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Found 93 results

  1. Am I the only one who is excited about BANGTWICE ships and reactions?^^ Who would you ship with TWICE?
  2. Twice Twice’s Momo and Chaeyoung continued their “Mo-Chaeng TV” series on the V app, with the sixth episode Tuesday. The video was apparently shot on Sep. 28, when Twice was returning to Korea from Singapore. “Once, Hello! We are now going to Korea,” said Momo, address the group’s fan club, from Singapore Changi Airport, holding up a colorful teddy bear she got as a souvenir. “This is Japanese medicine for my grandma and grandpa,” said Chaeyoung, also pulling out souvenirs from the country. “I wanted to get these from Japan, but my grandparents wanted them as soon as possible, so I bought these Japanese medicines from Singapore,” Chaeyoung said, showing off the tiger balm and joint medicine. The video continued on the plane. The guests for this episode of “Mochaeng TV” were Tzuyu and other singers of Twice. Tzuyu was shown focusing intently on her on-flight meal. Once back in Korea, Chaeyoung started the day early by secretly leaving the shared residence to purchase gift wrapping paper from a stationery store. “I got a Barbie for Momo‘s birthday, do you think she will like it?” Chaeyoung asked as she finished wrapping the gift. When Chaeyoung gave the gift, Momo was taken by surprise and shed a few tears at the heartfelt gift. “I know you like Barbie dolls, and I saw this online and it was so pretty I was immediately reminded of you,” said Chaeyoung, who was soon buried under an avalanche of thanks from Momo. The 15-minute video garnered nearly 5 million hearts within 13 hours. cr: KPOPHERALD
  3. TWICE Shares Stories From Getting Ready For Their “Merry & Happy” Comeback TWICE celebrated their “Merry & Happy” comeback with fans though a show on Naver’s V Live! On December 11, TWICE released their new repackaged album “Merry & Happy,” featuring the song “Heart Shaker” as the title track. The members cheered when they found out during the show that their song had topped realtime charts, and Nayeon said this made them really happy. In the show, TWICE talked about filming and recording in the studio for their comeback. Tzuyu said, “The set was like a supermarket, and I was happy because there were a lot of things to eat. I was hungry because we were filming at dawn, so I ate some of the snacks while we filmed.” JYP Entertainment founder Park Jin Young wrote the lyrics for the group’s second new song “Merry & Happy,” which has the feeling of a carol with lyrics about getting to spend a romantic Christmas with someone for the first time. Chaeyoung thanked Park Jin Young for writing the lyrics, which she said were cute and a good fit for them. Nayeon commented that the notes in “Heart Shaker” are very high. “That’s why we recorded many times and had a hard time,” she said. Dahyun also mentioned that she thought the lyrics to “Heart Shaker” are very memorable, and named Tzuyu’s “My name is Tzuyu” line as the “killing part.” During their show, TWICE performed “Heart Shaker” and showed off the whole choreography, and you can watch the performance here! Source (1) (2) (3) (4) cr: soompi
  4. for those who use wallpaper engine I made a wallpaper based on this picture C: 시간은금! I just add 2 simple effects to the wallpaper Hope u like it Steam Workshop Link FYI the image above is not my wallpaper i made, that was the original photo the wallpaper I made was in the steam workshop in the link above by using Wallpaper Engine.
