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Found 74 results

  1. Ayo I'm Freshstatiic (you can call me Statiic), I'm an artist (and also a designer/editor but that's a different story) and I will be posting my fanart that I've just been sharing on twitter onto TTF for the funs ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ most of my fanart are TWICE, WJSN, and Pristin (girl groups in general) I don't usually take requests just because I tend to draw whatever comes to mind, if I see something I want to draw/redraw, and/or I'm busy with other work that's not drawing but if I see a suggestion I like then I might do it who knows. Anyways I hope you enjoy my art :) – Statiic –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Art Index: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5
  3. Hi everyone! First, happy birthday Dahyun! I released 12 (!) videos today to celebrate! Below are the member versions of "Signal"! The last one is the Alien's own version. Enjoy! Thanks for watching! If you liked these videos, please check out my YouTube channel! Bye!
  4. Hi again! Please watch my CRAZY version of "Signal" below. Until next time, see you again!
  5. I love Twice's new superpowers in "Signal", so I decided to make a video about them! Enjoy!
  6. let's go crazy about our 'cutie-sexy' sana banana!!
  7. Finally the online registration is open! So how do i sign up? I am going to write a detailed guide based on my own experience on how to do it (If i leave out anything, just leave a comment below!) First of all, let's RECAP:- Ok, if you scroll till this point within 2 secs after seeing my top paragraph, means you are lazy to read. LOL! I understand. I help you summarise the steps in short. STEP 1 REGISTRATION: You need to sign up at 2 sites for a start (skip this step if you already did this already) - A) I would recommend you sign up as an Official member of JYP Fans page first - Click the "JOIN" button. Choose your membership type (i am assuming everyone here is a "Foreigner"). Enter your preferred email address and then click "Get verification Codes". Check your email and find the code, paste it back to this page and click "Verify". Please fill the necessary information about yourself and the MAIN THING TO TAKE NOTE HERE is your password structure. It should , for e.g, contain alphabets and numbers and one special sign. i.e "Twice1314! ". If you didnt include a special sign in your password, you will not able to proceed to the next page at all, you will be basically stuck at this page. You should be taken to a page that shows the whole list of JYP's artistes, click on "Join us" at the TWICE Fan's section ( of course you can click on other groups as much as you want, but main thing here is to create a TWICE Fan's account). You are pretty much done here. Let's move on to the other website that you need to sign up as a member. B) Next website to sign up - By default you will be taken to the Korean site. Unless you can understand Korean you can proceed to click on the left column TWICE banner and proceed with the purchase. If you aren't good in understanding Korean or basically a "foreigner", click on the "Language" at the top right side of this page, you choose "English". It will take you to the English site. At the top part, click "Sign Up". Enter your preferred email address. They will send an authorising email to your inbox. Check your inbox and click on that link to verify it. You will be taken to another webpage. Fill up the necessary information and what i would advise is your password is the same as the JYPE fan's account. Login ID is the SAME email address. STEP 2: Purchasing the membership Ok now to save your troubles searching left right centre for the recruitment page, click HERE - and click on the TWICE banner. You will be then brought to this page. Click "Buy Tickets". Then on this page click on the dropdown box qty to "1". You will be brought to this page, which i will explain a bit more. The system will auto fill up "Payer" and "Email" column with your registered name and email. Fill your name / Date of Birth / Recipient / Phone Number & Cell Phone here in the "Confirmation" section can be the same as the Phone Number and Cellphone at the "Delivery Information" (ie. mine will be 65xxxxxxxx - 65 is my country code). Choose country of shipping destination - THIS IS THE PART WHICH I BELIEVE WILL GIVE EVERYONE A SHOCK. THE SHIPPING FEES IS VERY EXPENSIVE =O and i am assuming the further away you are from Korea, the more you need to pay for it. ie. You might need to pay as much as 60,000 won in total