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Found 25 results

  1. Alex97

    [GAME] The Ctrl + V Thread

    Pretty much just press those keys (Ctrl + V) and see what you have. You can explain or give a reason if you want This is just for fun, and maybe out of boredom lol. umm... yeah lol
  2. Since the summer nights album came with a variety of photocards and CD cover, i will share with you what i got from the Night and Water version Night Version: The Water version Extra bonus for first release version, Water version: Extra bonus for first release version, Night version [ALERT] contains images showing skins, lots and lots of skins, so many skins it's like wow, so enter at your own risk [/ALERT] Thank you for wasting your time and data to look at each one :D
  4. Like really dubu just completely shuts down like I can hear the windows startup sound XDDDDDDDDDDD LOL
  5. link> https://discord.gg/5VPaXh6 its all fun all the time only real fans only open for everyone!!! : - D
  6. let's go crazy about our 'cutie-sexy' sana banana!!
  7. TWICE’s Easy-To-Wear MV Outfits We Want To Steal For Our Own Closets It finally happened! After dropping teasers for what felt like forever, “Dance The Night Away” was finally released. TWICE had a comeback yet again – obviously working incredibly hard, and looking amazing while doing so. With that many comebacks, it’s getting more and more confusing as to how the girls seem to look even better in every new MV; leaving not only ONCE in complete awe. We want to take this opportunity to review all of TWICE’s fashion moments from their MVs, while also looking for outfits that people can wear in everyday life. Quick disclaimer: This selection is subjective and solely based on clothing items, accessories, and their wearability in daily life, NOT on the overall appearance of the members. By no means could we ever rank TWICE members according to their beauty, because, frankly, that’s impossible. Also: Although Japanese MVs are mentioned, this article focuses on the group’s Korean MVs. “Like Ooh-Ahh”: Under-appreciated outfits and camouflage galore Every ONCE will remember TWICE’s debut MV for “Like Ooh-Ahh” and with that, probably, the member’s outfits. What first comes to mind is probably the red, black, and camouflage concept teaser outfits with mesh and crop elements – especially Momo’s and Tzuyu’s. Sana’s or Dahyun’s styles from this era are very wearable, but if you’re willing to adapt camouflage into your outfit, you could try Chaeyoung’s look with camo shorts. Aside from the teaser, the MV-only outfits for “Like Ooh-Ahh” are quite the eye-candy, too. Who could forget Nayeon’s yellow plaid skirt or Momo’s suspender pants? Mina’s under-appreciated (because unfortunately barely visible) black strap top with strap sandals outfit is one that we’d definitely apply to our wardrobe. Just because it somehow looks cozy AND beautiful at the same time, but that might just be because it’s Mina. “Cheer Up”: Not just cheerleaders A lot of people associate “Cheer Up” with their signature cheerleader stage outfits. The black shorts with purple college jackets quickly became TWICE’s signature fashion during this era, alongside the mint, white, and black stripes outfits from the era’s teaser images. Thanks to the rotation concept of the MV, we got to see the girls in A LOT of different styles: take for example Tzuyu’s super elegant dress or Momo’s pure badassery. When it comes to being wearable in daily life though, Nayeon’s casual jeans n’ T-shirts concept definitely qualifies. Jeongyeon’s grunge style is also another option if you want to take things even more chill. “TT”: Halloween queens As you probably know, the Korean version of “TT” is Halloween-themed. That means the girls are not only dressed in a incredibly fluffy looking pastel jeans look, but are also more or less dressed in creepy costumes. That obviously doesn’t keep the members from looking absolutely stunning though. Additionally to pastels and costumes, there is one more style for this comeback. This third one consists of various white and lavender skirts and dresses, which actually look more mint green in the MV thanks to filters. And the outfits with geometric color blocking shapes – whether lavender or mint – are very much wearable on a daily basis. When talking about “TT,” we just have to mention their outfits from the Japanese MV for the song. The girls are dressed in red and black college jackets, watching a movie in the drive-in cinema. Confusingly enough, the members are also starring in the movie, wearing adorable summer outfits, which could just be our favorite beat-the-heat looks on this list. “Knock Knock”: Fashion overload There are so many cute outfits in “Knock Knock” that it’s hard to keep track of the changing process. Let’s give it a try: There are black, white, and red graphic pattern outfits; grungy with plaid, heart, and mesh elements; and don’t forget the blue and white with pink polka dot fabric and heart details. Are you confused yet? Despite there being so many choices in “Knock Knock,” Nayeon’s black dress with a red crop sweater or Mina’s style with the clubs and hearts skirt are simple yet fashionable looks that you can apply to your daily