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  1. Post She doesn't really work out but her body is so muscular However if you saw it in real life, her body looks so feminineoriginal post: here 1. Her shoulder and arm lines are so healthy looking, so jealousㅜㅜ2. F*cking jealous, she's muscular, but her body is so prettyㅜㅜ Even though she's short, her proportions are so good3. Chaeyoung's body is sculpted... !! Her body and her face are daebak ㅠㅠ4. People who have a healthy looking body usually ate well since they were young and moved a lot right?ㅠㅠㅠ f*cking jealousㅜㅜ5. F*cking skinny...6. She works out while dancing so her body became like that... Her whole body is musclesㅠㅠ7. She has so many muscles, but why is her body still so pretty..8. So cool
  2. [V Report Plus] Twice enjoys tropical fruits during music video shoot (Naver's V app) The fourth episode of Twice’s brand new reality show “Dance the Night Away,” named after its new single, features the band’s nine members enjoying tropical fruits while filming their most recent music video. “This is so amazing,” Chaeyoung said, munching on a piece of pineapple. Jeongyeon liked the green mango best. They were so focused on enjoying the fruit that they were speechless for a long while. The tri-national girl group is having its most prolific year yet, releasing two Korean extended plays and four Japanese singles to date, with another full-length album coming this September. (Naver's V app) By The Korea Herald (khnews@heraldcorp.com) https://www.vlive.tv/video/80693 CR: KPOPHERALD
  3. Twice members transform into princesses Twice appeared on the cover of Marie Claire fashion magazine’s August issue looking like Disney princesses. The K-pop group recently released the song “Dance the Night Away.” In the pictures released, each of the nine singers of Twice put on white laced dresses and pastel chiffon outfits. Jihyo, Momo and Sana donned dresses with flower patterns. Dahyun and Chaeyoung flashed big smiles for the camera. In an interview that accompanied the photo spread, Sana said she had participated in writing the lyrics for the song with Momo and Mina. Jihyo shared how she had gotten a tan while shooting the music video for the track. Tzuyu and Nayeon said dance moves for the new song are especially fun because they include plenty of leg movements. By Kim Soo-bin, Intern reporter (soob@heraldcorp.com) CR: KPOPHERALD
  4. Girls Who We Love – 트와이스(TWICE) Preview CR: Marie Claire Korea
  5. I'm just curious to see if anyone else has ever had any of the members in a dream/how the dream went etc. Last month I think it was, I had 3 dreams 3 nights in a row and the first two were some kind of new kind of nightmare because I met them all both times in this super social setting but when I'd speak what I do know how to say in Korean (Hello, you guys are so cute, I love you, etc.) they'd just stand there looking super confused and Momo would be doing that "yes yes" polite bow and Sana would have a really confused smile on, you know, trying to be encouraging when she actually has no idea what you're talking about But in the dream I knew I was saying the words/phrases correctly but I'd get embarrassed anyways The third dream on the third night was just some apocalyptic survival game of tag and everyone was in their ooh-ahh m/v outfits (w/ their hair back to how it used to be) and we all ran to a plane out of this zombie infested mall at the end (idk if anyone got left behind) (Jeongyeon was also snipping zombies from the top of this tall staircase that lead to nowhere?) LOL anyways just curious to hear about other ONCE's TWICE dreams
  6. TWICE Has Fun Answering Fans’ Questions About Their Habits, Transformations, And More TWICE satisfied the curiosity of their fans in a new video! On July 12, the girl group participated in 1theK’s “Ask in A Box” series and answered questions from fans all around the world. Mina began the video by answering a fan’s question about how she’s been seen going out a lot. The TWICE member said that there are many things on sale and that she likes shopping. She goes out for 30 minutes to an hour, and ends her shopping trip with watermelon juice. Chaeyoung chose Nayeon as the member who recently made her laugh the most before talking about sharing a room with her on their overseas promotions. She explained, “We have to order room service in Japanese and our Japanese isn’t that good