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Found 31 results

  1. Jokbal

    Jokbal. Is. Back.

    Back from an almost 2 year hiatus from the forum. Glad to see the forum grow so much and fast in two years, kudos to the OG people who started things from the ground up back then during the OHH-AHH days. And i see a handful of you guys with Jokbal in your name id, hahaha. Jokbal club maybe?
  2. TWICE's Dahyun celebrates her 20th birthday with ONCE Dahyun's hand-written letter to fans. / Captured by TWICE's main Instagram By Grace Lee Dahyun, a member of K-pop girl band TWICE, celebrated her 20th birthday on Monday. She posted a photo of her hand-written letter to fans, referred to as ONCE, on TWICE's main Instagram account, @twicetagram. It translates: "Thanks to ONCE I had a very happy birthday. Not only is my (Dahyun's) birthday important, but everyone's birthday is also important. I was happy as much as the sky and as much as the land, and for making my birthday special, I thank ONCE. ONCE is the best, of course. Those who wished me happy birthday, and our ONCE, I love you. I hope ONCE has a happy day. #HAPPYDAHYUNDAY #ONCE" Dahyun returned to Korea the afternoon of her birthday after finishing the Japanese tour TWICELAND ZONE 2: Fantasy Park. grace.lee2@emory.edu ( Grace Lee is a Korea Times intern. ) CR: The Korea Times
  3. Sammy_Jhoness

    [FANART]Happy Birthday Chewy!

    You might have wondered why I was taking so long to update the WIP. There was something really important in the way xD It's the birthday of our beloved Yoda(errr), #Tzuyu!Our maknae really captivates everyone with her beauty and savageness(#prayforJihyo)Happy Birthday Chewy! Please continue to put smiles on our faces <3#HappyTzuyuDay As soon as possible I'll upload the speed painting Video! Check and follow me on my other social media: Site: www.sammsworkshop.com Instagram: @samms_workshop Twitter: @samms_workshop Facebook: www.facebook.com.br/sammsworkshop
  4. I am not sure if this cover of TWICE Likey should be ban or not.What do you guys think
  5. Tzuyu Stan... How are you today? Can't wait for Tzuyu's birthday, right? Me too. Before 14th June 2018, Let's vote Chou Tzuyu on instagram @mostbeautifulwomen2018. Here's the link: Hit Like and Comment: I VOTE #choutzuyu FOR #mostbeautifulwomen2018 There are also for other member and vote all Twice Members: I VOTE #imnayeon FOR #mostbeautifulwomen2018 I VOTE #yoojeongyeon FOR #mostbeautifulwomen2018 I VOTE #hiraimomo FOR #mostbeautifulwomen2018 I VOTE #minatozakisana FOR #mostbeautifulwomen2018 I VOTE #parkjihyo FOR #mostbeautifulwomen2018 I VOTE #myouimina FOR #mostbeautifulwomen2018 I VOTE #kimdahyun FOR #mostbeautifulwomen2018 I VOTE #sonchaeyoung FOR #mostbeautifulwomen2018 Don't forget to share this broadcast. Let's vote all Twice Members. ;)
  6. Baby: B... B... Mom: Look honey, his first words! Baby: B... B... BBkeurim papapa ripseutigeul mammamma
  7. Moguri.Queen

    [DISCUSSION] Who is your bias? (SAVE YOUR BIAS)

    Talk about Your bias!!!!
  8. My babies I'm not the only one who has noticed the HUGE increase of TWICE's improvement, right? Songs in Twicetagram fit them all so much more, and it makes me so happy.... What do you guys think? Other MR Removes from other performances:
  9. https://www.instagram.com/p/BdMiTmHArO6/?taken-by=twicetagram
  10. Our dear penguin Mina is the one to get the new painting!What is love just doesn't leave my head, geez it's so good! <3This time I decided on a really different style, I hope that you like it! There's also a speedpaint, please check it out at this link: https://youtu.be/ZS-3QW4OhLI Please remember to leave your thoughs, suggestions and share the love <3! Check my social media: Website: sammsworkshop.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/sammsworkshop Twitter: @samms_workshop Instagram: @samms_workshop
  11. TWICE(트와이스) - "LIKEY" Dance Cover by Anson Same filming locations as where Twice did in the Music Video. I tried to edit it like the music video too!!! I tried TT Hope you guys like. YAS ONCE❤ P.S: The reporter at the back was from CBC. She came here to ask whether people come to this alley becoz of TWICE. What a coincidence... Then they filmed my dance cover and I did an interview. IDK when will it post LMAO. Filmed in Vancouver, Canada Follow me on: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aloha.ansonlo Twitter: https://twitter.com/AlohaAnson Like and subscribe if you enjoyed the video! :) Feel free to leave comments too ❤
  12. Sammy_Jhoness

    [FANART] Cheer Up Dubu!

    This time, our dear Dubu receives a new painting! She's been through some hard time with a health problem, this is my way to motivate her. =] Keep on a bold face against this problem! <3 Hwaiting! Soon I'll add the speed painting, please look forward to it! Check my social media: Website: sammsworkshop.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/sammsworkshop Twitter: @samms_workshop Instagram: @samms_workshop
  13. Anna Argula

    Myself and Twice

    Hello everybody. My name is Anna. I'm just 18 years old girl. Nice to meet you'all Once ! Probably I'm happy for being Once and also being thankful that I can greet many people outhere who also loves Twice especially in oversea. Ouh ya, on this introduction, I will tell you a little about my introduction with Twice. Actually, I don't know how to start it. But, my love began to bloom against them when I see them in variety show that're called "Amigo Tv" I . D . O . L . M . I . C . H . I . G . O~ Yeah,Like what Jeongyeon said,XD~ Actually my first bias,is Minatozaki Sana. I started to like her when the scene where she falls and said that her back was ache because of the microphone. The way she said was melted my heart. Since that, I started to learning about them and knowing them a lot and more. When I know them already, I thought that I was stupid because I knew them so late. I started to like them since 2016 era. In about two years 1/5 Iike that. Hahaha! Although my introduction is slow, but that does not mean I can not recognize them deeper, right? Not just me, but everyone can do it. But there is one problem that I can not solve till now. B. I . A . S ! OMG. Till now, I cannot choose one of them, but I like all of them. You'all know this feeling,right? Hurgh! Anyway, my dream is to attend to their concert and buy their albums. I know not just only by attending their concerts and buy album only the way we support them, but there are many more ways. Through our hearts and affection. That's the most important things. They love us, we love them too. Together we support each other. Let's spread our LOVE and enjoy the sweet taste of LOVE! I love Twice, You love Twice and We'all love Twice! F . O . R . E . V . E . R . T . I . L . L . T . H . E . E . N . D . That's all my introduction about my first meet with our lovely Twice. Nice to know you'all. Thank you and Good-bye.
  14. Sammy_Jhoness

    Angel Sana (WIP)

    First of all, oh my god, I'm in love with the new mv, geez <3 Well, the second paint that I decided to remake is my beloved Sana <3. This one is very special to me since she is my favorite Twice member and I really relate to her =). This is based on a photo that I received as a gift from a friend! I'm recording the painting this time(most of it ^^''') and I'll post a speedpainting in the end! I'll share my progress with you, I hope that you like it =)
  15. Very nice pixel animation done by Benny Yeah!