wardrobe. But really, if we could, we would just get every single outfit from this MV. “Signal”: Colorful aliens and school uniforms In “Signal,” the concept is either school uniform or crazy color blocked retro fashion. It’s understandable though, seeing as things can probably get a tad crazy when there’s an alien involved. The uniforms of the members are anything but boring thanks to a variety of different cuts and styles, combining blue, white, and red details. Take for example, Dahyun’s and Jihyo’s outfits! Looking at the other styles in the MV, there are loads and loads of different colors and geometric shapes, like big earrings and chunky bright boots, to name a few. It’s like retro disco era came back to life. And while this style might be a bit difficult to pull off in the streets of your hometown, some of the outfits would certainly have a positive wow-effect, like Chaeyoung’s and Dahyun’s colorful ensembles. “Likey”: The cutest fashion show The outfits in “Likey” are amazing. They’re colorful, fun, and just feel like summer (one where you can still wear pretty clothes while jamming through the city without melting). Plus, they perfectly match the mood of the song. In particular, Jeongyeon’s jeans shorts and T-shirt outfit, Sana’s pastel crop style, and Mina’s black skirt and yellow crop top stand out as ones you could easily apply to your own wardrobe. The latter is worn by Chaeyoung in the picture above, but Mina wears it in the official video; either way, it’s proof of how cute the outfit is. The MV for “Likey” is basically one big fashion show! “Heart Shaker”: PANTS! “Heart Shaker” was released in December, so the teaser images, cover, and outfits in those are all holiday-themed. The outfits are super cute and of course very much wearable, BUT it’s summer right now and not the time to think about snow, ice, and the cold, so let’s focus on the not-so-christmas-y MV! The outfits in the video for the song are either jeans and white or a colorful contrast. This was a historic first in TWICE’s career: long jeans in an MV. And – no surprise there – the girls look absolutely gorgeous, even in something as basic as blue jeans and white tops. The alternative style of the MV is – as mentioned above – super colorful and fun; lots of skirts and various patterns. If we had to choose an outfit from this wardrobe, it would be Sana’s red stripe-y crop top, paired with a cute dark blue skirt; or Tzuyu’s mustard yellow crop top with matching plaid skirt. But – see for yourself – this choice is a tough one. “What Is Love?”: Colors, patterns, and hilarious costumes While all of the outfits in TWICE’s MV up until this point usually were somewhat uniform when it came to either patterns, colors, or fabric – this time, their styles are very much diverse. For example, there’s Tzuyu’s amazing golden pleated skirt, Chaeyoung’s metallic T-shirt dress with fashionable sock fit heels, and Jeongyeon in pink plaid pants. So many facets of fashion in only one concept! And who could forget Dahyun as Leon? But considering wearability, it’s got to be Nayeon with her velvet crop top and jeans shorts, and Mina in an oversized jeans jacket. Sooo much jeans! “Dance The Night Away”: A very fashionable version of Cast Away We finally got to see the nine members in a tropical setting for “Dance The Night Away,” and TWICE did not disappoint with their outfits. Stranded on an island in white fairy-like dresses, the girls find(?) three new looks for each member in the process of the MV (hey, we’re not questioning this logic). All of the clothes perfectly match with sunny days, parties at the beach, vacation, and all the other good things you’d want to experience in summer. Jeongyeon’s, Nayeon’s, and Jihyo’s outfits especially make us want to go shopping and then head straight to the beach. The summer concept doesn’t end with just summer street fashion, though. In the beach scenes, the girls are actually dressed in swimwear combined with either skirts or shorts. Colorful earrings, tropical flowers, and beach-style wavy hair complete this look that’s perfect for a tropical island outing. Reviewing all of TWICE’s MVs and trying to select the prettiest yet most wearable outfits is not exactly a walk in the park, but one thing is for sure: TWICE’s wardrobe is a fashion wonderland, or to word it differently: TWICE’s stylists really know what they’re doing. CR: soompi
  8. This is an easy game. You just have to type in ONE word that pops into your mind after seeing what the person above you writes, and then we keep going from there. First Word: Twice
  9. I'm not sure if anyone has seen this, most of the album pictures on several online stores shows only grey image but somehow Kpopmart has the full detailed image (see spoiler). Updated with image directly from JYPe~ As you can see the 3 versions are quite different from one another (ocean, daytime, night time)
  10. Pre-ordered some Twiceland item from Withdrama and they have arrived. These are item number 27 and 28 on the Korean catalog (if only they also sell the Japanese catalog item) Character Pin Button Character Keyring CAT TAX!
  11. I've always wondered whether or not Nayeon had more fanboys or fangirls on TTF, let's see
  12. trane658

