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  1. TWICE Shares Thoughts On Their Recent Achievements, Travel Must-Haves, And Recommends Songs For Learning Korean Following their first sold out concert in Singapore last year, TWICE is back for their “TWICELAND Zone 2: Fantasy Park” tour! We were at the press conference to meet the girls and find out their thoughts on their upcoming gig. Here are some of the highlights: How does it feel like to return to Singapore and perform at a venue that is twice as large as last year’s? Nayeon: I’m grateful to be back in Singapore within one year, and am really looking forward to the concert. Jihyo: I’m thankful to see double the fans that we used to have, and I’m really looking forward to meeting you all. How will your second concert here be different from your first concert last year? Chaeyoung: There will be plenty more songs and unit performances that fans can look forward to! During your concert, which song do you enjoy performing the most? Tzuyu: I like performing “Only 너,” since it’s a song where many ONCEs sing along with us. Dahyun: My favorite moment is when the stage opens; I get goosebumps as soon as I hear cheers from fans, and I really look forward to meeting them! If you could design a fantasy park, what facilities would you like to have in it? Sana: Personally, I really like roller coasters, and if any ONCEs want to join in on the roller coaster as well, we can enjoy it together! TWICE recently became the first female foreign artist to have a single album certified double platinum in Japan. How do you feel about this remarkable achievement? Jihyo: When we first debuted in Korea, our song “TT” became a hit. I think it’s really cool that fans in Japan also really liked that song, which brought us there and I’m thankful to be given the opportunity to be awarded. Can you share an anecdote of something exciting or funny that occurred behind the scenes while filming your music videos? Tzuyu: We really like to play this game called “Mafia,” and we always play it while waiting to film our MVs. I really like it! Jeongyeon: When filming our music video “What Is Love,” we actually had to dress up as males, which was very memorable for me. Where would you like to visit, or what would you like to try on this trip? Momo: When I visit Singapore, I usually order Chilli Crab or Black Pepper Crab (famous local dishes). I got the chance to try it yesterday, so I was really happy. Sana: I really like the Mantou (fried bun) that comes together with the Chilli Crab, and I want to have it again before we leave Singapore. What is one item that you have to carry with you for your overseas schedules, and why? Jihyo: My camera! I really like photography, so I bought a new camera last year, and enjoy filling up my photo albums with pictures of other people and myself. Jeongyeon: My headphones, as I like listening to music. Whenever I’m on the plane, my ears hurt, but with my headphones they don’t hurt as much. Dahyun: Since we travel a lot, I always ensure that I bring my skincare products, in order to keep my skin healthy after wearing makeup for a long period of time. Momo: I like to have plenty of snacks to eat during our flight! Chaeyoung: I like brushing my hair, so I always have a comb with me. Tzuyu: Bath bombs! I like taking baths in our hotel whenever we travel, so this is an essential. Mina: My tablet, so I can watch movies. Nayeon: My eye mask, since I can’t fall asleep unless it’s totally dark. What is your favourite TWICE song, and why? Momo: I like “TT.” A lot of people got to know us through that song, and the dance moves are easy enough for people to follow as well. Dahyun: I like all our songs, but if I had to choose, it would be “Like Ooh-Ahh.” This is our debut song, so it’s special to me. Which TWICE song would you recommend to help people learn Korean? Tzuyu: “You In My Heart.” I think that the lyrics are really well-written, and it’s a lovely song. I would like it if people can learn and know what the lyrics mean. Jihyo: “What Is Love,” as the lyrics have simple words that can be used in everyday life, plus, the song is quite catchy. Fans can expect special stage set-ups with spectacular visuals at the “TWICELAND Zone 2: Fantasy Park.” Special thanks to ONE Production for inviting us to the press conference! CR: soompi Previously reported on CLEO Singapore and The Straits Times (Singapore)
