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  1. 1. Probably a combination of Chaeyoung/Mina, with Sana's clumsiness! 2. Jeongyeon, because I've been told I look like her, but that's just because I have similar hairstyles 3. ...
  2. My mum thinks they're cute, and I think my dad is just a bit confused by them. My mum likes watching their mvs with me and we jam to their songs when we're cooking together sometimes.
  3. Right! I don't think shipping has to be taken too seriously - it's just thinking two people are a cute couple together in a fictional sense.
  4. My favourites are 'Hold Me Tight' and 'Only You'. Mina's voice on the low notes at the beginning of 'Hold Me Tight' gives me goosebumps, and I love the Jeongyeon chorus. And her powerful note in 'Only You' is so good!! I feel like either of them could have been title songs, to be honest. I love 'Signal', too, but I adore those two.
  5. I can't see myself ever changing from Jeongyeon as my forever fave though Maybe I'll have to come back to this thread in time and see if I've proven myself wrong
  6. I think that with shipping, it's like shipping people together in a fictional sense... Like, if I ship any of them together as a couple, it doesn't necessarily mean that I think they're together in reality? Honestly, I'll ship 2Yeon together in any way
  7. I went for 1. Jeongyeon 2. Jihyo 3. Momo But then I immediately started rethinking because they're all so gorgeous Jeongyeon will forever be my number one though
  8. I just think it's sad when people like that are so determined to hate on something that other people like. They waste so much energy on being hateful when they could put it to better use! My flatmate hates on Twice a lot, and it used to upset me, but I'm ehh about it now. She made me feel so guilty for liking them that I tried to stop, but now I don't care any more because they make me happy, so why not love them? We should all love Twice as much as possible and let everyone love who and what they love. It's no use fighting hate with hate!
  9. Es, 20, England ^_^
  10. My favourite is "It's weird, I didn't imagine it at first, just like a sugar rush" from 'Only You'
  11. Always loyal to Jeongyeon
  12. Happy Birthday!! I hope you got everything you wished for!
  13. Heyy fellow UK Onces!
  14. I'm also happy because this thread got revived! And also because I'm in bed and it's comfy
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