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  1. Watch the eng subbed video here: https://mobile.twitter.com/Tworrtis/status/1030134245556015104 cr. TworrtiSub
  2. Twice Mina Jihyo Sana Momo Jeongyeon Nayeon Dahyun , Chaeyoung Tzuyu cr:twitter
  3. What does TWICE want to do this summer? Sana: Attend festival with friends Tzuyu: Eat lots of watermelons Chaeyoung: Surfing Dahyun: Go to the beach Jihyo: Get tanned at the beach Mina: Scuba diving Jeongyeon: Stay at home all day and play games Momo: Go for a massage with Nayeon Nayeon: Wait for 'Senshi Kunshu' (live action movie, where TWICE sang theme song, "I WANT YOU BACK") screening in Korea Takeuchi Ryoma(male lead in 'Senshi Kunshu'): I hope you will see 'Senshi Kunshu' Everyone: Watch MUSIC STATION; Takeuchi Ryoma: I'm the new member TWICE are performing, (with Takeuchi Ryoma in attendance), 'I WANT YOU BACK' live on TV Asahi's MUSIC STATION.
  4. TWICE ‘LA’의 화창하고 따뜻한 햇살이 내리쬐는 분위기를 보여주고 싶었다. 스튜디오 정원에는 벚꽃이 휘날렸지만 사실 촬영 당일은 아직 물러가지 않은 추위로 패딩이 필요할 정도였다. 하지만 우리의 트둥이들, 불평 한마디 없이 추운 내색 전혀 하지 않고 5월호에 더할 나위 없이 잘 어울리는 최고 화보를 완성했다. 한국과 일본을 오가는 바쁜 스케줄 속에서도 웃음을 잃지 않고, 변함 없이 예의 바르고 열심히 하는 트와이스의 인기는 어쩌면 당연할 것일지도 모른다. Editor's note subbed on TWT by fellow ONCE, illiy009 CR: CeCi Korea
  5. Event: Mynavi presents 27th Tokyo Girls Collection 2018 AUTUMN/WINTER Date: September 1st, 2018 (Saturday) Times: Venue Open(13:00hrs), Festival Start(15:00hrs), Festival Ends(21:30hrs) - all JST Venue: Saitama Super Arena Main Artists: TWICE, Yuzu( ゆず ) and more Performers: MATZ vs Emma Jasmine Opening Act: Chuning Candy, RUANN Participating fashion labels: And Couture, EGOIST, EVRIS, GYDA, LAGUA GEM, Lilly & Emma, MOUSSY, MURUA, PUNYUS, REDYAZEL, ROYAL PARTY, SLY, SNIDEL, WEGO and more Website: girlswalker.com/tgc/18aw/ Please update TWICE's schedule on calendar, thanks! @Jokballet
  6. 『BDZ』release date September 12th, 2018. " TWICE : Break your Barriers, BDZ!" Nayeon / 나연 / ナヨン/ 娜璉 Jeongyeon / 정연 / ジョンヨン / 定延 Momo / 모모 / モモ / 桃 Sana / 사나 / サナ / 紗夏 Jihyo / 지효 / ジヒョ / 志效 Mina / 미나 / ミナ / 南 Dahyun / 다현 / ダヒョン / 多賢 Chaeyoung / 채영 / チェヨン / 彩瑛 Tzuyu / 쯔위 / ツウィ / 子瑜
  7. Girls Who We Love – 트와이스(TWICE) Preview CR: Marie Claire Korea
  8. MinaPenguin #TwiceismyLife


  9. Black rabbit

    [FANART] Mina Penguin

    She's so cute~~~ Cr: @_PerfectMina
  10. Exclusive: TWICE Performs Special Cover Stages, Gives Cute Fan Service, And More At “TWICELAND ZONE 2: Fantasy Park” TWICE made a long-awaited return to Singapore for their second tour “TWICELAND ZONE 2: Fantasy Park” this past weekend! This is their first Southeast Asia stop after opening the tour in Seoul last month, and they marked their return to Singapore after a year by having the concert at a venue twice the size of their previous one. During the magical evening, TWICE took Singapore ONCEs on a journey through their fantasy park with dazzling performances of hits like “Like Ooh-Ahh” and “Cheer Up,” as well as beautiful stage sets and outfits during fan-favorite songs like “You in My Heart” and “Turtle.” The nine-member girl group captured the fans’ hearts in the three-hour concert and we have compiled some of our favorite moments from the concert: Special cover stages On top of performing remixes for their hit songs, TWICE also prepared special solo and unit stages with covers of popular songs, like Winner’s “Really Really” and BoA’s “Valenti,” which allowed fans to see a side of TWICE that are not normally shown during their promotions. Check out some of the covers below: Dahyun – “Dahyunism” (Original: Rain’s “Rainism”) 180617 #TWICE Twiceland 2 Fantasy Park in Singapore Dahyunism –#twiceland2 #FANTASYPARKinSG #fantasypark #twiceland #twice #JIHYO #TZUYU #DAHYUN #NAYEON #CHAEYOUNG #JEONGYEON #MINA #SANA #MOMO pic.twitter.com/eCEdtoQWjg — eℓectric kiss (@enchanting_yeol) June 17, 2018 Jihyo, Tzuyu & Momo – “End of Time” (Original: Beyonce’s “End of Time”) 180617 Twice( JIHYO, TZUYU, MOMO) – Beyonce's End of Time #모모 #쯔의 #지효 #TWICELAND2inSG #MOMO #TZUYU #JIHYO #FANTASYPARKinSG [do not crop or upload video w/o permission thanks] pic.twitter.com/1wULeevgES — yangz? (@sakuramichis) June 17, 2018 Nayeon & Jeongyeon – “My Ear’s Candy” (Original: Baek Ji Young ft. Taecyeon’s “My Ear’s Candy”) 180617 Twice Fantasy Park in SG 2YEON – CANDY 캔디( JUNGYEON, NAYEON) #TWICELAND2inSG #정연 #나연 #2연 #트와이스 #TWICE #JUNGYEON #NAYEON #FANTASYPARKinSG pic.twitter.com/wMAd66Xy80 — yangz? (@sakuramichis) June 17, 2018 Fan event Singapore ONCEs also had prepared something special for the girls, when they surprised TWICE with a heartwarming video they had created for the group. The video started off with a mention of the amount of time that TWICE had been away from Singapore and how Singapore ONCEs had been missing them during this time, but were still supporting them from afar. The fans then held up banners saying “We’ll be waiting until TWICE returns” after the video ended. The members were moved to tears from the video and promised to continuously keep their fans updated by sharing more on their social media accounts. Thank you ONCEs for making our fan video and banner project a success tonight! #FantasyParkinSG #트와이스 pic.twitter.com/tfnKx1ajBI — TWICE SINGAPORE (@SG_TWICE9) June 17, 2018 Fan service TWICE also returned the love with many fan services of their own, from aegyo to cover dances and they also did their best to communicate with fans despite the language barrier, Tzuyu even did her thank you speech in Chinese. #TWICELANDinSG pic.twitter.com/lzgz5VgiIG — •̀ㅅ•́ (@_taevae) June 19, 2018 gashina by twice hahaha #TWICELAND2inSG #TWICE pic.twitter.com/2sWbbhI6uK — TWICELAND2inSG ☆彡 (@onlychuus) June 17, 2018 ‘We will be back’ by 2yeon Jeongyeon imitate nayeon is so funny lmao?. #TWICELAND2inSG pic.twitter.com/2glaYXzG6f — 서열 9위 (@2yeonshipper) June 17, 2018 TWICE ended the concert with an acoustic version of “What is Love?” and promised their Singapore fans to be back again really soon! Meanwhile, TWICE will be making a summer comeback on July 9, their first Korean comeback since “What is Love?” in April. Special thanks to Rock Media for inviting us to the event! Photo Credits: ONE Production CR: soompi Previously reported on CLEO Singapore
  11. [KPOPHERALD] Twice to drop first Japanese full-length album in September (JYP Entertainment) Twice is set to drop its first Japanese full-length album in September, its agency said. According to JYP Entertainment on Friday, the nine-piece K-pop girl group will release “BDZ” on Sept. 12. With “BDZ” standing for bulldozer, the album produced by the agency’s head producer Park Jin-young embodies the band’s determination to move forward It will include five new songs and five of Twice’s previous Japanese singles such as “One More Time,” “Candy Pop,” “Wake Me Up,” “Brand New Girl” and “I Want You Back.” Having commenced its Japanese promotional activities in June last year, the band’s latest single “Wake Me Up,” released last month, shipped over 500,000 copies and won the K-pop act its fourth consecutive platinum certification -- awarded in Japan to those who sold more than 250,000 records. Twice is also set to drop its Korean summer single “Dance the Night Away” on July 9. (lotus@heraldcorp.com) CR: KPOPHERALD
  12. MinaPenguin #TwiceismyLife

    [TZUYUIST/PIC] TZUYU Centrair Airport

    TZUYU Entry to Nagoya Airport
  13. JYP beats YG in the value of the company for the first time since YG became a publicly traded company JYP - 560.9b won YG - 533.8b won thanks to the consistency of twice and Suzy, the start of Stary children, the exterior success of Got7, Day6 firmness The ranking of music companies changed. JYP Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as JYP Entertainment), which has been ranked as one of the top 3 promotional companies in the world, has been ranked second in the market value of YG Entertainment (YG) Based on the closing price on the 17th, JYP had a market cap of KRW560.9 billion, marking a total of KRW16,200 per share. The YG market cap, which closed at 29,350 won, was 533.8 billion won, ahead of JYP by 27.1 billion won. Since its listing in November 2011, YG has allowed JYP to overtake it for the first time. BY: NAVER
