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Found 99 results

  1. [FANART](WIP) Brand New Girl

    Before anything, I'm not sure if works in progress are allowed here. If there's a problem, please tell me and I'll delete it! Update: Jeongyeon! I decided to make a "#BRANDNEWGIRL" illustration a while ago, and boy, it's taking a lot more time than I expected hahahah xD. But well, there's a long time since I posted something and I thought it would be nice to share a work in progress, that way you would understand a bit of my process as well xD! (I don't know if there's someone interested in this tho hahah) My idea is to make some kind of collage with the girls and the title. I'm trying to avoid details(but it's hard T_T") And there's an error here and there, that will be fixed in the end. Also, I'm thinking about turning these into emoticons, what do you think? =) Please tell me what you think about this kind of post! I'm thinking about making one with tips and such. Thanks in advance <3 And remember to visit my site(and leave me a message there XD) sammsworkshop.com
  2. 3 Japanese Girls at the Top of K-Pop: In the Lion's Den (Please click this link for the news article) Note: © This is copyrighted material owned by Digital Chosun Inc. No part of it may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without prior written permission. Therefore, I am not allowed to reproduce/transmit the news clippings in this post without their written permission. Please help yourselves by taking some time and reading the eventful article of our TWICE's J-Line(Momo, Sana & Mina)'s enduring life as trainees and making it through the project "SIXTEEN" reality show in JYPE-Seoul, South Korea, at the above headline link on the Digital Chosun Ilbo website. This is the 3rd part of a mini-feature of TWICE's J-Line from the news website. The 1st part is "3 Japanese Girls at the Top of K-Pop: The Story Begins", and also reflected (with forum members' comments) in the forum here, while the 2nd part is "3 Japanese Girls at the Top of K-Pop: Taking off to K-Pop Land". Thank you.
  3. Post I've always wondered about what they do in backstages because they spend so much time there and I found out that she actually knits, she's so genuine She even made one for Dahyunie because she requested one Where can you find an unnie like this in this worldㅜㅜㅜ She made one for Dahyunie and one for Tzuyu I really want to get close to Jihyo...ㅎㅎㅎ She's knitting one for her dongsaeng and one for Nayeon This is the product made by Jihyo post response: [+141][-4] original post: here ㅇㅇ |2018.02.13 21:53 신고하기 She took pictures with her dongsaeng when she went to her graduation..Pretty ㅠ 이미지확대보기 추천54 반대0 ㅇㅇ |2018.02.13 18:37 신고하기 I know that Twice are all kind, but Jihyo is freaking kind.... This must take so much time but she does it for her unnies and dongsaengsㅠ 추천45 반대0 ㅇㅇ |2018.02.13 21:33 신고하기 She's quite good at knitting 추천24 반대0 ㅇㅇ |2018.02.13 18:12 신고하기 Tzuyu looks so pretty 추천13 반대0 ㅇㅇ |2018.02.14 16:20 신고하기 Too pretty 추천11 반대0 ㅇㅇ |2018.02.14 16:01 신고하기 She's seriously genuine ㅜㅜ I envy the members 추천8 반대0 23xo |2018.02.19 15:49 신고하기 As expected Twice's leader is kind~~ 추천4 반대0
  4. Oh My Girl Reveals Their Celebrity Friends And Who They Want To Be Close With In a recent interview with a news outlet, Oh My Girl took time to fill out self-written profiles. Through the profiles, the members revealed their celebrity friends, hobbies, favorites, and more. On celebrities she is friends with, Seunghee mentioned TWICE’s Jihyo and Jeongyeon, members from variety show “Girl Spirit,” and her former schoolmates V and Jimin of BTS. Celebrities she wants to become friends with include BoA and Zion.T. In her free time, Seunghee enjoys watching videos of animals, finding new music, and watching movies. YooA is close with the members of project group Girls Next Door from variety show “Idol Drama Operation Team,” which include Jeon Somi, Red Velvet’s Seulgi, MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul, Kim So Hee, Lovelyz’s Sujeong, and SONAMOO’s D.ana. She shared that she wants to be friends with Chungha and added, “Her music is so