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  1. Too bad some of the pictures cannot be viewed normally on the mobile chrome browsers..
  2. The first time I listen: what is this? Why Mina is rapping? Now: I have to listen to it at least three times a day to survive the day. I even get used to the rap part. I like the album version a lot more.
  3. Voted Signal. I am addicted to the song. And they looks amazing in the pictures in the album of the 3 versions.
  4. Page 2 is still my favourite.
  5. My imagination is not good enough for this..
  6. I like three times a day and someone like me. But now I like Signal the most after listening to it countless times. The song is just so cute and catchy.
  7. I just downloaded the EP in Apple store.. And I have to admit Signal is not even the best song in the Ep.. But its definitely the most unique one :) After listening to it a few more times, the song really grow on me.
  8. I think it is Jeongyeon and Nayeon, they have the most balanced skill set. Every other members are lacking in one one way or other in some areas.
  9. I have a dream where I was telling twice members what I am trying to do recently. Then Tzuyu told me she believe that I can do it. Then I must not give up then lol Best dream in years.
  10. tzuyu

    I only became a fan in the last few weeks. I was walking on the street. And the shopping mall is playing their MV. I was attracted and plan to go home to watch the whole thing again. It was the cheer up MV. The song is very catchy and the MV is so cute. After that I am addicted to them because they are so pretty and funny. My life is boring, dull, stressful and I feel lonely most of the time. Just watching them doing anything really brighten the day. I love Tzuyu because she is too pretty and her personality is so cute. Other members are also so cute and funny to watch.
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