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  1. Amazarashi

    [DISCUSSION] Stray kids & Twice

    Apparently idols can't be friend without people immediately thinking that they are going to date. Even if they would, getting mad something like this, were both groups are having fun and are enjoying their time and celebrating, is absolutely ridiculous. At least you realize yourself, that your reasoning doesn't make sense.
  2. Amazarashi

    [DISCUSSION/POLL] Should they harmonise more?

    Another great example would be the last chorus of "Missing U". The harmonization between the members was really good and it's not that unusual to sing the last chorus together, so it is definitely something they could have done for most of their songs. Certainly want to see more of this.
  3. Amazarashi

    [DISCUSSION] TWICE Lines Distribution

    Of course in many songs I feel like certain members should have had more lines. Specially comparing to the amount of lines Nayeon and Jihyo get. But let's be honest, Nayeon and Jihyo really are on a different league compared to the rest. Specially Jihyo was trained her whole life to be a singer and the difference in their skill level is very obvious. I don't really think the producers are doing that just for fun, but because they are aware of who can sing which part and who can't. Even Nayeon was struggling to sing the Heart Shaker chorus, so imagine any other member singing it. It wouldn't work. Most of TWICE members have started taking singing lessons very late in their life and thus weren't even singers until a few years ago. And you can clearly tell. The members are not as confident as they should be when they are performing live. Be it Jeongyeon being nervous during her high notes or Sana singing Like A Fool. Why are they nervous ? Because they do not have enough experience yet. Looking at their positions, majority of the members are sub vocalists. Their job is it to support the main vocalists, not more not less. They have different jobs such as dancing, variety etc. It's actually quite surprising if you look at the current line distribution as it has gotten a lot better. The reason for it is simply that the other members are becoming better singers. Look at Tzuyu for an example. She is starting to get more lines nowadays as she has become a better singer. I think the more time passes, the more time each members gets to improve and to shine. Every member in TWICE is a lot better at singing currently compared to how they were before, so the current trend of letting other members shine more is most likely going to continue.
  4. Amazarashi

    [FMV] TWICE (트와이스) | Calling In Love

    I'm happy to hear that ! This video was supposed to be a happy video, but I was thinking about the past and thought about where they are coming from. Specially in a busy year like this, it's important to understand that they have been always working hard to reach their goal and dreams, so I guess the middle part is kinda like a reminder of what they have been through and that we always should appreciate for what they are doing and that everything they do isn't a given. But yes you are right, they had a crazy year and I'm amazed at how well they have handled it. As a fan it's always exciting to get more content, but I truly hope that they are getting more breaks in this year.
  5. Amazarashi

    [FMV] TWICE (트와이스) | Calling In Love

    Thanks ! Honestly this video didn't really require a lot of knowledge and experience, I'm sure you could do something just like this or better
  6. TWICE had a very busy year in 2017. A busy year with a lot of content for the fans and I'm thankful for that. It made my year a lot more enjoyable. I made this video about TWICE to show what kind of emotions they give me. Be it happiness, sadness or nostalgia, I tried to combine all these emotions into one video. I'm not sure if I succeeded doing that, but I still want to share this video.
  7. Amazarashi

    [FMV] Twice | Walking On Air

    I did for sure ! There were a few frustrating moments, because things wouldn't go the way I wanted, but overall it was really fun. I use Premiere Pro and After Effects. For this video I specially used a tool to create the slow motion effects.
  8. Amazarashi

    [FMV] Twice | Walking On Air

    Having a trippy MV would be certainly interesting and very unique for Twice, but I wouldn't say it's impossible. There are still (hopefully) many years to come after all.
  9. Amazarashi

    [FMV] Twice | Walking On Air

    I recently finished my first youtube video. There is a lot I want to say about this, but I‘ll keep it short. I tried to give the Twice MV‘s a different look and atmosphere. Sadly my PC was starting acting up as it couldn‘t handle the lenght of the video anymore which forced me to cut this video a minute shorter. But I still had a lot of fun making this video and thought I‘ll share it.
  10. No offense, but for me personally, IGBAS is by far the worst Twice song , and I think that they have made a great decision to chose a different title track. Specially because from how I have seen it, and I could be wrong, the song is not very liked in general and I have heard a lot of critisism when it comes to this song. Again, I could be wrong and since we haven't seen it happen, we will never know if it had been a hit or not, but I personally don't think that this song would have been popular.
  11. More pictures Pretty rap star being pretty CR :http://vividfilm0423.net/
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