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Found 108 results

  1. I just opened Koreaboo for my daily check for K-Pop news and when I came across this piece of heaven (for me tho ) http://www.koreaboo.com/news/twice-announces-official-october-comeback/ and I was like, FINALLY FINALLY OMG I'M SO EXCITED! but then ... “TWICE will be officially coming back in late October but an exact date for their comeback is still under discussion.” — JYP Entertainment what?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i need the exact date And my mood was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo messed up for a split second but yeah, at least it's sure that they're going to have their comeback this October. Bless you, OCTOBER
  2. 안녕

    Hello Once, I am a fairly new once always enjoyed twice music and stuff knew them since debut just didn't pay too much attention to them till now. Recently got crazy hooked and am completely obsessed now. Please have mercy on me when I don't know things that are completely obvious and please take good care of me. Hope to settle in to this community quickly and get to know all of you. Factoids? ~.~: Bias is ... name gives it away but yes Dahyun but also Chaeyoung. Fave ship DUBCHAENG! I am Korean :) was born there but not the best at it still, feel free to message me in korean I don't mind. Fave song would have to be 녹아요, Like a Fool, Eye eye eyes, Signal, 하루에 세번 Enjoy Kpop in general also enjoy bands such as BTS, Day6 and a lot more First got into kpop from my dad back in korea I listened to SNSD Gee and I wouldn't stop singing along to it. from there I just kept listening most of the groups I listened too are pretty old now but you know old but gold ;) took a little break from kpop but recently got back into it from friends they also showed me this site THANKS REMIIX! Well thats all for now. Ask me anything I'm pretty open so... yeah SEE YOU ROUND! (>^w^)>o
  3. Let's gather here to talk, spazz, get to know about Twice's Pretty Rapstar Chaeyoung who writes her rap herself and good at singing too, loves to draw, often listens to music, she also has a pretty face and many more! Feel free to share your thoughts and opinions as to why you love this little talented girl in this thread. PROFILE Pre-debut Stop Stop It (GOT7 MV) Only You (Miss A MV) JYP SIXTEEN Member #5 CHAEYOUNG 채영 150608 SIXTEEN Chaeyoung's Special Video! (SIXTEEN) Ep.3 Chaeyoung Performance Cut "Honey" by JYP (SIXTEEN) Ep.6 Minor A Performance Cut "The Way You Love Me" by Keri Hilson (SIXTEEN) Ep.6 Minor A Performance Cut "Swing Baby" by JYP (SIXTEEN) Ep.8 Major A Performance Cut "Nobody" by Wonder Girls (SIXTEEN) Major Chaeyoung Focus - "I Think I'm Crazy" (SIXTEEN) Major Chaeyoung Focus - "Do It Again" Chaeyoung Rap Cuts TWICE TV All About Chaeyoung Ooh-Ahh하게(Like Ooh-Ahh) Ooh-Ahh하게(Like Ooh-Ahh) Teaser Video 5. CHAEYOUNG Ooh-Ahh하게(Like Ooh-Ahh) M/V SPECIAL VIDEO 'I' CHAEYOUNG PRETTY RAPSTAR CHAEYOUNG'S VLIVE M!Countdown 160317 Chaeyoung Cuts Twice's Private Life Cuts - 01 CHEER UP TWICE(트와이스) "CHEER UP" TEASER 4 TT TWICE(트와이스) "TT" TT FILM - CHAEYOUNG OTHERS TWICE(트와이스) CHAEYOUNG & TZUYU Chaeyoung 202 - Trivia (Extreme Edition) Chaeng Music (#챙뮤직) [손화백] Chaeng Drawings Dimple Appreciation Thread Side Profile Appreciation Shoulder Appreciation OTP(s) MiChaeng (Mina & Chaeyoung) DaChaeng (Dahyun x Chaeyoung) ChaeYu (Chaeyoung x Tzuyu) MoChaeng (Momo & Chaeyoung) ChaeNa (Chaeyoung x Sana) NaChaeng (Nayeon+Chaeyoung) NoJams (Jungyeon x Chaeyoung) JiChaeng (Jihyo x Chaeyoung) Drop The Beat + (W) Flawless April + (W) At The Flow + (W) Near and Dear (W) A Born Artist + Tistory Vivid film 친구챙이 Strawberry Delight 채일채이 Honey Chaeng ʟᴏᴠᴇ ᴍᴏᴏɴʟɪɢʜᴛ chaeyoung updates chaeyoungpics Chewing gum Balloon Flower closed Black Diamond + (W) closed CAPTURES,GIFS (OTHERS) 모자챙 + YT (CY focus) E2_GO hiatus 단무지 YT DC Chaeyoung Twice_CH 4u Colorcrayon 승9 (mostly fanarts) FAN ARTS FEEL FREE TO @ ME IF YOU WANT TO ADD SOMETHING IN HERE~ Let's enjoy!
  4. oh yeah i think everyone has a daily thread now including our loving rapper chaeyoung i will keep this thread updated as much as I can 24/09/16 been to the beach lately ?? cr. all-twice
  5. MARRY ME SON CHAEYOUNG!!! My reaction when I saw the video:
  6. hey uh im new here :)