    K-Pop Playlists by Trane

    I'm putting this on other talents because it doesn't really qualify as a talent at all. I've been creating Playlists on Soundcloud and I have just started a Youtube channel. I hope to showcase my skills and content in making these and I hope you enjoy. P.S- I do not know if the mods mind this kind of post, if it is not allowed I'm terribly sorry about it. Soundcloud Link- https://soundcloud.com/trane658 I'll be making a full Twice Playlist that I'll showcase here to celebrate my membership on TTF
  13. Stepping up from 8bit covers to 16bit covers~! I hope you enjoyed my 16bit cover of TWICE - What is Love Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLC8Irx-y9w
  14. RUSH NOW STREAM LIKEY UNTIL 250M VIEWS 248,207,099 views now AS ALWAYS USE MY PLAYLIST FOR STREAM: Please follow these instruction for views count (M/V only):▪don't skip the advertisement▪don't pause, forward/backward, speed/slow▪clear watch history include browser history and youtube history▪volume = +50% ▪resolution = +480p if you have your own playlist, don't put only one videos on it. And don't put shortest time video. for safely, just use my playlist. I already listed another Twice's MV. This is my playlist formula: -Likey -What is Love? -Heart Shaker -Likey -Knock Kncok -Signal -Likey -and so on with another Twice's MV why must use playlist? cause' it's an autoplay stream listed. If you watch only one MV, Youtube considers it is spam. Spam Views are counted only one, because it's not fair. Of course it's worked. And that's why youtube views freeze. Too many people watch MV foxily. Youtube needs the honest streamer. HELP ME SHARE THIS BROADCAST THANK YOU ;). THIS IS NOT ME, BUT FOR OUR NOONAS AND UNNIES, TWICE!
  15. TWICE! GAJA! What is love? NAE SESANGEUN BARO NEU! TEU. WA. I. SEU. maeilgachi yoenghwa sogeseona chaek sogeseona deurama sogeseo sarangeul neukkyeo MMM sarangeul baeweo nae ilcheoreom jakku gaseumi ttwieo dugeundugeungeoryeo seolleime bupureo olla MMM gunggeumhaeseo michil geonman gata OOH eonjengan naegedo ireon iri shiljero ireonalkka geuge eonjejjeumilkka? eotteon saramilkka? I WANNA KNOW satangcheroeom dalkomhadaneunde I WANNA KNOW haneureul naneun geot gattaneunde i wanna KNOW KNOW KNOW KNOW WHAT IS LOVE? sarangi eotteon neukkiminji I WANNA KNOW haru jongil utgo ittaneunde I WANNA KNOW sesangi da areumdapdaneunde i wanna