  5. [V Report] Twice goes teddy bear shopping Twice was enchanted by colorful teddy bears at Universal Studios Singapore, showed a clip aired on Naver’s V app Saturday. Before going on rides at the theme park, the K-pop act went shopping. Many of the group’s members were eager to buy rainbow-colored teddy bears. Mina and Chaeyoung were the first ones to find the bears. Both of them cried out, “They are so cute!” However, they were hesitant to buy them, due to their high price. After considering whether to buy small ones instead, they ended up leaving the shop empty handed. Next, Momo appeared on camera. “I must have this. None other than anything,” she said, hugging one of the bears in her arms. She bought the bear without hesitation, unlike her group mates, and named it, “Bearing.” Jihyo was the last one to jump on the bandwagon. “I never knew that I would be buying teddy bears at this age,” Jihyo said. cr: KPOPHERALD
  6. [V Report Plus] What does Twice want to do on break? The nine members of Twice revealed what they would like to do if they had a day to rest, in a live broadcast held via Naver’s V app Sunday. During the broadcast held after the group’s last promotion of “Twicestagram,” Dahyun said, “During the album promotion, we’ve spent frenetic days. When we’re busy, I wait for a break and while I’m resting I miss those days when we were busy promoting.” Tzuyu responded by asking the others, “If you had a day to rest, what do you want to do?” “I want to spend my whole day playing with my dog,” Nayeon said. “I spent three days to think what to name it, but Chaeyoung named it in just three seconds -- its name is CooC, an abbreviation for Cookies and Cream.” “I just want all our dogs to come to our dorm,” Sana said. “Since I like avocadoes, I want to find a good avocado restaurant,” Momo said. “I want to eat together (with the group) at the restaurant Momo finds,” Mina replied. “I really want to visit an art exhibition,” Chaeyoung said. “If you look up on the internet, you can find good exhibitions. I want to visit them.” “I wanted to get my driver’s license as soon as I turned 20, but I couldn’t yet. So if I had time, I wish to get a driver’s license,” Dahyun added. “You know we have members who have a driver’s license. I want to go on a trip together,” Tzuyu said. “I want to go on a family trip,” Jeongyeon chimed in. “Since I was young, both my parents worked, so I didn’t really go on family trips.” By Kim So-yeon (syk19372@heraldcorp.com) cr: KPOPHERALD
  7. TWICE Talks About Promoting First Studio Album And How They Feel Like Family On November 26, TWICE held a LieV broadcast through V Live. This is their third LieV broadcast, though the first time with all nine members. Wearing pajamas and lying on comfortable “beds,” TWICE talked about their promotions for “Likey” and their teamwork as a group. “[‘Twicetagram’] was a special and precious album for us,” they said. “Twicetagram” was not only the group’s first studio album, but many of the members took part in the production process. Chaeyoung said, “I think it’s an album that showed an upgraded version of TWICE’s merits. We’ve all matured and our songs have a different vibe than before. I think you were able to see our good points better.” Sana said, “‘Likey’ was a song that all the members liked, so we were happy we could promote with it.” Dahyun added, “We got a lot of energy especially from the fans’ cheering during this promotion.” The girl group also talked about how they felt like a family now. Jihyo said, “At first our senses of humor didn’t really match up, but now we understand each other.” Momo said, “I think we started thinking along similar lines after living together.” Jungyeon said, “I feel our teamwork the most when the members are able to smile and respect each other even in the midst of a busy schedule. I’m grateful to our members.” Sana added, “We’re together 24 hours a day. When one member can’t join us on stage or isn’t with us for some reason, it feels strange. I’m grateful that the nine of us can promote together.” TWICE recently wrapped up their promotions for “Likey,” for which they took home several music show wins, and earlier today announced a comeback with a repackaged album. Source (1) cr: naver, OSEN, soompi
  8. Post First reason: her right angled shouldersThere are lots of celebrities with angular shoulders, but Chaeyoung is the top when it comes to right angle shoulders2nd reason: jawline (face shape)I don't have any preference when it comes to jawline, as long as it sticks out, but Chaeyoung's face shape and jawline are so prettyHer shape is the type that would make her look above average with any hairstyleIt's totally the size of a fist 3rd reason: her nose bridgeDo I even need to add anything when I show you this?? + proportions and long legs Lately she's been her hair long and dyed it black, she looks very pretty post response: [+175][-20] original post: here ㅇㅇ |2017.11.20 23:35 신고하기 She's still very young now, but imagine how popular she'd get when she reaches her 20s and becomes more mature looking. She's the one who looks the most like a classical beauty in Twice 추천50 반대4 ㅇㅇ |2017.11.20 23:09 신고하기 ? I've seriously never thought that she was this pretty, but reading this post makes me realize how freaking gorgeous she is.. 추천28 반대1 ㅠㅠ |2017.11.20 23:54 신고하기 Once you know her, Chaengie will kill you ㅜㅜ 이미지확대보기 추천27 반대1 ㅇ |2017.11.20 23:11 신고하기 Twice are seriously all pretty 추천10 반대0 ㅇㅇ |2017.11.20 20:17 신고하기 You're the best Son Chaeyoung 이미지확대보기 추천10 반대0 헐 |2017.11.20 23:53 신고하기 Seriously pretty.. 이미지확대보기
  9. Hello I just want to share my English subs of Twice being featured on a famous Filipino news show called "TV Patrol". They were mentioned for Golden Disc Awards 2018 which is going to be held in the Philippines. A clip of Tzuyu's speech from GDA 2017 was shown (no sound) and a few members too on the side. As a Filipino myself I'm really proud and happy that Twice will visit my home country I would love to go but I can't lol. One of the organisers said those attending will be the artists who have been actively promoting in 2017. No doubt Twice will come because we've had a few comebacks this year!

