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  1. Gaizuu

    Twice Indonesia Discussion Thread

    Wah jarang nonton tv jadi ga tau. Barusan lihat twwet nya once Singapore. Smoga yg di indo bisa lebih sukses supaya mereka balik lagi
  2. Gaizuu

    Twice Indonesia Discussion Thread

    Apanya nih ?
  3. Gaizuu

    Twice Indonesia Discussion Thread

    Anjir buat ngelunasin gedung baru nya ya hahahaha
  4. Gaizuu

    Twice Indonesia Discussion Thread

    Ya ngikutin ini aja sih https://imgur.com/rALnZCG Iya tapi uda persiapan sih kalo dapet harga segitu hahaha anggep aja permohonan maaf ke Twice karena skip konser nya
  5. Gaizuu

    Twice Indonesia Discussion Thread

    Iya nih barusan aktif belakangan ini. Thanks ya. Fighting
  6. Gaizuu

    Twice Indonesia Discussion Thread

    Thanks ya Yg gw maksud itu character keyrings sih. Hahahha. Antara Tzuyu ama Mina Yang Pin aja lumayan kok
  7. Gaizuu

    Twice Indonesia Discussion Thread

    wah kok ke dia hahhaha kayaknya gelang nya deh. Kalo sampe apes ya gantungan kunci jga boleh
  8. Gaizuu

    Twice Indonesia Discussion Thread

    Kalau titip salam sayang bisa nga?
  9. Gaizuu

    Twice Indonesia Discussion Thread

    Boleh minta tolong titip satu aja nga? klo sampai nga dapet jga gapapa
  10. So far Twice is girl group number 1 in korea but we can't make everyone happy wont we? I think as long as Twice has Once on their side everything will be fine. It's makes me sad when I know the reason why Tzuyu rarely cry in front of Once it's because she prefer to cried alone. But I saw fancam she cried on Twiceland in Seoul it's because some Once said "Fighthing" in mandarin. Not only culture but also food and baverage, if I'm not wrong she didnt like carbonate drink like tennager used to be she prefer to drink mineral water.
  11. The part she said " it's a gift from fan, dont make fun of it" it's so hilarious. I'm so glad she is growing more open to Once than before, I tried watching her old vlive to know how she is growing. She got my attention since sixteen and it makes me proud of her because to become tennager who live far from family isnt easy at all and she had language barier from the first time she arrived at korea, it must be thought for her.
  12. I still cannot belive she is going to become adult this year. It's her 20 right? for korean ages? I just hope she will do solo vlive on her birthday like last year. I still remember her nickname Yoda LOL
  13. LOL I think if someone didnt familiar with Twice will shocked if they knew Tzuyu is a maknae. Even other member forgot she is the maknae of the group but when she cried because of rabit other member remember she is the makne of Twice. Man I cannot wait for her birthday
  14. I dont know I can say it or not but I think you will understand the impression that I mean to say. LOL I just watch video about her and it make me fall in love again with her that video show how soft she is