KNOW KNOW KNOW WHAT IS LOVE? eonjengan naegedo sarangi olkka jigeum ireon sangsangmaneurodo tteoollyeoman bwado gaseumi teojil geot gateunde MMM ireoke joeunde manil eonjenga jinjjaro naega sarangi ol ttae nan ureobeoriljido molla MMM jeongmal gungggeumhae michil geonman gata OOH eonjengan naegedo ireon iri shiljero ireonalkka geuge eonjejjeumilkka? eotteon saramilkka? I WANNA KNOW satangcheroeom dalkomhadaneunde I WANNA KNOW haneureul naneun geot gattaneunde i wanna KNOW KNOW KNOW KNOW WHAT IS LOVE? sarangi eotteon neukkiminji I WANNA KNOW haru jongil utgo ittaneunde I WANNA KNOW sesangi da areumdapdaneunde i wanna KNOW KNOW KNOW WHAT IS LOVE? eonjengan naegedo sarangi olkka jigeum sesang eoneu gose salgo INNEUNJI dodaeche eonjejjeum nawa mannage DWELLEUNJI EONJE EOTTEOKE uriye inyeoneun SHIjakdwelleunji moreujiman neukkimi EOJJEONJI jinjja joeul geot gata WAENJI yeonghwa deuramabodado deo MEOTJIN sarangi ol kkeoya nae yegam eonjena MAJJI eoseo natanabwa nanuen da junbiga DWAETJI READY! (OEDI ISSEULKA) chajanel kkeoya (OEDI ISSEULKA) bogo shipeo jukkesseo deo isang chameul su eopseul geonman gata satangcheroeom dalkomhadaneunde haneureul naneun geot gattaneunde i wanna KNOW KNOW KNOW KNOW WHAT IS LOVE? sarangi eotteon neukkiminji haru jongil utgo ittaneunde sesangi da areumdapdaneunde i wanna KNOW KNOW KNOW WHAT IS LOVE? eonjengan naegedo sarangi olkka i wanna know (IM NAYEON, YOO JEONGYEON, MOMO JJANG, SANA JJANG) i wanna know (PARK JIHYO, MINA JJANG, KIM DAHYUN, SON CHAEYEONG) i wanna know know know (CHOU TZUYU, WANSEUUI SARANGEUN TEUDOONGI) i wanna know (IM NAYEON, YOO JEONGYEON, MOMO JJANG, SANA JJANG) i wanna know (PARK JIHYO, MINA JJANG, KIM DAHYUN, SON CHAEYOUNG) i wanna know know know know (CHOU TZUYU, SARANGHAE) WHAT IS LOVE i wanna know
  16. Hello everyone! I was waiting for all episodes of the behind the scenes Vlive series to make this video. I hope you like it ♥♥♥
  17. Okay, since we have the elbow game why won't we try typing with closed eyes? But this time, we only type the names of the the Twice members. Rules: - No Peeking - This time you are allowed to backspace but remember not to peek! - You can type the members' name in any order - Have fun! Me first: jihyo nayeon tzuyu dahun xhaeyounf mina hubfeywon sana sahyun what even.. xD Edited: I just noticed I attempted to type Dahyun's name twice and forgot Momo @@...
  18. day289

