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Found 90 results

  1. cr: jjangyeon Here it is, guys. Let's share all about Jungyeon here. Everything about her that you want other to see or things you want to say about Jungyeon. Because, what's more fun than spazzing? It's spazzing together! Don't you think so? cr: Yuplus cr: BlackPaint cr: Yuplus Let's love Jungyeon and go crazy over her together! cr: Yuplus Come on, let's go! cr: jjangyeon
  2. [BIRTHDAY] Jeongyeon's Message Book

    Jeongyeon's birthday is coming up on the 1st of November and Team Twice will be sending her a printed book filled with fan messages and photos to let her know Once think she is one in a million! How to Participate Post a message to Jeongyeon wishing her a happy birthday. Post a photo with a fansign wishing her a happy birthday. Post a piece of fanart for her birthday. Rules & Guidelines Messages must be under 100 words in length. Messages over 100 words will not be included in the book. Messages must be in English or Korean. Do not use Google Translate to translate. No emojis Images must be at least 4in x 5.5in (horizontal or vertical) and 300dpi. Each participant may submit one photo (fansign, fanart, etc.) and one message. Deadline All messages and photos must be received by 11:59pm KST on 18th October 2017. The post will be locked immediately afterwards. No late submissions will be accepted. Leave Your Message To leave your message for the book, please reply in this thread with the following: Name: Country: Message (100 words MAX): Photo Link: (Please be thoughtful if you're uploading images directly to this thread. Big files slow the thread. Thank you)
  3. Hello fellow Once. I don't believe there is a Jeongyeon gif thread yet so I thought I make one and share some of the gifs I've stashed up in my Twice bank If you have any Jeongyeon gifs I encourage you to share them with your fellow Jeongyeon stans and Once. Onto the slideshow then
  4. TWICE Jungyeon’s older sister, actress Gong Seung Yeon, revealed how different she was from her siblings. In a recent interview with InStyle magazine, Gong Seung Yeon said she barely used any makeup, unlike her sister, Jungyeon. “I don’t really use makeup on a daily basis. It’s still awkward for me to do dark and heavy looks, so I usually just wear sunscreen and go out. When I need it, I’ll also take my cushion foundation and a lip product with me.” — Gong Seung Yeon She also revealed that out of the three siblings, Jungyeon was the most advanced and had the most interest in makeup! “It’s common for older sisters to teach their younger sisters about makeup, but it was the complete opposite for us. (Laughs) Jungyeon is very interested in beauty so she always has a huge pouch with her wherever she goes. If I’m in need of makeup I’ll take Jungyeon’s pouch. (Laughs)” — Gong Seung Yeon Despite not being as interested in makeup as Jungyeon, Gong Seung Yeon said she’s slowly introducing herself to various products. “I don’t think only expensive makeup products come in good quality. My friends have recommended some more affordable brands and I’m currently looking for a product that works well with my skin type. I like to use home shopping too. (Laughs)” — Gong Seung Yeon Gong Seung Yeon’s full photo shoot and interview can be seen in InStyle magazine’s October edition. Source: koreaboo Sports Donga
  5. Jeongyeon spends a lot of her time taking care of the other TWICE members. pic.twitter.com/vcqCmDiyR6 No matter where they are, Jeongyeon is always keeping an eye out and making sure everything is okay. pic.twitter.com/pyWQGLtHTn In fact, Jeongyeon is referred to as “no jam” (no fun) because she sometimes spoils the fun. pic.twitter.com/w9nnPTedut But she’s actually making sure that everyone is safe and nothing goes wrong. pic.twitter.com/vahH15KdQG She always lends a hand in helping the younger members when they’re struggling. pic.twitter.com/3hO84Z4uSn And of course, she’s always there for her best friend Nayeon. pic.twitter.com/x5lJZ0AROS Perhaps one of the most alert members, she always makes sure to prevent wardrobe malfunctions ahead of time too. pic.twitter.com/gAyxTNOwVA Rain or snow, Jeongyeon is always there to help and protect her fellow TWICE members. c. embryo Jeongyeon really is a real-life angel! c. twice-jyp source: koreaboo
  6. WELCOME TO THE JUNGTZU/JEONGTZU THREAD!~~~~~ I know Im not that only one that ship these two together. VISUALS IMPACT! Plus this!!! Nothing gayer than actually looking like a gay couple from an anime
  7. I don't think Jungyeon has her own daily pics thread yet so I shall start one for all jungyeon spazzers! I will keep this thread updated as much as I can 24/09/16 I SEE NO DIFFERENCE cr. all-twice
  8. ♥2Yeon♥ ☆Longest otp to ever existed in Twice☆ (5 years of trainees and counting since the establishment of Twice as of October 20, 2015) ♏ Yoo Jungyeon aka Dad of the group & Im Nayeon aka Mom of the group ♍ ❀ their aegi (kid) is non other than giant baby Chou Tzuyu ❀ Let out your inner 2Yeon beast an bomb this thread like your life depends on it! (In other words spazz all you want 2Yeon Style~)

