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Found 28 results

  1. Just post the last thing that you ate or whatever you're eating right now! Right now I'm eating: Strawberries with whipped cream
  2. ♡Gucci Kuma♡

    [GAME] Would you rather?......

    This is a game of would you rather?... (Rules) 1.) when a person says would you rather..... The next one has to answer it and make a question 2.) Don't answer the other if someone all ready answered and have a question 4 you 3.) don't copy other once's would you rather?.... So... let me go first would you rather... have a fun time with your bias or the whole Twice instead of your bias Thanks 4 Playing!
  3. TWICE’s Sana Wins Over Girl’s Day’s Hyeri And SHINee’s Key With Her Aegyo On “Amazing Saturday” The cast of tvN’s “Amazing Saturday” just couldn’t get enough of TWICE’s Sana and Momo! The two twice members made a guest appearance on the tvN variety show and were met with excitement from the cast members. Sana and Momo explained that while they were in the waiting room, they had practiced for the show by trying to write down lyrics after listening to a song. They talked about how difficult it had been for them, and the male cast members offered to help them out during the show. Boom suggested that Sana do aegyo for SHINee’s Key to encourage him to help her during the show, and Key’s face reddened as he was shy to be the center of Sana’s attention. As Sana prepared her well-known “Shy, shy, shy” aegyo, Key had everyone laughing when he quickly whipped out his phone so he could record the moment and keep it forever. It wasn’t just the male cast members who were enthralled by the two TWICE members as Girl’s Day’s Hyeri shared a story of a gift she had received from Sana. Stating that it had been her birthday recently, Hyeri revealed that Sana had sent her a video message on the day. She exclaimed that the video had been so cute that she had spent a whole day watching the video and thanked Sana for the sweet gift. Sana and Momo then joined the cast as they attempted to write down lyrics for songs to various degrees of success. “Amazing Saturday” airs every Saturday at 7:40 p.m. KST on tvN. Source (1) CR: soompi Snippets from tvN's "Amazing Saturday" featuring TWICE's Momo and Sana:
  4. Ahn Haeju

    [GAME] Roleplay Game

    Basically the same with ASK THE NEXT PERSON game. Answer the question above you and give another question for the person below you. BUT you're going to pretend as the Twice members! Pick one member you like to answer the question above you. Each member has their own personality. Pick Tzuyu if you want to be savage, pick Jeongyeon if you wanna joke but not funny (eh?), pick Momo if your answer is food-related, etc. I don't know, be creative and imaginative! Also, please respect each other's answers, okay? ;) Here is the first question: What's your hobby?
  5. This is one of my favorite game, I remember staying up all night playing with other forum gamers trying to count and think of strategies so staffs won't find out lol, This game is very simple. Rules: - Members will count up starting from 1. - One number per post. - Only a staff can stop the number chain. - No double posting, You must wait until another user posts. - If a staff caught you, you must repeat and reset the numbers to 0 again. - Have fun! Goal/s: Nothing, just try to break the record and have fun and maybe I'll give you cookies Note: Donors are part of the members. Staffs that can break the chain: Admins | Mods | Staff |Chat Box Mods Staffs that can help the chain: Awards | Media | Graphics | Fan Projects Records: Longest Chain: 474 Stopped By: TJ I'll start the chain. 1
  6. Kid Dino

    [GAME] Last Post Wins!

    I believe almost every forum has this! The record holder will be determined by his hours of winning. Let the randomness begin! Streaks: TJ = 4 DAYS
  7. Ahn Haeju


    I found this game on http://www.soshified.com/forums/topic/78236-lights-on-lights-off/ (by @speedthief) and I think it's really interesting because it's FUNNY and it needs CREATIVITY! I hope I can play it with my fellow Onces The rule is simple. Look at a post above you. If the light is on you can turn it off, vice versa. You need to give a reason too. Be creative! Remember to QUOTE! Okay I'll start it. Lights on, I'm admiring my Knock Knock album!
  8. NayeonBunnyIsMyBias

    [GAME] Last Letter (Song edition)

    Hello! So this game is basically last letter, but you use song titles instead! (It's a bit difficult) It would go like this: Person 1: Cheer Up - Twice Person 2: Playing with Fire - BLACKPINK So, let's begin. First song: Knock Knock - TWICE
  9. Alex97