  14. The LG Twins have chosen the best team in the country for their victory in the Jamsil home game against the KIA Tigers on April 1. Twice is a big fan of the LG Twins and has been releasing a comeback album with his new album in April. The pitcher, Twiz's Na Nye, has played a part in the LG Twins' home game in May 2016. [Naoya. Photo = My Daily DB] by.Naver
  15. [ASK IN A BOX] Please leave questions for upcoming ASK IN A BOX for #TWICE! CR: 1theK(원더케이)
  16. TWICE's Jihyo, Nayeon and Dahyun to appear on KBS 'Happy Together 3' On April 7th according to Starnews, TWICE's Jihyo, Nayeon and Dahyun recently have participated in the recording of KBS 2TV's 'Happy Together 3'. They will appear on the 2nd part of Happy Together 'Sing My Song' along with Hwang Chiyeul, Jung Seunghwan and Dynamic Duo. However, the broadcast date has not confirmed yet. © girlgroupzone BY:Kpopping
  17. Twice the first ad in the day, the third in the rankings of favorable February ... Breaks through 10 million views [Sports Sports News] 'Wai Mobile', the first ad shown in Japan by Twize in Japan, is in the 3rd place in the ranking of favorable ads by brand in February announced by the local advertising research institute. It is Twice showing strong influence in Japanese advertising market. According to JYP Entertainment (JYP) on the 5th, the Japan Advertising Research Institute (JYP) announced on 25th of January that it will be able to advertise 2549 brands from 5 major broadcasting companies in Tokyo from January 20 to February 19, , And the "Wyoming Mobile" ad, which Twice appeared in, was in third place. Twice appeared on February 2 as a model for the fifth commercial 'Transfer student' of the 'Waimobile School' series of new TV commercial 'Yi Mobile' of Softbank, Japan. On the 20th of the same month, Live 'side. The 'Waimova School' series is a series of performances by famous Japanese actress 'Kiritani Mirei', student actor 'Saito Takumi', and comedian 'Dega and Tetsuro'. Twice has become the first CF model in Japan through a new 'transfer student' series in this series. As a result of the popularity of the Twice ads, local media have received overwhelming support from female elementary and junior high school students due to the dance that appealed to the topic of WaiMobile said, "The number of videos related to Twice ads has surpassed 10 million views, and the original TwiceGoods has been produced on the Twitter campaign, which has exceeded the expectations of more than 30,000 times. It is spreading outside the advertisement. " Meanwhile, Japan's second single "Candy Pop", which won Twice's three consecutive Platinum titles, was the second-highest Oricon Daily single chart in the month. Twice was released on February 7th as' Candy Pop ', followed by Japan' s representative group Arashi and second place on the Oricon monthly chart and the Japan Record Association. In particular, he continued his triple platinum marathon following his debut album '# TWICE' debuted in June last year and his first single 'One More Time' in October. Twice 6 pm at 9 pm Mini 5th album and the same title song "What's Love? (What is Love?) "And return to the music industry in 2018. 'What Is Love' is a dance song about love curiosity and imagination of girls who have learned love through books or movies or dramas. It has a bright melody with a rhythm that crosses up tempo dance beat and trap genre. It is a song that shows various musical changes. In May of last year, following the title track 'SIGNAL' of the Twice mini 4th album, Park Jin-young once again writes and composes' What's Love? 'And foreshows the successive hit march of' Park Jin. 'What' s Love 'is a mini album, but it has its own record of 350,000 copies, exceeding 330,000 copies of its first full - length album "twicetagram" last October. lunarfly@sportschosun.com CR:http://m.entertain.naver.com
