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  1. Tako

    Twice Singapore Discussion Thread

    What time are people going to line up for merch?
  2. Tako

    Twice Singapore Discussion Thread

    nice! I got standing C
  3. Tako

    Twice Singapore Discussion Thread

    Oh my bad! i thought you were talking about the queue number online during the wait to buy the tickets. Mine was 5xxx. But it depends which section you got i think.
  4. Tako

    Twice Singapore Discussion Thread

    at least you got in during priority!! Had to wait until I didn't even see my queue number xD I just waited until it said it was my turn did you book mosh as well?
  5. she looks adorable with bangs
  6. Tako

    Twice Singapore Discussion Thread

    Tfw you're not singaporean and don't have a singtel number
  7. Tako

    [VID] 180409 TWICE "What is Love?" M/V

  8. Tako

    [AWARDS] ☆Limited Edition☆ #WhatIsLove

    Can I please have #WhatIsLove - Love? Thank you
  9. she's adorable sorry I hope gifs are okay here?? if not pls let me know Cr: 0ncelovestwice
  10. Yeah, you're right. Ultimately (not only with Jeongyeon, but the rest of the girls too), I just hope that they are happy with the way they are. I definitely would support them no matter how they choose to be. I always think that it's really hard to be true to themselves as a Kpop idol because they have such high standards and usually those standards are, as a girl, to be feminine and/or cute because society and fans expect them to be that way. I'm always afraid they would feel pressured to act a certain way or restrict themselves due to that "image" they need to upkeep. But I guess there's no way to avoid that as an idol. My bad for babbling haha. This is what I worry about with Jeongyeon the most as well I feel like there's always a lot of pressure on her (from both company and fans..)... like there somehow has to be at least one member in Twice that has to have short hair. and I feel like she sometimes gets the short end of the stick with the outfits as well...... BUT ANYWAY that's not the point... all I want is for her to be happy and to be comfortable without people pressuring her to stay tomboy ish just because she is the "girl crush" (I know she doesn't like that name and it's old news but still) so my choice would be both. She looks stunning with a short bob and she also looks beautiful with a more feminine/longer hair. Jeongyeonie hwaiting sorry for the long post ^^"
  11. This photo of Nayeon with the helecopter hairband just got me laughing so hard just too cute plus her neutral facial expression just makes it all the funnier
  12. This is a stunning photo. Rarely do we ever get to see Minari actually doing a ballet performance like this!!! thanks for sharing this gem
  13. Tako

    [JIHYOIST/PIC] Your Daily Jihyo

    Our God-Jihyo. Looking as fashionable as ever. This hair colour really suits her
  14. Chaeng's dimples and her smile. she's so beautiful. just looking at her smile makes me so happy too