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Found 113 results

  1. Lets spazz about our eternal leader God-Jihyo!
  2. Hey there Jihyo fans! Whether or not Jihyo's your bias, lets use this space to elaborate on what we love about our leader I'll start with this: I've said this before, but she has the most amazing eyes (even...sometimes... more than Mina *runs*). They're like giant orbs, and they have this glimmering quality that makes em light up I also love her powerful vocals, which she continues to improve on. She really does well as the vocal anchor of the group, and always gives consistent effort and energy in their performances It must be difficult, not being the oldest (really, being the middle member of the group), and still having the responsibility of setting an example and speaking for the group. Her letter on TEPL made me really see what a thoughtful and caring leader she is, and how hard she works to make everyone feel included. Her pre-debut relationship with Tzuyu is a great example of this. She also spoke about feeling sorry for being harsh or yelling at the members; I admire her humility and desire to constantly improve.
  3. [JIHYOIST] Jihyo's Melody Project

    As everyone knows, our god Jihyo did a serenade for her melody project on 21st August 2017. Here are the live audios recorded by fans for all 5 songs she sang: 1. TT (Acoustic/Jazz Version) 2. All About That Bass - Meghan Trainor Let's all embrace god Jihyo's powerful yet soothing acoustic vocal~
  4. [JIHYOIST/GIF] Jihyo Gif Thread

    Share your Jihyo gifs here!
  5. Jihyo and other members "KKAP Dance" make me laugh.
  6. I am literally so jealous of this person! Jihyo took someone's Polaroid from the audience and took a selca, fanservice at it's finest. She's such a kind person! Love our GOD JIHYO! Here is the Photo!
  7. TWICE MELODY PROJECT - Jihyo's Serenade

    TWICE MELODY PROJECT - Jihyo's Serenade 2017.08.21 7PM (KST) at Ilchi Art Hall (86 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul) @Mina'sPenguins, @<3TzuNaMi and/or other forum staff, please help make a date for Jihyo's Serenade (TWICE Melody Project series) at the forum's TWICE calendar of events. Thanks! Pre-application for Jihyo's Serenade at above link (JYP Fan's website).
  8. Hi! I'm new ><

    Hi guyzzz I'm new to this website >~< I hope I have a good time here
  9. The Official SaHyo (Sana x Jihyo) Thread

