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Found 144 results

  1. Let's gather here to talk, spazz, get to know about Twice's Pretty Rapstar Chaeyoung who writes her rap herself and good at singing too, loves to draw, often listens to music, she also has a pretty face and many more! Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions as to why you love this little talented girl in this thread. PROFILE Pre-debut Stop Stop It (GOT7 MV) Only You (Miss A MV) JYP SIXTEEN Member #5 CHAEYOUNG 채영 150608 SIXTEEN Chaeyoung's Special Video! (SIXTEEN) Ep.3 Chaeyoung Performance Cut "Honey" by JYP (SIXTEEN) Ep.6 Minor A Performance Cut "The Way You Love Me" by Keri Hilson (SIXTEEN) Ep.6 Minor A Performance Cut "Swing Baby" by JYP (SIXTEEN) Ep.8 Major A Performance Cut "Nobody" by Wonder Girls (SIXTEEN) Major Chaeyoung Focus - "I Think I'm Crazy" (SIXTEEN) Major Chaeyoung Focus - "Do It Again" Chaeyoung Rap Cuts TWICE TV All About Chaeyoung Ooh-Ahh하게(Like Ooh-Ahh) Ooh-Ahh하게(Like Ooh-Ahh) Teaser Video 5. CHAEYOUNG Ooh-Ahh하게(Like Ooh-Ahh) M/V SPECIAL VIDEO 'I' CHAEYOUNG PRETTY RAPSTAR CHAEYOUNG'S VLIVE M!Countdown 160317 Chaeyoung Cuts Twice's Private Life Cuts - 01 CHEER UP TWICE(트와이스) "CHEER UP" TEASER 4 TT TWICE(트와이스) "TT" TT FILM - CHAEYOUNG OTHERS TWICE(트와이스) CHAEYOUNG & TZUYU Chaeyoung 202 - Trivia (Extreme Edition) Chaeng Music (#챙뮤직) [손화백] Chaeng Drawings Dimple Appreciation Thread Side Profile Appreciation Shoulder Appreciation OTP(s) MiChaeng (Mina & Chaeyoung) DaChaeng (Dahyun x Chaeyoung) ChaeYu (Chaeyoung x Tzuyu) MoChaeng (Momo & Chaeyoung) ChaeNa (Chaeyoung x Sana) NaChaeng (Nayeon+Chaeyoung) NoJams (Jungyeon x Chaeyoung) JiChaeng (Jihyo x Chaeyoung) Drop The Beat + (W) Flawless April + (W) At The Flow + (W) Near and Dear (W) A Born Artist + Tistory Vivid film 친구챙이 Strawberry Delight 채일채이 Honey Chaeng ʟᴏᴠᴇ ᴍᴏᴏɴʟɪɢʜᴛ chaeyoung updates chaeyoungpics Chewing gum Balloon Flower closed Black Diamond + (W) closed CAPTURES,GIFS (OTHERS) 모자챙 + YT (CY focus) E2_GO hiatus 단무지 YT DC Chaeyoung Twice_CH 4u Colorcrayon 승9 (mostly fanarts) FAN ARTS FEEL FREE TO @ ME IF YOU WANT TO ADD SOMETHING IN HERE~ Let's enjoy!
  2. Hi everyone~! I just made this drawing of Chaeyoung and I was wondering what you guys think about it. Should I draw everyone from twice? This was the original photo: Please let me know~! Thank you
  3. Hi! I'm new ><

    Hi guyzzz I'm new to this website >~< I hope I have a good time here
  4. A video of these TWICE members eating made them look like these cute animals. During their trip to Switzerland for their TWICE TV5 reality show, the members spent a lot of time eating delicious baked goods. The way some of the members chewed their bread made them look like these cute animals! Chaeyoung – Baby Beast (Tiger) Chaeyoung has been nicknamed TWICE’s “baby beast” for her resemblance to a baby lion or tiger cub. Chaeyoung isn’t afraid to rip into the bread with her teeth in order to scarf it down. Tzuyu – Fox TWICE’s maknae has been compared to a fennec fox because of her large, beautiful eyes and her large ears. Her strong and firm bite bears a strong resemblance to the way the carnivorous canines eat. Mina – Swan Looking at how elegantly Mina is biting into her sandwich, there’s no doubt that the animal she resembles is a graceful swan. Everything from her grip to her bite is high-class. Sana – Chipmunk Sana is often compared to a chipmunk because of her bright and charming personality. The way her cheeks puff up when she chomps down definitely helps the comparison stick too! source: koreaboo
  5. [OFFICIAL] ChaeNa (Chaeyoung x Sana) OTP Thread

