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  1. Spullo

    [AWARDS] ☆Limited Edition☆ #WhatIsLove

    #WhatIsLove - Love please!
  2. dude jonghyun passed away

    1. Spullo


      I've been trying to stay away from news about it. I spent most of the day of and after reading everything I could find. Truly heartbroken and I would have never known either which makes it even worse. Sorry for replying so late, hope you're doing alright...

    2. Spullo


      I read a post about a phrase that kind of struck me. Idols can do so much to help the lives of fans and lessen the suffering some people have, but fans are limited in what they can do in return for the idol's they care about as well. The idol industry is a brutal one, all we can really do is keep the best memories alive.

  3. Her shoes say "Run Away With Me" Ok Chaeng, will do
  4. I appreciate this level of curly. Although my favorite hairstyle of her is just long and black in general!
  5. I miss SHINee ;/ I read about the fans throwing shade about one because he appeard in the season greeting 2018 and they said "Im not going to buy it" and "Im a ot4 stan" Ugh fake shawols 

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    2. Spullo



    3. Palace


      Idk when to sleep hahaha Im not good with alarms man  if I do sleep what time should I set the alarm

    4. Palace


      Dude I wanna go see shinee for there tokyo dome concert but as International fans is gonna be expensive AF and idk who ill go with LMAO

  6. If anyone is also a BTS fan, they have a song on their Love Yourself: Her album called "Dimples" and it's actually my favorite song from their album. Coincidentally, I found this FMV on youtube someone made about Chaeng and her dimples I thought it fit perfectly with this smol bean!
  7. YESS, She looks so good doesn't she!?! Can't save you if I can't even save myself
  8. She has bells for earrings, Christmas came early
  9. Leather jacket Chaeng is legendary isn't it We should all get leather jackets to match her #leathersquad
  10. So you're contributing to this thread huh, caught red-handed
  11. Spullo

    [AWARDS] ☆Limited Edition☆ #SIGNAL

    All three please :D
  12. She has the Gfriend Eunha haircut now. HOW IS IT GETTING SHORTER?!?!?