if you are staying in USA. I dont know they included shipping penguins over a not, but yeah. For the delivery address part, this is also another technically challenging aspect of this online form. It doesn't recognise "#" or "-", but i found a workaround way to include more details in the delivery / shipping address which I will include it at the later part of this explanation (STEP 3). For now you just enter your apartment block number and street name and click next. You will be taken to this page:- Please take note that i am using my country (Singapore) as an example, for shipping destination (if you are seeing the 44,900 won at the "Total Amount"). It definitely varies from where you are. So "tick" the 2 boxes here and click the "Payment" button. You will see this page after filling up the credit card details and pressing "Submit":- You will get a unique ticket ID [ its at the Conf. no. line and covered up due to my privacy reasons :) ] Payer = Your registered name. Phone = House or Handphone number or whichever that you have filled up. Recipient = Again it will be your name and of course the delivery address will be, as what you entered previously. You will receive a confirmation email on your purchase of the membership through your email, which will look like this below: [ Details are blocked because of my privacy reasons, of course. Just showing how the email layout will look like. =) ] STEP 3: Modification of delivery address in the Interpark website *IMPT* Go back to and log in via the English version Click on "My Ticket" at the top and you will come to this page:- You can click the underlined ticket number just below the "Conf no" (details are covered due to privacy reasons) or on the text - "Twice Official Fan Club ONCE 1st Recruitment - Global", it will still take you to the same webpage (see below) Certain details are covered (due to my privacy reasons) so in this page you scroll to the line "delivery address" , click "Changing Shipping Information". A popup will appear and now you can key in your house unit number in the text box. The system takes in "-" but not "#". Its weird but at least you can edit it and make your postman's life easier to find your house now. Fields you can change here are the "Recipient Name", "Phone number", "Mobile" and "Address". Then click "Complete" to save your changes (as shown below) So to check if the payment DID actually went through, you just log in your bank account and for my case, the payment went through (as seen below). CONGRATS YOU FINALLY MADE IT! So now just wait for your membership card and "SPECIAL GOODS" to be delivered which i am guessing from.. end of April 2017 onwards?
  8. This is an easy game. You just have to type in ONE word that pops into your mind after seeing what the person above you writes, and then we keep going from there. First Word: Twice
  9. Pretty much just press those keys (Ctrl + V) and see what you have. You can explain or give a reason if you want This is just for fun, and maybe out of boredom lol. umm... yeah lol
  10. You pick, discuss, debate, and/or battle which side is better. The Light Side Or The Dark Side Have fun!
  11. I've noticed in photos that Momo's arms bend really far the other way. (YouTube MV Screenshot) (My own photo taken at KCON16LA)
  12. So, the title says it all. Please give a reason why you chose that particular anime character so everybody can understand your thinking, especially for those who have not yet watched that anime. You can fit more than 1 character to a Twice member if you like, because I deliberately made, "Characters", in the title plural, just in case there's more than one favorite anime that popped into your mind. You can also post up multiple character sets from each anime too. For example, matching anime characters from the entire Dragon Ball franchise in one post. Then posting up another with anime characters from the Gundam franchise. Since I've been watching anime since the 1980s and cannot decide on a single anime to best fit with Twice, I'll go first with a character set from the Macross anime. = Komilia Maria Fallyna Jenius Kaname Buccaneer Why Komilia Maria Fallyna Jenius = Nayeon fits as the eldest daughter in the family, even to how well the baby acted in the Macross series. Why Kaname Buccaneer = She can portray that veteran singer and carry that deep love for Messer Ihlefeld in the Macross Delta series. = Miracle Jenius Ishtar Reina Prowler Why Miracle Jenius = Jeongyeon fits as the 2nd eldest daughter in the family, and has matching artistic facial features in the family portrait in the Macross 