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Found 17 results

  1. Live on April 27th, 18:30 (Seoul Time/KST, UTC+9)
  2. TWICE Shares Thoughts On Becoming A Senior Group At JYP After Stray Kids’ Debut TWICE talked about their new standing at JYP Entertainment and their latest comeback during a radio show. On April 19, TWICE appeared as guests on SBS PowerFM’s “Lee Guk Joo’s Young Street” and shared that they finally became a senior group at their agency after the debut of Stray Kids. The group’s leader Jihyo said, “We’re still the second youngest at JYP, but I’m really happy to have juniors. We received CDs not too long ago and they wrote something to each member.” Nayeon added, “It’s really cool now that we have become seniors,” to which the other members agreed. TWICE then took turns answering questions. When asked to choose the member with the most memorable first impression, Jihyo answered, “Momo and Sana.” She explained, “Momo and Sana were the first Japanese people I’d ever met. I think they thought that I was definitely older than them. When I told them that we were the same age, they said, ‘Huh…?'” Dahyun was asked to choose the clumsiest member off-stage. She answered, “Definitely Nayeon. On stage, Nayeon’s performance skills are really good. But in real life, she does things like wear t-shirts inside out.” Nayeon commented, “I’m clumsy on stage too. These days, I can’t find my position on stage and get the choreography wrong.” Jeongyeon added, “Nayeon gets it wrong, but is good at confidently acting like she didn’t.” When it was Momo’s turn, she had to choose the member more obsessed with food. She also chose Nayeon and explained, “She always travel with food and Nayeon also obsesses over food. When I’m eating something, she always comes next to me and asks, ‘What’s that?” Chaeyoung had to answer which member she’d scold if she wasn’t the youngest. She chose Nayeon again, who responded with an embarrassed laugh. TWICE then revealed that Dahyun was the most different on and off camera. Dahyun acknowledged this and said, “Fans also say that I’m like a middle-aged man.” The members also went around choosing songs they’d play on the radio if they became DJs. Nayeon chose I.O.I’s “Downpour,” Momo picked TWICE’s “What is Love?” and Sana selected Apink’s “Miracle.” Source (1) CR: soompi
  3. Hello I just want to share my English subs of Twice being featured on a famous Filipino news show called "TV Patrol". They were mentioned for Golden Disc Awards 2018 which is going to be held in the Philippines. A clip of Tzuyu's speech from GDA 2017 was shown (no sound) and a few members too on the side. As a Filipino myself I'm really proud and happy that Twice will visit my home country I would love to go but I can't lol. One of the organisers said those attending will be the artists who have been actively promoting in 2017. No doubt Twice will come because we've had a few comebacks this year!
  4. ASK IN A BOX(에스크 인 어 박스): TWICE(트와이스) _ What is Love?
  5. ♡Gucci Kuma♡

    [GAME] Would you rather?......

