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  1. taylorj

    [AWARDS] ☆Limited Edition☆ #SIGNAL

    I would like the #signal - solo :)
  2. taylorj

    [AWARDS] ☆Limited Edition☆ #SIGNAL

    I want the #signal - super !!!!
  3. currently functioning on less than two hours of sleep and I have to go to work in a little bit rip 

  4. It's 5 am. I should be sleeping, but no. Instead, I'm on youtube binge watching a.c.e videos and it's not healthy

    someone help me I'm in too deep

    1. BlackOnce


      @taylorj I can related tho 

      It happened a lot to me lately :jy-jks: Sleeping in class....


    2. taylorj


      @BlackOnce oh my lol, did you get caught sleeping? I wish I could sleep at work and not get caught :ny-yes:

  5. Do you ever have a day off of school/work and think "I'm going to do something productive with this free time" and then sit on a computer all day? 

    Because same :jh-cheer:

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    2. taylorj


      @BlackOnce right? I was off work today and literally did nothing when I should have been cleaning and organizing things 

    3. BlackOnce


      @taylorj don't worry we gonna make it... well... i hope :ny-lol:

    4. taylorj


      @BlackOnce I hope so too lol 

  6. My paycheck isnt' that great this week so I can't get Twice TV4 and I'm sad :jy-hmm::ny-look:  #THESTRUGGLEISREAL

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    2. taylorj


      @BlackOnce i'm trying (struggling) to 

    3. BlackOnce


      @taylorj Oh i see then good luck! I'm a little bit broke... wait... did i say "a little" nope I AM BROKE... TWICE = Broke = live under a bridge :ny-lol::jyp-money:

    4. taylorj


      @BlackOnceThanks! Good luck to you too! And I feel tho (although I literally just got paid today haha) I just want to yell "here!" and throw my money at them 

  7. Why does collecting photocards have to be such a long and difficult process :mn-tt:

    1. NayeonBunnyIsMyBias


      Ikr it takes so long :mm-tt:

    2. TWIC3_Sapphire


      Yeah... I barely even have money for it... :sn-tt: 

    3. taylorj


      @TWIC3_Sapphire  I know the feeling :ny-look: the only reason I'm able to do it now is because I have a decent paying job 

  8. taylorj

    [MINAIST] Mina's Smile <3

    These are some of my favorites She just looks so cute and happy and it makes me happy I love her so much asdfghjkl
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