  2. I dont find Chaeyoung...sorry.... Congrats Twice! Wow! Jeongyeon! She really pretty for me!
  4. MinaPenguin #TwiceismyLife

    [TZUYUIST/PIC] TZUYU Centrair Airport

    TZUYU Entry to Nagoya Airport
  5. I'm just curious to see if anyone else has ever had any of the members in a dream/how the dream went etc. Last month I think it was, I had 3 dreams 3 nights in a row and the first two were some kind of new kind of nightmare because I met them all both times in this super social setting but when I'd speak what I do know how to say in Korean (Hello, you guys are so cute, I love you, etc.) they'd just stand there looking super confused and Momo would be doing that "yes yes" polite bow and Sana would have a really confused smile on, you know, trying to be encouraging when she actually has no idea what you're talking about But in the dream I knew I was saying the words/phrases correctly but I'd get embarrassed anyways The third dream on the third night was just some apocalyptic survival game of tag and everyone was in their ooh-ahh m/v outfits (w/ their hair back to how it used to be) and we all ran to a plane out of this zombie infested mall at the end (idk if anyone got left behind) (Jeongyeon was also snipping zombies from the top of this tall staircase that lead to nowhere?) LOL anyways just curious to hear about other ONCE's TWICE dreams
  6. Everything You Missed At TWICE’s Press Conference In Singapore Find out what their travel essentials are! Author: Cheryl LYS (16 Jun 2018) JYP Entertainment’s multinational girl group TWICE has unquestionably succeeded on all fronts: they perform crazily addictive chart-toppers, boast adorable charms and have stunning visuals. And they’re encapsulating all of those winning factors into their second tour, TWICELAND ZONE 2: Fantasy Park. After a three-day show in Seoul, the nonet( group of nine people, esp. musicians) is taking their tour overseas, choosing Singapore as their first overseas stop. We caught up with the nonet at their press conference ahead of their concert at Singapore Indoor Stadium tomorrow, during which they revealed their favourite TWICE songs and travel essentials. [Please visit CLEO Singapore website to read up the original article and other entertainment news!] CR: CLEO Singapore
  7. Exclusive: TWICE Performs Special Cover Stages, Gives Cute Fan Service, And More At “TWICELAND ZONE 2: Fantasy Park” TWICE made a long-awaited return to Singapore for their second tour “TWICELAND ZONE 2: Fantasy Park” this past weekend! This is their first Southeast Asia stop after opening the tour in Seoul last month, and they marked their return to Singapore after a year by having the concert at a venue twice the size of their previous one. During the magical evening, TWICE took Singapore ONCEs on a journey through their fantasy park with dazzling performances of hits like “Like Ooh-Ahh” and “Cheer Up,” as well as beautiful stage sets and outfits during fan-favorite songs like “You in My Heart” and “Turtle.” The nine-member girl group captured the fans’ hearts in the three-hour concert and we have compiled some of our favorite moments from the concert: Special cover stages On top of performing remixes for their hit songs, TWICE also prepared special solo and unit stages with covers of popular songs, like Winner’s “Really Really” and BoA’s “Valenti,” which allowed fans to see a side of TWICE that are not normally shown during their promotions. Check out some of the covers below: Dahyun – “Dahyunism” (Original: Rain’s “Rainism”) 180617 #TWICE Twiceland 2 Fantasy Park in Singapore Dahyunism –#twiceland2 #FANTASYPARKinSG #fantasypark #twiceland #twice #JIHYO #TZUYU #DAHYUN #NAYEON #CHAEYOUNG #JEONGYEON #MINA #SANA #MOMO pic.twitter.com/eCEdtoQWjg — eℓectric kiss (@enchanting_yeol) June 17, 2018 Jihyo, Tzuyu & Momo – “End of Time” (Original: Beyonce’s “End of Time”) 180617 Twice( JIHYO, TZUYU, MOMO) – Beyonce's End of Time #모모 #쯔의 #지효 #TWICELAND2inSG #MOMO #TZUYU #JIHYO #FANTASYPARKinSG [do not crop or upload video w/o permission thanks] pic.twitter.com/1wULeevgES — yangz? (@sakuramichis) June 17, 2018 Nayeon & Jeongyeon – “My Ear’s Candy” (Original: Baek Ji Young ft. Taecyeon’s “My Ear’s Candy”) 180617 Twice Fantasy Park in SG 2YEON – CANDY 캔디( JUNGYEON, NAYEON) #TWICELAND2inSG #정연 #나연 #2연 #트와이스 #TWICE #JUNGYEON #NAYEON #FANTASYPARKinSG pic.twitter.com/wMAd66Xy80 — yangz? (@sakuramichis) June 17, 2018 Fan event Singapore ONCEs also had prepared something special for the girls, when they surprised TWICE with a heartwarming video they had created for the group. The video started off with a mention of the amount of time that TWICE had been away from Singapore and how Singapore ONCEs had been missing them during this time, but were still supporting them from afar. The fans then held up banners saying “We’ll be waiting until TWICE returns” after the video ended. The members were moved to tears from the video and promised to continuously keep their fans updated by sharing more on their social media accounts. Thank you ONCEs for making our fan video and banner project a success tonight! #FantasyParkinSG #트와이스 pic.twitter.com/tfnKx1ajBI — TWICE SINGAPORE (@SG_TWICE9) June 17, 2018 Fan service TWICE also returned the love with many fan services of their own, from aegyo to cover dances and they also did their best to communicate with fans despite the language barrier, Tzuyu even did her thank you speech in Chinese. #TWICELANDinSG pic.twitter.com/lzgz5VgiIG — •̀ㅅ•́ (@_taevae) June 19, 2018 gashina by twice hahaha #TWICELAND2inSG #TWICE pic.twitter.com/2sWbbhI6uK — TWICELAND2inSG ☆彡 (@onlychuus) June 17, 2018 ‘We will be back’ by 2yeon Jeongyeon imitate nayeon is so funny lmao?. #TWICELAND2inSG pic.twitter.com/2glaYXzG6f — 서열 9위 (@2yeonshipper) June 17, 2018 TWICE ended the concert with an acoustic version of “What is Love?” and promised their Singapore fans to be back again really soon! Meanwhile, TWICE will be making a summer comeback on July 9, their first Korean comeback since “What is Love?” in April. Special thanks to Rock Media for inviting us to the event! Photo Credits: ONE Production CR: soompi Previously reported on CLEO Singapore
  8. All The Highlights From TWICE’s 2018 Concert In Singapore TWICE has shaken all of our hearts. Author: Hidayah Idris (18 Jun 2018) Since their debut, Korean girl group TWICE has been nabbing the top spots on the charts from their first song “Cheer Up” to their latest release “What Is Love”. Their success is illustrated not only through chart rankings, but also their concert tours. The group returned to Singapore last weekend for their highly-anticipated second tour, TWICE 2ND TOUR ‘TWICELAND ZONE 2: Fantasy Park at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. With Singapore being the first stop of their tour after Seoul, Singaporean ONCEs had the honour of being the first to watch them perform their newest hits outside Korea. [Please visit CLEO Singapore website to read up the original article and other entertainment news!] Missed the concert? Or experiencing post-concert withdrawals? Here are all the highlights from TWICE’s concert in Singapore. CR: CLEO Singapore
  9. WELCOME TO THE JUNGTZU/JEONGTZU THREAD!~~~~~ I know Im not that only one that ship these two together. VISUALS IMPACT! Plus this!!! Nothing gayer than actually looking like a gay couple from an anime
  10. NOTE: OP will slowly change in a couple of days. Watch out for that! WELCOME ABOARD SATZU | TZUNA SHIPPERS! SaTzu or TzuNa is a Twice OTP that consists of Minatozaki Sana & Chou Tzuyu Let's start off with some of the legendary SaTzu/TzuNa moments 1. The Blanket 2. The 'Cheek' Kiss (or whisper but whatever) someone save me One thing I found about this OTP is that they can be a little.. subtle... Yeah they can be 'showy' at times but what I mean is, they have A LOT of hidden moments that sometimes you have to really look to see it. FOR EXAMPLE: 1) 2) 3) 4) Even during predebut: 5) Gotta hand it to Sana tho, she's smooth af. Teach me your ways sempaiz *--* Selca timeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Look at her (Sana) all clingy. Never thought she'd be the clingy type (not that I'm complaining) Poor Mina, she looks like she's already done w/ SaTzu Yup, SO done.. She's probably saying 'Fvck this sh!t /dramatically leaves/' in her head. MinaRIP /see what I did there ;) okay I'll stop/ If you read through all that, I applaud you. Go spam and share all the SaTzu | TzuNa moments on here! Let's be real, we can never have enough SaTzu | TzuNa -edited at 160410-