good.” Although she has appeared as a panel member before, she hopes to appear on “King of Masked Singer” as a mystery singer. Arin wrote Cosmic Girls’ Dayoung, Weki Meki’s Choi Yoojung, PRISTIN’s Yehana, gugudan’s Mina, Kim Sae Ron, and DreamCatcher as her celebrity friends. She wants to become close with Suzy and EXID’s Hani. Her favorite foods include cake, cookies, chicken, sashimi, and meat. She likes eating caramel popcorn while watching movies in theaters. On her closest celebrity friends, Hyojung shared, “I am currently in the stage of getting to know everyone, but my closest friends would be TWICE’s Jeongyeon and Lovelyz’s Mijoo.” She wants to be friends with HyunA, and she also hopes to start a line of idols born in 1994. Hyojung enjoys sports like bowling, archery, and hiking and also plays a lot of guitar and piano. Binnie is friends with PRISTIN’s Yuha, DreamCatcher’s Dami, and DIA’s Yebin, and she hope to become friends with EXID’s Hyerin. She has recently enjoyed collecting makeup, mostly lipstick, and baseball caps. Binnie’s favorite foods are meat, cake, and fruit. Jiho revealed that she is close with Lovelyz’s Sujeong, Berry Good’s Seoyul, Cosmic Girls’ Cheng Xiao, RAINZ’s Hong Eun Ki, and Jun Hyosung. She mentioned Sunmi and BoA as celebrities she wants to be friends with. She enjoys watching movies and bowling, and she wrote as her special ability, “Eating and sleeping.” Mimi wrote that she doesn’t have celebrity friends, but she wants to be friends with Zion.T because of his music style. She shared that her favorite movies are “Titanic” and “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape,” and her hobbies include reading, cooking, writing lyrics, and writing in her diary. Were you surprised by any of Oh My Girl’s profiles? Source (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) cr: soompi
  5. On January 30 2018, Twice were featured on a famous Filipino noontime TV show called It's Showtime in the segment "Copy Cut". There are 2 teams: the boys and the girls. They are given a short amount of time to try and imitate a picture as best as they could. This is a reach because Twice is getting recognition in the Philippines and hopefully they will hold a concert there and maybe become endorsers of a clothing line like Bench. Many Filipino Onces would be so happy! Here is the link to the video enjoy! https://streamable.com/2k4um YouTube blocked my video so I had to post it on streamable
  6. Heart Shaker violin cover

    Hi, please check out my Heart Shaker violin cover and let me know what you think!
  7. [V Report] K-pop stars wish fans a happy New Year Twice greeted fans for the Lunar New Year in a video released via Naver’s V app just as the clock struck midnight. “We wish you a very happy New Year. You can even have us nine’s share of happiness,” Nayeon said. “Let’s have a lot of good food and become chubby when we meet again, Once,” Jihyo said, referring to the name of Twice’s fan club. “I’m curious whether Once had tteokguk (rice cake soup),” Jeongyeon said. Tteokguk is a Korean dish traditionally eaten at the start of the new year. “I won’t have rice cake soup not to grow a year older,” Jihyo said. Korean people traditionally believe eating the soup, known as tteokguk on New Year’s Day makes you a year older. “I will have two bowls,” Sana said. “Then will you become two years older? Would that make you older than me?” Jihyo asked, teasing. “In 2018, for Once, we will try our best to reach out to you,” Jeongyeon said. www.vlive.tv/video/59713 cr: KPOPHERALD Twice wrapped up the video shouting out in unison: “Happy New Year!”
  8. Hello everyone! Glad to be here! UwU! My name is Baim, I'm from Indonesia. My bias is Jihyo, i like her because her eyes is big and has a beautiful natural face thats too OVERPOWER. I love playing games, reading, websurfing, editing and many. I will try my best to be a good person in this forum. Lets be friend tho. We can build a friendship here as a TWICE fans. If you have any questions for me, you can DM me. Feel free to be a friend with me. OLO! Get too nervous to join this forums for the first time, so please guide me! Thanks for your cooperation!