  18. We’ve walked on a ‘flower road’ from our debut: TWICE The nonet thanked their fans for the love that has been showered on them and shared with us their plans for the rest of the year. By Lee Wei Lin Posted: 21 Jun 2018 09:52Updated: 21 Jun 2018 10:00 [Please visit Toggle.SG website to read up the original article and watch the videos, as well as other entertainment news!] We’ve walked on a ‘flower road’ from our debut: TWICE Videos: Tay Yixuan Local fans of TWICE – known collectively as Singapore ONCE, have probably been suffering from a serious bout of post-concert withdrawals ever since the girls wrapped up their one-night only extravaganza on our little red dot last week. Toggle was invited to speak with the nonet in an exclusive 15-minute interview (yes, we know, you’d do anything to trade places with us) shortly before their press conference was held, where they answered three (out of the 10 submitted) approved questions. They also took the opportunity to design personalised boards – a task that they gladly participated in, especially after we told them that their handiwork would be given away to Singapore ONCE. During the interview, they shared with us their thoughts about their journey as TWICE members since their debut in October 2015. “It’s really been a flower road (a smooth-sailing journey with lots of good fortune) for us since debut, hasn’t it?” Jihyo, who is also the leader of the group, said as the other girls nodded their agreement. “We’ve received lots of love from our fans, and when we did our overseas tour last year, we received the love from fans all over the world, which made us feel very blessed for the past three years.” Dahyun added, “Thanks to our ONCE, we’ve also received trophies on music programmes, and even a daesang (highest award) at the year-end ceremonies. We have so many beautiful memories, and we’re so lucky to have had our ONCE with us all this time.” Which of the other members’ unit stages does TWICE want to try out? During their TWICELAND ZONE 2: Fantasy Park, the girls also took the opportunity to perform unit stages, which we got the girls to talk about at the interview. Dahyun shared, “Until now, I’ve been performing with a bright and fun image so I thought of having a change this time around. I wanted to do something that is cooler so I tried Rain’s ‘Rainism’ and called it ‘Dahyunism’.” Momo grinned, “Personally, I think that Dahyun’s performance is very impactful. However, in my opinion, Dahyun’s performance is something that only she can do, so instead of wanting to try it out, I just want to tell her that I really enjoyed watching her perform.” Jeongyeon added, “For myself and Nayeon, we did a duet of Baek Ji Young and Taecyeon’s ‘My Ear’s Candy’.” Nayeon shared, “We wanted to do a duet, so finding a duet song was the priority for us. We’re really happy with our performance so we’re not jealous of the other units at all.” For Chaeyoung, she explained, “For us, we did Wax’s ‘OPPA’. It was the three of us (Mina, Sana and herself) who made up the unit. For me, I’ve done a lot of cooler performances so I wanted to have a bright and fun one this time around. Originally, it was just Sana and I who decided on it, but afterwards, Mina said that she wanted to show the cute side of herself as well and that’s how the unit ended up with the three of us.” What does TWICE want to accomplish by the end of the year? Sana chimed in, “I didn’t really want to say this because they said that they’re very satisfied with their performance, but we perform right after Nayeon and Jeongyeon so I always felt that their performance looks very fun. If I could try doing their performance, I’ll pick Jihyo since we made eye contact.” Meanwhile, Tzuyu explained that she previously put on more “bubbly and fun performances, so I wanted to put on a cool