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Found 837 results

  1. Watch: TWICE Asks Fans To “Dance The Night Away” In Choreography Video Filmed In New JYP Building TWICE keeps things fun and carefree in a new choreography video for “Dance the Night Away“! The video begins with all the members gathered in a circle in the dance studio at JYP Entertainment’s new building. Nayeon points to the camera and says, “We are going to shout ‘Fighting!’ for the first [take] of the choreography video.” The members go on to chant, “TWICE, TWICE, let’s do a good job!” TWICE then gets into formation and shows off their upbeat choreography full of jumps, waves, and spins. In keeping with the breezy, summery vibe of the track, TWICE keeps their fun energy going until the very end of the song. The video also gives fans a glimpse of the dance studio rooms at the new JYP building. Watch the full choreography video below! https://www.vlive.tv/video/79852 CR: soompi
  2. Fans Send Love And Support After TWICE’s Jeongyeon Breaks Into Tears During “Cultwo Show” The July 12 broadcast of SBS Power FM’s “2 O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show” featured TWICE, who recently made a return with their “Summer Nights” album and title track “Dance the Night Away.” During the show, the MC noticed that Jeongyeon didn’t look well and asked if she was sick. Jeongyeon, to everyone’s surprise, broke out in tears, but said she was fine. TWICE leader Jihyo stepped in for Jeongyeon, saying, “Jeongyeon hasn’t been feeling well since this morning. She’s worried a lot because her dog is really sick.” Jungyeon stepped out of the studio for a second to rein in her emotions, while host Kim Tae Kyun understandingly put the show on a brief hold until she returned, letting the audience know that they need not worry. Nevertheless, fans and listeners sent their love and support to Jeongyeon through messages to the show. Also on the day’s broadcast, TWICE talked about their new title “Dance the Night Away,” which, with its stellar chart performance, is yet another hit under TWICE’s belt and a continuation of the group’s streak of hits since their debut. When asked if they ever check how they’re doing on charts, TWICE revealed that they do so much more. “Nayeon said, “We also stream, and we check the chart ranking every hour. If you check the members’ phones, everyone has the sound off and is streaming [our song].” On their latest choreography, Jihyo said it does their dieting for them: “Our choreography this time is pretty difficult. We’re always jumping. Because it’s summer and so hot, we sweat a lot, but since we’re dancing too, it’s an automatic diet.” Without needing to name a single member, TWICE said the choreography is taxing to everyone, even Momo, who is known for her dancing prowess. But they love it, said Momo: “We did a lot of cute choreography before, but this time, we wanted something more powerful.” Source (1) (2) (3) CR: soompi
  3. MinaPenguin #TwiceismyLife


  4. Who is your bias? Show me your bias list! Keep updating it here if you change your bias or bias list
  5. What would Twice jobs be if they were not idols? What do you think would they choose to be? NAYEON JEONGYEON MOMO SANA JIHYO MINA DAHYUN CHAEYOUNG TZUYU What do you think, guys? (Don't take my answers seriously, okay?) :)) Also, don't forget to love my post. Will mean a lot. Thank youuuu~
  6. Everyone spam the most funiest gif and pic about Dahyun <3 Me first
  7. let's go crazy about our 'cutie-sexy' sana banana!!
  8. maejan

    [DISCUSSION] Hair Colors

    Twice usually have plain colors for their hair, but occasionally we see Tzuyu with dark green hair, Sana with pink, and Mina with red! Is there any colors you'd want a particular member to have? Personally I'd like to see Tzuyu go platinum blonde for maybe one comeback...
