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  1. I'm finished with Dahyun's lightsaber! 6 out of 9 done.
    J-line is next! It may take a while because Momo will get Kylo Ren's but with a better design on the cross-guard (I will do what I can). 


  2. Jonas the Blacksmith

    [CHAEYOUNGIST] Son Chaeyoung Fanart <3

    Yes, please. Because you're good at it.
  3. Jonas the Blacksmith

    [GAME] Rate the Song Above You

    5/10. Would give a higher rate if they elevated the "I got this feeling, feeling alright" and push "dududu" at the back. 2PM - I'm Sorry
  4. Jonas the Blacksmith

    [GAME] True or False Game

    False. Watches casually. Never a fan. The person below hates mayonnaise.
  5. 5 out of 9 lightsabers finished before taking a break (school work).
    I don't know what to do with Dubu + J-line. I still don't know what to do with Mina's.

  6. Lightsaber update: I don't know what to do with J-Line lightsabers.
    I don't know what to give Momo: Bad-ass or Cute?
    Behind the Scenes (low-quality spoilers).


    Jeongyeon (Purple):


     Nayeon (Pink): 



    1. Penguin Mina 🐧🐧 펭귄미나

      Penguin Mina 🐧🐧 펭귄미나

      How much time do you spend on these?! :ny-look:

    2. Jonas the Blacksmith

      Jonas the Blacksmith

      Hey there, pianist. :-)
      It takes less than an hour to model and add texture to a lightsaber. But taking pictures will require around 35 minutes (because one 1920 x 1280 frame/picture = 7 minutes rendering time + it takes me a few minutes adjusting the lights and moving the camera). 

    3. Penguin Mina 🐧🐧 펭귄미나

      Penguin Mina 🐧🐧 펭귄미나


      LOL!! Only an hour to model?? 

      Hahahaha I think I need few weeks to master a piano cover, as in to add in more elements, more variations, and to record and edit the recordings  :sn-lol:

  7. I'm finished with 6mix's Lightsabers. Will do Chaeyoung's and Tzuyu's next.
    I'm having trouble with Sana and Dubu's (and Mina, still.)  
    Here's a spoiler on Jihyo's 




  8. Jesus Christ! I'm freaking done with Jihyo's saber.
    Spoilers: I gave her the bad-ass duel blade because she's God. Who's next?
    (Anyone but Mina. The last 2 sabers I designed were nowhere close to her "elegance".)

    1. Penguin Mina 🐧🐧 펭귄미나

      Penguin Mina 🐧🐧 펭귄미나

      Leave Mina's one for the last! Elegance is kinda hard to incorporate into a weapon :sn-lol:

  9. I'm done modelling and texturing Jihyo's lightsaber. 
    I'm just really bad at color distribution.  
    (My clothes are just black, grey, and white, to be honest.) 


    How does metallic dark metal + metallic sky blue for details sound?
    It'll be based on the mood of her Ice Princess in the TT MV. 
    Blue is the color of the coolest leaders or leader-like characters (aside from Red): Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Leonardo) + Sonic + (Justice League) Superman.


  10. Well, damn. Now, I'm in the mood to make one lightsaber for each members.
    (Why didn't I think of that in the first place?) I just need to figure out how to match their personalities. 

  11. They say Sana, Mina and Nayeon are snakes. I'm confused. Why?
    What is a snake? Or What are the qualifications of being a snake? 

  12. Why do I have a feeling that TWICE will be aliens disguised as school girls in their next comeback?

    1. Beanie


      that's an interesting theory :jh-gj::mm-pdnim:but yeah, with all this space stuff going on, you might have a point :sn-pew:

  13. Jonas the Blacksmith

    [AWARDS] ☆Limited Edition☆ April Fools 2017

    I thought this place got hacked. Well played...
  14. I'm cancelling my MBTI analyses. Apologies.

    Apparently, someone copied it and posted on OneHallyu without my permission. 
    There's a reason why I started a thread like this in  Mina's Forum rather than any site or the TTF Discussion-Forum. Most likely, Mina-biased fans or Ex Mina-biased fans subscribe to the forum, and can provide useful inputs about Mina (but any Once can do that).

    I'm just an infant Once. Other fans probably knew her more than me. I'd like the thread to stay in an intimate environment, open to a fruitful discourse. TTF is a great community. I'm not so sure about OneHallyu.

    Also, I don't want other fans to think that I'm imposing Mina's MBTI. Again, this is just for fun. Anyone else can start a thread saying that Mina is an INTP or ENTJ. 

    But more than that... I'm really bummed that this person didn't ask for my permission. 
    Because I'm planning to update it after I watched Sixteen. The thread is still underdeveloped.
    I don't want to see it in another site in its underdeveloped state.

  15. Currently working on Momo's MBTI.
    (Will update Mina's MBTI later.)

    1. Beanie


      Keep up the good work bud :mm-jjang:

      Looking forward to this :ny-yes:

    2. Jonas the Blacksmith

      Jonas the Blacksmith

      I'm nervous, mate. :kappa:
      I still need to watch Sixteen before I put up Momo's because, I think I'd fish a lot "evidences" for the analysis. But we'll see. Thanks for support. Stay tuned. 

    3. Beanie