  11. I hope i don't sail this ship alone... Aren''t they the cutest? Source: osmosis (tumblr)
  12. Let us spazz over our two adorable maknaes and their interactions!
  13. For all of the TzuYo/JiTzu (I hope those are right ) shippers out there! To be completely honest my ultimate ship is still SaTzu but these two look cute together too <3 Totally flirting: Thanks to @katzenlibrary for the following gifs
  14. K-pop girl group TWICE's member TZUYU expressed concern over the recent powerful earthquake that struck in her home country, Taiwan. On February 7, TZUYU uploaded a photo of herself with the caption both in Korean and Chinese that said, "I hope this horrendous earthquake won't occur anymore. I pray for everyone to be safe without injuries or damages." On February 6 around 11:50PM local time, a 6.5-magnitude earthquake struck just off the East coast of Taiwan, about 21 kilometers (13 miles) North of the city of Hualien. Taiwan's government said that at least four buildings had partly collapsed or were left leaning at dangerous angles. Currently, at least 4 people are confirmed to be dead, 225 injured, and about 145 missing. Most of the missing are believed to be trapped in a damaged building in downtown Hualien. (Lee Narin, Credit= SBS News, Kim Hyun-chul/SBS funE, 'twicetagram' Instagram) (SBS Star) credit: SBS Star
  15. TWICE Chooses Memorable Moments From 2017 And Looks Ahead To 2018 TWICE held a V Live broadcast for being selected as one of V Live’s Global Top 10. During the February 6 broadcast, TWICE talked about how hard they worked in 2017 and what they looked forward to in the new year. The girl group said, “Last year, we shot eight MVs. The last one we shot may have been the Japanese version of ‘TT.’ We also received many big awards and can’t forget how touched we were.” TWICE members chose their most memorable moments of 2017. Nayeon revealed, “At the KBS Song Festival, we performed ‘Signal’ with our choreography changed. It was hard to dance with swapped parts, but the reactions were really good. There were many reactions that said ‘girl crush.'” She added, “It was too good to perform only one time.” TWICE also promoted their upcoming album. The girl group announced, “‘Candy Pop‘ will be released tomorrow in Korea and Japan. We prepared for it at the same time as ‘Likey.’ We want ‘Candy Pop’ to hurry up and be released. It was an animated MV, so it was really fun to film.” Since TWICE received an award for being chosen as one of Naver’s V Live’s Global Artist Top 10, the members talked about what award they want to give to their fans. Tzuyu said, “We filmed ‘2018 Idol Star Athletics Championship New Year Special‘ and they worked really hard to cheer for us. So, I want to give them the ‘Cheer Award.'” Chaeyoung added, “I want to give them the ‘You Were Patient Award.’ They endure the cold to wait for us and they’re always patient.” TWICE concluded the broadcast by saying they want to do group meetings, an eating show, and individual broadcasts in 2018. http://www.vlive.tv/video/57662 Source (1) cr: soompi
  16. [V Report Plus] Twice offers Valentine Day’s chocolate to Once Twice asked fans to be the group’s Valentines, in a video released via Naver’s V app Wednesday. In the video, each of the nine girls presented a heart-shaped chocolate gift. “Hi! Today is Valentine’s Day. Do you want to have one?” Jeongyeon asked. “Here’s the chocolate. You see it, right? One for me, one for Once,” Sana said, using the band’s pet name for its fan group. “Once! There’s something I prepared for you,” Momo added. She first made a finger heart but soon presented the chocolate and said, “Please take it!” “These are chocolates that Once and I are going to eat. Let’s pig out!” Nayeon said. “Please take my heart,” Tzuyu said with a wink. “You’ll receive mine again this year, right? Let’s be together also in 2018! I love you Once” Mina said. “Tara! I prepared this for you. Enjoy!” Dahyun said. Chaeyoung invoked a popular pickup line, shyly saying, “I found it on my way here.” Jihyo appeared on camera playing the piano. After finishing the tune, she said, “Please receive my heart! Come here, eat with me! It looks delicious!” cr: KPOPHERALD
  17. 3 Japanese Girls at the Top of K-Pop: The Story Begins Note: © This is copyrighted material owned by Digital Chosun Inc. No part of it may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without prior written permission. Therefore, I am not allowed to reproduce/transmit the news clippings in this post without their written permission. Please help yourselves by taking some time and reading the enlightening article of our TWICE's J-Line(Momo, Sana & Mina)'s journey from (Kyoto, Osaka & Kobe)-Kansai, Japan to JYPE-Seoul, South Korea, at the above headline link on the Digital Chosun Ilbo website. Thank you.