  9. [V Report Plus] Twice offers Valentine Day’s chocolate to Once Twice asked fans to be the group’s Valentines, in a video released via Naver’s V app Wednesday. In the video, each of the nine girls presented a heart-shaped chocolate gift. “Hi! Today is Valentine’s Day. Do you want to have one?” Jeongyeon asked. “Here’s the chocolate. You see it, right? One for me, one for Once,” Sana said, using the band’s pet name for its fan group. “Once! There’s something I prepared for you,” Momo added. She first made a finger heart but soon presented the chocolate and said, “Please take it!” “These are chocolates that Once and I are going to eat. Let’s pig out!” Nayeon said. “Please take my heart,” Tzuyu said with a wink. “You’ll receive mine again this year, right? Let’s be together also in 2018! I love you Once” Mina said. “Tara! I prepared this for you. Enjoy!” Dahyun said. Chaeyoung invoked a popular pickup line, shyly saying, “I found it on my way here.” Jihyo appeared on camera playing the piano. After finishing the tune, she said, “Please receive my heart! Come here, eat with me! It looks delicious!” cr: KPOPHERALD
  10. [V Report] Did Twice hint at next concert with ‘Twicezone’? Girl group Twice mistakenly dropped hints of a concert in a live broadcast held via Naver’s V app Tuesday. “We are taking selfies with Once (Twice’s fan club name),” Jihyo said opening up the broadcast. “You know there was something like ‘Taking selfie with Twice’ in the ‘Likey’ album. Today is the day to take selfies.” “I posted a selfie wearing this and fans asked when it was. It’s today!” Nayeon said. Their postings, however, seemed to cause more than simple entertainment as Jihyo explained Momo’s post stirred up the excitement of the fans who had been waiting for the new update from their favorite K-pop star. “You know it was really fun that Momo posted a picture on Twice’s Instagram account,” Jihyo said. “But she typed ‘Twice-zone’ instead of ‘Twice-zine’ for a hashtag. So fans thought it was a spoiler for our concert.” “They thought the theme for our next concert would be ‘Twice Zone,’ which follows the theme of our previous concert ‘Twice land,’” she said. Twice kicked off its first concert tour “Twiceland -- the Opening” in February last year and wrapped it up in June. cr: KPOPHERALD
  11. [V Report] Twice’s Japanese tracks to be released via local music websites Girl group Twice will release its Japanese singles on local music websites, the group announced in a video released via Naver’s V app Sunday. Jihyo and Chaeyoung announced in the video that the group’s first Japanese single “One More Time” and the second single “Candy Pop” will be released on music websites on Wednesday, February 7th, at 6 p.m.-KST. The video also featured the girl group singing parts of the two title tracks and B-sides, "Luv Me" & "Brand New Girl". “Let’s check out the rest of the songs on the music websites!” Nayeon said. “Once, I hope you’re all looking forward to it,” Jeongyeon said, speaking directly to the group’s official fan club. Twice recently wrapped up its “Twice Showcase Live Tour 2018 -- Candy Pop,” which kicked off at Aichi Arts Center in Nagoya, Japan, on Jan. 19. On Wednesday, the group will release its second Japanese single album “Candy Pop.” http://m.vlive.tv/video/58040 cr: KPOPHERALD
  12. [VID] Jihyo's voicing appreciation

    HEY! It's Jihyo's birthday and I hope I'm not too late for this, so for now let's just appreciate the golden voice of GodJihyo in this video. I wonder what would you like so leave a reply below
  13. HAPPY JIHYO DAY! The seventh painting of Twice's series goes to our angelic singer, Jihyo! I think I've made it just in time! lol This took me a lot of love and effort, I hope that you like it! It would be lovely if she could see it as well xD I really wish that she can continue shining her bright light on us for the next years <3 Happy birthday, Jihyo, this is a tribute to you! Check the Painting process using this link: https://youtu.be/3Sw3kG--Vek Take a look at WIPs, tips, and updates on my social media: Twitter: @Sammy1808 Instagram: sammy_jhoness Portfolio: sammymartins.artstation.com For freelance information, send me a mail at sammymartins@hotmail.com Thanks for the love everyone <3
  14. Hi. I just want to ask because I'm kinda confuse. Isn't Jihyo was younger than Jungyeon amd the same age with Mina right? But why did she call Jungyeon "Jungyeon-ah" instead of "Jungyeon eonni"? Did Mina call Jihyo "Jihyo" or "Jihyo eonni"????? BTW Happy Birthday Jihyo eonni~.♥

    Happy Jihyo Day! To our Twice lovely Leader! You are the best leader in galaxy! Tomorrow i will go to hostel so i wish Jihyo birthday early! Saengil chukha hamnida Jihyo-ssi!