  9. TWICE’s Easy-To-Wear MV Outfits We Want To Steal For Our Own Closets It finally happened! After dropping teasers for what felt like forever, “Dance The Night Away” was finally released. TWICE had a comeback yet again – obviously working incredibly hard, and looking amazing while doing so. With that many comebacks, it’s getting more and more confusing as to how the girls seem to look even better in every new MV; leaving not only ONCE in complete awe. We want to take this opportunity to review all of TWICE’s fashion moments from their MVs, while also looking for outfits that people can wear in everyday life. Quick disclaimer: This selection is subjective and solely based on clothing items, accessories, and their wearability in daily life, NOT on the overall appearance of the members. By no means could we ever rank TWICE members according to their beauty, because, frankly, that’s impossible. Also: Although Japanese MVs are mentioned, this article focuses on the group’s Korean MVs. “Like Ooh-Ahh”: Under-appreciated outfits and camouflage galore Every ONCE will remember TWICE’s debut MV for “Like Ooh-Ahh” and with that, probably, the member’s outfits. What first comes to mind is probably the red, black, and camouflage concept teaser outfits with mesh and crop elements – especially Momo’s and Tzuyu’s. Sana’s or Dahyun’s styles from this era are very wearable, but if you’re willing to adapt camouflage into your outfit, you could try Chaeyoung’s look with camo shorts. Aside from the teaser, the MV-only outfits for “Like Ooh-Ahh” are quite the eye-candy, too. Who could forget Nayeon’s yellow plaid skirt or Momo’s suspender pants? Mina’s under-appreciated (because unfortunately barely visible) black strap top with strap sandals outfit is one that we’d definitely apply to our wardrobe. Just because it somehow looks cozy AND beautiful at the same time, but that might just be because it’s Mina. “Cheer Up”: Not just cheerleaders A lot of people associate “Cheer Up” with their signature cheerleader stage outfits. The black shorts with purple college jackets quickly became TWICE’s signature fashion during this era, alongside the mint, white, and black stripes outfits from the era’s teaser images. Thanks to the rotation concept of the MV, we got to see the girls in A LOT of different styles: take for example Tzuyu’s super elegant dress or Momo’s pure badassery. When it comes to being wearable in daily life though, Nayeon’s casual jeans n’ T-shirts concept definitely qualifies. Jeongyeon’s grunge style is also another option if you want to take things even more chill. “TT”: Halloween queens As you probably know, the Korean version of “TT” is Halloween-themed. That means the girls are not only dressed in a incredibly fluffy looking pastel jeans look, but are also more or less dressed in creepy costumes. That obviously doesn’t keep the members from looking absolutely stunning though. Additionally to pastels and costumes, there is one more style for this comeback. This third one consists of various white and lavender skirts and dresses, which actually look more mint green in the MV thanks to filters. And the outfits with geometric color blocking shapes – whether lavender or mint – are very much wearable on a daily basis. When talking about “TT,” we just have to mention their outfits from the Japanese MV for the song. The girls are dressed in red and black college jackets, watching a movie in the drive-in cinema. Confusingly enough, the members are also starring in the movie, wearing adorable summer outfits, which could just be our favorite beat-the-heat looks on this list. “Knock Knock”: Fashion overload There are so many cute outfits in “Knock Knock” that it’s hard to keep track of the changing process. Let’s give it a try: There are black, white, and red graphic pattern outfits; grungy with plaid, heart, and mesh elements; and don’t forget the blue and white with pink polka dot fabric and heart details. Are you confused yet? Despite there being so many choices in “Knock Knock,” Nayeon’s black dress with a red crop sweater or Mina’s style with the clubs and hearts skirt are simple yet fashionable looks that you can apply to your daily wardrobe. But really, if we could, we would just get every single outfit from this MV. “Signal”: Colorful aliens and school uniforms In “Signal,” the concept is either school uniform or crazy color blocked retro fashion. It’s understandable though, seeing as things can probably get a tad crazy when there’s an alien involved. The uniforms of the members are anything but boring thanks to a variety of different cuts and styles, combining blue, white, and red details. Take for example, Dahyun’s and Jihyo’s outfits! Looking at the other styles in the MV, there are loads and loads of different colors and geometric shapes, like big earrings and chunky bright boots, to name a few. It’s like retro disco era came back to life. And while this style might be a bit difficult to pull off in the streets of your hometown, some of the outfits would certainly have a positive wow-effect, like Chaeyoung’s and Dahyun’s colorful ensembles. “Likey”: The cutest fashion show The outfits in “Likey” are amazing. They’re colorful, fun, and just feel like summer (one where you can still wear pretty clothes while jamming through the city without melting). Plus, they perfectly match the mood of the song. In particular, Jeongyeon’s jeans shorts and T-shirt outfit, Sana’s pastel crop style, and Mina’s black skirt