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Found 72 results

  1. Annyeong!

    Hello everyone! New member of this forum. :) Been stalking Twice for months already and just decided to join the fandom. Nice meeting you all and hope to get new friends. Don't worry, I don't bite. I'm still not familiar with all the members of Twice but with your help, I'm pretty sure that it would be an easy task. A little about me? - member of KH and 4V (Kara and RedVelvet forums) bearing the same username. - obviously a Kamilia and ReVeluv (and yes, a ONCE) - still stalking Lovelyz and BlackPink - yes, more fond of girl groups - Philippines! - I'm turning 24 soon. That's all for now, you'll know me more when I start to post/talk/chat. P.S. One of my favorite places in a forum is the chatbox. ;)
  2. Hello! [Intro]

    Hey fellow ONCEs! I'm Sam, a new fan from Singapore! This fansite is really daebak :) My bias is Momo (and Mina --> she has bias wrecked me too many times) Thanks for having me!
  3. Hello!

    Hello everyone! My name is Phebe, and I just joined this forum a few minutes ago ^^ I love anime and K-Pop, and I'm currently just looking around the place to get used to things here. I've been a fan of TWICE since around the first few episodes of SIXTEEN, and I hope to be with them forever! I don't really have a bias, but if I did, I would have to say Sana and Momo. My favorite songs are Truth and Rollin'. No Sana No Life I like Comic Sans
  4. HI

    Freshly joined, intention to know more about Twice schedules and watch subbed videos as quick as possible.
  5. Hello~

    Hello everyone! Umm..I don't really know what to say.. Hopefully we can be friends I just discovered this forum and i decided to join.. please take care of me
  6. ONCE a SONE

    Hello! Annyeonghaseyo! Kon'nichiwa! Nǐ hǎo! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jamie and I'm from the UK! You may have seen me on YouTube going by the name of "Jim, TWICE's pet gerbil". I don't talk a lot...but I do write a lot, so bear with me >_< I've been a huge fan of TWICE for quite a while now, having discovered them in March 2016 (I think it was March 4th) and fallen in love with them immediately. I've also been a fan of SNSD since October 2011 and have been a regular visitor to Soshified since February 2012, which is why I didn't immediately join a TWICE forum, because I felt I didn't have the time to contribute to both forums :O But now, with SNSD all but finished in my eyes and Soshified getting increasingly barren, I decided to sign up to TEAM TWICE. A little bit about me: I'm half-Chinese. I only speak English, although I can say "have you eaten yet?" in Hokkien and thus I hope Tzuyu understands Hokkien so that I can say it to her if we ever meet XD I'm really weird because as well as K-pop, I'm majorly obsessed with Classical Music, particularly piano music. I also love martial arts, biology and creative writing. I have a brown sash in Lau Gar Kung Fu and a degree in Zoology from the University of Sheffield. Both SNSD and TWICE I discovered through bizarre circumstances, through dance covers rather than the actual groups themselves. SNSD I found through a video by the sadly now deceased Monty Oum. TWICE I discovered because I went to the International Cultural Evening in Sheffield whilst at university and the K-pop society there did a cover of "Like OOH-AHH". I thought the song was so great that I searched it as soon as I got home, simply typing "ooh ahh" into YouTube and lo and behold I found TWICE! So both SNSD and TWICE I became interested in purely through their music rather than their looks (although I do think they're all gorgeous and it's their personalities that made me become a fan). I suppose my dream is to become fluent enough in Korean to somehow gain employment under JYP Entertainment, so that I can work with TWICE and eventually marry Sana. Dreams do come true, as TWICE prove so powerfully! I feel very lucky to have discovered TWICE when I did, because when I found SNSD, they'd already reached their peak and so I never got to support them when they truly needed it, whereas with TWICE I'm able to join them on their epic journey as they grow in ability and fame, support them at a crucial time and watch as the legend is written. Anyway, I think I've written enough...Thanks for reading this and I look forward to making lots of new friends here! I'm especially eager to meet more UK ONCE as until LIKEY came out and trended here for several days, I thought I was the sole British ONCE!
  7. 안녕하세요

    나는 말레이시아 출신의 Nura 다. 그리고 분명히 나는 한 번 팬 클럽의 초보자이다. 내 철자가 정말 좋지 않아서 미안해.
  8. Annyeong from PH!

