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  1. I Spy (Season 2: Sykotic Cherry Bananas?)

    hint please
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  3. Cheer Up

    By the way read the rules for more information. Welcome to TTF!
  4. I'm new :)

    Hello Dubu(x3) Welcome to TTF! Have fun and enjoy your amazing quest here at TTF!
  5. Introduction

    Your bias is Twice Welcome to TTF! Have a nice time here and enjoy!
  6. Introduce myself

    Hello there Anson! Welcome to TTF! I hope you'll enjoy here. Have fun and enjoy your long stay. Have a nice day!
  7. Hi! I'm new ><

    Hello there and welcome to this wonderful forum! You must have fun here! Enjoy! See ya around
  8. Team Twice is awesome

    Welcome to this awesome forum! Have fun!
  9. Hi! I'm new ><

    Welcome to TTF!
  10. I am really sorry for my unfinished business here at TTF (especially in CYA:mn-pout2: sorry).

    I am really busy in my studies this week but I promise that I will do my responsibility as a member in your entertainment. :dh-pout:

    @chaerrybear @Yeongie 윤기 @Ahn Haeju Hoping for your kind consideration.

  11. TWICE

    Just relax. It will be good to your health. But do not forget to love and support Twice.
  12. Hello all

    Hello there and welcome to this awesome forum! Have fun here and I hope you will enjoy here. See ya around! Have a nice day!
  13. Hello!!

    Oh! Hello there Wyman. Why man? Well welcome to this amazing forum! Have fun and enjoy your long stay!
  14. Hi I'm new idk what this all means

    Welcome to TTF! Have fun here! And about TTF, uuhhm this forum is about sharing your love about Twice. In here you'll be updated about them. And we do a lot.
  15. Hi guys

    Don't be shy. You're welcome here! Hi! And welcome to TTF! Enjoy your stay here! See ya around