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TWICEcoaster: Lane 1
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  1. Gaizuu

    [AWARDS] ☆Limited Edition☆ #WhatIsLove

    All of them, jaebal...
  2. Gaizuu


    God Jihyo
  3. Yeah totally agree Especially Jihyo she keeps getting more pretty for each comeback
  4. Cannot believe Tzuyu and Chaeyoung will become adult next year Time fly so fast But they still baby to me no matter what Our precious maknae
  5. Gaizuu


    Hi there Welcome to TTF
  6. Gaizuu

    [VID] 171030 TWICE (트와이스) - LIKEY M/V

    So Addicted with this song and MV
  7. The one I see is Dahyun she is looks so cute in that photo
  8. Gaizuu

    Ello !

    Hi there Welcome to TTF I hope you can enjoy here
  9. Gaizuu

    TTF's Old Theme

    Hi Ahn How are you?
  10. Gaizuu

    TTF's Old Theme

    I havent see that Because that I havent join to TTF Btw long time no see Ahn
  11. Gaizuu

    Twice New Album (Twicetagram)

    I think we got many advantage if we do pre order Cause there are many things we can get from pre order If we lucky enough we can get Special Ticket
  12. Gaizuu


    Hi~ Welcome to TTF
  13. Yeah too bad her wasn't there. But atleast you eat what tzuyu eat every day when she before joined JYP probably. LOL