and yellow crop top stand out as ones you could easily apply to your own wardrobe. The latter is worn by Chaeyoung in the picture above, but Mina wears it in the official video; either way, it’s proof of how cute the outfit is. The MV for “Likey” is basically one big fashion show! “Heart Shaker”: PANTS! “Heart Shaker” was released in December, so the teaser images, cover, and outfits in those are all holiday-themed. The outfits are super cute and of course very much wearable, BUT it’s summer right now and not the time to think about snow, ice, and the cold, so let’s focus on the not-so-christmas-y MV! The outfits in the video for the song are either jeans and white or a colorful contrast. This was a historic first in TWICE’s career: long jeans in an MV. And – no surprise there – the girls look absolutely gorgeous, even in something as basic as blue jeans and white tops. The alternative style of the MV is – as mentioned above – super colorful and fun; lots of skirts and various patterns. If we had to choose an outfit from this wardrobe, it would be Sana’s red stripe-y crop top, paired with a cute dark blue skirt; or Tzuyu’s mustard yellow crop top with matching plaid skirt. But – see for yourself – this choice is a tough one. “What Is Love?”: Colors, patterns, and hilarious costumes While all of the outfits in TWICE’s MV up until this point usually were somewhat uniform when it came to either patterns, colors, or fabric – this time, their styles are very much diverse. For example, there’s Tzuyu’s amazing golden pleated skirt, Chaeyoung’s metallic T-shirt dress with fashionable sock fit heels, and Jeongyeon in pink plaid pants. So many facets of fashion in only one concept! And who could forget Dahyun as Leon? But considering wearability, it’s got to be Nayeon with her velvet crop top and jeans shorts, and Mina in an oversized jeans jacket. Sooo much jeans! “Dance The Night Away”: A very fashionable version of Cast Away We finally got to see the nine members in a tropical setting for “Dance The Night Away,” and TWICE did not disappoint with their outfits. Stranded on an island in white fairy-like dresses, the girls find(?) three new looks for each member in the process of the MV (hey, we’re not questioning this logic). All of the clothes perfectly match with sunny days, parties at the beach, vacation, and all the other good things you’d want to experience in summer. Jeongyeon’s, Nayeon’s, and Jihyo’s outfits especially make us want to go shopping and then head straight to the beach. The summer concept doesn’t end with just summer street fashion, though. In the beach scenes, the girls are actually dressed in swimwear combined with either skirts or shorts. Colorful earrings, tropical flowers, and beach-style wavy hair complete this look that’s perfect for a tropical island outing. Reviewing all of TWICE’s MVs and trying to select the prettiest yet most wearable outfits is not exactly a walk in the park, but one thing is for sure: TWICE’s wardrobe is a fashion wonderland, or to word it differently: TWICE’s stylists really know what they’re doing. CR: soompi
  10. Lets spazz about our eternal leader God-Jihyo!
  11. My bias now is Momo. I personally like her because of her beautiful face and cute aegyo. I like her dancing skill that even on trot music she can dance it. And also I like her eating and get excited of Jokbal. How about you why did you like your bias? Note: I change the thread's name since we all that there's no reason to like and love your bias soooo, I came to this thread name. So I hope you still make this thread alive and make the poll alive too. Thank you! Votes Percentage (61 members voted) Let's begin again hahahahahah! I now know how to make it a SAVE YOU BIAS COMPETITION. Let me say this, NO SPAMMING HERE so here's the rules hahahah let'ssssss goooo~ Here's what it will be. The only way to save your bias is to state her name on the post field and post it. (Warning: Dont't spam) You can vote after someone vote. The poll above will be continued. I will gather the numbers then add the voting numbers of the new rules. Okayyy I explained everything just obey the rules below and let the battle begins. (I will not eliminate one member now maybe next year the elimination round started.) Rules 1. You are allowed to vote 1 time only. If someone votes here you can vote again. 2. No spamming. Please beware of this, let's obey the rules of this forum. Just state your bias name and it's surely be counted. 3. Just state the name. 4. The voting capacity for day is only 10 times. If you voted for 11 times, the exceeding vote is not counted.
  12. credits to all pictures: Twiceland Zone 2 Japan Photobook SCAN by Vampire This is what I imagine if Twice members were angels in heaven. Please feel free to fill what I miss! NAYEON JEONGYEON MOMO SANA JIHYO MINA DAHYUN CHAEYOUNG TZUYU I'd like to hang out with all the angels (duh). But I think I'll be kinda biased to Jeongyeon and Momo. There are two things that I like in this world: Foods and discussion. Lol! Would be great if I can find them both in heaven Anyway, I hope I can be more active again here in TTF >.< Nice to meet you if I haven't met you before~ credits to all pictures: Twiceland Zone 2 Japan Photobook SCAN by Vampire
  13. I like her or I love her rather because she has a cute aegyo and also she has a beautiful voice. And also she's good at dancing, that she can dance all songs that you play. How about you why did you like or love Nayeon?
