (Jeong has always been beautiful, don't get me wrong, but she's wanted longer hair for a while now and now she finally has it and I'm sure she feels pretty now) I've said this one time, and I'll say it again: MYOUI MINA IS THE LOML. Her space buns added years to my life. Sana 0:42-0:48 . that's it, thats the confession the b-side tracks were awesome and i loved how they fit the summer concept perfectly. Not to mention that I'm so proud of J-Line collaborating and writing Shot Thru The Heart together. The dance is so upbeat and lively. Jihyo said this was their hardest choreography yet, and they slay it effortlessly. all in all, they all looked amazing and sounded great and this is going to being another great era for twice.
  10. ha, funny story; i haven't decorated it. I got the Jihyo stickers with mine though. But yeah, idk why, but i never decorate the DIY albums, I just kind of keep the stickers just because.
  11. Monster Myoui

    "Tell Me Your Height" Thread

    I recently went to the doctor and I was told that I am 5'4"
  12. Monster Myoui

    What's Your Favourite Snack?

    My favorite snacks (they definitely arent healthy) are regular or white chocolate reeses and dr pepper.
  13. Monster Myoui

    What Does Your Username Mean?

    Monster Myoui has been a thing for me since 2015, and idk why. I came up with it around the time LOA came out. 13 year old me thought it sounded really edgy and cool (Perhaps its because Mina slays?? Idk what i was actually thinking back then)
  14. Monster Myoui

    Your TTF Emoji Based On Your Personality

    sensitive and caring is definitely me.
  15. Monster Myoui

    Your best friends/favourite members in TTF

    I'm alone here your local emo is looking for some friends
  16. I got Nayeon. I'm not surprised though, I always get Nayeon in these types of quizzes
  17. Monster Myoui

    [GAME] Your confession to the above Twice Member

    A slept on skinny legend! A goddess, a queen! Im so happy people are starting to appreciate all she does and that people have stopped overlooking her and shaming her. I love Jihyo sm and I'd fight for her! Jeongyeon
  18. Monster Myoui

    [GAME] Kpop Bias

    Oooof Subin is my bby WJSN
  19. Monster Myoui

    [GAME] The Magical Soda Machine

    Get: kiss from black widow Insert: yellow shoes
  20. Monster Myoui

    [GAME] Last Letter

  21. Monster Myoui

    [GAME] True or False Game

    False ( I mean it would probably be fun, but I'm not good at video games at all) Person below ships MiMo
  22. Monster Myoui

    [GAME] First Word You Think Of

  23. Monster Myoui

    [DISCUSSION] What are your favourite Song of twice?

    Okay I'm partial to The Story Begins album and Twicetagram albums. They mean a lot to me. But, my top 10 faves are Candy Boy 툭하면 톡 (Ready To Talk) Headphones One In A Million Next Page Someone Like Me 24/7 Love Line Deja Vu Rollin
  24. Monster Myoui

    [DISCUSSION] Underrated TWICE songs

    EVERY SONG ON THE SIGNAL ALBUM IS UNDERRATED. That's just straight facts. As well as the whole Signal album, I also think Like A Fool Headphones 툭하면 톡 (Time to Talk/ Tuk Tok) 24/7 Next Page Wow Truth
  25. Honestly. Mina has been my bias since day one of sixteen era ( i was such a hard stan since sixteen) and is still currently my ult bias. (ngl, i swerved to Tzuyu for literally only 5 days during LOA era but we don't talk about that ever). But yeah, my twice bias has been consistent since day 1. Like if i ever swerve Mina (which i don't plan on doing), even my non kpop stan friends will be disappointed in me.