    [GAME] Ask The Next Person

    I don't even know if this is a game lol, but anyways the mechanics are simple. You just answer the question from the user above you and then ask a question for the person after you. First Question: What are you?
  10. Dearest TTF Members, Give your confession to the Twice Member above you. Guidelines: You are are only allow to confess to the Twice member that is mention above you. Similar to @chaerrybear kpop bias game. Thanks @chaerrybear and credits to you. Your confession can be anything you want to tell to that particular twice member e.g. how much and why you love her, advise you want to tell, ask her do or not to do certain things, whatever fantasy you would like to have with her and etc... Cannot say anything offensive or hurtful or against forum rules. You can choose any of the 9 Twice members for the next TTF member to confess. You cannot pick the same Twice member as the one you have confessed for the next TTF member. Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung and Tzuyu. You can participate in this confession game as many time you want but you cannot reply to your own previous reply. You can add one image or gif of the member you are confessing to so as to make it looks nicer. Example TTF Member 1: My dearest waifu, Sana, my one and only love. Heaven has chosen to bring us together! You are so cute and adorable which makes me always want to embrace you. 月を見るたび重いだせ!! (Tsuki o miru tabi omoidaze - Remember me upon seeing the moon). 愛してる!!! (Ashiteru - I love you!) Mina TTF Member 2: My most beautiful black swan, Mina, why you always look so pretty (with and without makeup) thus making my heart sway everytime. I have betrayed you for Sana and feeling very remorseful. Actually, I am still watching over your secretly. I am glad to be your guardian angel. Chaeyoung TTF Member 3: Hey yo! Wassup baby beast!! I love your hair extension during Twiceland encore which is swinging back and forth. I want to share this love rap lyrics with you. Cuz I can tell, my life with you would be delicious The way you lick your lips and shake your hips got me addicted I’m sittin’ here hoping that we can find some way to kick it Mina TTF Member 4: Hey Mina. Please keep your hair long...... Sana and so on..... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Confession Game Start! My dearest waifu, Sana, my one and only love. Heaven has chosen to bring us together! You are so cute and adorable which makes me always want to embrace you. 月を見るたび重いだせ!! (Tsuki o miru tabi omoidaze - Remember me upon seeing the moon). 愛してる!!! (Ashiteru - I love you!) source: 49 media tumblr Mina
  11. Ahn Haeju

    [GAME] The Magical Soda Machine

    This game is inspired from https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/194689/magical-soda-machine-game/ One day you discover a soda machine that can give you anything you want! You just need to insert anything to get something else. But make sure to insert the 'right' thing so you can get what you want because your prize is decided by the next person below you! Easy right? Don't forget to quote the person above you, okay? Let me start, please read my mind.......... INSERT: My homework
  12. ((The game is inspired by this thread: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/forums/t/532070/answer-my-question-with-a-question/)) The rule is simple. You just need to answer the question above you with a question only! Well, are you exciting to play this game?
  13. playingdeadTWICE

    [GAME] Continue the story~!

    Hello! I'm new to the forums (even though I'm a ONCE since LoA). So I have a game for you guys. It's called continue the story. Compose a creative sentence and the person below will continue it. Remember, strictly follow the rules when creating the sentence or we'll get in trouble. Example: Person A: Once upon a time. Person B (Below Person A): There was a girl group called TWICE. Person C (Below Person B): They went through hard times during the survival show called SIXTEEN. So far so on. I'll start the story. Once upon a time, in a world full of humans.
  14. Twice's Manager

    [GAME] Rhyme Time

    Let's play for fun! The game starts with a word and then just rhyme it. Example: Player 1: Rhyme Player 2: Dime Player 3: Time And so on. If you want to change the rhyming, just feel free to change the word to another. In this game you can start the game whenever you want. You can change the current rhyming word to another if you want to. NO BAD WORDS.
  15. This game is completely stolen from @Kid Dino's game at 4velvet (which he also found on other forum) Same rules apply. Just state the reason why you love the person above you- reason can be anything [personality, twice, about that person, their contribution in TTF or some random friendly facts] Let's start! (start with me of course)
  16. What are your favourite Song of twice?
  17. Ooh-Ahh

    [GAME] Last Letter

    Let's play a game create a word from the Last Letter of the word HAVE FUN! strictly no vulgarities/explicit words 1st word: TWICE
  18. chaerrybear

    [GAME] Kpop Bias

    Name your bias in the kpop group above you. Example person 1: twice person 2: Tzuyu ; EXO person 3: Sehun ; T-ara and so on Let's start! TWICE
  19. JeongJeong

