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  2. ozaira

    [JIHYOIST/PIC] Your Daily Jihyo

    One of my favourite Jihyo images, she looks so amazing >< cr. mbracingstars
  3. *sighs lovingly* They're so adorable, these two.
  4. ozaira

    The Official NoJams (Jungyeon x Chaeyoung) Thread

    One of the cutest and funniest (imo) duos within Twice haha
  5. ozaira

    [JIHYOIST] What do you love about Jihyo?

    Yeah, Jihyo is one of the least appreciated members among fans despite her amazing qualities. She's Twice's best singer, leader and is incredibly compassionate to those around her. I hope she doesn't mind this or affects her views on herself. Things are getting better though, for the longest time she didn't have a personal fansite taking photos of her, but now I can think of 4? So that's nice. As time passes by more and more people will realize how amazing Jihyo really is.