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Found 43 results

  1. madpenguin


  2. DoubleDogDare


    Yo what be good my boys girls and whatever else have you? It's nice to meet ya! I'm just a little lawsuit newbie getting into kpop, and I really like twice more than any other group that I've seen lol (Fyi dahyun is my bias shes so pretty and robustly vigorous. A brilliant confluence of skill and purpose! XD). I hope you guys will help show me the ropes and such!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Warmly Sincerely Dutifully DoubleDogDare
  3. Hello! My name is Andy(as you could probably tell) another Once living in California!!! Hope you’re willing to welcome me into TTF ^.^ Want go be better connected with other Once across the world! <3 Don’t be too shy to msg me, I’m a nice person!!!
  4. Neomuhae

    How I ended here??

    I honestly didn't planned to inscribe me in a forum, but here I am. I'd never imagined I could be into kpop either, nor even that obssesed with something that isn't Fifth Harmony or currently Camila Cabello. Still. Things happen. I wanted to introduce myself but since I prefer not to post my name and age here, I'm just going to explain you that nowadays I'm not able to pick any bias of Twice. I can say I'm between Sana, Momo, Dahyun or Mina, but seriously, this is too hard for me. Anyway... I ship a lot. Like, a lot lot. (Had to be clarified). Hope this place makes me feel like I have some company as a Once. See you around! PS: Wasn't expecting the emoji thing. <3
  5. Elumi

    1 2 3 let's go!!

    Hi guys!! I'm new here and i want to introduce myself but i dont really know how so i'm just gonna say what i want lol so hey my bias is chaeyoung since sixteen i really liked her <3~~ she is a good rapper and she writes them herself and she is also good at singing (have you heard her sing in vlives?) she is also good at drawing!! omg her drawings r really cute and unique <3 she dances well (cheer up ninja ver. is the best XD ) and she is cute like baby tiger rawr xd what she lacks in height she makes up for cuteness XD TWICE is so addicting!! i first watched sixteen and then i can't stop watching twice til now :O watch twice everyday!! time is gold!! XD ALSO EVERYONE DRINK POCARI SWEAT EVERYDAY !!! TWICE MAKES ME HAPPY EVERYDAYYYY !! <3 that's all thank you i hope i have a fun time here !! ^ w ^ One, two, three, let’s go!!jeo uju wironaragal deut chumchureo ga HeyLet’s dance the night away~~Let’s dance the night away~~ so yeah how u guys doin? ohyo ohyo ~ XD
  6. PEACHESM0m0

    1st day

    this place is weird u cant even upload an image idk if thats because of like issues but its so infuriating this place has got every option to chat except that
  7. Hello everyone! Glad to be here! UwU! My name is Baim, I'm from Indonesia. I love playing games, reading, websurfing, editing and many. I will try my best to be a good person in this forum. Lets be friend tho. We can build a friendship here as a TWICE fans. If you have any questions for me, you can DM me. Feel free to be a friend with me. OLO! Get too nervous to join this forums for the first time, so please guide me! Thanks for your cooperation!
  8. glassedfish

    Indonesia ONCE

    hi all! :) i am Daniel, from Indonesia my bias is Sana, but sometimes Mina or Nayeon too ^^ nice to meet you all let me know if any of you live in Indonesia, especially in Yogyakarta
  9. MooseLover

    Here we go again

    Hello everyone on this site, It's been a while since committing to join a group forum but i'm making an exception for Twice. My taste of K-POP begins with the appearance of BoA in the J-POP (that was year 2000, 18 years ago, wow!) and then followed with the ups and downs of the music industries until now. I don't have a specific likes or dislikes, it's pretty much whatever is currently popular on Spotify or Apple Music and most of the groups i supported are either disbanded or in hiatus so i'm just here to relax and see the younger groups making their way to the top of the ladder. so that's my short intro, now let's have some fun :D
  10. It is finally time for my first introduction post on TTF, 2 years on~ Hello there, My name is Andy. I'm pretty sure most of you guys should know me by now. I am from Singapore and I have been a long time kpop fan since 2005. I started listening to Kpop because I came across BoA while listening to Jpop and I became a fan of her. I started to listen to some Kpop but I wasn't a hardcore fan of any groups yet. Most of the hardcore moments started when SNSD debuted. I started buying merchs and going for concerts. I got to know Twice when I started watching Sixteen and I have been a fan since then. My first year in this forum was pretty quiet as I was quite busy. I am also quite shy when it comes to interacting with new people, so it was basically a lot of lurking and reading posts here and there. I started to really get into posting and knowing new people after the first Twiceland In SG. It was really new for me and it was quite awkward sometimes. As time passes, I got comfortable with quite a lot of you here and made some really good friends. (You guys know who you are) The ride here has really been long and wild but I know it will get better in the future. HERE'S TO MANY MORE YEARS IN TTF! Oh, and to all you newer members, I hope to talk to you guys soon if we have not spoken yet.
  11. bah (^v^)

    Heya! ( ^∇^) Nice to be here!

    Hey guys! (^・ω・^ ) I'm new here and also new to Twice and Kpop in general. I've been listening to Twice for a few months now, as of May. Momo is my main bias, but I love Mina (because she's so shy) and Dahyun (because she's extra). I hope to have a good time here and to have fun. See you around! \(^∀^)メ(^∀^)ノ
  12. syko

    Hi I'm new 2.0

    Hi, it's me again 2 years old now, woo surprisedI'mstillheretbh These two years have been amazing - so many amazing friends and moments - I love y'all <3 Here's to two years of syko being annoying (and to more years, hopefully :D) ciao sorrycouldn'treallythinkofmuchelsetosaysohavesomemoreSana oh also do yourself a favour and check Yezi's solo songs out, she's really damn good
  13. momo pls be my mom

    hello ≧◡≦

    Hello everyone! I am a new once from Finland and i am very happy to join this community! I found this forum by accident and well, here we are. :) I have not been a fan for a long time, I don't even remember when I started to listen to any of their songs etc. At first, when I heard TT I was immediately addicted to the song. I started exploring more about Twice and that's how I got to know the group. I hope that everyone of you will have a great day, bye! :) ugh this sounded so messy sorry
  14. heartshaken

    noob here, nice to meet you! :D

    Hi! My name is Jasmine, I joined like a month ago but I'm only introducing myself now lmao. I've been listening to Twice since October 2016 but I've never really participated in any fandom-related stuff or tried to get to know the members until very recently, so please forgive me for not knowing the fandom jokes/memes/important facts yet 😅 I hope we can all be friends here! 😊
  15. 안녕하세요, 방가워요... Greetings my fellow ONCE, I just found this forum accidentally, while searching some pictures on Google. Nice to meet you ONCE from around the Globe (if you flat earth believers please forgive me for saying globe 😁). Let me introduce myself, from my nickname you must be know who is my bias. TWICE is the girl group that I fall in love again after nearly 3 years I'm leaving Kpop world. In 2016, I accidentally watch TT MV on YouTube, and I already fallen for cute bunny on that MV. After that I watch all TWICE MV and TV/Live Programs, and guess what I can't stop admire Dahyunie. and then I choose to become ONCE. Thanks for hearing my unimportant story. Hopefully we can be a friend as fellow ONCE. Sincerely yours, DAHYUNISM 
  16. Jokbal

    Jokbal. Is. Back.

    Back from an almost 2 year hiatus from the forum. Glad to see the forum grow so much and fast in two years, kudos to the OG people who started things from the ground up back then during the OHH-AHH days. And i see a handful of you guys with Jokbal in your name id, hahaha. Jokbal club maybe?
  17. adoringchaeyoung


    It's been actually a long time since i became a memeber (since 2016 to be exact). Sorry that it took me long to make an introduction. Anyway, I'm Mari and my bias is Chaeyoung (obviously). I'm mostly active on twitter @chaerrot and discord bopa#4392. I hope to meet some amazing people here!
  18. lizkooklover


    Hello everyOnces! My name is Angel and I live in the Philippines I've been a fan of Twice not long ago, maybe since Likey era My bias is none other than the fake maknae herself Nayeon cuz she's so cute. I also love Blackpink, Bts, Momoland and Exo. I also love to ship my bias, but my favorite ship is lizkookcuz you know they're just so cute. So that's all for now and i hope that we can all be Friends
  19. TidakVeryNice

    New ONCE

    Hello, i'm a new member here. I'm from Indonesia. I'm stanning TWICE from SIGNAL era. This is my first post on this forum, so i'm kinda confuse what should i write LOL I don't have any bias/idol on TWICE, because i love them all. I will try to active on this forum. And nice to meet you all. P.S : Sorry for bad English
  20. PEACHESM0m0

    1st day

    so i just started here very nice place met a very nice person, @RainbowFluffyPanda but i wanna know know know know what else is here so imma do some exploring please forgive if i do something stupid or ask for help because first time on these type of sites. Signing out
  21. halcyra

    Hi everyone!

    Hi everyone! I have been out of touch of kpop for a good 6 to 7 years, and TWICE has brought me back in after watching TWICE TV6 because they went to my home country. Looking forward to being here as much as I can!!
  22. MiTzusiast

    After a year, going back

    Hi! It's been a year. I'm MiTzusiast (changed my user recently, my user back then was "MiguriMyoui") But others know me as MiTzu TV. Yes, I'm a big fan of Tzuyu and Mina. But hey I LOVE all the members too y'know #StanOT9 And recently I accepted an application of being a Team Twice Twitter Staff. And I'm amazed on the new style on the forums now. I'll try to be more active in the forums later on. And I hope we'll get along. And better check my Twitter and Youtube for my masterpieces.Thank you!
  23. DanteLeon15

    Hello from a new fan

    Hello friendly neighbors, making the formal introduction to this community. I'm from Latin America, and I'm pretty new at this, I met TWICE this year so it has not taken me three months but I really sunk completely, from the insane Twice on crack on YouTube to the videos that prove that TWICE is 1000% gay; I'm really just here looking to contribute my bit to help the group as much as I can, because I really love TWICE despite taking so little time. Thank you for reading.
  24. Dubu김다현

    Hi fellow ONCE!

    만나서 반갑습니다! 💕 Hi to whoever reads this! This is my first time introducing myself in a forum so I hope this is okay... 하나 (Hana) is what I go by, and I sometimes use screen names related to Dahyun; Dubu, 독수리 🦅 or simply 다현 as I relate a lot to her personally. My bias is Momo (😍😍) and DahMo is my favourite TWICE ship! I also like ChaeTzu, SaJeong, and more. I can't wait to meet more of my fellow ONCE and show my support for the group here! I hope we have endless good times together, and with TWICE! Thank you for reading!💕