    This is a game of would you rather?... (Rules) 1.) when a person says would you rather..... The next one has to answer it and make a question 2.) Don't answer the other if someone all ready answered and have a question 4 you 3.) don't copy other once's would you rather?.... So... let me go first would you rather... have a fun time with your bias or the whole Twice instead of your bias Thanks 4 Playing!
  6. Watch: TWICE Gets Playful As They Answer Questions From Fans On “Ask In A Box” TWICE had fun answering questions from their fans in 1theK’s “Ask in a Box” video! See Also: TWICE Beats Personal Record With Impressive Number Of Views In 24 Hours For "What Is Love?" MV TWICE started the video with each member saying the name of their newest title track “What is Love?” in nine different languages. Sana was asked to describe each member as a food. She described Chaeyoung as a mango because she likes dried mangoes, Dahyun as ramen, and Jeongyeon as Americano because she looks cool when she shows up somewhere holding a cup of coffee. She then described Mina as a salad with avocados, Nayeon as food that someone else is eating because she always likes to ask others for one bite, Tzuyu as watermelon juice, Jihyo as melon, and Momo as the drink Pocari Sweat because TWICE is the model for the ion drink. Nayeon responded to a fan’s question about the progress of her “chocolate abs” that she promised to show fans at TWICE’s concert. Nayeon said, “I’m exercising really hard.” The other members agreed and added that she even exercised in the morning. Nayeon laughed and said her stomach is so pale that it’s hard to see the abs. She then joked that she told fans she would show them her abs at a concert and not necessarily the next concert. A fan asked Mina what she did on her birthday and if she received kisses from the members. Mina said, “We were in Chile on my birthday and at 12 a.m., Chaeyoung suddenly said, ‘Oh, it’s Mina’s birthday,’ and she was the first one to wish me a happy birthday.” She then sounded confused and said Sana gave her a kiss when it was actually Momo. Nayeon got up during the video to give her a belated birthday kiss. Chaeyoung revealed the secret to her gorgeous selfies. Other members poked fun at her and mimicked how she takes selfies in hotels. Chaeyoung explained that hotel rooms have yellow lighting that makes your skin look pretty. She also showed members how she slightly slants her phone and looks up at a 45-degree angle to achieve the perfect selfie. Tzuyu followed her advice and achieved taking “her best selfie ever” according to her members. A fan wrote in to ask Jeongyeon if she was embarrassed to share her selfies with fans via TWICE’s social media. Other members also agreed that she was the member who posted the least on social media. Jeongyeon said that she doesn’t take a lot of selfies, but records lots of short clips which she would upload but thinks they’re boring to watch. She said she’ll try her best when the members disagreed that they’re boring and asked her to post one at least once a week. When asked to send a message to herself during her trainee years, Nayeon suggested telling her past self to never cut her hair short and Jeongyeon agreed. “Don’t ever cut your hair to a shiny hairstyle in a salon in Cheongdam neighborhood!” warned Jeongyeon. Dahyun had to answer where she’d go on a trip and the three members she’d go with. After answering Hawaii as her destination and Chaeyoung as someone she can talk to on the trip, Dahyun had difficulty choosing two more members and asked if they could all just go together. Jeongyeon asked her to name the three people she wouldn’t want to go with instead, and Momo joked that just Dayeon and Chaeyoung should go on the trip. Tzuyu was asked about her preference for romantic or scary movies. Knowing her all too well, TWICE members quickly