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      As we celebrate the New Year, We wish everyone success, a healthy long life and a fresh new start. Happy New Year! - TEAM TWICE <3  

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Found 77 results

  1. Hi everyone!

    Hi all Once in this forum... Nice to know you all, I am Stephen, an Once from Indonesia
  2. Hii :3

    Hi i'm Nor~ I found this pretty pink Twice forum and just had to join :')) I can't choose 1 bias tbh, so i have a few xDD Dahyun, Momo, Mina, Sana and Jihyo. I love them all and they're so talented and adorable and pretty and ugh >< I'm a Twice merch collector, and i have a bunch of their albums and cards, tho i'm still missing a few T.T I just bought their Merry and Happy album today~~!! Anyways, i don't think i can be online every day but i'd love to get to know you all ^^ Thanks~~
  3. Hello TTF!

    Hello every one~ My name is BunnyNayeonie. I am Nayeon lovers. Hope you all can help me in TTF!
  4. Lau123

    Hello¡¡ ONCE´S, Mi name is Laura I am from Peru so I do not speak much English and I met twice in 2015 with Loa, when I saw her prime M / V I loved it and from the moment I became a fan of them, my bias is Mina and momo and I would like to know more Once's I hope to get along very well with everyone. PDT: You Can Write Me SARANGUE¡¡ Follow my profile on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sbs12_sbs
  5. Hello~

    Hello! My name is Angela. I live in Chicago, but there are barely Onces in Chicago T-T Tzuyu is my bias, but I've also been biaswrecked by the rest of them multiple times I stan many other groups! I stan BTS, Stray Kids, Blackpink, Red Velvet, Momoland, Fromis_9, AKMU, and more. I also like soloists, like HyunA and Sunmi! I speak English and Mandarin Chinese! Sometimes I wish I learned Korean instead, but then I remember that Tzuyu also can speak Chinese :) I never really had many friends, so it would be great if we became friends! Let's message each other if you want
  6. I'm new!

    Hello everyone! I don't even know if I'm posting well but... I'm new on this forum and I LOVE it. My name is Hana, but you can call me Lucy as well. I really love Twice but my heart is only for Momo, she is my queen and my No.1 bias and will be forever but also I really love Tzuyu and Nayeon. Hope we can have a good relationship! ♥
  7. Hello Everyone!

    Hey everyone! Hm I am not sure where to start. I have been a fan of twice since debut and even before then when sixteen was going on the girls still totally wrecked my life. My bias is Chaeyoung only because once she cut her hair my life was destroyed (sorry Mina XD). I don't live in an area where many kpop fans are around so its hard to actually find someone to fanboy over twice with. I enjoy writing and making graphics. I am also pretty good at making instrumental arrangements of kpop songs. I am active on Instagram and live for snapchat! You should ask me what my UN is and we can be Twice trash together!
  8. Hello :D

    Hello everyone :)) I'm new here and my bias is Jihyo Let's continue supporting TWICE as the new year starts !!
  9. Lemon Joins Team Twice!!

    Hi there! I'm Lemon and I just joined Team Twice around 40 minutes ago~ I only started to get into Kpop so please excuse me if I use the wrong terminology/slang or if I don't know certain things you may ^^ Although I only just started liking Kpop, Twice caught my heart immediately and I was dead-crazy for them. I stayed up for 3 nights in a row, with no sleep watching their m/v's and trying to learn their names. I don't know if it's just me, but I found it really hard to differentiate between the members and identify who was who at first. But I eventually found it easier and easier. My Bias is Jihyo!! Are you allowed to have more than one bias?? If so then my biases are Jihyo, Sana and Dahyun!! Though Tzuyu's cute too... and Chaeyoung.. x_x omg stay strong,, Jihyo FOREVER! Anyways, I have a tendency to go all out crazy when I find something worth fanboying over, but the problem is that it's hard to find other people irl who can relate. Hence why I came here and joined Team Twice! One of my other interests are anime or the japanese culture in general, however since this is a website about Twice, i'll stick to that topic ^-^ I look forward to meeting everyone :)) Please don't hesitate to talk to me as one other reason I came here was to meet new friends ! Thanks for reading ^^ *Oh, can someone explain how this website works, the ranks, the currency and things alike? It's my first time so I get a bit lost sometimes, but I'll try to learn quick :)
  10. Hello!

    Hello friends! Apparently it's never too late to make an introduction so I decided to make a new one today why not You can call me Plume, I'm from France and I love TWICE since their song TT! Nice to meet you guys
  11. Hello

    Hello everyone i'm new here and I love Twice and my bias is Mina because she's really pretty So i hope we'll all be friends and let's support Twice
  12. Does it snow there?