yet. We’re working hard on it. I have a video, but she was laughing and embarrassed while trying to speak Japanese, and it was really funny.” She also credited her age, sexy dancing, and influence from their concepts for her transformation from a child to an adult. Dahyun and the other members talked about how Dahyun seemed grown-up when she showed some skin for their album photos. Nayeon explained that Dahyun usually doesn’t wear clothes that show skin, but did so for their comeback. Tzuyu revealed she wants to live as Nayeon for a day. “I’m really curious about her thoughts,” she said and made the others burst into laughter. Since Sana has coined some popular phrases such as “Oh hyo oh hyo” and “Kekeke,” a fan asked her to create a new one. She told fans that she can’t just come up with one on the spot and asked them to keep an eye out during promotions for her next popular phrase. Jihyo was tasked with matching an Avenger with each TWICE member. She said Tzuyu is Hulk, Mina is Dr. Strange, Chaeyoung is Spider Man, Dahyun is Rocket Raccoon, Sana is Wanda, Jeongyeon is Hawkeye, Momo is Black Widow, Nayeon is Iron Man, and that she is Thor. Nayeon talked about sleeping habits. She wasn’t aware of hers, but the members told her that she’s always eating or tasting something in her sleep. Momo added that many of the members, including herself, sleep with their eyes open. While Nayeon was responding to a question about how she is the member who acts the most spontaneously, Dahyun brought up Nayeon’s glasses. She asked Nayeon why she always leaves her glasses in the refrigerator and revealed that she takes them out and puts them on the top of the refrigerator. Nayeon was really shocked to hear this and asked multiple times if this was true. Jeongyeon told the members about a scary nightmare involving a really tall grim reaper and chose Nayeon as the member who would survive on a deserted island because she’s “persistent.” Nayeon joked, “Tell the truth. I thought you didn’t like me all this time, but you really like me, don’t you?” She added, “She likes me a lot so she keeps wanting to tease me and denies that she likes me,” and praised Jeongyeon on how she’s good at playing hard to get. Check out the video below! TWICE released their first summer track “Dance the Night Away” on July 9. CR: soompi
  7. [V Report Plus] Twice Tzuyu’s late-night snack choices (Naver's V Live) Tzuyu of Twice asked on fans for suggestions in her interview with Celuv.TV on Monday. Among fans’ suggestions were tangsuyuk, a fried meat dish with sweet and sour sauce, jokbal, pig’s feet glazed in soy sauce with ginger and garlic, and gimbap, a rice roll with seaweed. “Do you see anything you like?” asked the interviewer, to which Tzuyu replied, “I’m craving naengmyeon (chewy noodles in an icy broth) with meat.” “I’ve never tried that dish before coming to Korea,” said Tzuyu, Twice’s only Taiwanese member. The interviewer also asked if she liked ganjang-gejang (crab marinated in soy sauce), to which she nodded yes: “I love it.” By The Korea Herald (khnews@heraldcorp.com) https://www.vlive.tv/video/80365 and more segments of the interview: https://www.vlive.tv/video/80357 https://www.vlive.tv/video/80358 https://www.vlive.tv/video/80359 https://www.vlive.tv/video/80360 https://www.vlive.tv/video/80361 https://www.vlive.tv/video/80362 https://www.vlive.tv/video/80363 https://www.vlive.tv/video/80366 CR: KPOPHERALD The full video link (no subtitles) on Celuv TV is: https://m.celuv.tv/vod/vod_view.asp?castId=twicetwice&amp;pkcode=5956
  8. TWICE Celebrates 1000 Days Since Debut With Heartfelt Messages To Fans TWICE reached a meaningful milestone on July 15, which marked 1000 days since their debut! To celebrate the occasion, the members held a Naver V Live broadcast to talk about a variety of topics, including their most memorable moments. They looked back on their history and touched upon meaningful events like their “Like OOH-AHH” showcase, winning the Best Rookie Award at the Mnet Asia Music Awards (MAMA), and their music show wins. The members also showed their appreciation for their fans through various social media posts throughout the day. On their Twitter account, a photo of the group was posted with the caption, “Thank you for being by TWICE’s side for 1000 days. It’s because of ONCEs [official TWICE fanclub name] that TWICE was happy, is happy, and will continue to be happy. We hope