    I honestly dont know where to start so like yeah, I just recently got into twice (like 5 or 4 months ago) which got me to know more about kpop and basically devoured my life in a good way oh and im from PH btw hola ph once but i grew up speaking english in the middle east so theres a small language barrier over there which makes me feel bad :( my bias is jeongyeon and I have bias wrecker problems with SON CHAEYOUNG OhMyGod CAN YOU PLEASE STOP YOU'RE SO HIGH ON MY BIAS LIST MiChaeng is love MiChaeng is life thats all i could say for now i might edit it soon... SO PLEASE TAKE CARE OF ME :)
  7. [V Report] Momo, Chaeyoung covers ‘Feels’

    [V Report] Momo, Chaeyoung covers ‘Feels’ (Naver's V app) Momo and Chaeyoung of Twice covered Calvin Harris’ track “Feels” via Naver’s V app Wednesday. After turning on the V broadcast, using a black-and-white filter for the camera, Momo insisted there should be some music. “I am really into this track at the moment,” Chaeyoung said. “I even sung the song a few minutes ago here.” Momo said, “I think I know which song you are talking about. I can guess.” Chaeyoung turned on the track “Feels” by Calvin Harris. “I really like the melody,” she said, humming along the track. Then the two started to sing along and even danced to the music. The show had to end soon because they had to go. cr: KPOPHERALD
  8. The official thread for MiChaeng! The love story that started with Mina's platonic feelings for our small bean, until Chaeng slowly started to notice our Black Swan. Congratulations, Mina! You've worked hard and this ship isn't tragic anymore. MiChaeng fighting! (c) laeunyeon and waningmoontides
  9. I went to the Changwon Kpop festival and took some footage this is the footage of their introduction between two stages this is the footage of Nayeon doing a 2line poem This is Twice performing Signal This is their Knock Knock stage! I know it is very far away and low quality But they were taken by me and I hope you enjoy them!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQWhaWwqg4JBbp-gCF5bHIQ And please subscribe to my channel if you have the chance!
  10. [DISCUSSION] Your Dream Dates With TWICE

    Hello there, I am sure that all of us have our ideal dream dates with our favorite members of TWICE. So therefore, i'm asking all of you today to describe your amazing dream dates with your TWICE bias. And of course you really do have to keep it clean because the forum obviously forbids any sexually explicit talk about the TWICE members at all times. So, yeah, let's get it going.
  11. Our "The Way You Love Me" couple! These two were totally fire during Sixteen, but we all know their true personalities! They went from this to this They're always clinging to each other Cuties!!!!
  12. What are your favorite era hairstyles? Knock Knock era: Nayeon Jeongyeon Momo Sana Jihyo Mina Dahyun Chaeyoung Tzuyu Signal Era: Nayeon Jeongyeon: Momo Sana Jihyo Mina Dahyun Chaeyoung Tzuyu
  13. I'd like to know, what are you favorite Twice hairstyles? Like OOH-AHH Era: Nayeon Jeongyeon Momo Sana: Jihyo Mina Dahyun Chaeyoung Tzuyu Cheer Up era: Nayeon Jeongyeon Momo Sana Jihyo Mina Dahyun: Chaeyoung: Tzuyu: TT era: Nayeon: Jeongyeon: Momo: Sana: Jihyo: Mina: Dahyun: Chaeyoung: Tzuyu:
  14. TWICE is known for being a group full of visuals, and it looks like they got their good looks from their parents. It looks like idol visual genetics truly exist, and the TWICE members’ visually stunning parents are living proof! Nayeon’s mother sang a duet with her on KBS’s end of the year awards show. Jeongyeon’s father on the left, while her sister (actress Gong Seongyeon) is on the right. Momo’s mom and dad appeared on TWICE’s reality show. Her uncle attended KCON Japan 2016 with her parents. Sana’s parents have been known to be very young. They were seen attending TWICE’s comeback showcase. Jihyo’s mom is seated on the lower row on the left side, next to Nayeon’s mom. Mina’s baby photo with her mother! Mina’s parents also made an appearance on TWICE’s Elegant Private Life. Dahyun’s family share her signature milky-white skin. Chaeyoung’s mother is extremely youthful and charming. Both Tzuyu and her mom are visual aces. source: koreaboo
  15. [V Report Plus] Who’s the best swimmer in Twice? Jeongyeon and Chaeyoung of Twice praised Mina’s swimming skills in a live broadcast held via Naver’s V app Thursday. They shared stories about when they went swimming on Jeju Island. “That day, Momo learned how to swim from Mina. Freestyle, backstroke. … She learned everything,” Jeongyeon said. “It was a total (swimming) lesson,” Chaeyoung added. “And I learned how to dog paddle from Sana, who is really good at doggy paddle,” Jeongyeon said demonstrating moves. “She’s really good. I heard that is the most difficult one.” Jeongyeon said that Chaeyoung is also good at doggy paddle, but Chaeyoung denied the claim. By Kim So-yeon (syk19372@heraldcorp.com) cr: Kpopherald =========== Q: How are each TWICE's members' swimming skills: - Advanced, Intermediate, Beginner, None ?
  16. That SMOL BEAN's DEADLY STARE or more like "come to me" look , will surely makes you melt. I wish to know how the camera man felt tho.Thinking it, makes me jealous credits:all-twice
  17. A video of these TWICE members eating made them look like these cute animals. During their trip to Switzerland for their TWICE TV5 reality show, the members spent a lot of time eating delicious baked goods. The way some of the members chewed their bread made them look like these cute animals! Chaeyoung – Baby Beast (Tiger) Chaeyoung has been nicknamed TWICE’s “baby beast” for her resemblance to a baby lion or tiger cub. Chaeyoung isn’t afraid to rip into the bread with her teeth in order to scarf it down. Tzuyu – Fox TWICE’s maknae has been compared to a fennec fox because of her large, beautiful eyes and her large ears. Her strong and firm bite bears a strong resemblance to the way the carnivorous canines eat. Mina – Swan Looking at how elegantly Mina is biting into her sandwich, there’s no doubt that the animal she resembles is a graceful swan. Everything from her grip to her bite is high-class. Sana – Chipmunk Sana is often compared to a chipmunk because of her bright and charming personality. The way her cheeks puff up when she chomps down definitely helps the comparison stick too! source: koreaboo
  18. Twice - Pictures Gallery

    Ok Guys, I'm gonna share the Pictures of TWICE from different sources. Keep visiting this post, I'll keep on updating it. The Photos will increase day by day If you need Something, you can ask me I'll try to upload them in Highest Definition Thank You :) Here you Go Signal Teaser Album all 20 Images
  19. Here's a compilation of Chaeyoung's laugh lol Her laugh is so cute lez all apprecitae chaeng's smile and laugh
  20. Welcome to the TWICE One True Pairing thread of our beloved NaChaeng Let the spazz take over you and share your feelings with fellow Once
  21. Hi! I'm new ><

    Hi guyzzz I'm new to this website >~< I hope I have a good time here
  22. Let us spazz over our two adorable maknaes and their interactions!
  23. [PIC] Twice Photo Compilation

    https://menboongieya.wordpress.com/ this site is not mine, i just share it. thanks you