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  1. "Tell Me Your Height" Thread

    My height is 5'6
  2. She looks so cute!! I somehow completely missed this so I had to run off and watch the mv But it's so adorable!! She's a goddess
  3. Her voice is so good I'm hoping she'll get more lines in the future!! She's got such a strong voice and it would be really great if she got to have more lines like this. Her lines kill me every time
  4. [JEONGYEONIST/VID] JeongYeon FanCams!

    Thank you for posting this! Am I allowed to say all eras? I can't choose just one!
  5. [DISCUSSION] Who is the strongest member?

    @Ahn Haeju It's at 4 minutes 30 in this video! Cuties And a good example of Momo's awesome strength
  6. [DISCUSSION] Who is the strongest member?

    It was when they were on The 1K (think that's what it's called?) teaching the dance to Like Ooh-Ah and playing games... I know there are gifs of it, I'll see if I can find the video later
  7. They all look gorgeous regardless of hair colour, but I would really love for Jeongyeon's pink hair from LOA era to come back. It was too short-lived but I loved it
  8. [DISCUSSION] Who is the strongest member?

    I think Momo Flashbacks to that JeongMo moment where she lifted Jeongyeon off the floor with no problem
  9. [DISCUSSION] I Confess

    I confess that: - I think Jeongyeon deserves more lines, and it makes me sad when she gets so few. I also think she and Jihyo need more love. - I was never hugely into kpop until I discovered Twice, and I still have no idea what's going on in general, I just really love Twice. - Twice show up in my dreams on a far too regular basis. - I love Jeongyeon so much that my girlfriend gets jealous...
  10. The "Show me your face" thread!

    So many visuals in this thread Welp this is me trying not to look awkward before I went out on Saturday night *runs*
  11. TWICE United Kingdom Discussion Thread

    Heyy fellow UK Onces!
  12. Cr. bongjuice Dark hair is back...
  13. Her hair has gotten so long and adorable~!
  14. She looks so good in the all-black outfit and the headphones aaaahhhh That pout in the first gif is the cutest