    Hey Guys! I am a really big fan of JUNGMO! HAHAHA I've been eyeing them since the beginning of days being a ONCE! Does anyone here in favor of JUNGMO? HAHAHA ONCE <3 TWICE
  10. Hi! I'm new ><

    Hi guyzzz I'm new to this website >~< I hope I have a good time here
  11. Let's put all the Fanarts of Jeongyeon here! credits: @mmt0114
  12. Hello~ I'm back with a new edit that some of you waited for. I'm actually working on others, don't worry. ~ If you are a Jeongyeon stan, I'm sure you'll love this edit.~ (Well, i hope so..) Here it is ~ This was an unexpected concept from me I guess.. But I really like that vibe in her. I think it suits her~ (Sorry for the bad quality... ) What do you think 친구들?
  13. Hello! I'm gonna Introduce my group cover named Tricky wickey we are from Indonesia... guys I need your help for watch, like and comment on our video.. we are join KWF 2017 we need to pass a national region for go to Final... Kindly watch our video >< here the link below PS: sorry our voice is not that good

    Well i originally Started this in the wrong section sooo... I'LL JUST POST THEM HERE NOW
  15. this is a great aesthetic stuff for Jungyeon stans!! cr. BLACK PAINT
  16. My Roommates in Switzerland :D
  17. [Translated briefly to the best of my understanding) "God of Kindness" is a travelog program where top stars (including from TWICE, Girls' Day, AOA etc) representing the Republic of Korea visit developed countries of the world (in this case, Asia) and introduce them to the viewers. 1st session: Hong Kong 2nd session: Taiwan 3rd session: Seoul, Gangwon-do, Gwangju, Daegu and Gyeongbuk KBS 1TV "God of Kindness" on August 11th, at 7.35pm KST (Jeongyeon & Dahyun) @Mina'sPenguins and forum staff, please help add in schedule to the TWICE calendar. Thanks! cr: naver news http://twice.jype.com/schedule.asp
  18. HELLO people of Team Twice. I have decided to compile pre-debut photos/videos , once again but this time JUNGYEON! Personally I think she's friggin cute and needs more fans. Tell me what you think about her. Here are some short clips ^^ Here are some photos. (Feel free to share more, down below!)
  19. The following writings are taken from the book, "The Secret Language of Birthdays" by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers (information available online as well). Readers are encourage to proceed with a light heart and open mind for enjoyment. Similar writings for Nayeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung and Tzuyu shall be available in their respective threads, (and an addition for JYP himself). Thank you. ============================================= Jeongyeon (November 1st, Scorpio, The Magician) Element/Quality: Water/ Fixed Ruler/Symbol: Pluto (co-ruler: Mars)/ The Scorpion Mode/Motto: Feeling/ "I Control" Image/Season: Intensity (Scorpio I)/ Mid-Fall Scorpio Stones & Uses: Ruby (supports inner faith and courage needed to face the world) Garnet (balances sexual drives) Carnelian (keeps one's feet on the ground) Black Pearl (grants calm and solace in troubled times) Scorpio Colours: Black, Blood Red, Charcoal Gray Scorpio Body Areas: Nose, Genitals, Blood, Urethra, Bladder Scorpio Keys: D minor, (C#) C sharp minor Scorpio Plants: Root vegetables, Black poppy, Hemlock (Scorpio I) Grasses & Vines: October 28 - November 21 (Reed) Scorpio Attractions: To Capricorn, Leo, Pisces (November 1st) The Day of Onslaught Strengths: Energetic, Self-Confident, Expansive Weaknesses: Destructive, Chaotic, Restless Reading: The active people born on November 1 give their undivided energy to endeavours in which they are involved. There is an undeniable attraction to danger working on this day. Not only do November 1 people tend to seek it out, but it can also come up behind them, often catching them unawares. For those born on this day, excitement in their profession is a prerequisite. If they spend an extended amount of time in an unstimulating job, they are likely to stagnate or atrophy. Until November 1 people have found a good way to satisfy this need for stimulation, their lives remain unfulfilled. The aggressive elements of this personality find easy expression. In general, others are not offended by a November 1 person's forceful attitude, since those born on this day usually present themselves in a straightforward, guileless fashion. Honesty in general comes naturally to November 1 people, but they are also capable of hiding very complex covert activities as well. Therefore, they gladly show a great deal of themselves to the outside world, but by no means everything. November 1 people display immense self-confidence but their disregard of danger can place them in harm's way, both physically