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  1. "Tell Me Your Height" Thread

    5'11 >tfw when not 6ft
  2. [FAN ART] tzuyu

    thanks guys =) this made me smile =) it's nice to know that someone appreciates my drawings , thank you!
  3. [FAN ART] Sana

    thanks guys =) sure! i was planning to draw mina also
  4. HI!!

    hello Rainbow and welcome, enjoy your stay here
  5. [FAN ART] Sana

    it's been a while since i posted something here =)
  6. [GAME] Corrupt a wish

    granted but you'll misplace the cards and won't find them ever again I wish i can find the motivation to do things
  7. [DISCUSSION] For fanboys only

    i think it's getting more and more accepted these days because kpop is already mainstream But yea, people still judge that's how it goes.
  8. [DISCUSSION] Who is your bias? (SAVE YOUR BIAS)

    i've got this far and i'm still not sure tbh , i guess im leaning more towards sana these days, so there's that

    imagine reading a book on your desk and you have this 9 bobbleheads of each members distracting you, that would be fun

    that's a unique idea! I can only think of tees that have cartoonized versions of twice members printed on them so everyone can wear them. Key chains, bubble heads would be hilarious lol and maybe their own brand of cereal that includes a surprise inside
  11. No sana no life! Happy Birthday!
  12. Definitely Likey =) and I feel bad coz i only liked it recently even though it was released months ago haha