  18. 3 Japanese Girls at the Top of K-Pop: The 1st of Their Kind (Please click this link for the news article) Note: © This is copyrighted material owned by Digital Chosun Inc. No part of it may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without prior written permission. Therefore, I am not allowed to reproduce/transmit the news clippings in this post without their written permission. Please help yourselves by taking some time and reading the flavourful article of our TWICE's J-Line(Momo, Sana & Mina)'s finally debuting in TWICE, the difficulties (good & bad publicity) at the beginning (along with Tzuyu) and their rise in popularity with TWICE in the current day and future, at the above headline link on the Digital Chosun Ilbo website. This is the 4th part of a mini-feature of TWICE's J-Line from the news website. The 1st part is "3 Japanese Girls at the Top of K-Pop: The Story Begins", and also reflected (with forum members' comments) in the forum here, while the 2nd part is "3 Japanese Girls at the Top of K-Pop: Taking off to K-Pop Land", and the 3rd part "3 Japanese Girls at the Top of K-Pop: In the Lion's Den". Thank you.
  19. Fans are noticing that these days TWICE‘s Tzuyu has a more mature air about her than when the group debuted.
  20. TWICE's Tzuyu wished Twitter a happy 12th birthday. The idol said in a brief birthday wish video, "Happy 12th birthday to Twitter! Please continue to love TWICE! I also love Twitter very much!" Did you know Twitter is turning 12 years old this year? cr: allkpop
  21. TWICE will guest on Hello Counselor, recording on April 1st, 1:00pm. Behind the scenes will be broadcasted live on VLIVE. http://www.vlive.tv/video/64573
  22. [V Report Plus] Who has the most and least worries among Twice members? (Naver V app) Jeongyeon, Sana and Tzuyu of girl group Twice communicated with their fans in a live broadcast held in the waiting room for the KBS talk show “Hello Counselor” via Naver’s V app Sunday. As the KBS show centers on people sharing their struggles, the girl group talked about their recent concerns and picked Twice bandmates who have the most or least worries. “Tzuyu has a lot of worries,” Jeongyeon said without hesitation. “She has many thoughts in her mind.” Tzuyu, in reply, picked the person who worries the least: Chaeyoung. “She may have her own worries but she always takes them lightly,” she said. “(She says) ‘Well, I can do that,’ ‘It will be fine,’” Jeongyeon agreed. By The Korea Herald (khnews@heraldcorp.com) TWICE talks about their worries: http://www.vlive.tv/video/65294 Full version of Hello Conselor x TWICE behind-the-scenes: http://www.vlive.tv/video/64573 CR: KPOPHERALD [The 2 youngest members have the most,Tzuyu, and least, Chaeyoung, of worries]
  23. TWICE’s Tzuyu, Jeongyeon, And Sana To Appear On “Hello Counselor” TWICE’s Tzuyu, Jeongyeon, and Sana will be appearing on KBS 2TV’s variety show “Hello Counselor”! On March 30, it was reported that the three members of TWICE would be on the show. A source from “Hello Counselor” confirmed the news and added, “They will be recording their episode on April 1.” Tzuyu, Jeongyeon, and Sana will meet with the people who have submitted their concerns to the show and help them find solutions to their problems. It will especially be interesting to see whether Tzuyu and Sana, who are from Taiwan and Japan respectively, will bring a fresh perspective based on their different life experiences. The trio’s episode will be aired on April 9, which is also the day TWICE will make their comeback with their fifth mini album “What Is Love?” Don’t forget to check out the teasers for the upcoming comeback! Are you excited to see Tzuyu, Jeongyeon, and Sana on “Hello Counselor”? Source (1) (2) CR: soompi