    I noticed there wasn't an OTP thread for these two, so I thought I'd start one. They're pretty darn cute cr. dahyun cr. Spacewalk cr. joymax cr. flawless april cr. the story begins cr. all-twice.com cr. dropthebeat_kr
  6. Our "The Way You Love Me" couple! These two were totally fire during Sixteen, but we all know their true personalities! They went from this to this They're always clinging to each other Cuties!!!!
  7. Here's a compilation of Chaeyoung's laugh lol Her laugh is so cute lez all apprecitae chaeng's smile and laugh
  8. Our favorite lion/tiger cub finally has a thread for her spirit animal(s)! This is your one-stop shop for Chaeyoung's cub moments Do share any pics/vids/gifs that you find Also, which animal do you associate with her more? cr. vivid film cr. a bron artist bless cub Chaeng
  9. The official thread for MiChaeng! The love story that started with Mina's platonic feelings for our small bean, until Chaeng slowly started to notice our Black Swan. Congratulations, Mina! You've worked hard and this ship isn't tragic anymore. MiChaeng fighting! (c) laeunyeon and waningmoontides
  10. I found playlists of each member that has A LOT of fancams! I didn't make any of these playlist's , but still enjoy them! Here is ChaeYoung! :) ChaeYoung FanCams! What song era did you like ChaeYoung in the best?
  11. That SMOL BEAN's DEADLY STARE or more like "come to me" look , will surely makes you melt. I wish to know how the camera man felt tho.Thinking it, makes me jealous credits:all-twice
  12. Post She has a really beautiful nose and lips.. This picture is from a photobook, it's not a recent picture. theqoo -Chaeyoungie is very handsome..ㅋㅋㅋ -Chaeyoung is indeed very beautiful!! I've got my eyes on her since Sixteen! -I personally think Chaeyoung is the prettiest member in Twice.. Like, so freaking prettyㅠㅠ I wish I had beautiful face like hers.. -She looks classy and gorgeous.. She has this amazing and special aura around her.. -Chaeyoung is beautiful.. Her facial features are very unique and charming.. -Chaeyoung-ah..ㅠㅠ I personally think she's the most beautiful and charming member in Twice..ㅠ -Hul.. She looks so freaking gorgeous in this picture.. Look at her aura.. -What the heck.. She's gorgeous.. -The closer you look at her, the prettier she gets.. -I thought she was Jungyeon.. -These picture remind me of Coffee Prince..ㅋㅋㅋ -Her hair looks quite bad but her face covers it up, so it doesn't matter.. So prettyㅠㅠ -That looks like the short cut that middle aged women would get.. But she has been growing her hair out, lately.. -Chaeyoung's nose and shoulders are precious.. -Those people who said that she looks like middle aged women seem to be people who have never seen their reflection in the mirror before..ㅋㅋㅋ -Her nose looks like an art.. -The prettiest girl in the world..
  13. (all photos except some are from JYP Entertainment) KNOCK KNOCK Nayeon Jungyeon Momo Sana Jihyo Mina Dahyun Chaeyoung Tzuyu SIGNAL Nayeon Jungyeon Momo Sana Jihyo Mina Dahyun Chaeyoung Tzuyu
  14. Hi! I'm new ><

    Hi guyzzz I'm new to this website >~< I hope I have a good time here
  15. Post post response: +81original post: here1. Chaengie seriously suits long hair2. Chaeyoungie, have a safe trip3. Chaengie is too pretty and lovely4. There were so many fans at the airport... as expected, they are doing well. Have a safe trip...
  16. I'm not sure if this is true or not but according to this website http://www.koreaboo.com/news/alexander-lee-star-filipino-drama-korean-jagiya/ if you read the bottom news it says that Twice will have a special appearance on the drama I'm not sure tho if this is true.. >~< Im excited
  17. Who is your bias in Twice?

    Just want to know who has many fans per member. that's all. Thank you.
  18. oh yeah i think everyone has a daily thread now including our loving rapper chaeyoung i will keep this thread updated as much as I can 24/09/16 been to the beach lately ?? cr. all-twice
  19. Hello! I'm gonna Introduce my group cover named Tricky wickey we are from Indonesia... guys I need your help for watch, like and comment on our video.. we are join KWF 2017 we need to pass a national region for go to Final... Kindly watch our video >< here the link below PS: sorry our voice is not that good
  20. Welcome to the TWICE One True Pairing thread of our beloved NaChaeng Let the spazz take over you and share your feelings with fellow Once
  21. Let us spazz over our two adorable maknaes and their interactions!