  16. As some of you guys probably like to play overwatch, I found these really cool twice's cheer up x overwatch fanart from facebook user Kaoruru阿薰薰 NAYEON X SOMBRA JEONGYEON X TRACER MOMO X WIDOWMAKER SANA X MERCY JIHYO X D.VA MINA X PHARAH DAHYUN X MEI CHAEYOUNG X ANA AND LASTLY TZUYU X SYMMETRA P.S. the original creator already permit me for posting these pics to another forum
  17. Twice Twice singers unveiled some behind-the-scenes of their hand-painted wall dedicated to the theme of their album, “Merry & Happy” in a V video released Sunday. Jihyo, notorious for her lack of talent when it comes to drawing, proudly presented her drawing of a snowman. “I think I’ve escaped being the ‘mangson,’” Jihyo said, using the internet jargon referring to an ‘untalented hand.’ Chaeyoung still had to come around and fix Jihyo’s work here and there. The video had songs from “Merry & Happy” playing in the background as the Twice singers took turns drawing in the giant space. https://m.vlive.tv/video/56907 cr: KPOPHERALD
  18. Believe me or not, I have had so much difficulty choosing whether I prefer Jihyo with bangs or not Every time when someone asks me whether I preferred Jihyo without bangs or not, I would always hesitate when giving an answer :/ So I decided to make this poll to know what ONCEs prefer Feel free to share any pics / gifs about our leader-nim which shows her beauty with / without bangs [Jihyo with bangs] cr. TWICE_JS [Jihyo without bangs] cr. Wink_Angel0201
  19. Oh My Girl’s Seunghee Gets Emotional Over Sweet Comments From Friend Jihyo Of TWICE Oh My Girl’s Seunghee was touched by what her friend Jihyo of TWICE said! Oh My Girl recently received their first ever music show wins with their track “Secret Garden.” The group appeared as guests on a “Celuv TV” broadcast on January 26. During the show, MC Lee Sang Hoon commented, “I was looking for videos of Oh My Girl and I came across one of TWICE’s V Live broadcasts. Jihyo said that she had a friend in Oh My Girl that she wanted to contact, but she couldn’t because her friend didn’t have a phone.” Seunghee replied, “I’m friends with Jihyo.” She explained that the group hasn’t yet received the phones that were promised by their agency head after their first win. The staff then played the video in which Jihyo said, “Oh My Girl has won twice. I want to congratulate her but she doesn’t have a phone so I can’t.” Seeing the clip made Seunghee emotional, and she shouted seemingly as a way to stop herself from tearing up. She said, “I’m so emotional. Thank you so much.” The members were also asked to name idols they’d like to contact when they get phones. Jiho named IU and Kim Shin Young, Hyojung chose Lovelyz member Mijoo, and Binnie named her friend Yebin of DIA, whom she hasn’t been able to contact for a while. YooA said she wants to contact the members of Girls Next Door, while Arin said she wants to be able to talk to EXID’s Hani through a phone rather than just email. Mimi said she wants to contact Lee Guk Joo and the members of Celeb Five. Seunghee joked, “I just want to reply to Jihyo.” Oh My Girl is currently promoting their new mini album “Secret Garden,” featuring the title track of the same name. Source (1) (2) (3) cr: soompi
  20. [V Report Plus] Twice’s Jihyo, Tzuyu greet fans from Osaka Jihyo and Tzuyu of girl group Twice communicated with fans from Osaka in a live broadcast held via Naver’s V app Thursday. “We released ‘Candy Pop’ and ‘Brand New Girl’ in Japan. I really like the song ‘Brand New Girl.’ I even hope to release a Korean version of it,” Jihyo said. During the broadcast, Tzuyu also updated her fans with her recent status. “I turned 20, but I feel the same,” she said. By Korea’s traditional aging system, everyone gets a year older when the new calendar begins. When Tzuyu asked Jihyo how she felt when she turned 20, Jihyo said, “As soon as I became 20, I really wanted to get my driver’s license. I felt glad that I could drive. I got it on my first try.” Twice is currently on its “Twice Showcase Live Tour 2018 -- Candy Pop,” which kicked off at Aichi Arts Center in Nagoya, Japan, on Jan. 19. The tour will visit a six cities in Japan, wrapping up in Saitama on Feb. 1. http://www.vlive.tv/video/56782 cr: KPOPHERALD
  21. [V Report Plus] Jihyo, Sana greet fans from Fukuoka Jihyo and Sana of girl group Twice communicated with fans in a live broadcast held in Fukuoka, Japan, via Naver’s V app Monday. Starting up the broadcast, Jihyo said that she wanted to communicate with fans before the group’s showcase event began. In the broadcast, Sana, who had reportedly been taken to a hospital for enteritis while shooting an episode for MBC’s variety show “Idol Star Athletics Championships,” said that she is OK now. When asked where the other bandmates were, Sana said “They are preparing to meet Once,” referring to Twice’s fan club. As their bandmate Nayeon entered the waiting room, Sana said, “Nayeon, who said she would work on her abdominal muscles, just took some snacks. I guess it will take some time for her to work on her abs.” Twice is currently on its “Twice Showcase Live Tour 2018 -- Candy Pop,” which kicked off at Aichi Arts Center in Nagoya on Friday. The tour will visit a total of six cities in Japan. Fukuoka is the second leg of the tour. http://m.vlive.tv/video/56323 cr: KPOPHERALD