that all of us will keep the excitement and special feelings from our first meeting 1000 days ago in our hearts and continue to look forward to the same goals and spend another 1000 days together.” They also shared a link to TWICE’s first meeting with ONCEs through a Naver V Live broadcast and captioned it, “The day we first met.” Some of the members also took to TWICE’s Instagram account to post heartfelt messages to their fans. The members have been sharing selfies and personal messages to their fans throughout this comeback, and the members who posted on July 15 did not forget to mention the milestone and express their gratitude. Nayeon posted a handful of selfies and wrote, “It must have been very tiring and hot today, but thank you so, so much for coming to support us. I wish we could have laughed and talked together more today, but we really were able to complete our performances well because so many ONCEs came to see us. And it’s already our 1000th day. Wow, though we don’t have a performance prepared like for our 500th day, I’ve come with some selfies,” and the hashtag “I’m grateful and happy for the last 1000 days.” Chaeyoung also posted a series of photos with the caption, “They say that today is TWICE’s 1000th day. TWICE and ONCE, I love you. It’s because we have ONCEs that TWICE is able to exist. Let’s stay together for the next 1000 days, and put many more zeros behind that number.” Dahyun also thanked fans and wrote, “Congratulations on our 1000 days together. That’s the amount of time that ONCEs and TWICE have spent together. I hope there is nothing but happiness ahead of us. Thank you, our ONCEs.” Congratulations to TWICE and ONCEs on reaching an important milestone! https://www.vlive.tv/video/80277 CR: soompi
  9. TWICE Names Who Would Be Best At Acting And Who Buys Members Food The Least TWICE hit up a waterpark for a guerrilla date on the July 13 broadcast of KBS2’s “Entertainment Weekly,” meeting with their fans and then getting some time to relax and have fun on the rides. In the day’s interview, the girls played a game in which, when asked a question, they point to the member that it applies most to. Asked who has bought food for the TWICE members the least, the majority pointed to Sana. Indignant, Sana said, “I haven’t [bought food] for Nayeon, but there were a lot of times for Jihyo and Jeongyeon.” Next, the TWICE members picked who would be the best at acting. While most pointed to Nayeon, who is studying film and theater at Konkuk University, Nayeon immediately chose Jeongyeon, who, the TWICE members said, has acting blood in her veins, since her older sister Gong Seung Yeon is an actress. Jeongyeon and Nayeon — and later Chaeyoung — then acted out a small scene in which they yell at someone who never returned borrowed money. Seeing the results, Nayeon immediately said, “We’ll work hard as TWICE.” Source (1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGO-gD6KHjI CR: soompi
  10. [V Report Plus] Twice’s Tzuyu gets belated birthday kiss from Chaeyoung (Naver's V Live) Tzuyu, the youngest member of Twice, turned 20 on June 14. Twice has a tradition of giving kisses on group mates’ birthdays. Tzuyu’s 20th birthday went without one, however, as revealed in an interview with Celev.Tv on Thursday. “Not one member gave me a birthday kiss,” said Tzuyu. “They just blew me a kiss.” “Do you want me to give you a kiss now?” asked Chaeyoung, after noticing Tzuyu’s pouty face. (Naver's V Live) Tzuyu did not reject her offer and got a super belated birthday kiss from Chaeyoung. Tzuyu and Chaeyoung are known as Twice’s “maknae” duo, as the youngest two of the nine-piece girl group. By The Korea Herald (khnews@heraldcorp.com) https://www.vlive.tv/video/79792 and more segments of the interview: https://www.vlive.tv/video/79790 https://www.vlive.tv/video/79791 CR: KPOPHERALD The full video link (no subtitles) on Celuv TV is: https://m.celuv.tv/vod/vod_view.asp?castId=twicetwice&amp;pkcode=5956