    Hi, my name is Haeju~ >.< Nice to meet you all. Yesterday I was celebrating my 1st year on TTF so, like the others, I wanna make "this" (I don't know what it is, but let's do it anyway)~ I used to be a loner who was struggling in making friends. I liked Kpop in general but only stan SHINee for almost 7 years (now). One day I found out about Twice and decided to stan them as I hope they could cheer up my lonely days. I was looking for their SIXTEEN and V-live videos when I found out about this forum. I logged in as 'a.h.' and used this purple Tzuyu photo as my first dp. That day, I thought since this was online, maybe I could find friends here. Maybe, instead of being a silent and shy person, I could become a person that I wanted to be. After that, I became 'Haeju' who was more bubbly, friendly, selfless and perfect with its own way. I made some new friends. I was so happy. I even became a MOTM as I was so active that time. With Twice and Once, I found a new life! cr. Delta Trap There are so many people who I want to thank. I don't want anyone to feel left out so, instead of mentioning everyone, I will mention as less people as possible. Please understand ^^ Also for, of course, EVERYONE who has made me feel so special and loved during this journey. From you all I've learnt so many things! THANK YOU FOR MAKING MY TTF EXPERIENCE MEANIGFUL ❤❤❤ >.<
  13. Hello from YodaLand

    Hello fella ONCE!! I've been following TWICE ever since Cheer Up Era, and I regretted that I didn't stan them from the beginning!! I didn't know that a new girl group debuted on 10-20-2015, because I was too focused on f(x)'s concert and comeback that time. I've also been getting info, news etc from this forum months ago and just decided to sign up 'cuz I'm actually free from any burdens RN. So Hello fellow ONCEs and I hope that we become comrade in arms in protecting our Teudongies~~~ Fighting!! p.s Nice to, meet(?) you fellas!
  14. Hellou, i've been a follower of TWICE since early december from last year and i consider myself a really huge stan of jungyeon, and i thought it would be good to be part of a community like this one, and start making friends or have someone to talk about the best girl group, i'm really excited to start being part of this!
  15. Hi hi, I'm Lauren, or Lori, nice to meet more Once! My bias fluctuates a bit since they're all equal in my heart; my first love was Jeongyeon. I'm 18, almost 19, but I love talking with a nice person regardless of age! This fall I'll start officially learning Korean at college, which I'm super excited for!! Happy to be in the forums finally, please treat me well 💓 (I wasn't as enthusiastic about kpop till TWICE's OOH-AHH M/V came out, I also hadn't seen Sixteen until after their debut, but this was definitely the instant love moment I fell for Jeongyeon in case you were wondering :- ) so cute)
  16. Hai from Malaysia!

  17. Hello to all!

    Hi all! I'm Jaeheong but you can call me Mae as well I have been a Once since debut and my bias changes all the time, but it all began with Chaeyoung I'm the most active on twitter and Discord and I hope this is a place where I can meet many new friends and talk with new people!
  18. Hi I'm new here ^.^

    Hi I'm new here ^.^ I've been a once before TT era and saw team twice when it looked different in 2015, I've been trying to get into new chat groups and remembered there was team twice 💞
  19. Hello to all

    Hi everyone, my name is Brian and I am from Texas. I have only been a fan for about a week now, but after watching one video I became completely hooked. My bias is obviously Sana and my favorite song so far has been signal. I am glad I found this forum and I look forward to getting to talk with you all some more.
  20. One in a million! Hello!

    Hello! I'm a ONCE from the Philippines and I'm new here! So uhmm.. I can't choose who should I ship with who (in TWICE) so I ship everyone with everyone (in TWICE). I'm an awkward introvert, a Libra, and I'm turning 20 next year (I'm old >.<). So uhmm.. Please take care of me.
  21. After a year, going back

    Hi! It's been a year. I'm MiTzusiast (changed my user recently, my user back then was "MiguriMyoui") But others know me as MiTzu TV. Yes, I'm a big fan of Tzuyu and Mina. But hey I LOVE all the members too y'know #StanOT9 And recently I accepted an application of being a Team Twice Twitter Staff. And I'm amazed on the new style on the forums now. I'll try to be more active in the forums later on. And I hope we'll get along. And better check my Twitter and Youtube for my masterpieces.Thank you!
  22. HI GUYS!!

    Hi Guys! How are you today? So this is my very first time to join any forums like this and I hope since I don't have any experiences on that, would you mind to help me and share your experience about being a good participant of a forum? huhuu My first time I knew Twice was from TT mv and fallin in love with them already, Twice was the first kpop girlgroup that maybe I have to take seriously being participate of. And I thought being a fan of Twice would be a trigger for me to know more about korean culture and kpop industry. Jalbutakdeurimnida Thank you guys and have a nice day!
  23. Hello~

    Hello fellow Once fam, I go by the name Ailynn, from Australia, I can speak Cantonese and Mandarin (I’m a genius) Been following Twice since Sixteen My friends addicted to this forum so I’m here to join in on the fun. Pleased to meet you all. Gamsahabnida 🙇🏻‍♀️
  24. HII

    Helloo! SAILORSANA here... I started this account about a year ago and never really did a proper introduction. (im so bad i know i used to like forums and got lazy now ) Some might know me from twt for posting fanarts uwu (or not ) Anywayssss You can call me either JC, SS, or Zaki ( old nick in twt lol) both will do and i am from the Philippines uwu *inserts ph flag* I really should hang out in the forums more often because i only know twitter nowadays ㅋㅋㅋ anyways i hope i can meet new people here :) Thank youu~
  25. so apparently i made this account like awhile ago but ive never really explored this website well enough ,, so i decided i should start using this more often xd so umm hi everyone !! im ash , i do editing and kinda learning how to gfx rn (?) for twice :3 recently joined TEAM TWICE twitter team and i hope ill do well >< im from the country twice visited for ttv6 hope i can make new friends here !! do check my profile if youd like to see my twitter and youtube ,, anyways please take care of me !