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Found 123 results

  1. ZGminatozakimyoui

    [DISCUSSION] Hunt for the shoes worn by TWICE

    A thread for those who loves sneakers and twice Im on the hunt to collect the shoes worn by twice can you guys help me? i'll start with this one Worn by Myoui Mina (W Airmax Sequent 3)
  2. Our dear penguin Mina is the one to get the new painting!What is love just doesn't leave my head, geez it's so good! <3This time I decided on a really different style, I hope that you like it! There's also a speedpaint, please check it out at this link: https://youtu.be/ZS-3QW4OhLI Please remember to leave your thoughs, suggestions and share the love <3! Check my social media: Website: sammsworkshop.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/sammsworkshop Twitter: @samms_workshop Instagram: @samms_workshop
  3. [V Report Plus] Momo learns to play Korean ‘se se se’ (Naver V app) Girl group Twice enjoyed their time back in school in the latest episode of Twice TV released via Naver’s V app Wednesday. The episode showed some behind-the-scenes footage from the filming of the music video for the group’s latest track “What is Love?” which parodies popular scenes from romance films. In the video, the Twice bandmates filmed a scene which parodied a scene from the 2001 film “The Princess Diaries” where the heroine Mia, played by Anne Hathaway, returned to school after getting a drastic makeover to become the princess of Genovia. During the break, Jihyo taught her Japanese bandmate Momo how play the “se se se” clapping game. Momo was confused by the quick hand movements at first, but got the moves soon after. Watching them play the game, Sana said, “It would have been fun if they went to same school. Don’t you think so?” Another Japanese bandmate Mina is a professional when it comes to the clapping game and played a more complicated version than Jihyo. http://www.vlive.tv/video/67315 CR: KPOPHERALD
  4. Haru

    JAPANESE LINE :: J-Trinity

  5. MinaPenguin #TwiceismyLife

    [MINAIST] Mina Cute

    How come you smile so cute? BY: Ballerina Mina
  6. This is the place for all you Mina fans to spazz about our favourite ketchup loving member Source: Twitter.com. (2016). 사탕발림 (@satangbaleem) | Twitter. [online] Available at: https://twitter.com/satangbaleem [Accessed 15 Oct. 2017].
  7. TWICE Reveals Which BTS Song Nayeon Sings In Her Sleep According to TWICE, Nayeon has some fairly entertaining sleep habits! See Also: TWICE To Appear On “Running Man” As Full Group On April 11, TWICE appeared on the MBC FM4U radio show “Ji Suk Jin’s 2 O’Clock Date,” where they talked about Nayeon’s famous tendency to sing and talk in her sleep. DJ Ji Suk Jin remarked, “I heard that you sing a lot while sleeping,” and Nayeon admitted, “I do talk in my sleep—but not so much these days.” Jeongyeon immediately protested, insisting, “It’s no joke how much she still talks in her sleep these days.” When Ji Suk Jin asked for details, Jeongyeon replied, “Recently, she’s been whimpering [in her sleep]. I think she must be in pain. She says, ‘It hurts, it hurts.'” Mina chimed in, “I’ve seen her talk in her sleep so many times. The things she says are really random. Things like, ‘Should we go downstairs now?’ I think she must have been participating in promotional activities in her dreams.” Jeongyeon agreed, saying she’d seen Nayeon practicing tongue twisters while sleeping. TWICE also revealed that Nayeon had sung BTS’s “Fire” in her sleep before. The members all cracked up as Nayeon explained, “I was sleeping on an electric heating pad. When I woke up, I was sweating, and the members told me I had been singing ‘Fire.'” She then asked the other members, “Which part did I sing?” Jeongyeon reported that Nayeon had sung Suga’s iconic line from the beginning of the song, “Burning up.” Have you ever sung a song in your sleep before? Share your own stories below! Source (1) (2) CR: soompi
  8. Post Twice's Myoui Mina who comes from Kobe, Japan. She has this oddly-charming vibes in her, which is known as the characteristic of Japanese. instiz -She really suits short hairstyle.. -I know right.. She looks like a Japanese.. -Maybe that's because she's actually Japanese..? -I once met her in person and I have to say that she has a really beautiful nose.. So gorgeous..ㅠㅠ -That's right.. She really does look like a Japanese.. -Mina is totally my goals..ㅠㅠ -Ah.. I was wondering where she comes from since people keep on saying that she looks Japanese.. And turns out that she's actually Japaneseㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ -She kinda reminds me of Son Yejin..? -What are you talking about.. Of course she has the characteristic of Japanese, that's because she's from Japan! -Seriously, though.. Why is she so pretty? -At first, I thought she was from China.. She has this Chinese beauty in her! She's totally my type.. Mina is mineㅠㅠ -Mina looks the prettiest in my eyes latelyㅠㅠ -She gets prettier the more you see her..ㅠㅠ -I have a feeling she's going to hit really big if she ever starred in a mellow-romance movie.. -That's because she's Japanese.. -I know right.. She totally has the mixture of youthful and innocent, and also a little bit of mysterious.. -I know.. The type of face of the main characters you would see in sad movies.. -I wonder when will we ever get to see long-haired Mina againㅠㅠ and Momo without bangs.. -I can see a little bit of Ryujin in some of these pictures.. -The prettiest girl in the world..ㅠㅠ -Mina is seriously driving me insane with her beauty..ㅠㅠ
  9. Well some people has requested to share ISAC 2018 pics if I can make all of them in a single folder ... So I'm sharing ... Well it's rough ... Many non-hd pics are here and can be duplicate as well ... So Up to you guys what you like it's your ISAC 2018 Jan photo Compilation cr : Tzuyu pics , TWICE global group , Dahyun Pics , Studio parn , 꿈나라 , SHINE A LIGHT , beyondwords , Jeongyeon pics , TwiceOnceLand , #1 NaTzu Promoter ♡ , Jihyo pics , 울고보채영‏ , ♡ dahyun pics ♡ And apologizing for a few Sana can't find.. really sorry :(
  10. It seems our girl are getting holiday for Chinese New Year~ Mina Sana Momo cr: studioPARN, 지방이, 0324twice
  11. alfianmsn

    [PIC] Twice Photo Compilation

    https://menboongieya.wordpress.com/ this site is not mine, i just share it. thanks you
  12. MinaPenguin #TwiceismyLife

    [PIC] 180319 Mina Incheon Airport Returning from Thailand

    Cre: BDS_MyoiMina324, LoveLyMINA37, coupd_efourde, asiatoday, TwiceOnceLand, dogloveshe Link: Facebook
  13. Nayeon Chaeyoung and Tzuyu are special MCs for today's Mnet M! Countdown.
  14. Mina'sPenguins

    [FMV] Happy (belated) Mina Day :D

    Wish I could've finished it in time for her birthday, but here's my belated celebratory FMV for Mina . Personally, this is my favorite of the FMVs I've made so far (including the 3 for Mina). I hope y'all enjoy it!
  15. Hi everybody! I thought it'd be nice to have a thread like @Alex97's Nayeon a Day, where you can just share a random pic or gif of Mina (preferably once a day). This would be a good place to enjoy a more distilled Mina-loving experience, if the spazz thread is a little too much for you (or whatever the reason may be). Also, if anybody thinks of a better thread title, let me know ("Mina a day" felt a little harder to say :P). Enjoy! cr. Black Swan