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Found 67 results

  1. TWICE Announces Comeback With New Mini Album TWICE has dropped a promotion schedule for their fifth mini album! On March 25 at midnight KST, the girl group announced that they’ll be returning with “What Is Love?” on April 9 at 6 p.m. KST. TWICE most recently released their hit “Heart Shaker” in December. CR: soompi
  2. [Translated] TWICE to comeback in early April 2018 (JYPE) [단독] 트와이스, 4월초 전격 컴백..8연타 히트 예고 / JYP 측 “트와이스 4월초 컴백 목표, 정확한 날짜 미정” TWICE is preparing for a comeback in April. TWICE's agency JYP Entertainment, announced on the morning of February 26, "We are seeing a comeback roughly in early April but the exact comeback date is undecided, and we shall inform you officially when it is decided." TWICE will make their Korean comeback in about four months after the reissue of their first studio album, "Merry & Happy," which was released last December. cr: OSEN (via naver news), Newsen Note: The above is briefly translated from the original Korean news sources. Thank you for your reading and understanding. Edit: I added the news post below from soompi and kpopherald also announcing TWICE's upcoming comeback. ============ TWICE Revealed To Be Preparing For Upcoming Comeback TWICE is gearing up for their comeback! On February 26, industry representatives reported that the girl group is preparing for their next album aimed for April and added that they are working hard to show their diverse colors and charms through their first album of the year. In response, JYP Entertainment commented, “We are looking at early April as the approximate timing for their comeback. However, the exact comeback date is undecided, and we will reveal it officially once it is confirmed.” If the comeback is in April, this will be their first release in four months after their repackaged album “Merry & Happy” in December 2017. Source (1) (2) cr: soompi ============ Twice plans to return with new album in April K-pop girl group Twice is eyeing to return in April. The act’s agency JYP Entertainment confirmed Monday that the nine-piece group is gearing up for a comeback sometime in April, while the exact date hasn’t been set yet. (Cosmopolitan) Twice’s latest album is “Merry & Happy” from December last year, a reissue of its second full-length album “Twicetagram.” Twice is also scheduled to stage a series of concerts titled “TWICELAND ZONE 2 : Fantasy Park” at Jamsil Arena in eastern Seoul from May 18-20, the band’s first concerts in the country in 11 months. The group will then make overseas tours later this year, according to the agency. Since its debut in 2015 with “Ooh-Ahh,” Twice rose to become the country’s most popular girl group with hits like “Cheer Up,” “TT,” “Knock Knock,” “Likey” and “Heartshaker.” (lotus@heraldcorp.com) cr: KPOPHERALD
  3. Like terminator once said, here I am, back with Twice xDAlthough the project was finished, I think that there are a few paintings that aren't on the same level as the others, so I decided to make new ones =)The first one to get the "2.0PlusUltra"(lol) version is none other than our dancing machine Momo! =DI'm quite happy with it, and I hope that you like it as well =) To be honest, I recorded half of the painting process, then I forgot to record the rest ^^'(#sammythings). But I'll really try to record everything for the next one! As always, please help me share this and reach her! :DYou can take a look at the painting process here:https://youtu.be/AzAZJIMs_qwRemember to follow me on my social media, for tips, updates, and works in progress!Instagram: samms_workshopTwitter: @Samms_workshopFacebook page: https://www.facebook.com/sammsworkshop/Last but not least, please visit my brand new website, it was made with lots of love <3sammsworkshop.com Thanks in advance! :D

