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Found 16 results

  1. let's go crazy about our 'cutie-sexy' sana banana!!
  2. cr:556 Music Tracks made and remixed by this fellow. I think he is pretty amazing so i decided to share his masterpieces. Enjoy!
  4. Jihyo (February 1st, The Magician/ The Day of Willfulness) Image: Youth & Ease Strengths: Strong-Willed, Mentally Quick, Grounded Weaknesses: Stubborn, Overly Rational, Self-Unaware Mina (March 24th, The Lovers/ The Day of Beguiling Simplicity) Image: Rebirth Strengths: Positive, Open, Affectionate Weaknesses: Imprecise, Depressive, Unrealistic Chaeyoung (April 23rd, The Hierophant/ The Day of Adopted Security) Image: Power Strengths: Social, Secure, Careful Weaknesses: Inflexible, Anxious, Repressed Dahyun (May 28th, The Magician/ The Day of The Innovative Trailbrazer) Image: Freedom Strengths: Unique, Individual, Creative Weaknesses: Egotistical, Overreaching, Impatient Tzuyu (June 14th, Temperance/ The Day of Gutsy Confrontation) Image: Seeker Strengths: Successful, Gutsy, Ambitious Weaknesses: Overstressed, Impatient, Domineering Nayeon (September 22nd, The Fool/ The Day of Restless Drive) Image: Beauty Strengths: Individual, Perceptive, Well-Directed Weaknesses: Acerbic, Dark, Guarded Jeongyeon (November 1st, The Magician/ The Day of Onslaught) Image: Intensity Strengths: Energetic, Self-Confident, Expansive Weaknesses: Destructive, Chaotic, Restless Momo (November 9th, The Hermit/ The Day of Earthly Temptation) Image: Depth Strengths: Physical, Insistent, Open Weaknesses: Impulsive, Troubled, Materially Stuck Sana (December 29th, The Priestess/ The Day of Preeminence) Image: Ruler Strengths: Interesting, Communicative, Commanding Weaknesses: Self-Unaware, Careless, Undiplomatic =================== - Their respective strengths help to negate their individual weaknesses, which makes them a strong and tight knitted family. (e.g. careful>careless; Grounded>Unrealistic/Restless, Well-Directed>Self-Unaware, Open/Communicative/Social>Guarded, Strong-Willed>Depressive, Energetic>Repressed etc). - They all have individual unique images and characteristics, e.g. Jihyo(Youth & Ease), Nayeon(Beauty), Jeongyeon(Intensity). - In my opinion, Sana's overall guide ("Preeminence"; the Ruler image) is closest befitting a cultural icon, similar to JYP ("Exacting Craft"; the Titan image) and IU ("Outrageous Flair"; the Natural image). Her overall legacy could be greater than both if she is given the right opportunities at the right time to blossom and grow. (Though she would go behind the scenes when at her highest peak to act as a mentor/motherly figure to the future generations of artists). - Feel free to add on your thoughts where applicable. Additional readings: JYP (December 13th, Death/ The Day of Exacting Craft) Image: Titan Strengths: Attentive, Perceptive, Thoughtful Weaknesses: Disturbing, Irritating, Fussy IU (May 16th, The Tower/ The Day of Outrageous Flair) Image: Natural Strengths: Colourful, Uninhibited, Expressive Weaknesses: Unaware, Unstable, Volatile The late Kim Jonghyun (April 8th, Strength-Courage/ The Day of Conscience) Image: Star Strengths: Ethical, Giving, Socially Responsible Weaknesses: Self-Sacrificing, Extreme, Emotionally Closed Park Bogum (June 16th, The Tower/ The Day of Capital Investment) Image: Seeker Strengths: Shrewd, Patient, Success-Oriented Weaknesses: Self-Satisfied, Indecisive Yoo Jaesuk (August 14th, Temperance/ The Day of the Mortal Mirror) Image: Leadership Strengths: Observant, Honest, Funny Weaknesses: Self-Unaware, Escapist, Disturbing
  5. Okay, since we have the elbow game why won't we try typing with closed eyes? But this time, we only type the names of the the Twice members. Rules: - No Peeking - This time you are allowed to backspace but remember not to peek! - You can type the members' name in any order - Have fun! Me first: jihyo nayeon tzuyu dahun xhaeyounf mina hubfeywon sana sahyun what even.. xD Edited: I just noticed I attempted to type Dahyun's name twice and forgot Momo @@...
  6. trane658