answered Tzuyu likes romantic movies. Tzuyu said she recently watched the film “Everything Everything” on the plane and that it made her heart flutter. Jihyo talked about her habit of talking while using her hands. She explained that she feels like she can express herself better when she uses her hands, and the other members mimicked her. The TWICE leader also was asked to name the member who needs to be taken care of the most, and all of the members looked at Momo. They explained that Momo is good but slow, so Jeongyeon does everything for her. The members also shared that Jihyo recently yelled at Momo to be more responsible and how Tzuyu is forgetful of her luggage and cell phone. Momo chose a pig when asked what animal she’d want to be for a day. She agreed when other members asked if it’s so that she can eat whatever she wants for a day. Momo added it’s also because she’s curious about the thoughts of a pig when overweight people get called pigs. Watch the video below! CR: soompi
  7. TWICE Explains Why They Don’t Fight And Shares Ideas For Fun No. 1 Promises TWICE revealed the secret behind their teamwork on SBS PowerFM’s “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time.” See Also: TWICE Excels On Global iTunes Charts With New Album And Title Track "What Is Love?" On April 10, TWICE appeared as guests of the radio program and talked about their latest mini album. When the host asked the girl group if they ever fight, TWICE answered, “Instead of fighting, we talk a lot.” TWICE’s leader Jihyo explained, “When someone gets upset, we know each other well enough to understand it.” Nayeon added, “Even when someone gets upset, she gets over it within a minute.” Jihyo continued, “None of the members have a bad personality. We all have many similarities.” She also chose Sana as the most talkative member. TWICE also commented on the success of their latest comeback. Soon after the girl group released their newest mini album and title track “What is Love?” on April 9 at 6 p.m. KST, the song achieved a certified all-kill by topping music charts. Their MV also surpassed 12 million views in 24 hours, leading TWICE to beat their own personal record. The members said, “Before the album came out, we worried a lot about the reaction. But after we heard that we were No. 1 on realtime charts, we screamed.” About the MV where they transformed into movie characters, TWICE said, “It was fun for us to watch as well, so we replayed it many times. We wanted to do a movie theme and the agency gave us the parody and chose each of our characters. They know us so well.” Dahyun, who transformed into the character Léon, said, “I thought that since I’m doing it anyway, I should do it right, and even had a beard for the costume. Our manager rarely asks us to take photos, but he asked to take a photo for the first time since our debut.” She added, “The members are currently discussing all of us transforming into Léon or dressing up as our characters for our No. 1 promise.” Source (1) CR: soompi
  8. [V Report Plus] Who has the most and least worries among Twice members? (Naver V app) Jeongyeon, Sana and Tzuyu of girl group Twice communicated with their fans in a live broadcast held in the waiting room for the KBS talk show “Hello Counselor” via Naver’s V app Sunday. As the KBS show centers on people sharing their struggles, the girl group talked about their recent concerns and picked Twice bandmates who have the most or least worries. “Tzuyu has a lot of worries,” Jeongyeon said without hesitation. “She has many thoughts in her mind.” Tzuyu, in reply, picked the person who worries the least: Chaeyoung. “She may have her own worries but she always takes them lightly,” she said. “(She says) ‘Well, I can do that,’ ‘It will be fine,’” Jeongyeon agreed. By The Korea Herald (khnews@heraldcorp.com) TWICE talks about their worries: http://www.vlive.tv/video/65294 Full version of Hello Conselor x TWICE behind-the-scenes: http://www.vlive.tv/video/64573 CR: KPOPHERALD [The 2 youngest members have the most,Tzuyu, and least, Chaeyoung, of worries]
