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  1. Kpop Bias

    idk Weki Meki
  2. I love the person above me because...

    I love the person above me coz I love his signature
  3. one word story

  4. Have you ever?

    yup, once have you ever been kicked out?
  5. Answer My Question with A Question

    Is it wrong to make that question?
  6. Rate the Song Above You

    7/10 Exo- Power
  7. The Last Thing You Ate

  8. Would you rather?......

    see the future would you rather attend your js prom or go to a twice concert?
  9. OF COURSE Game

    of course you're a thrice
  10. True or False Game

    false, no sana no life the person below loves eating onion
  11. When Was The Last Time

    2 days ago When was the last time you watch TT mv?
  12. Last Post Wins!

  13. Yum or eww

    Yum Fries
  14. 100,000 Post Game