  11. [V Report] Twice's Tzuyu and Chaeyoung say it's nice being the group's youngest (Naver's V Live) Tzuyu and Chaeyoung of Twice discussed what they like best about being the group’s youngest in their interview with Celev.Tv Friday. “I think for me, it’s nice that my bandmates are more understanding. Especially when I have a hard time understanding Korean,” said Tzuyu, the only Taiwanese member of the tri-national girl group. “They try to help me understand and explain things for me.” “I think it’s nice that I get to watch them do stuff first like when we are practicing. I get to watch how they do it and then learn,” Chaeyoung said. Twice’s first summer-themed album and second Korean extended play of the year “Dance the Night Away” was released on July 9. By The Korea Herald (khnews@heraldcorp.com) https://www.vlive.tv/video/79991 and more segments of the interview: https://www.vlive.tv/video/79992 https://www.vlive.tv/video/79993 https://www.vlive.tv/video/79994 CR: KPOPHERALD The full video link (no subtitles) on Celuv TV is: https://m.celuv.tv/vod/vod_view.asp?castId=twicetwice&amp;pkcode=5956
  12. MinaPenguin #TwiceismyLife


  13. [V Report Plus] If Twice members were puppies, what kind would they be? (Naver's V Live) Chaeyoung and Tzuyu, the two youngest members of Twice, sat down for an interview with Celev.Tv Wednesday and compared each other to pet dogs. “If you would imagine one another as a puppy, what kind would you be?” asked the interviewer. “I think Chaeyoung would be a poodle,” Tzuyu replied, after studying Chaeyoung’s face for a while. “And I think Tzuyu is a lot like a Chihuahua,” said Chaeyoung, adding, “She actually has a Chihuahua named Gucci.” (Naver's V Live) The tri-national girl group Twice debuted in 2015 through the audition reality show “Sixteen,” co-produced by JYP Entertainment and CJ E&M. Its debut extended play “The Story Begins” fronted by “Like Ooh-Ahh” became an instant hit, recording a whopping 242 million YouTube views as of Wednesday. By The Korea Herald (khnews@heraldcorp.com) https://www.vlive.tv/video/79637 and more segments of the interview: https://www.vlive.tv/video/79636 https://www.vlive.tv/video/79638 CR: KPOPHERALD The full video link (no subtitles) on Celuv TV is: https://m.celuv.tv/vod/vod_view.asp?castId=twicetwice&amp;pkcode=5956
  14. since @ilovekaramorethanthebeatle made his own poll about Dahyun, why won't I make for chaeng's meself? since chaeng's threads are fast dying (lmao pls)
  15. The internet term “smol” means “something extremely small and cute,” and TWICE’s Chaeyoung is exactly that. c. alltwice Standing at 159cm (approximately 5 feet and 2.5 inches), Chaeyoung is definitely one of the most petite idols out there. c. tender eyes In fact, “smol” has become one of the most common terms that international ONCEs use to describe her. pic.twitter.com/ZO1iDNw0dK In fact, she event won Koreaboo‘s “Smol Poll,” gaining over 9,000 votes on Twitter from fans all over the world. pic.twitter.com/2mlaySIBN9 And it’s easy to see why! Although one of TWICE’s maknaes, the other maknae Tzuyu constantly towers over her, making her look even shorter by comparison. It’s actually become quite a popular among ONCEs to (affectionately) tease Chaeyoung about her height compared to Tzuyu. c. dropthebeat And while she’s still a little bitter sometimes about being vertically challenged… Chaeyoung has pretty much embraced her smolness. She’s known as TWICE’s “Baby Beast” (아기 맹수) pic.twitter.com/6DsFUdsfhZ For being tiny like a baby… But fierce like a tiger or lion! pic.twitter.com/BsVmIzcG6X And being “smol” has one more special meaning. c. flawless apro It just means she has more charm and talent per inch! c. rainbow sheret source: koreaboo
  16. This cover is so good it's what made me become a fan of hers. It's just 5k away from hitting 3m. If you haven't seen this yet (why not?!) or haven't in a while check it out again, I always fall in love with it every time. It's a shame she's such a good singer but focuses on rapping instead, she could easily be lead singer next to Nayeon and Jihyo, easily!
  17. I will just leave these hanging here. Be pleased aesthetically.
  18. Chaeyoung is not my bias as you can see on my name, but recently I started to love her because of her beautiful smile. I notice it a long time ago, but I love it a lot now. And also I love her rapping skill it's so cool and her aegyos as well. How about you why did you love Chaeyoung?
  19. I'm really curious ! You can also say why you choose one of the choices.
  20. for those who use wallpaper engine I made a wallpaper based on this picture C: 시간은금! I just add 2 simple effects to the wallpaper Hope u like it Steam Workshop Link FYI the image above is not my wallpaper i made, that was the original photo the wallpaper I made was in the steam workshop in the link above by using Wallpaper Engine.
