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  1. bookworm?

    I like Murakami too! Kafka on the shore is one of my favorites. As for me, I really like dystopian novels like The Handmaids Tale or 1984.
  2. [INFO] Will BTS propel K-pop to the top?

    I still remember when SNSD and Wonder Girls came to the US and made TV appearances. Wonder Girls even had some radio play but the hype and interest in US mainstream audiences died out super quickly... I think BTS is headed in a good direction though! Hopefully we'll get even more shows here from other groups too coming into 2018.
  3. Here's to hoping she gets number 1 next year
  4. [DISCUSSION/POLL] Best MV Theme

    Likey recently overtook LOA for my fav mv
  5. Rap line was showcased well this time

    I cant figure out why I like it so much
  7. The "Show me your face" thread!

    Lol I'll actually post a pic after all this baiting

    goodbye money it was nice knowing you~
  9. I'll come to you if I have any Momo questions lol
  10. What first caught me were her visuals. But after learning more about her, I've come to love her respect for her parents, her savage moments, and how much she's grown as a foreigner and idol in Korea.
  11. What Does Your Username Mean?

    Mine was my school username when I was in high school. Now I just like it because it sounds like "wendy" lol.