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  1. sana is just too cute and hyper. there is no reason to not love sana
  2. Aniq

    [DISCUSSION] Who is your bias? (SAVE YOUR BIAS)

    Just because of her craziness,cuteness and smile
  3. Im older than the maknae line.but younger to nayeon,jeongyeon,momo and sana
  4. Aniq

    [DAHYUNIST] Why did you like Dahyun?

    Her side Profile
  5. I like her dimple and her savagery
  6. Aniq

    [MINAIST/PIC/GIF] Mina's Pouting Appreciation Thread

    her pouting face is a blessing in disguise
  7. her bunny teeth and her aegyo is to cute
  8. Aniq

    [DAHYUNIST] Kim Dahyun's Confession Board

    I like it when you become extra and your laugh and i miss your black hair