  21. The following writings are taken from the book, "The Secret Language of Birthdays" by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers (information available online as well). Readers are encourage to proceed with a light heart and open mind for enjoyment. Similar writings for Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun and Tzuyu shall be available in their respective threads, (and an addition for JYP himself). A brief summary of all readings (including additional selected Korean celebrities) are found on this post link. Thank you. ============================================= Chaeyoung (April 23rd, Taurus, The Hierophant) Element/Quality: Earth/ Fixed Ruler/Symbol: Venus/ The Bull Mode/Motto: Sensation/ "I Have" Image/Season: Power (Aries-Taurus cusp)/ Mid-Spring Taurus Stones & Uses: Rose quartz (soothing, inspires imagination) Emerald (promotes learning; enhances self-confidence) Lapis lazuli (deepens activities on the material plane) Taurus Colours: All shades of Blue; Deep Green Taurus Body Areas: Ears, Vocal chords, Neck and throat, Palate, Salivary glands, Cerebelium Taurus Keys: F major, E major Taurus Plants: Daisy, Dandelion, Lily (Aries-Taurus cusp) Trees & Shrubs: April 21 - May 12 (Blackthorn, Willow) Taurus Attractions: To Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn (April 23rd) The Day of Adopted Security Strengths: Social, Secure, Careful Weaknesses: Inflexible, Anxious, Repressed Reading: Those born on April 23 seek the best haven for their considerable talents and will not rest until they have established themselves under the auspices of a recognised or powerful organisation. This does not necessarily mean that they will be employed directly by that organisation, though it is often the case, but that the organisation will serve as a kind of "patron" for them, perhaps recommending them to others and opening doors. April 23 people can often be found marrying into a family which will take them under its wing. Those born on this day care little for an isolated life; they need to exert their power within a larger social sphere. Financial success and security are paramount importance to them. Those in the arts (writers, journalists, painters) or in business (manufactures or shopkeepers) rely on building up a following which will, year in and year out, continue to buy their books or their products. April 23 people who perform a service (doctors, lawyers, accountants) will carefully build a clientele, knowing that without it they are lost. April 23 people manage to express themselves as individuals within the family or professional sphere, but they will never want to be so outspoken as to lose the support of the group with which they are involved. In these respects they are very dependent on the good will and trust of others. A danger exists to this much-needed security from the impulsive side of their nature which craves excitement. Those born on this day many at times act rashly, jeopardising their position. If April 23 people are able to direct a longing for change and stimulation into their work, while keeping their personal lives in balance, they will succeed; if not, they may disrupt both their business and family life with all sorts of impulsive schemes. April 23 people are more than happy to continue in a chosen activity for a lifetime. If they repress their individuality too much, however, they run the risk of losing the interest of others. The trick for them is to regularly innovate, to bring to the fore well-though-out new projects which will move them forward. Should they settle for a contented stick-in-the-mud existence they will be working at cross purposes with their own highly creative nature. An April 23 person often has a sharp, keen eye for the foibles of others, and a very deep understanding of human character and motives. Care must be taken to use this highly insightful and incisive bent constructively, especially if teaching or parenting. April 23 people must wield their considerable influence over others wisely and from time to time exercise control over their nimble minds and sharp tongues. Numbers and Planets: Those born on the 23rd of the month are ruled by the number 5 (2+3=5), and by the planet Mercury. Since Mercury represents quickness of thought and change, those born on this day must find a way to balance such energy with a strong need for security; they may have to reign in those impulses which have them driving in the fast lane, impulses which are emphasized by the influences of Mars and Venus (rulers of Aries and Taurus, respectively). Fortunately, the hard knocks that those ruled by the number 5 receive in life typically will have little lasting effect. Tarot: The 5th card of the Major Arcana is The Hierophant, an interpreter of sacred mysteries who is symbolic of human understanding and of faith. His knowledge is esoteric and he has authority over things unseen. Favourable traits conferred by this card are self-assuredness, absence of doubt and proper interpretation; unfavourable traits are moralising, bombast and dogmatism. Health: April 23 people must be careful to prepare for their old age. Too often they sink into fixed, repetitive habits as they get older which rob them of a youthful capacity for change, and can literally cripple them. Therefore continued mild to moderate exercise is advisable. Spending time with their grandchildren, and/or doing volunteer work with children will keep them lively and in touch with youthful energies. Those born on this day are vulnerable to arthritis of all sorts, particularly of the neck. They are also prone to hearing loss and dizziness -- in extreme case, Meniere's syndrome. Particularly with arthritis, a regular program of moderate physical exercise can stave off deterioration and stiffening of joints, and maintain a greater degree of flexibility into old age. Their tastes in food are quite sophisticated and wide-ranging, but their love of bread, butter and pastries can be fatal. This desire for earth foods should be guided in the direction of cereals, rice, bulgar and polenta. Advice: Have more confidence in your ability to operate on your own. Beware of becoming fixed; try to be more flexible. Let your emotions out and follow your hunches. Balance your personal life. Don't be afraid to speak your mind, but be tactful and kind. Meditation: "There is a place to be alone" ============================================= Musings and themes to Chaeyoung. [Please listen and enjoy] ->>>> Japanese music English music
  22. Here's a compilation of Chaeyoung's laugh lol Her laugh is so cute lez all apprecitae chaeng's smile and laugh
  23. Here's the other one THE ULTIMATE CHAEYOUNG POLL 2017 I decided to bring this back because 2018 is now fast approaching and I will definitely make another one for 2018 so...