    Well, do you like locksreens? Then, I have a pack of them for you! I'm not a good editor, but hope you like it~ https://imgur.com/a/AZH4N
  11. [V Report Plus] Twice gets early taste of winter in snowy Sapporo K-pop darlings Twice aired a live broadcast from a snow-covered field in Sapporo, via Naver’s V app Monday. The band flew to Sapporo, a city in northern Japan to shoot a TV commercial for a beverage product. Jihyo, in charge of the girl group’s main vocal, appeared in front of the camera with a thick scarf around her neck. Showing the snowy field to the viewers, she said, “You know, I love snow since I was born in winter. It’s so cold but so beautiful here!” She then asked “How are you?” to the viewers in Korea, where the weather is still at autumn. “During my busy days in Seoul, I don’t really get enough chance to look at the sky, but today I get to enjoy the blueness as much as I want,” said Jihyo in excited voice. Other members also seemed excited about their day out in the nature, taking pictures of each other and running around in snow. Chaeyoung and Dahyun built a snowman and wrote the name of their fanclub “Once” on the snowy field. They also ran around listening to their latest song “Likey.” “We flew all the way here, but in our heart, we are always near you. Please look forward to our new commercial as well!” said Dahyun to wrap up the broadcast. By Kim Min-joo (mjk625@heraldcorp.com) cr: KPOPHERALD
  12. since @ilovekaramorethanthebeatle made his own poll about Dahyun, why won't I make for chaeng's meself? since chaeng's threads are fast dying (lmao pls)
  13. Let's just be silent for a moment and take a look on how gorgeous our smol bean could be with her long hair CR: Twitter - chaeyoungpic
  14. LONG HAIR CR: Twitter SHORT HAIR CR: Pinterest Her long hair shows off her feminine side but she looks really hot with her short hair so I couldn't decide what to pick. What about yours?
  15. I will just leave these hanging here. Be pleased aesthetically.
  16. These idols born in the year 1999 will become legal adults in 2018! In Korea, people become adults when they hit 20 in terms of Korean age. Here are the 10 idols who will be legal as soon as January 1, 2018! 1. Wanna One’s Jihoon 2. TWICE’s Tzuyu Tzuyu’s birthday is June 14, 1999. 3. Weki Meki’s Doyeon 4. Wanna One’s Woojin 5. Red Velvet’s Yeri 6. gugudan’s Mina 7. TWICE’s Chaeyoung Chaeyoung was born on April 23, 1999. 8. NCT’s Mark 9. Weki Meki’s Yoojung 10. THE BOYZ’s Joo Haknyeon Source: Insight (koreaboo)
  17. Post She gave me a visual shock when she was on Sixteen She’s seriously pretty with long black hair ㅠㅠㅠㅠ Also when is Twice having a comeback..?? I'll fangirl on them post response: [+250][-56] original post: here ㅇㅇ |2017.10.20 00:22 신고하기 I’m a fan of another group but she’s the one that fits my style the most among all female idols. She looks like a cat and she also looks chic and unique. She’s too pretty. During Sixteen, I thought that she was the prettiestㅠㅠ everyone else is going crazy for Tzuyu, Sana, Mina and Nayeon but for me, it’s Chaeyoung… I like her although I’m not her fan <3 추천48 반대3 ㅇㅇ |2017.10.20 00:40 신고하기 Son Chaeng… how can those be looks of a minor… 추천44 반대3 ㅇㅇ |2017.10.20 00:19 신고하기 Chaengie is seriously pretty… Song Chaeng is too pretty and dope! 이미지확대보기 추천35 반대2 ㅇㅇ |2017.10.20 00:37 신고하기 Chaengie, she’s too pretty and cute. She’s everything 이미지확대보기 추천19 반대0 ㅇㅇ |2017.10.19 23:49 신고하기 Twice will come back with Likey on October 30th 6PMㅠㅠㅠChaeyoungie is too pretty 이미지확대보기 추천17 반대0 ㅇㅇ |2017.10.20 21:22 신고하기 Personification of the winter coolness… 이미지확대보기
  18. Hey Team Twice Forums and Onces, I'm a fairly new once and I don't really know much but all I know is that i love Dahyun and Chaeyoung so I decided to make a small fanart of my fave ship DubChaeng. Ummm its not very good compared to all the other ones i've seen on this forum so I don't mind some criticism. WELP! heres the image: https://imgur.com/a/KFGv3 If anyone is good at graphics design and digital art please contact me I've been meaning to get better at that and i would love to turn this into a digital image and use it maybe as my profile some day. Thank you very much for the warm welcomes so far! ^^
