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  1. Haha I think i was answering more from a public pov
  2. Nice question, for me I think it would go.... LIKE OOH-AHH For myself, Momo. She had blonde hair at the time which was a stark difference to her dark hair in sixteen and that dance break (with her in the middle) was out of this world. Publicly though, Tzuyu's visuals was something that was bought up a lot in naver articles. The hype surrounding Tzuyu was so large she landed a solo/group cf with LG so early on. CHEER UP Easily Sana lol, doesn't even need to be said, sha sha sha practically became a meme. Nod to Momo's lines becoming something of a meme because of Heechul lol. TT For TT Dahyun got the "nomuhae nomuhae" line with the easy choreo to match which got mimicked often by other celebs, I think she got a lot of attention then. KNOCK KNOCK Not sure, maybe Nayeon? SIGNAL Not sure either. #TWICE To the Japanese public of course it would be the J line, Tzuyu was always noted for being very pretty on every Japanese section that was covering them too. ONE MORE TIME I think this was the same for the most part as #TWICE LIKEY This is definitely Jihyo & Momo. Momo for that great dance break and I've been seeing more and more people complimenting Jihyo's visuals since Likey. No longer are people willing to call her a visual hole with such confidence. A little nod to Dahyun because of the dab in the MV and everyone loving that rap/song section. HEART SHAKER I noticed Tzuyu got a lot of screen time in their latest mv.. but other than that idk lol

  4. [JIHYOIST/PIC] Your Daily Jihyo

    One of my favourite Jihyo images, she looks so amazing >< cr. mbracingstars
  5. Any LGBT Onces Out There? (18+ If Necessary)

    It's okay to be confused and unsure, there isn't a rush for you to figure out something that is as important as this. Well imo lol :)
  6. Thank youuuuu~ ^^ I appreciate the support.
  7. Dude, one of the clues made me think of our video so I went to this thread lol.
  8. *sighs lovingly* They're so adorable, these two.
  9. For a second I thought an egg was here ahhhh