    Hello! im back! [just for 2 days..TT] I have listening to candy pop track! i like new brand girl song! what about you?
  5. HS (Heart Shaker) is currently my favorite Twice title track. I love the MV, especially the part when they are all doubled. Yes, I'm talking about this part: For the first time watching it, I was so surprised to see Momo was looking at Momo It was so shocking and I found it really cool. But it's not a hard camera/editing technique, right? They just needed to shot the scene two times, the white-shirt version and the colored-shirt version. It's that simple. Or is it? At first, I always thought that way. The have two versions: White and Colored. Left and right. Shot in two different times. But then I saw this.... Apparently, they didn't separated them like how I thought. They mixed the costumes Not just that. Somehow, they also exchanged parts! I think it's also amazing to see the camera moves freely right-left and forward-backward with this "doubled Twice" technique. Even the camera is tilted several times. How can they do that, right? HS MV might use a simple concept and location to use, but it's still amazing! Anyway, this is how they look like before doubled (based on my assumption): What do you think, guys? Tell me I'm not the only one who just realized this thing BONUS THEORY: p.s. Pictures are from Heart Shaker and Knock-Knock music videos p.p.s. I figure all of this thing by myself, all same theories are coincidences
  6. Like everybody here, i love Twice's live performances... Despite their strict schedule, their live performances is always great to watch, it's really refreshing and leaves your heart flutters, especially when your bias part is coming. But this exact 4 seconds left my freakin heart jumping up and down. that part was THE BEST part (for me), and one of the best part (for my friends) we've ever watched. Me and mah bois were like: "OOOH OOOO OOOh CR*P" "I'M DEAD I'M DEAD". Props to the cam operator for that slight "stagger" when Mina did PEW PEW part, that was perfect. Props to Mina for being as angelic as always. Hope you guys can share your favorite Mina's live performance part. CHEERS

    Hello! Before i go hostel, i will make a last thread. May i ask you? What is your Fav Candy Pop. For me, I like Nayeon and Jihyo line. At the chorus. And now..now..now..youre my candy pop. What yours?
  8. In their latest Japan comeback this January 2018, our Twice girls turn into anime/manhwa characters! From CANDY POP music video, which member is your favorite? [From left to right: Tzuyu, Jihyo, Jeongyeon, Chaeyoung (the one at the back), Nayeon, Dahyun (also at the back), Momo, Sana and Mina] CANDY DAHYUN CANDY NAYEON and CANDY MOMO CANDY JIHYO CANDY JEONGYEON and CANDY TZUYU CANDY SANA and CANDY CHAEYOUNG CANDY MINA CANDY POP Transformation animation of all members: They all look cute, right? I really love the concept. This time, I'm kinda biased to Nayeon, Dahyun, and the pink-haired-Nicky-Minaj-style Sana!

    Hello! You can use this picture for you profile

    Hello! Twice have realise new song for Japanese album. Who your fav photo? Nayeon Jeongyeon Momo Sana Jihyo Mina Dahyun chaeyoung Tzuyu
  11. Hello! Since Twice have new comeback, I want to update Once Favourite song, Mv and Theme. Hope you can tell me reason why do you like the song!
  12. [DIScUSSION/POLL] Best Twice Japanese Song

    Hello! Twice have comeback with Japanese album 2nd! Between 1st Japanese album , One More Time and candy Pop, which more better? Or both of two?
  13. 안녕하세요, Onces You know this will happen when Twice make a comeback so, ENJOY~ 3840 X 2400 1920 X 1080
  14. [DISCUSSION] Twice Candy Pop Reacrtion

    Twice has comeback! although that is Japanese comeback but i love the MV! What your reaction??
  15. Twice to drop new Japanese single album SEOUL, Dec. 22 (Yonhap) -- Girl group TWICE will put out a new Japanese-language single album titled "Candy Pop" on Feb. 7, its agency announced on Friday. It will be the group's first album of 2018, JYP Entertainment said. TWICE debuted in Japan on June 28 with the compilation album "#TWICE." It was certified "platinum" by the Recording Industry Association of Japan by selling 270,000 copies. "One More Time," its first Japanese single album out Oct. 18, has also become certified platinum by selling more than 250,000 copies. Starting Jan. 19 in Aichi Prefecture, the nine-member group is scheduled to hold a tour of six Japanese cities to showcase "Candy Pop." sshim@yna.co.kr (END) cr: Yonhap News Agency
  16. Merry & Happy MV has come out. So, do you like it? Do you like the song? Do you like the video? Is it better than Heart Shakers? Is it better than Likey? Which part of the MV do you like the most? Which member does shine the most in this new MV? What do you feel after watching it? Share your opinions about the new MV here! Just in case you haven't watched the video, check it out here:
  17. Watch: TWICE Gifts Fans With Festive “Merry & Happy” MV TWICE is wishing their fans a happy holidays with a sweet and festive MV. See Also: 2017 KBS Song Festival Announces Lineup And Additional Details The group recently made a comeback with their hit song “Heart Shaker” off their repackaged album, which also includes the new track “Merry & Happy.” On December 22 at midnight KST, TWICE released a special MV for the song in which the members celebrate the season. Watch the video here! cr: soompi
  18. [DISCUSSION/POLL] Which ERA Had The Best Outfits?

    Personally I really like knock knock outfits Idky they all just looked like dolls and the pastel colors were really cute
  19. I remember seeing on Twitter that someone said at a fanmeeting (I think not sure) that jeongyeon said Heart Shaker would only have 3 promotional stages (because I guess other places like mnet and the show aren't available right now or something???? Correct me if I'm wrong) kinda confusing but yea
  20. Am I the only one who is excited about BANGTWICE ships and reactions?^^ Who would you ship with TWICE?
  21. TWICE Shares Stories From Getting Ready For Their “Merry & Happy” Comeback TWICE celebrated their “Merry & Happy” comeback with fans though a show on Naver’s V Live! On December 11, TWICE released their new repackaged album “Merry & Happy,” featuring the song “Heart Shaker” as the title track. The members cheered when they found out during the show that their song had topped realtime charts, and Nayeon said this made them really happy. In the show, TWICE talked about filming and recording in the studio for their comeback. Tzuyu said, “The set was like a supermarket, and I was happy because there were a lot of things to eat. I was hungry because we were filming at dawn, so I ate some of the snacks while we filmed.” JYP Entertainment founder Park Jin Young wrote the lyrics for the group’s second new song “Merry & Happy,” which has the feeling of a carol with lyrics about getting to spend a romantic Christmas with someone for the first time. Chaeyoung thanked Park Jin Young for writing the lyrics, which she said were cute and a good fit for them. Nayeon commented that the notes in “Heart Shaker” are very high. “That’s why we recorded many times and had a hard time,” she said. Dahyun also mentioned that she thought the lyrics to “Heart Shaker” are very memorable, and named Tzuyu’s “My name is Tzuyu” line as the “killing part.” During their show, TWICE performed “Heart Shaker” and showed off the whole choreography, and you can watch the performance here! Source (1) (2) (3) (4) cr: soompi
  22. Disregarding of perfect visuals, effects and the song itself... First, it has DubChaeng in Intro then it has Dahyun's Love is timing aegyo ...and Sana's attempt of kissing Jeongyeon ...weird steps ...and double Momo ofcourse! ...and speaking of that, TWICE being literally TWICE Thoughts? come on now let's talk about it below
  23. Watch: TWICE Makes Bold Confession With “Heart Shaker” MV TWICE is back with new music perfect for the season! On December 11 at 6 p.m. KST, TWICE released their repackaged album “Merry & Happy” containing two new tracks. One is a holiday carol, also titled “Merry & Happy,” with lyrics written by Park Jin Young, while the other is the title track “Heart Shaker.” Composed by David Amber and Sean Alexander with lyrics by Galactika*, “Heart Shaker” is a track with bold but cute lyrics about bravely confessing feelings for someone. Check out the music video below! cr: soompi
  24. HAI ONcE! Twice has upload their new song in 1 minuted! Please watch their video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JcvmNCJ8kdI Thats song was great to me! How about you?
  25. [DISCUSSION] Twice want to comeback again

    Twice comeback 2 more day! I cant wait it! Twice and Once fighting!