and psychologically. They also have a tendency to underrate their adversaries, and brush off those who would warn them to be more guarded. November 1 people must not only learn to be more realistic in sizing up the opposition but also should try to view life in general with a more coldly objective eye. They have to begin, hopefully sooner in their lives rather than later, to listen to the advice of others and to take it to heart. November 1 people are happiest when they are in the attack mode in their chosen field of endeavour. Whether it is going at a stack of paperwork, an instrument, their opponent in a game or sport, or pursing a love object, they are difficult to stop. Their mode of operation is generally more in the nature of a blitz rather than a careful probe or limited strike. The all-out nature of what they do makes them forces to be reckoned with but, at the same time, in competitive situations may leave their own defense open to punishing counter-strikes. Those born on this day usually have excellent, even brilliant, insight into technical matters as well as people, but rarely into themselves. They may need to spend a considerable amount of time getting to know the deeper aspects of their nature. In addition, November 1 people, as stated above, could benefit from a more defensive or guarded orientation. Cultivation of good sound common sense will take them a long way on their path. Numbers and Planets: Those born on the 1st of the month are ruled by the number 1 and by the Sun. People born on the 1st like to be first. Those ruled by the number 1 are typically individual, highly opinionated, and eager to rise to the top. November 1 people usually have the stamina and concentration to hang in there, but can experience frustrations. The Sun symbolises strong creative energy and fire, which is best kept flowing steadily rather than allowed to sporadically flare out of control. Coupled with Pluto and Mars (ruler and co-ruler of Scorpio), the Sun's influence can lead November 1 people to be rash and highly destructive to themselves and others. Tarot: The 1st card of the Major Arcana is The Magician, who symbolises intellect, communication, information, as well as magic. Over his head is an infinity symbol, which in some Tarot decks takes the form of a hat, in others a halo. Many interpretations may be drawn, one of which is that the Magician recognises the cyclical and unending nature of life and is empowered by this understanding. The positive traits suggested by this first card include diplomatic skill and shrewdness but, negatively, lack of scruples and opportunism. The choice rests with the November 1 person whether to be taken up with superficiality and destructive impulses or to develop more far-reaching influences on society, as well as deeper personal goals. Health: November 1 people are, not surprisingly, accident-prone. They must keep to the good sense they exercise daily, in caring for themselves. Vigorous physical exercise is highly recommended for these hard-driving people, along with competitive games and sports. Martial arts are perhaps attractive to those born on November 1, but should be practiced with great care and restraint. As far as diet is concerned, November 1 people are usually less than fastidious and may indeed resist disciplining their eating habits. Alcohol consumption should be strictly limited. Advice: Common sense is your crying need. Learn to protect yourself in daily life. Remain focused on the vanguard, but don't forget your rearguard. Get to know yourself better. Meditation: "The stillest part of the hurricane is its center" ============================================= Musings and themes to Jeongyeon. [Please listen and enjoy] ->>>> Japanese music English music
  20. still learning and i really like the way she waved at the camera on the original picture. (old drawing, still the favorite)
  21. I found playlists of each member that has A LOT of fancams! I didn't make any of these playlist's , but still enjoy them! Here is JeongYeon! JeongYeon FanCams! What era did you like Jeongyeon in the best?
  22. https://twitter.com/JYPETWICE/status/896023445925904388/photo/1 TWICE MELODY PROJECT 지효의 세레나데 2017.08.21 7PM 일지아트홀
  23. (all photos except some are from JYP Entertainment) KNOCK KNOCK Nayeon Jungyeon Momo Sana Jihyo Mina Dahyun Chaeyoung Tzuyu SIGNAL Nayeon Jungyeon Momo Sana Jihyo Mina Dahyun Chaeyoung Tzuyu
  24. I'm not sure if this is true or not but according to this website http://www.koreaboo.com/news/alexander-lee-star-filipino-drama-korean-jagiya/ if you read the bottom news it says that Twice will have a special appearance on the drama I'm not sure tho if this is true.. >~< Im excited