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Found 127 results

  1. little 'heungbu' dahyun deserves a spazz thread yo, let's go cray up in here
  2. Dahyun unnie will be MC with V BTS! I'm so eXcited to watch them in 2017 MBC Korean Music Wave ! i will wait for TWICE and BTS performance! 사랑해! #twicedahyun #btsv #twice #bts #allkpopgroup!
  3. Twice - Pictures Gallery

    Ok Guys, I'm gonna share the Pictures of TWICE from different sources. Keep visiting this post, I'll keep on updating it. The Photos will increase day by day If you need Something, you can ask me I'll try to upload them in Highest Definition Thank You :) Here you Go Signal Teaser Album all 20 Images
  4. Let's drop all the GIFS of Dahyun here.
  5. People wanted me to do this for every member, so I might as well.
  6. What did you think it was it's tofu's daily pic thread! I will try to keep this updated as much as I can 24/09/16 TOFU MOVING TO THE BEAT cr. all-twice
  7. Hi! I'm new ><

    Hi guyzzz I'm new to this website >~< I hope I have a good time here
  8. The Official NaHyun (Nayeon x Dahyun) Thread

    I was browsing tumblr and came across these pics. However, I found no otp thread for them here, and so this thread was bornHelp build up the NaHyun archive and share your shipping feelz here cr. white cr. white
  9. DaTzu Thread (Tzuyu x Dahyun)

    Thread for the most slept on TWICE ship but my favorite OTP, DaTzu/TzuHyun!! (Whatever floats your boat)
  10. So I just browsing youtube where I just found this gem She is just so cute in the video and her expressions is just priceless Cr: MoMo Jjang
  11. [PIC] Twice Photo Compilation

    https://menboongieya.wordpress.com/ this site is not mine, i just share it. thanks you
  12. Hello! I'm gonna Introduce my group cover named Tricky wickey we are from Indonesia... guys I need your help for watch, like and comment on our video.. we are join KWF 2017 we need to pass a national region for go to Final... Kindly watch our video >< here the link below PS: sorry our voice is not that good
  13. Finally I created this topic, was with him in the head, but after the comeback was all clear!!! SAHYUN IS REAL! >> http://cfile3.uf.tistory.com/original/252DF24E571DA62D047528 >> http://cfile2.uf.tistory.com/original/277D3733571D045C020D19 Cuties...
  14. Dahyun is my first and last bias even though my bias now is Momo, but still Dahyun is the first member of Twice that I love the most. Not just because of her look, just because I like her attitude and her cute aegyos too and because she dance so well!

    Well i originally Started this in the wrong section sooo... I'LL JUST POST THEM HERE NOW
  16. [Translated briefly to the best of my understanding) "God of Kindness" is a travelog program where top stars (including from TWICE, Girls' Day, AOA etc) representing the Republic of Korea visit developed countries of the world (in this case, Asia) and introduce them to the viewers. 1st session: Hong Kong 2nd session: Taiwan 3rd session: Seoul, Gangwon-do, Gwangju, Daegu and Gyeongbuk KBS 1TV "God of Kindness" on August 11th, at 7.35pm KST (Jeongyeon & Dahyun) @Mina'sPenguins and forum staff, please help add in schedule to the TWICE calendar. Thanks! cr: naver news http://twice.jype.com/schedule.asp
  17. Dahyun "KKAP Dance" makes me laugh, truly she's the Queen of KKAP Dance. Watch it and I hope you like it.
  18. TWICE’s Dahyun To Take Temporary Break From Activities To Recover From Injury On August 17, JYP Entertainment announced that TWICE’s Dahyun will be taking a break due to an injury. The agency wrote, “She sprained her ankle last week, and she is currently recover after receiving the necessary medical treatment. As her speedy recovery is priority, she will inevitably not be participating in certain scheduled activities.” They concluded, “We ask for the understanding and support of fans.” So far, it has been revealed that she will not be joining TWICE on their trip to Vietnam for a JTBC variety show, "Carefree Travellers". Source (1) (2) (3) cr: soompi
  19. My favorite OTP... Seriously, how not to love these little things? Feel free to post anything related: 3 ~So cute :3~
  20. Everyone spam the most funiest gif and pic about Dahyun <3 Me first