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The Story Begins
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  1. Hello, just to let you know that I'm pretty sure that I won't be on the forums at all tomorrow since Christmas is a "no computers allowed" affair in my family (I'll be on Twitter on very brief occasions though, so feel free to peek there if you want to see any stuff I get) so I just wanted to wish you all a very Merry & Happy Christmas/holiday period!

    I'll leave you with my favourite Christmas song to get you all in the festive mood, "Christmas Eve" by Tatsuro Yamashita.

    Have a great one, guys/girls/others, and take care. :ny-yes:


  2. A year ago today, I listened to TT for the first time... happy ONCE-versary to me :mm-heart:

  3. [AWARDS] ☆Limited Edition☆ #HEARTSHAKER

    May I have the Twice heart, please? Thanks in advance, they're super cute awards!
  4. Holy flip... LIKEY hit #1 on YouTube trending here in the UK :mm-wow:

    1. Plume


      #33 in France for me :mn-cry:

      Before they were #26 :dh-wut:

  5. TWICE's comeback and album.... are amazing. Definitely one of their best! AND MOMO'S PARTS IN LIKEY ARE INCREDIBLE

    I wanted to happy cry but I was in the sixth form library when I watched it  hahahahahahaha

  6. Less than 12 hours to go until Likey and Twicetagram drop.........

    ....I'm so damn hyped :mm-wow:

    And, even better, I won't be in class until the afternoon and there's no assembly so I CAN WATCH THE MV AS IT COMES OUT, YESSSSSSSS :jh-cheer:


    I like them all, although the "D-D-D-DANCE ON THE FLOOR" chant at the beginning of DING DONG is a bit rough heh I LOVE THE 12TH TRACK. I remember it from the spoiler stream and I love it ;;w;; I'm so so so so so excited for tomorrow!!! IT'S TIME TO D-D-D-DANCE ON THE FLOOR i'm sorry
  8. Twice New Album (Twicetagram)

    It worked! I managed to get a pre-order the other day! What version/s are you lot getting? I'm getting a random version... I wonder which one I'll get?

    I asked my parents during dinner and my mum said she'd think about it while she was out - when she came back, she said "Right, Bethan, where do I order this TWICE album from then?" AND SHE WENT AND PRE-ORDERED IT FOR ME :mm-wow:


    1. Beanie


      Eeeyyy congrats :jh-cheer:I hope you get a nice photocard of your bias too :ny-rawr:

  10. Jihyo is really bias wrecking me at the minute... she's adorable :jh-heart:

    (Obviously, Momo is still my bias.)

  11. I'm actually finding the MAMA crashes really funny, gotta love the spirit and dedication of K-Pop fans :ny-lol:

  12. Twice New Album (Twicetagram)

    I'll do what I did with Twicecoaster Lane 2 and subtly hint at my parents that I'd like to pre-order it. Well, probably not subtly... I NEED THIS ALBUM. I need a job so I can fund my love for TWICE
  13. [DISCUSSION] THE 1ST ALBUM: twicetagram Packaging and Goodies

    It's kinda like with Wanna-One's album where you get a photocard and wrap of a random member to put around the album... interesting. I wonder what it will actually be... we'll have to wait and see, haha. I've heard there are 6 versions... 2 of each version... so confusing
  14. Hello, I'm here to say I love TWICE and ONE MORE TIME COMPLETELY DESTROYED ME
    IT'S SO GOOD :mm-wow:

    1. Cupcake Cupid

      Cupcake Cupid

      Ikr I'm shook I wish it trended on YouTube 

  15. I've not been on for a while so sorry this is late, but damn, congrats for member of the month!! :jh-cheer:

  16. I got my GCSE results today and I PASSED EVERYTHING!!!!!
    Unbelievably, I got a 9 in English Language, which is the new equivalent to A*... and one of the subjects I needed!! Let's just say I've cried a lot today for all the right reasons  :mm-heart:


    I accidentally added this spoiler so here are all of my results! For Maths, 4 is a low C, and the pass grade for this year! ~ 


  17. I'm looking for somewhere to watch Idol School... any suggestions on (safe) sites? 

  18. [MOMOIST/PIC] A Peach A Day

    It goes so well with my username as well, since it's the Nico Nico Ni pose
  19. This is everything I never knew I needed in my life.
  20. Your best friends/favourite members in TTF

    Yayyy! Sorry if I did scare you before tho ;w;
  21. Your best friends/favourite members in TTF

    I follow you on my Twitter and you retweet a load of Twice stuff, I love it! :D (I'm Bethan/sakura_bethan in case you didn't know) Sorry, I really really hope I didn't scare you!!!
  22. Your best friends/favourite members in TTF

    Well, I love you all! I love this community so much. You've all been so kind and accepting of me and I appreciate it so much, you're all... as TWICE says, ONE IN A MILLION! Specific ones who I know the most on here are @NayeonBunnyIsMyBias and @Mina'sYellowBeanie, you two are awesome, please keep being awesome!! Also shout out to @Twice's Bias for filling my Twitter feed with TWICE every once in a while Love you all!
  23. I'm freaking out right now, apparently I've been shadowbanned on my personal Twitter and I've done NOTHING wrong and had no notification of this! :mm-wut:
    What should I do?

    1. Beanie


      I'm not exactly sure how shadowbans work but... I hope you won't be shadowbanned for long :cy-fluffy:Saw it happen to one of my friends and it was not a fun experience for them either

    2. MomoMomoMo


      Thanks @Mina'sYellowBeanie - I did some more searching and it turns out I'm not shadowbanned! For some reason, Twitter's not showing my tweets in the search algorithm, which triggered the shadowban checker to think I was shadowbanned. People are still getting notifications from me, though, so all good, thank god.

    3. Beanie


      Oh that's strange :mm-wut:I wonder what's up with Twitter these days :ny-hmm:It's good to know that you aren't shadowbanned, though. :ny-yes: