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  1. I actually like this more. HAHA
  2. Cr: For 2 Via: Koreaboo
  3. Downloaded it and Converted to MP3. I'm gonna use it as my Alarm Tone. HAHAHA I listened around 22mins+ then Downloaded it
  4. Oh~ A PH Once too! Hello there~! Welcome to TTF! HAVE A GREAT STAY HERE! SEE YOU
  5. People really do have different tastes in music.
  6. twice

    This thread is very helpful. thanks! :)
  7. Hello there~! I'm doing Great today! and you? WELCOME TO TTF~! Let's be Friends! See you around!
  8. Eyy! Hello there! I envy you just for living in Korea for a year. WELCOME TO TTF! I HOPE YOU'LL HAVE A GREAT TIME HERE! Let's be friends! See you around !
  9. Oh~! also someone who Likes Memes. HAHAHA U2dank4me pls gif me knowledge plis. WELCOME TO TTF! And Enjoy it here! Let's be friends too! AHAHA See you around Bruh!
  10. Eyyy! Hello there my good friend! I'm happy to see that you're enjoying it here, so am I You started to like Kpop earlier than me. Omo. so you're my Sunbae-Nim. I'll be sure to tell you when I visit SG in the Future to attend TWICE events Let's have a great time here Sunbae-Nim! Cheers!
  11. Hello There! Welcome to TTF Enjoy it here! See you around!
  12. sana

    Eyyy! Hello There Welcome To TTF! :) Enjoy it here!~ I too have more than 1 Bias HAHAHA
  13. Yes! HAHA