  24. TWICE teams up again with Park Jin-young on 'What is Love?' By Chang Dong-woo SEOUL, April 9 (Yonhap) -- K-pop girl group TWICE on Monday returned to the spotlight with a new EP album fronted by a new lead song produced in collaboration with Park Jin-young, the founder of the group's management agency JYP Entertainment. The nine-member international group held a media showcase for its fifth EP album "What is Love?" at Yes 24 Live Hall in eastern Seoul several hours before the official release at 6 p.m. The bright, up-tempo lead song also titled "What is Love?" was written by Park, *becoming the third track that the singer-turned-businessman has provided to TWICE after "Signal" and "Merry & Happy", which were released in May and in December of last year respectively.* Other songs on the five-track album include "Sweet Talker" and "Ho!" -- both of which feature lyrics written by the singers themselves. "Producer Park Jin-young told us a lot about the topic of love, since this song is about the musings of a girl who learns of love through books, movies and TV dramas," Dahyun said, commenting on Park's guidance during the production process. Members of K-pop girl group TWICE perform on stage during a media showcase for its new EP album "What is Love?" at Yes 24 Live Hall in eastern Seoul on April 9, 2018. (Yonhap) The music video references and parodies a number hit movies that delve into the subject of romance, such as "La La Land," "Leon" and "Love Letter." "He always offered us words of wisdom," Dahyun added about Park's interactions with the group. Jihyo explained that the video's motif was suggested by the members themselves. "For the first time, we proposed our suggestions regarding the album. The movie theme was decided after consultations between us members," the group's leader said. She also explained that Park's involvement was not limited to the music but included choreography as well. "Park monitored our dance choreography in fine detail." When asked about how the members themselves define love, the group's Taiwanese singer Tzuyu said, "Love is someone who makes you happy when together and a person constantly pops in your head." Since debuting in 2015 with "OOH-AHH," TWICE has become a reputable force in today's K-pop scene, churning out back-to-back hits, including "Cheer Up," "TT," "Knock Knock," "Signal," "Likey" and "Heartshaker." When asked whether they feel burned out by their non-stop work schedule, the members suggested that they rely on each other a lot as well as on overwhelming fan support to cope with their heavy workload. "We stay together in our co-residence even during off-promotional seasons. It feels as if our difficulties are divided into ninths," Nayeon said. Jihyo mentioned that the group as a whole tries to stay motivated, recognizing the cutthroat competition within the K-pop industry. "We tell each other that we probably won't be loved forever as we age. We vow to work harder now (when we have the opportunity)," Jihyo said. TWICE plans to kick off its second world tour in May by holding concerts at Jamsil Gymnasium in Seoul from May 18-20. The band is scheduled to hold two concerts in Japan from late May to early June. Members of K-pop girl group TWICE pose for photos at a media showcase for its new EP album, "What is Love?" at Yes 24 Live Hall in eastern Seoul on April 9, 2018. (Yonhap) odissy@yna.co.kr (END) CR: Yonhap News Agency *... Edited and Amended from original article*
  25. TWICE’s Jeongyeon Reveals One Of Her Insecurities On “Hello Counselor” TWICE member Jeongyeon appeared on KBS 2TV’s “Hello Counselor” along with fellow members Tzuyu and Sana. See Also: TWICE To Return To Singapore For "TWICELAND ZONE 2: Fantasy Park" Tour “Hello Counselor” is a talk show where ordinary people share their worries and a panel of celebrity hosts and guests listen and give advice. On the April 9 episode, MC Lee Young Ja asked the girl group members if they were the “three members in charge of visuals” for TWICE. After some silence, Jeongyeon jokingly answered, “Yes. That’s right.” The MC then asked, “Is there any part of your appearance that you don’t like?” Jeongyeon confessed, “My hands aren’t pretty. They have many wrinkles.” MC Shin Dong Yup reassured her and admitted, “My hands are too big.” He then covered his face with his hand to show its size and surprised the audience. MC Kim Tae Gyun then said, “My face is big, but my hands are small,” and also covered his face with his hand which only concealed half of his face. TWICE released their mini album and title track “What is Love?” on April 9 and topped all major realtime charts two hours of its release. Source (1) CR: soompi