performance this time. That’s why Momo, Jihyo and I performed Beyoncé’s ‘End of Time’.” Chaeyoung mused, “I feel that Tzuyu, Jihyo and Momo’s performance was really cool from the first time that I saw it. Their choreography at the start of the song is really charismatic but whenever they’re performing, I’m at the backstage changing so I wasn’t able to watch it. I really want to see their performance so later on, if I have the chance, I’ll definitely watch the DVD to catch it.” Come July, TWICE will be releasing their second special album, Dance The Night Away, and Chaeyoung shared that there are many songs that are well-suited for summer. Sana added, “My longtime goal was to be able to meet more ONCE. Because of our current tour, I think I’ll be able to achieve this goal as we’ll be able to see our fans around the world. That’s why I think I’m closer to achieving my goal.” What TWICE wrote and designed on their personalised boards? TWICE’s gift for Singapore ONCE While TWICE may have bid their Singapore ONCE a goodbye (for now, at least), Toggle wants to give Singapore ONCE something to remember them by regardless of whether or not you managed to make it to their show. After concluding our interview with the girls, each of the members designed a mini whiteboard just for their ONCE, with the messages translated earlier in this gallery. For your chance to win your favourite member’s personalised board, simply follow these steps and the most creative entries will be picked to win. 1. Tell us nine reasons why you love TWICE. You may choose to write (within 400 words), draw (on an A4-sized piece of paper or smaller) or create a video (with a duration of one minute or less). 2. Upload your entry onto your Twitter account (please ensure that your Twitter account is set to public), and hashtag your post with #TWICEToggle. 3. Email the URL of your tweet, your favourite member’s name, along with your full name as per your NRIC, residential address, email address and contact number to editor@mediacorp.com.sg with the subject ‘Toggle TWICE 2018’. Please note that each person can only submit entries for ONE member. Each winner will receive one personalised board and one lollipop with their favourite member’s name on it. Contest ends June 29 and winners will be notified via email by July 3. All winners will have to collect their boards personally from Mediacorp. * Terms and Conditions - This contest is open only to Singapore residents, and prizes must be collected from Mediacorp personally. No requests for postage, courier or other methods of collection will be entertained. - All personal details submitted in your email must match those in your NRIC. Winners chosen who do not have matching information will automatically get their prizes forfeited. - Each person is only allowed to submit one entry. Multiple entries will result in instant disqualification. - Entries submitted after the deadline will not be entertained. - Toggle reserves the right to pick final winners. No correspondence will be entertained. - Entry submission forms that are incomplete will be disqualified. - Previous week’s winners are not qualified to win. - Each family is entitled to win only one contest every seven days. Persons who share the same registered address will be considered as part of the same family. - Any proof-of-entry printouts cannot be used as proof that Toggle has received your submission. - Toggle reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the contest without prior notice. - Winners will be informed via email/phone call from which details of prize collection will be stated. - Prizes not collected by the given date will be considered null and void. - Prizes are non-transferable and non-exchangeable for cash. - By entering the contest, you agree to be informed of any future promotion related to Toggle. V1: Sana feels that she is closer to achieving her goal, but what exactly is it? V2: TWICE has a surprise for ONCE! CR: Toggle.SG