    Heart Shaker violin cover

    Hi, please check out my Heart Shaker violin cover and let me know what you think!
  19. Jihyo (February 1st, The Magician/ The Day of Willfulness) Image: Youth & Ease Strengths: Strong-Willed, Mentally Quick, Grounded Weaknesses: Stubborn, Overly Rational, Self-Unaware Mina (March 24th, The Lovers/ The Day of Beguiling Simplicity) Image: Rebirth Strengths: Positive, Open, Affectionate Weaknesses: Imprecise, Depressive, Unrealistic Chaeyoung (April 23rd, The Hierophant/ The Day of Adopted Security) Image: Power Strengths: Social, Secure, Careful Weaknesses: Inflexible, Anxious, Repressed Dahyun (May 28th, The Magician/ The Day of The Innovative Trailbrazer) Image: Freedom Strengths: Unique, Individual, Creative Weaknesses: Egotistical, Overreaching, Impatient Tzuyu (June 14th, Temperance/ The Day of Gutsy Confrontation) Image: Seeker Strengths: Successful, Gutsy, Ambitious Weaknesses: Overstressed, Impatient, Domineering Nayeon (September 22nd, The Fool/ The Day of Restless Drive) Image: Beauty Strengths: Individual, Perceptive, Well-Directed Weaknesses: Acerbic, Dark, Guarded Jeongyeon (November 1st, The Magician/ The Day of Onslaught) Image: Intensity Strengths: Energetic, Self-Confident, Expansive Weaknesses: Destructive, Chaotic, Restless Momo (November 9th, The Hermit/ The Day of Earthly Temptation) Image: Depth Strengths: Physical, Insistent, Open Weaknesses: Impulsive, Troubled, Materially Stuck Sana (December 29th, The Priestess/ The Day of Preeminence) Image: Ruler Strengths: Interesting, Communicative, Commanding Weaknesses: Self-Unaware, Careless, Undiplomatic =================== - Their respective strengths help to negate their individual weaknesses, which makes them a strong and tight knitted family. (e.g. careful>careless; Grounded>Unrealistic/Restless, Well-Directed>Self-Unaware, Open/Communicative/Social>Guarded, Strong-Willed>Depressive, Energetic>Repressed etc). - They all have individual unique images and characteristics, e.g. Jihyo(Youth & Ease), Nayeon(Beauty), Jeongyeon(Intensity). - In my opinion, Sana's overall guide ("Preeminence"; the Ruler image) is closest befitting a cultural icon, similar to JYP ("Exacting Craft"; the Titan image) and IU ("Outrageous Flair"; the Natural image). Her overall legacy could be greater than both if she is given the right opportunities at the right time to blossom and grow. (Though she would go behind the scenes when at her highest peak to act as a mentor/motherly figure to the future generations of artists). - Feel free to add on your thoughts where applicable. Additional readings: JYP (December 13th, Death/ The Day of Exacting Craft) Image: Titan Strengths: Attentive, Perceptive, Thoughtful Weaknesses: Disturbing, Irritating, Fussy IU (May 16th, The Tower/ The Day of Outrageous Flair) Image: Natural Strengths: Colourful, Uninhibited, Expressive Weaknesses: Unaware, Unstable, Volatile The late Kim Jonghyun (April 8th, Strength-Courage/ The Day of Conscience) Image: Star Strengths: Ethical, Giving, Socially Responsible Weaknesses: Self-Sacrificing, Extreme, Emotionally Closed Park Bogum (June 16th, The Tower/ The Day of Capital Investment) Image: Seeker Strengths: Shrewd, Patient, Success-Oriented Weaknesses: Self-Satisfied, Indecisive Yoo Jaesuk (August 14th, Temperance/ The Day of the Mortal Mirror) Image: Leadership Strengths: Observant, Honest, Funny Weaknesses: Self-Unaware, Escapist, Disturbing Gong Seungyeon (February 27th, The Hermit/ The Day of the Reality Matters) Image: Spirit Strengths: Magnetic, Capable, Worldly Weaknesses: Self-Unaware, Demanding, Emotionally Chaotic
  20. Does our precious Sana have more fanboys or fangirls on TTF~
  21. FOLLOW ME ON: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AnsonALOHA/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ansonaloha Twitter: https://twitter.com/AlohaAnsonLIKE and SUBSCRIBE if you enjoyed the video !!
  22. cr:556 Music Tracks made and remixed by this fellow. I think he is pretty amazing so i decided to share his masterpieces. Enjoy!
  23. no words can describe how funny this guy is besides laughing
  24. Mina'sPenguins

    Twice Fansign at GLAD Hotel Yeouuido Bloom

    Fansign (Mar. 04th) at GLAD Hotel Yeouido Bloom (banquet hall) LL Floor (16, Uisadang-daero, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul), starting 19:00hrs (7.00pm) - KST
  25. until
    Fansign event (Feb. 26th) at Sangam Nuri Dream Square International Conference Room (1605 Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul), starting 15:30hrs (3.30pm) - KST