    [GAME] The Why Game

    Example: Why do you love TWICE? Because they are so gay. You just need to answer the question and remember, always start the question with 'why' bc this is the why game xD Okei let's start~ Why do you eat chicken?
  20. Who is your TWICE girlfriend? Click here: https://www.quotev.com/quiz/10405964/Who-is-your-TWICE-girlfriend
  21. chaerrybear

    [GAME] Name the person above you

    The title's kinda confusing but I assure you the rules are not. lol You just have to give the person above you a name (a legit one). Any kinds of name will do, just avoid using explicit (or not so pleasing) words in naming that person. The names can also be based on their username. You can also reason out why you chose that name but if you think it's too tiring, then don't. Example: person 1 (ilivefordahyun'scheeks) (pertaining to me, the host): Cherry person 2 (hellopeaches): Daniel, because i want to person 3 (amazingsana): Pia because i also want to and so on (the usernames used above is made by me. no users with those usernames exists. or so i think) Let's start! (start with me the host)
  22. I've been wondering if Mina love to game why don't she try Fortnite or Dota 2 maybe PUBG
  23. ImAOnce3513 (사나) <3 <3

    [DISCUSSION] Who is your bias? (SAVE YOUR BIAS)

    Hahahah kindly choose your bias in Twice and explain a little why you love your Bias hahaha
  24. This game is called I Spy. First things first, this is entirely (like 99%) stolen borrowed from Chivalry@Soshified. I take no credit; the game is awesome though and I thought we should post it here. Okay, so rules: How to Play The player 'hosting' picks an image from wherever (refer to image hosting guidelines below) and posts that image. He/She then picks an object from that image - only revealing the first letter of the object to the players - and the players must then guess what the image is. Whoever guesses the image correctly first wins and gets to host the next game. If you do not want to host, you may pass and whoever posts a picture next will be hosting. Also, if the winner fails to post a picture within 48 hours of being announced the winner, their turn is skipped and whoever posts a picture next will get to host. However, if you pass hosting or your turn is skipped you may NOT play in the next game as a guesser, as that is seen as a cheap way to gain wins (there will be an award system, explained below). Image Hosting Guidelines If you are hosting, please be considerate of the picture and object you pick. Do not pick a blurry and/or pixelated picture. Any inappropriate pictures will result in an immediate report to a mod. When picking an object, pick an actual object. It must be a noun and can only be one word. Please don't pick anything too complicated that some people may not know of, like defenestration (I love that word). When hosting after a minimum of two people guess (unless the first one is right) post the words under 'wrong answer'. (For example, if the two words guessed are 'grass' and 'ginger' write: Wrong Answers: Grass, Ginger). If after ten guesses no one gets the answer the players may ask for a hint from the host. Hints can be related to the object itself or the object's location in the picture. After the first hint, hints can be requested at five guess intervals. Once the thread reaches a new page please repost the picture for convenience. Image Guessing Guidelines Only ONE guess per post. You may only guess once until you are told by the host whether you are correct or not. Don't guess something that doesn't start with the letter given by the host -_- Award System Right, now onto the cool part! So basically this game is split into 'seasons'. Seasons are split into a specific number of games - I haven't decided how many yet, probably around 50 - and when a season ends several types of awards will be given to the best players. Here they are: I Spy Universal Champion (awarded to the player with the most wins) I Spy International Champion (awarded to the player with the 2nd most wins) I Spy Regional Champion (awarded to the player with the 3rd most wins) I Spy Top Rookie Award (awarded to the player with the most wins but who had 5 or less wins in the previous season (this won't be awarded in the 1st season)) I Spy Most Improved Player (awarded to the player with the largest difference of wins between last season and this season - must be greater than 5 and must have at least 1 win in the prev season) I Spy Elite Spy Award (awarded to the player who obtains all five of the above awards) I Spy Master Spy Award (awarded to the player who obtains three of the five awards) Season 1 - From this post to here Season 2 Game Count: 16 Total Game Count: 86 Updated from this post to here (removed first pic to clean up OP) importantlinkIneed
  25. playingdeadTWICE

    [GAME] Answer, Question, Repeat!

    Hello I'm back, I guess. So I have a new game for you!! Try your best to make a math problem, and let the person below you solve it. Eg: Person 1: 1+1=? Person 2: 2! 2x + 5 = 7 Person 3: x = 1! 6 x (6 x 7) and etc. And make sure the problem isnt hard, and isnt easy too!! Good luck!! Tricky problems should make it fun like using PEMDAS. Ill start: 6 + 6 x 0 + 6 = ?