    Annyeong haseyo ONCE chingus! I'm kinda new here and I'm glad I found this community, I hope we all get along especially those CHAENG LOVERS here <3
  9. Annyeonghaseyo from PH

    Hi everyone my name is Mabel :) my bias is Dahyun she's superrrr cute. I'm new here :) and im hoping to make alot of new friends :))

    Hi, my name is janella, from PH im a fan of TWICE since TT era and ohhh, we have emotes erm... I love dahyun so much, she's so energetic, and so pretty I hope I can make a lot of friends here :)
  11. Hello :D

    Hallu, I just joined TTF! I've actually been on TTF a few times before as a guest, but I'm pretty shy, so that's why I didn't want to make an account at first, but now I've decided to leave my comfort zone and make an account! I'm not used to making intros like these, so if I seem really weird then it's just because it's my first time doing things like this ^^ My bias is Nayeon, and I like cake :D My whole life has been devoured by Twice haha, I ship 2Yeon and Mimo, so if anyone has 2Yeon/MiMo hmu haha I hope I can meet some awesome people in here, please take care of me, and thanks for reading!
  12. Newbie Here!

    Hello Everyone! I'm Julie and I'm new to this forum. My bias is the one and only Dancing Machine, Hirai Momo! (btw, it's my birthday today and i'll be very glad if someone greets me.)
  13. Heyyyy ~

    Hey everyone! I've been on many forums, kpop and otherwise. And I wanted a place where I could be a pure unadulterated once and Jeongyeon bias (aka the jeongyeon thread on OH is dry lol) please be nice to me, thank you!
  14. Hello from Australia :3

    Hello, my name is *** (I like too keep my name private :3) and I'm quite new to Twice (only started in July). I have only recently joined this forum and have found quite interesting! I would love to meet new people and make some friends throughout my adventure in this community. My bias is Tzuyu and I ship Satzu . As you can probably tell I live in Australia and support Twice from Sydney. I hope we could all get along Thanks! (PS hApPy bDaY JEONGYEON!)
  15. Ello !

    Ello peeps I joined TTF about two months ago. I was shy at that time so I dun know a lot of friends. I decide to get out of the bubble now keke. I wanna introduce myself to all of you guys ! ( WHAT A LATE INTRODUCTION LMAO) My name is KL but u can also call me Senna. I am living in Hong Kong but I often tell others that TWICELAND IS MY CITY ! I am a 02liner (that means I am 15 ! I am a July Cancer bby). I started watching TWICE shows since Sixteen era and officially (?) became a fan during cheer up era. I was Tzuyu biased at first but then Sana caught my eye and stole my heart from Tzuyu's .(sorrz chewy ~). I got bias wrecked ! ! ! ! HAHAHAHA ! btw , I dun really have a preference on TWICE ships . But I really like Saida a lot. If you got a lot of Saida gifs , feel free to spam some *begging* I hope we get along well ! Nice to meet u all peeps m.u.a.h.z If u saw me offline , I might be online on a app named ONCE AMINO .AND IF U HAVE IMPORTANT THINGS TO TELL ME , drop a message in my pm or just find me directly on ONCE AMINO ( imma tell u my acc soon) . JUST DUN CALL ME , K ? LMAOOOOOOO that's all ! I am not giving any more info about myself for now cuz I dun want to receive your calls . It will be awkward for me if I received your call during my lessons . I will be facing a big trouble if it happened (not even Sanaconda can save me S.O.S) *my last winking before I go * byeeeeeee :)
  16. hi hello :')

    hEYA im kym lol, nice to meet yall! im 15 and i (obviously) rly love twice! my bias is momo and my fav era is signal, but i started stanning twice in tt era. my otp ship is samo but i ship everything tbh lol i dont bite so dont be shy shy shy to talk to me aye :') lets get along well! :)
  17. 안녕

    Hello Once, I am a fairly new once always enjoyed twice music and stuff knew them since debut just didn't pay too much attention to them till now. Recently got crazy hooked and am completely obsessed now. Please have mercy on me when I don't know things that are completely obvious and please take good care of me. Hope to settle in to this community quickly and get to know all of you. Factoids? ~.~: Bias is ... name gives it away but yes Dahyun but also Chaeyoung. Fave ship DUBCHAENG! I am Korean :) was born there but not the best at it still, feel free to message me in korean I don't mind. Fave song would have to be 녹아요, Like a Fool, Eye eye eyes, Signal, 하루에 세번 Enjoy Kpop in general also enjoy bands such as BTS, Day6 and a lot more First got into kpop from my dad back in korea I listened to SNSD Gee and I wouldn't stop singing along to it. from there I just kept listening most of the groups I listened too are pretty old now but you know old but gold ;) took a little break from kpop but recently got back into it from friends they also showed me this site THANKS REMIIX! Well thats all for now. Ask me anything I'm pretty open so... yeah SEE YOU ROUND! (>^w^)>o
  18. Annyeong from Indonesia!

    Annyeong ONCE yeorobundeul! I'm Fira from Indonesia and I've been a fan of Twice since Cheer Up era but suuuper new to this site My bias is Tzuyu., and Chaeyoung., and Mina., and Nayeon., and Jihyo., and Sana., and Jeongyon., and Momo., and Dahyun... oops did I mention all of them?! Because I literally can't choose! Anyway I hope I can get along with all of fellow ONCEs from all around the world here he he Bye for now ~
  19. Hello Everyone

    I am new here, born and raised in Seoul, Korea. I am 17 years old boy, and currently in highschool. It is very nice to meet you. The reasons why I joined this community are... First, I love Twice ^^; Second, I am studying English, of course , in school and hakwon. So joining this club and coummunication with you in Enlish will help me to brush up my English skill. Third, I'd like to know how Twice is getting received in other countries and the reactions from people other than Korea. Please understand my poor English and Thank you for reading. So See you around.
  20. Introduction

    Hello! My name is Noman, I am from Pakistan, Asia. I joined this forum today, 11 September, 2017. Please introduce yourself to know each other. Kamsa...
  21. Hello, everyone

    Hi everyone, I'm new here. I'm Nayeon's Kkaengi. My bias is Nayeon (if it's not obvious enough), her smile makes my day brighter and makes me soft :) But I love all of Twice as well, especially Mina, Chaeyoung and Momo. Nice to meet you all!
  22. WASSUP Y'ALL :)

    I'm a South Korean ONCE (and OFFICIAL 1ST ONCE CANDY). I'm glad to be a member of Team Twice :) I just wanted to communicate with the fans from all over the world :D Momo is the reason why I became ONCE in the first place. If you are Momo Bias like me don't hesitate to talk to me. NO MOMO , NO LIFE !! ♡
  23. Hola! I'm Leo from Philippines, I am new to kpop. I listened to this kind of genre a year ago, and the reason I got into this is because of TWICE! I will support them with all my heart! TWICE FIGHTING! ONCE FIGHTING!!

    YAWWW! SSUP FELLOW ONCE! join da team just because am so into TWICE lately so i can go fangirling with the rest of you!! p/s: am a chaeng trash...
  25. heyyYYY

    안녕하세요! Hi, I'm Megan! I'm new to TTF and hope I can make lots of new friends in here and my bias is also Nayeon!