    K-Pop Playlists by Trane

    I'm putting this on other talents because it doesn't really qualify as a talent at all. I've been creating Playlists on Soundcloud and I have just started a Youtube channel. I hope to showcase my skills and content in making these and I hope you enjoy. P.S- I do not know if the mods mind this kind of post, if it is not allowed I'm terribly sorry about it. Soundcloud Link- https://soundcloud.com/trane658 I'll be making a full Twice Playlist that I'll showcase here to celebrate my membership on TTF
  7. Alex97

    [GAME] The Ctrl + V Thread

    Pretty much just press those keys (Ctrl + V) and see what you have. You can explain or give a reason if you want This is just for fun, and maybe out of boredom lol. umm... yeah lol
  8. This is an easy game. You just have to type in ONE word that pops into your mind after seeing what the person above you writes, and then we keep going from there. First Word: Twice
  9. day289

    Heart Shaker violin cover

    Hi, please check out my Heart Shaker violin cover and let me know what you think!
  10. Twice.Arts

    [FAN ART] Member Wallpapers

    Hey ONCEs I want to show you my new Wallpapers. I made 2 of every Member. One is in 1920X1080 and the other is 1080X1920. So one for the Desktop and one for Smartphones. I would be very happy about a comment. I also like criticism or suggestions for improvement. Nayeon Jeongyeon Momo Sana Jihyo Mina Dahyun Chaeyoung Tzuyu If you like them you can use them. If you have any questions you can ask rigth below or per pn.
  11. I've always wondered whether or not Nayeon had more fanboys or fangirls on TTF, let's see
  12. Does our precious Sana have more fanboys or fangirls on TTF~
  13. no words can describe how funny this guy is besides laughing
  14. { TWICE GRAPHICS } SIGNATURES & WALLPAPERS: free to use REQUESTED SIGNATURES: only for the use of the username listed here { TWICE GIFs } { TWICE ICONS } { OTHER K-POP ARTISTS } WALLPAPERS SIGNATURES { ANIME } AVATARS TAGWALLS SIGNATURES WALLPAPERS Fun Facts: 1) I change my editing names more than my usernames here in TTF. 2) I use Photoshop CS6 and Topaz Clean to edit these photos. 3) I mostly get my resources from DeviantArt and I post my graphics there too from time to time. 4) I get pressured when I do editing requests so I'm just mostly doing this as a hobby. 5) I want to study Graphics and Multimedia but my sister already took it so I'm stuck as an IT student haha! 6) I listen to TWICE songs while editing. But it depends on who I'm editing. If it's Irene, I listen to RV's songs. If it's Kagerou Project, I listen to Kagerou Project songs. 7) What gets me in the mood: Crybaby Album by Melanie Martinez Questions? You can ask me in this thread. Haha! I'll bump this thread from time to time when I add something new so I hope you'll check it out <3
  15. Mina'sPenguins

    Twice Fansign at GLAD Hotel Yeouuido Bloom

    Fansign (Mar. 04th) at GLAD Hotel Yeouido Bloom (banquet hall) LL Floor (16, Uisadang-daero, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul), starting 19:00hrs (7.00pm) - KST
  16. until
    Fansign event (Feb. 26th) at Sangam Nuri Dream Square International Conference Room (1605 Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul), starting 15:30hrs (3.30pm) - KST