    They're both so cute and can get really aegyo-y/cheesy Not a whole lot of moments though must find more! plus any ship with sana is automatically realy touchy with lots of hugs so that's a bonus cr. ooooly
  10. Im my opinion, i like the SAF Gayo Daejun where Jihyo sings TT ( Acoustic Ver), Her voice her eyes contact is unbelievable <3 Our Leader is so talent <3 How about you? What is the most Jihyo stage do you like the most ?
  11. I don't know about you, but I think Jihyo has the most amazing eyes They're so big and shiny, and they really stand out as one of her most beautiful traitsFeel free to share any pics/gifs or videos that showcase her eyes (a strong gaze, eye contact, etc.). Her TT intro film had some pretty good moments, so I'll start with those. Don't forget to vote for and share what you like most about her eyes cr. tzuyuuwu
  12. Hey Guys! I found a playlist on YouTube that has like every fancam/focus of Jihyo! So, for all your Jihyo needs, I'll share it with all of you. I didn't make this playlist and I was about to make my own playlist, when luckily I found this! It is updated frequently! Enjoy :). TWICE Jihyo FanCams Let me know in the replies what is your favorite fancam! :)
  13. The official thread for our lovely 97 liners, Jihyo and Mina! Love them! ♥
  14. A daily pics thread for you to share a random pic/gif of Jihyo 9/12/16 cr. spring of south pole look at them eyes bless
  15. And.. they are now complete. Look at her hair, it looks like a fox's tail. Hahahahaha Hirai Dahnayeon
  16. https://twitter.com/JYPETWICE/status/896023445925904388/photo/1 TWICE MELODY PROJECT 지효의 세레나데 2017.08.21 7PM 일지아트홀
  17. The following writings are taken from the book, "The Secret Language of Birthdays" by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers (information available online as well). Readers are encourage to proceed with a light heart and open mind for enjoyment. Similar writings for Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung and Tzuyu shall be available in their respective threads. Thank you. ============================================= Jihyo (February 1st, Aquarius, The Magician) Element/Quality: Air/ Fixed Ruler/Symbol: Uranus/ The Water Bearer Mode/Motto: Thought/ "I Universalise" Image/Season: Youth and Ease (Aquarius II)/ Mid-Winter Aquarius Stones & Uses: Amazonite (open up inspirational faculties) Aquamarine (releases emotions, combats depression) Hermatite (helps ground uranian influences) Amber (calms restlessness) Aquarius Colours: Electric Blue, Silver Gray, Fluorescent colours Aquarius Body Areas: Lower Legs and ankles, circulatory system Aquarius Keys: D major, (F#) F sharp major Aquarius Plants: Dandelions, Resins, Frankincense, Myrrh (Aquarius II) Trees: January 22 - February 18 (Rowan or Mountain Ash) Aquarius Attractions: To Aries, Gemini, Libra (February 1st) The Day of Willfulness Strengths: Strong-Willed, Mentally Quick, Grounded Weaknesses: Stubborn, Overly Rational, Self-Unaware Reading: February 1 people are first and foremost distinguished by their strong earthy but mental nature. Not content with abstract speculations, those born on this day must impress their ideas on the minds of those around them. Headstrong, willful and courageous, they know when they are in the right and will not give one inch. As their mental preparation for most circumstances is thorough, and they have a facile, improvisatory flair, they are able to avoid compromising situations and sidestep any issues which they would rather not discuss. Thus they can make formidable opponents. A February 1 person is characteristically energetic and youthful, but often petulant like a child as well. Emotional problems can plague February 1 people, particularly in their younger years. Their feelings are often scattered, impulsive and uncontrollable, and thus land them in trouble repeatedly. There seems to be a great divide between their mental solidity and their emotional vulnerability so that at times they are like two different individuals. Until they bring their great willpower to bear on their own inner processes, come to grips with their personal problems and begin to understand themselves, their lives will continue to be in turmoil. More highly evolved February 1 individuals eventually integrate their many-sided talents into a well-functioning, polished persona -- but this takes time. Until they do, their careers may be highly unstable and they are apt to flounder. Others may watch them in confusion or bemusement and wonder why they haven't succeeded in doing more, despite their ambition. In addition to their mental and emotional makeup, the sensuous physical side of February 1 people cries out to be fed, and this may cause additional problems if it is operating out of control. Of the qualities mentioned, in their personality hierarchy, the mental usually comes first, the sensuous second and the emotional third. The fourth important area (too often neglected), that of intuition, should be cultivated and relied on more as it can be the important cementing bond which pulls it all together for these talented but tumultuous individuals. Part of the problem is that the power of reason and logic is so highly developed in February 1 people that it can crowd out their intuitive side. When reason at times breaks down, they tend to tumble into the feeling and physical realms, often resulting in emotional outbursts or self-indulgence. For February 1 people it is not so much self-control that is wanted but self-understanding, and above all personality integration. Though sometimes obscured by their focus on matters at hand, being a whole and deeply feeling human being is the highest and most important aim for those born on this day, and ultimately takes them far beyond where mental drive and determination alone can. Numbers and Planets: Those born on the 1st of the month are ruled by the number 1 and by the Sun. Those born on the 1st usually like to be first, are of a definite viewpoint and eager to rise to the top. The Sun symbolises strong creative energy and fire, which should be kept flowing steadily rather than allowed to flare out of control. When coupled with Uranus (ruler of Aquarius), the Sun's power influences can become restless and electric, making February 1 people high-strung and confused. Also, too much rejection in early and middle life can cause them to grow cold and aloof. Tarot: The 1st card of the Major Arcana is The Magician, who symbolises intellect, communication, information, as well as magic. Over his head is an infinity symbol, which in some Tarot decks takes the form of a hat, in others a halo. Many interpretations may be drawn, one of which is that the Magician recognises the cyclical and unending nature of life and is empowered by this understanding. The positive traits suggested by this first card include diplomatic skill and shrewdness but, negatively, lack of scruples and opportunism. Health: Those born on February 1 will generally experience many problems in their emotional life. Their intense emotions lead them into involvements from which it can be difficult or impossible to extricate themselves. These bright and quick individuals have to beware of using physical, sensual and sexual activities as a way of turning off their brains, essentially addictive and potentially damaging behaviour. Moderate, regular physical exercise (aerobics, jogging, swimming) is highly recommended. February 1 diets should shun excess sugar and the use of tobacco, which, though perhaps calming in the short term, only makes them more nervous in the long run. Grains, fresh vegetables, breads, hearty soups and stews are stable foods and work to keep them grounded. Advice: Cultivate your intuitive powers. They are a natural resource. Try to be more patient and contemplative. Don't be too anxious to please lovers. Be your own boss. Meditation: "The mind not only comes with a personal computer, but also a modem for connecting with the rest of the Universe" ============================================= Musings and themes to Jihyo. [Please listen and enjoy] ->>>> Japanese music English music
  18. (all photos except some are from JYP Entertainment) KNOCK KNOCK Nayeon Jungyeon Momo Sana Jihyo Mina Dahyun Chaeyoung Tzuyu SIGNAL Nayeon Jungyeon Momo Sana Jihyo Mina Dahyun Chaeyoung Tzuyu
  19. Hi! I'm new ><

    Hi guyzzz I'm new to this website >~< I hope I have a good time here
  20. I'm not sure if this is true or not but according to this website http://www.koreaboo.com/news/alexander-lee-star-filipino-drama-korean-jagiya/ if you read the bottom news it says that Twice will have a special appearance on the drama I'm not sure tho if this is true.. >~< Im excited
  21. Who is your bias in Twice?

    Just want to know who has many fans per member. that's all. Thank you.
  22. This time the fanarts are from instagram! Follow them aaaalll~~~ JIHYO by @hiradameirin JEONGYEON by @ramzyazhari TZUYU by @jaeyeol.art NAYEON by @anakyangterbang NAYEON X JIHYO by @minjunminjun0319 MOMO by @taeyogi Which one is your favourite this time~ Previous shoutout: