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Found 78 results

  1. duubudahyun


    Hi, I've been a kpop fan for years now but didn't get into TWICE until recently which I totally regret. This is the only second forum I've ever joined the first one I joined was the Girls' Generation one, which I ended up leaving so I'll probably be a little rusty. A little bit about me - I'm from Scotland, currently catching up on what I missed about TWICE which is alot.. It's hard to choose a bias, but I'd say Dahyun is mine as she caught my eye and decided to find out what group she was in.
  2. Hey I'm new here but I've been a fan since late 2016. I don't listen to ANY k-pop, I only found Twice accidentally from a Tzuyu meme and I was blown away at her beauty so that's when I discovered Twice. It was totally not my kinda music but I listened to some songs out of intrigue and somehow I was hooked instantly. I've loved Twice ever since but none of my friends did so I never got into the fandom until now, I didn't even know most of their names! I watched their Switzerland videos recently and I totally fell for their charm which is why I'm here because I have lots of questions I'm hoping to find answers to. My favourite song is definitely Only You/너, such an underrated song, easily their best song ever but overshadowed by Signal. My bias was Tzuyu but now it's either Mina, Momo or Sana. Momo is a mesmerising dancer. Sana is a bundle of joy. Mina is incredibly beautiful and graceful. I also love Sana and Momo's wild side, especially homo momo lol! Ironically I also like Mina for the opposite reason, she's still pure, but Momo and Nayeon are slowly corrupting her. Chaeyoung also amazes me with her understated talents, she's an amazing singer but her role as rapper keeps her hidden. My favourite performance below. I know they can sing, JYP knows they can sing, the fans know they can sing, but they don't sing live very often at all, which is why I cherish the rare performances they do. I hope as they improve they'll sing live more often, that's the only thing I don't like about them, it's an injustice to keep their singing ability behind prerecordings in favour of dancing.
  3. syko

    Hi I'm new 2.0

    Hi, it's me again 2 years old now, woo surprisedI'mstillheretbh These two years have been amazing - so many amazing friends and moments - I love y'all <3 Here's to two years of syko being annoying (and to more years, hopefully :D) ciao sorrycouldn'treallythinkofmuchelsetosaysohavesomemoreSana oh also do yourself a favour and check Yezi's solo songs out, she's really damn good
  4. Unique


    Hello Everyone! I'm new here and my bias is Momo! I hope I can be friends with you all!
  5. halcyra

    Hi everyone!

    Hi everyone! I have been out of touch of kpop for a good 6 to 7 years, and TWICE has brought me back in after watching TWICE TV6 because they went to my home country. Looking forward to being here as much as I can!!
  6. MrDespair

    New Twice Addict Here

    Hey everyone, I am mostly a forum lurker, but to post about Twice I might change my ways. :P As my username may suggest, I am generally a negative person with not much to look forward to in life, until I discovered Twice! My life is basically Twice now, I spend most of my free time watching their videos of all kinds including their MVs, interviews, reality TV series, variety show appearances, etc. Okay, that is still a pretty sad life, but at least I get to cheer up watching and listening to them everyday. The story of how I discovered Twice actually started from the Chinese entertainment world. My favourite Chinese singer was Hua Chen Yu, so naturally I was watching a singing competition where he was one of the judges. Some of the episodes had guest judges and two of them were EXO's Lay/Zhang Yixing and GOT7's Jackson Wang. I thought Lay's sheep dance was pretty cool and looked him up. Found out that both of them were actually KPop idols, which I thought was kind of interesting, did not expect that so many non Koreans were actually KPop idols. I went on to watch many Jackson and GOT7 videos and found myself cracking up at Jackson being stupid all the time lol. Eventually I came across a Weekly Idol episode that had both GOT7 and Twice in the same episode. Instantly fell in love with their Cheer Up song as well as Momo when she was doing her nico nico nii aegyo. I used to watch a lot of anime and didn't think anything could be more cute than anime girls, but boy was I wrong. Since then I became addicted to them. I kept wondering how it was possible to have a group where every member was so pretty, cute, and funny at the same time. As I discovered Twice much later than the average person I've mostly been binge watching all of their older TV show appearances in chronological order. I'm still watching their videos from 2016, but I am going through them quick and feel kind of sad that eventually I will catch up and have to wait and wait to see new content. I questioned myself for entering the KPop world because I am not that young anymore (in my 30's!) and used to feel that watching celebrities was just a waste of time. Although the same thing could be said for what I used to do before, which was mostly watching anime and playing games. In the end I think I should just spend my time on whatever makes me happy and Twice definitely brings me joy! I hope I wasn't too long winded. I will end off with my favourite song and bias. Fave Song: I could list a dozen, but I'll narrow it down to 2: Cheer Up and You in my Heart. Bias: Momo, but it definitely was a tough choice, everyone is awesome in their own way. Let's just say I have heard some people say they don't like Momo's voice, but I love her voice. It also seemed unanimous that Tzuyu was the prettiest member, but I thought it was Momo. I suppose that may be the definition of bias lol. Cheer up, shyshyshy!
  7. Hello everyone ! Im new here and I hope we can get to know each other in this forum lol I dont know if the title is making sense to you but yeah .. im not in k-pop, PREViously.. i just, heard twice song/MV from a year ago and it blows me away lol Im trying to be active here (TTF) for some " research " purpose! haha literally guys.. so please take care of me please lol Oh, i also unintentionally cover songs and if any people here like to cover songs too (especially twice song), pls leave link here so i can listen to it hehe.. Nice to meet you guys !
  8. DanteLeon15