  19. 안녕

    Hello Once, I am a fairly new once always enjoyed twice music and stuff knew them since debut just didn't pay too much attention to them till now. Recently got crazy hooked and am completely obsessed now. Please have mercy on me when I don't know things that are completely obvious and please take good care of me. Hope to settle in to this community quickly and get to know all of you. Factoids? ~.~: Bias is ... name gives it away but yes Dahyun but also Chaeyoung. Fave ship DUBCHAENG! I am Korean :) was born there but not the best at it still, feel free to message me in korean I don't mind. Fave song would have to be 녹아요, Like a Fool, Eye eye eyes, Signal, 하루에 세번 Enjoy Kpop in general also enjoy bands such as BTS, Day6 and a lot more First got into kpop from my dad back in korea I listened to SNSD Gee and I wouldn't stop singing along to it. from there I just kept listening most of the groups I listened too are pretty old now but you know old but gold ;) took a little break from kpop but recently got back into it from friends they also showed me this site THANKS REMIIX! Well thats all for now. Ask me anything I'm pretty open so... yeah SEE YOU ROUND! (>^w^)>o
  20. hey uh im new here :)

    I honestly dont know where to start so like yeah, I just recently got into twice (like 5 or 4 months ago) which got me to know more about kpop and basically devoured my life in a good way oh and im from PH btw hola ph once but i grew up speaking english in the middle east so theres a small language barrier over there which makes me feel bad :( my bias is jeongyeon and I have bias wrecker problems with SON CHAEYOUNG OhMyGod CAN YOU PLEASE STOP YOU'RE SO HIGH ON MY BIAS LIST MiChaeng is love MiChaeng is life thats all i could say for now i might edit it soon... SO PLEASE TAKE CARE OF ME :)
  21. I went to the Changwon Kpop festival and took some footage this is the footage of their introduction between two stages this is the footage of Nayeon doing a 2line poem This is Twice performing Signal This is their Knock Knock stage! I know it is very far away and low quality But they were taken by me and I hope you enjoy them!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQWhaWwqg4JBbp-gCF5bHIQ And please subscribe to my channel if you have the chance!
  22. I just opened Koreaboo for my daily check for K-Pop news and when I came across this piece of heaven (for me tho ) http://www.koreaboo.com/news/twice-announces-official-october-comeback/ and I was like, FINALLY FINALLY OMG I'M SO EXCITED! but then ... “TWICE will be officially coming back in late October but an exact date for their comeback is still under discussion.” — JYP Entertainment what?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i need the exact date And my mood was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo messed up for a split second but yeah, at least it's sure that they're going to have their comeback this October. Bless you, OCTOBER
  23. [V Report] Momo, Chaeyoung covers ‘Feels’

    [V Report] Momo, Chaeyoung covers ‘Feels’ (Naver's V app) Momo and Chaeyoung of Twice covered Calvin Harris’ track “Feels” via Naver’s V app Wednesday. After turning on the V broadcast, using a black-and-white filter for the camera, Momo insisted there should be some music. “I am really into this track at the moment,” Chaeyoung said. “I even sung the song a few minutes ago here.” Momo said, “I think I know which song you are talking about. I can guess.” Chaeyoung turned on the track “Feels” by Calvin Harris. “I really like the melody,” she said, humming along the track. Then the two started to sing along and even danced to the music. The show had to end soon because they had to go. cr: KPOPHERALD
  24. Twice - Pictures Gallery

    Ok Guys, I'm gonna share the Pictures of TWICE from different sources. Keep visiting this post, I'll keep on updating it. The Photos will increase day by day If you need Something, you can ask me I'll try to upload them in Highest Definition Thank You :) Here you Go Signal Teaser Album all 20 Images