  9. News link- https://mdpr.jp/news/detail/1734346#anchor-22 Heading: "【夢を叶える秘訣/モデルプレス=12月24日】2017年もモデルプレスでは、多数のモデル・女優・アーティストにインタビューを実施。モデルプレスインタビューでは、“夢を叶える秘訣”が定番の質問となっているが、ここでは、芸能界で一際輝く彼女たちが語った“夢を叶える秘訣”を紹介する。" TWICE's portion: " サナ:夢があって、その道に行こうと考えることは簡単でも、実際に動くことはちょっと怖いし難しいと思うんです。でもやっぱりそのなかで一歩を踏み出すことが大きなチャンスに繋がっていく。私も初めて韓国に行く時、デビューできるかどうかわからないのに…ということは頭をよぎりました。でももし韓国に行ってデビューできなかったとしても、人生を通して良い経験になると思ったので、韓国に行くことを決意しました。そして今、このようにTWICEとしてデビューして、いろいろな活動ができています。なので怖がらずに動くことが一番大切だと思います。 ジヒョ:私はデビューするまでに10年かかりました。練習生の生活を10年間続けたのですが、当然その間にはつらいこともありましたし、辞めたいな、と思うこともありました。でももしデビューすることができたら、自分は本当に幸せだと思えるはず、きっといろんなお仕事ができるようになるんだ、などをイメージしていたら、すべてのことに耐えられました。前向きな考えを持ち続けることはとても大事だと思います。 ジョンヨン:私は明確な目標を持つことが必要だと思います。例えば「今日はこの振り付けを全てマスターするんだ」って。その日はそれに向かって全力を尽くし、そして次の日は「完成度をもっと高めるんだ」って決めてまたそれを目指す。目標を持ちながら、一歩一歩ステップアップしていくのが良いと思います。 モモ:練習生の頃は確かにつらい時もたくさんありましたが、でもやっぱり一番しんどい時に諦めようとしたらダメだなと思いました。その時に頑張ったから今があるのかなって。諦めなければ必ず良いことがあると思います。 ナヨン:私は勇気が必要だと思います。というのは、私も最初は練習生になるためのオーディションを受けることですら、なかなかその一歩が踏み出せなかったから。でも勇気を出して挑戦した結果、こうして夢を叶えることができたんです。自分がしたい仕事があったり、夢があったりする場合は、怖がらずに、まずは勇気を出してチャレンジしてみることが大切だと思います。 ダヒョン:私は信じること。私の場合、幼い頃から練習生活を続けてきたのですが、学校にも行かなくてはいけない、そして事務所で練習もしなくてはいけない、それが繰り返される毎日を過ごしていると、たまに少し退屈に感じてしまうこともありましたし、その大変さに諦めそうになることもありました。でもそこで諦めることなく「私はいつかデビューできる」と信じて練習を続けてきた結果、こうしてTWICEとしてデビューすることができて、ファンの皆さんに愛されることができました。なので夢を持っている皆さんは、まずはその夢が必ず叶うと信じて、頑張り続けてほしいなと思います。 ミナ:私がJYPに入るきっかけはスカウトでした。それもすごく突然だったので母も私も最初は戸惑っていて。でも歌手をやりたいという夢はもともと持っていました。なのでチャンスには変わりなかったし、やるだけやってみようと思い、オーディションを受けました。チャンスは掴める時に掴む、それが一番の秘訣だと思います。 チェヨン:学生の時も練習生の時も、とにかく自分に与えられたこと、自分がするべきことは、手を抜かずに一生懸命、最善を尽くして完璧にやりたいという気持ちで臨んでいました。例えば宿題にしてもですが、そういったことで手を抜いてしまうと、他のこともやっぱり上手くできないと思うんです。今、自分に与えられていること、自分がやるべきことに関しては、とにかく最善を尽くして一生懸命することが大事。それにそうしていれば誰かが認めてくれて、次の機会が与えられるかもしれないと思うんです。 ツウィ:私も同じように思います。一生懸命に頑張っていれば、いつかはチャンスが訪れる。時間はかかるかもしれないですが、なにに対してもベストを尽くしていれば夢は叶うと思います。 " Afterwhich, Admin/Mods/Forum staff can please help publish the translated article in the news session. I believe Twice gave encouraging and inspiring words for all to read in the interview. Thanks.
  10. TWICE Talks About Feeling Like A Family And When The Members Are The Happiest In a recent pictorial and interview for Cosmopolitan magazine, the members of TWICE expressed their deep affection for one another. The girl group appeared on the cover of the magazine’s January 2018 issue, displaying their versatility by pulling off both vibrant, colorful looks, and dressier, chic black outfits. TWICE reportedly never stopped smiling and laughing throughout the photo shoot, showing just how well they get along with each other. The idols commented, “We had a great time shooting for Cosmopolitan because we got to try different concepts together with all of our members.” During the interview, the TWICE members shared that they feel like a family. They explained that they are always there to listen to each other, and that they try to be considerate of each other’s feelings and needs. The girls reported that whenever they open up to one another and take care of each other, they think to themselves, “I’m so lucky to be [a member of] TWICE.” The idols also revealed that they are the happiest when enjoying late-night snacks together with the whole group. TWICE, who recently made a comeback with “Heart Shaker,” will also be releasing a special music video for their Christmas carol “Merry & Happy” on December 21. Source (1) cr: soompi
  11. cr: SBS FM, quizcarol cr: SBS FM, K-POP NATION
  12. Amethyst Dreamer

    KBS Cool FM Lee Hong Ki's Kiss The Radio

    KBS Cool FM Lee Hong Ki's Kiss The Radio - 10PM KST
  13. Nayeonly

    Interview @arirang TV Simply K-Pop

    TWICE interview at Arirang TV.