    Hello from a new fan

    Hello friendly neighbors, making the formal introduction to this community. I'm from Latin America, and I'm pretty new at this, I met TWICE this year so it has not taken me three months but I really sunk completely, from the insane Twice on crack on YouTube to the videos that prove that TWICE is 1000% gay; I'm really just here looking to contribute my bit to help the group as much as I can, because I really love TWICE despite taking so little time. Thank you for reading.
  9. YJY_mudo

    Hi Once, Nice To Meet You :D

    Hi everyone, nice to meet you :D. I have been twice fan since sixteen program start airing and found an angel/goddess called "Yoo Jeong Yeon" :D. Currently im working as an internal auditor for more than 4 years. For me, everyday when im hear Twice song, it is really made my day. They can make my mood and spirit keep in a good condition when im working. Pardon for my english skill lol. I hope we can get along :D.
  10. Dubu김다현

    Hi fellow ONCE!

    만나서 반갑습니다! 💕 Hi to whoever reads this! This is my first time introducing myself in a forum so I hope this is okay... 하나 (Hana) is what I go by, and I sometimes use screen names related to Dahyun; Dubu, 독수리 🦅 or simply 다현 as I relate a lot to her personally. My bias is Momo (😍😍) and DahMo is my favourite TWICE ship! I also like ChaeTzu, SaJeong, and more. I can't wait to meet more of my fellow ONCE and show my support for the group here! I hope we have endless good times together, and with TWICE! Thank you for reading!💕
  11. Hello everyone! Glad to be here! UwU! My name is Baim, I'm from Indonesia. I love playing games, reading, websurfing, editing and many. I will try my best to be a good person in this forum. Lets be friend tho. We can build a friendship here as a TWICE fans. If you have any questions for me, you can DM me. Feel free to be a friend with me. OLO! Get too nervous to join this forums for the first time, so please guide me! Thanks for your cooperation!
  12. glassedfish

    Indonesia ONCE

    hi all! :) i am Daniel, from Indonesia my bias is Sana, but sometimes Mina or Nayeon too ^^ nice to meet you all let me know if any of you live in Indonesia, especially in Yogyakarta
  13. Kmemestar

    Oh, hello there!