  14. TWICE Excitedly Talks About Their First Summer Comeback And Shares Music Show Win Promise TWICE appeared on SBS PowerFM’s “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time” to open up about their excitement for their first summer comeback! The girl group recently made their comeback with their special album “Summer Nights” and title track “Dance the Night Away.” The song topped many major online streaming charts as soon as it was released. When asked if they knew the song would be a hit, Nayeon replied, “To be honest, not at first. But the more we practiced, we found ourselves having so much fun. I think that everyone who listens to the song will feel energized and have fun with it.” This is also TWICE’s first summer comeback since making their debut. The members all expressed their excitement as Sana said, “Because this is a song released in the summer, it feels like we need to be more energetic and fun than we usually are. But we’ve always wanted to release a summer track for a while, so we’re very happy right now.” The members were also asked if they have any promises they will fulfill if they win on a music show. After thinking about, Nayeon replied, “There’s something I’ve been thinking of because I felt like we were going to be asked this.” She went on to say, “It’s really hot these days because it’s summer, right? We once sang with candy in our mouths, and I think it would be cute to replace the candy with ice if we win on a music show. It will definitely cool down all of the people watching us!” Don’t forget to check out the MV for TWICE’s new track “Dance the Night Away” if you haven’t already! Source (1) (2) CR: soompi
  15. As the title says, what do you think is the most underrated song of TWICE? For me: Ponytail - It's a ROCK song! I never thought TWICE would be good at singing ROCK songs, if I were able to choose a genre for them, I'll definitely pick those who have ROCK in genre titles, it's just sad that only few people really loved this song like I do. 툭하면 톡 (Ready to talk) - I don't know why this is underrated, this song for me is really good that it even makes me bang my head with every beat it gives, plus Chaeng's cool rap tones. Pit-a-pat - I'm definitely straight but this song makes me unleash my girly powers (lmao). Kidding aside, it has joyful melody that gives you a exciting feeling, a must-listen song when you were kinda depressed and when you were needing little sweetness in your life (atleast for me) that's why I also don't understand why it was underrated. I know many of you will agree or disagree so state yours!~
  16. This is the place for all you Mina fans to spazz about our favourite ketchup loving member Source: Twitter.com. (2016). 사탕발림 (@satangbaleem) | Twitter. [online] Available at: https://twitter.com/satangbaleem [Accessed 15 Oct. 2017].
  17. Anyone share with me the most cutest pic and gif about Sana <3 <3
  18. In a radio show, Tzuyu was asked about every flaws of the Twice members Here's her answer: RANK 8-7 RANK 6-4 RANK 3-1 Now we know who Tzuyu likes the most in the group (?) She is too pure and cannot lie indeed :3 What do you think guys? Is your bias list close with Tzuyu's list? source:
  19. H A P P Y S C R O L L I N G ^ ^ (c: photos) A Born Artist | Spacewalk | Tender Eyes | White Bean | Jeongyeon_1101 SHAQ | Heartlipped | Drop The Beat | Nasoong_Hing | DooDoo | Gemini | Enneagon All Original Photos (HDs) Used (click here) No Jihyo T^T and she's my bias </3 </3 I guess I have no choice ... #BOSS #ThugLife PS. When I was looking for some of the pics I thought I was about to die. I dug through hashtags and hundreds of accounts lol. If anyone can post recent Tzuyu and Jihyo pics of them wearing round glasses that please do share~!! ^^
  20. The internet term “smol” means “something extremely small and cute,” and TWICE’s Chaeyoung is exactly that. c. alltwice Standing at 159cm (approximately 5 feet and 2.5 inches), Chaeyoung is definitely one of the most petite idols out there. c. tender eyes In fact, “smol” has become one of the most common terms that international ONCEs use to describe her. pic.twitter.com/ZO1iDNw0dK In fact, she event won Koreaboo‘s “Smol Poll,” gaining over 9,000 votes on Twitter from fans all over the world. pic.twitter.com/2mlaySIBN9 And it’s easy to see why! Although one of TWICE’s maknaes, the other maknae Tzuyu constantly towers over her, making her look even shorter by comparison. It’s actually become quite a popular among ONCEs to (affectionately) tease Chaeyoung about her height compared to Tzuyu. c. dropthebeat And while she’s still a little bitter sometimes about being vertically challenged… Chaeyoung has pretty much embraced her smolness. She’s known as TWICE’s “Baby Beast” (아기 맹수) pic.twitter.com/6DsFUdsfhZ For being tiny like a baby… But fierce like a tiger or lion! pic.twitter.com/BsVmIzcG6X And being “smol” has one more special meaning. c. flawless apro It just means she has more charm and talent per inch! c. rainbow sheret source: koreaboo
  21. Chaeyoung is not my bias as you can see on my name, but recently I started to love her because of her beautiful smile. I notice it a long time ago, but I love it a lot now. And also I love her rapping skill it's so cool and her aegyos as well. How about you why did you love Chaeyoung?
  22. for those who use wallpaper engine I made a wallpaper based on this picture C: 시간은금! I just add 2 simple effects to the wallpaper Hope u like it Steam Workshop Link FYI the image above is not my wallpaper i made, that was the original photo the wallpaper I made was in the steam workshop in the link above by using Wallpaper Engine.
  23. [예고] 트와이스, 막내들의 사랑이 궁금해? (TWICE, are you curious about the love of your youngest?) On Vlive: https://www.vlive.tv/video/79451 On CeluvTV: https://m.celuv.tv/vod/vod_view.asp?castId=TWICEtwice&amp;pkcode=5837
  24. TWICE shall appear in SBS Power FM "Cultwo Show" special live on July 12th, 2 to 4pm-KST. other guests includes Davichi and Jessi. (Guest DJ: Jang Doyeon) SBS radio schedule on July 12th. CR: SBS radio