    Hello Everyone, my name is Charlie. I'm 18-year-old (As of Feb. 4, 2018). 1. Why Do You Stan Twice? Before Sept. 2016: Do not know anything about TWICE at all. Sept. - Late Oct. 2016: Start to know TWICE though the my "Once" classmate's Facebook. Then Search them and hate them due to they "ruined" the original twice meaning (i.e. two times). Late Oct. - Early Nov. 2016: My classmate start to play "TT" on the classroom during recess and lunch time. I just go away to other classroom to not hear it. Nov. 2016: My school host a mass dance for the Christmas party. "TT" is one of the song to dance. I listen to it for the first time and I got hooked to TWICE. Since then I have to listen TWICE song at least two times a day to fulfill myself. (I love to use two times instead of twice) Feb. 2017: I buy their EP/album for the first time (TWICECoaster: Lane 1 and 2). Now: I created the account here for the first time. 2. Why Do You Choose This Username? No Reason at all, I just love to use this name. 3. What Is Your Social Media? Twitter: https://twitter.com/kmemestar1 (Not Used To Follow Twice, don't expect anything related to TWICE there) Instagram: Sorry! It's Private! Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Charliegor1119 (Not Used For Twice) 4. What is your plan and idea on here? To see more different type of "Onces", getting to know more "Onces" around the world and much more. 5. TWICE's Bias? Definitely Mina, cause her look and voice is the best (Others are still look good but I like Mina more). Second bias is Nayeon cause her "Silly" action. 6. Why Do You From "The World Interesting Communication Exhibition"? Look at the first letter of any word. P.S. I want to add "Center" after that but this will be too long and destroyed the abbreviation. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Edit 1: Thank You all for welcome me to the TTF.
  14. Sardonyx

    Hello I am a new member!

    I like to make drawings of Kpop singers but they aren't good which is what I like about them!
  15. ひらい もも

    New family member!!

    Hi everyone! I am new here and just started today. My bias is Momo but I love all of them! Guide me well and help me with news and updates regarding Twice. I hope you would treat me well and welcome me warmly to our big and happy family! Ps, how do I get awards?
  16. hello,my name is henry ... im a new fans of twice... my first bias in twice is Dahyun and i really love Dubu and the second member i like is Sana I really like SaiDa Couple hahah Hope you can help me to know more about twice in this fan page... Because in my country be a K-pop fans are so ridiculous for us (male)... many people say (mostly kpop haters) become kpopers ( fans kpop ) for a man so stupid... but i dont think like them... hope u can help me become a good "ONCE" :) now i am watching TWICE TV 1 in V Live hahaha im already watch twice tv 6 ... i need more shows like this so i hope u can tell me about twice videos more :) -sorry my english is not good hope u can understand :)-
  17. MiChaengSavasci


    Neeew hereeee 😊😊😔
  18. 박남준

    new here :)

  19. deevalenta

    Hola Dahyunie

    Hi ! I'm a newbie and my bias is kimmm daaaaa hyuuuunnnnnn <3
  20. Strike Mike

    Hello everyone!

    Hello! How are you guys?? Nice to meet you all :) I can't believe I just found out about this forum now! My ultimate bias is goddess Mina, I've been a fan since her LOA days so I have been following her for a while now. My other bias is Dahyun. But yeah ofc I love all the girls!!
  21. Shiro

    hi it mee

    Hi everyone! I'm Marcus, 20 and from Melbourne, Australia. My bias in Twice is Jihyo! I've been a fan for only a few months now? So i'm sure I definitely haven't been a once longer than you guys haha I'm currently studying in uni at the moment and enjoy dancing and singing as hobbies! Looking forward to getting to know everyone~
  22. momorisgay

    New member!

    hi! my name is dante and im 18yo, i've been ulting twice since august 2017 and my bias is momo, but i love every member equally. im from spain and im here to know more people and have more once friends. if you want to follow me on social media feel free to do it: my twitter is @/momorisgay
  23. totgeliebt


    Hi! ♥ I've joined a good 2 minutes ago, hehe. I haven't been a ONCE for very long but am oh so happy to be one. ♥ TWICE is such a lovely group whose music always puts me in a good mood. ♥ I hope to get to know many of you around here and love and cheer on TWICE together with everyone!
  24. FrozenCappucino

    I get to introduce myself!? SWEET

    Hello every one, kinda late on making an introduction since i've been here for more than 2 weeks LOL *i just found out that this thread/topic exist LUL.... So, my name is Marco, i born live and love for Mina I was born in Indonesia, living in Indonesia (and Mina's heart), and love for Indonesia (and also Mina). I'm on my last year of college (wish me luck). I've been a long time SONE, then move here and became ONCE because why not.. That's it about my stupid self. The real part: i am nobody, but i just want to use this topic as a gratitude towards everyone who created this website, them mods, creators, and the rest of the team, this website is awesome, and you guys are all awesome. May the Goddess FortuMina blesses this website and all of its' onces. Cheers!