7 series. Why Ishtar = She has an excellent likeness to the character and can definite show that innocence turned into something much more in the Macross II series. Why Reina Prowler = Again, aside from the similarities in appearance, she can carry that supportiveness as a team member quite well in the Macross Delta series. = Muse Jenius Misa Hayase Sheryl Nome/Sara Nome Why Muse Jenius = I still think both Momo and Sana look very much alike that is fitting to Muse and Therese Twins from the family portrait in the Macross 7 series. Why Misa Hayase = She can display that woman in uniform with that mature look and sense of integrity, just like the character from the Macross series. Why Sheryl Nome/Sara Nome = Playful, serious, with a dash of melancholy and doubt, yet strong and determined, a perfect match with the character from the Macross Frontier series. = Therese Jenius Myung Fang Lone Catherine Glass Why Therese Jenius = Please re-read "Why Muse Jenius" above. Why Myung Fang Lone = Sana can show that producer within and sing just as passionately as the character in the Macross Plus series. Why Catherine Glass = Like Momo, she too can shine just as brightly in uniform, and portray that strength and maturity just like the character from the Macross Frontier series. = Emilia Jenius Silvie Gena Mikumo Guynemer Why Emilia Jenius = Her love for music is strikingly similar to the character in the Macross 7 series. Why Silvie Gena = Jihyo can demonstrate her skills as an ace and struggle socially at the same time, just like the character in the Macross II series. Why Mikumo Guynemer = There is a directness in her persona which matches to the character in the Macross Delta series. = Miranda Jenius Canaria Berstein Makina Nakajima Why Miranda Jenius = Mina would look cute in pigtails just like the family portrait in the Macross 7 series. Why Canaria Berstein = She has an intelligent and centered disposition appearance which matches the character in the Macross Frontier series. Why Makina Nakajima = Bubbly and adorable fits with the character from the Macross Delta series. = Mylene Flare Jenius Lalamia Lelenia Freyja Wion Why Mylene Flare Jenius = Dahyun can rock the stage with her loving explosive personality mixed with that purity of youth, just like the character from the Macross 7 series. Why Lalamia Lelenia = Supportive and level-headed with a touch of being there for a friend, matches quite well with the character in the Macross Frontier series. Why Freyja Wion = Expressive in so many ways and wanting to help people fits nicely with this character from the Macross Delta series. = Moaramia Fallyna Jenius Ranka Lee/Mao Nome Why Moaramia Fallyna Jenius = Smart, strong, with virtues of being a good and noble person of the character from the Macross 7 series family portrait, fits very well with Chaeyoung. Why Ranka Lee/Mao Nome = Enthusiasm, so full of love and charity, with hints of care and humanity in the character from the Macross Frontier series, goes well with her here too. = Mirage Fallyna Jenius Lynn Minmay Klan Klang Why Mirage Fallyna Jenius = Tzuyu has that pride and skill set to be the best she can be, which is exactly the sort of character is from in the Macross Delta series. Why Lynn Minmay = Tzuyu looks the best in traditional Chinese clothing, no question about that, and can easily show that spoiled side for the kid that has everything, so very similar to the iconic character from the Macross series. Why Klan Klang = Brazen with foreshadowing bravado and cuteness, Tzuyu got this covered with ease for the character in the Macross Frontier series. Have fun Onces.
  13. Hello Onces! Today, I released eight member versions of "Knock Knock" on my YouTube channel. All of the members have their own videos in which only their parts play. There is a bit of a twist at the beginning and the end, so I hope you like it! Enjoy! I hope you liked the videos! Subscribe to stay tuned for more videos like this and other Twice videos. Check out my channel as well! As always, thank you for watching. Onces' support means a lot to me. See you later!
  14. The minds behind K-pop’s biggest hits : Top agencies develop in-house songwriting teams to churn out hits K-pop seems to be in crisis, but it’s constantly evolving and has been known to bounce back from periods of sluggishness. Music released in Korea aims to do well not only on domestic charts, but hopes to make its way onto the Billboard and iTunes charts as well. It is a testament to the impact of a single being greater than ever before. Along with that, the producers behind hit K-pop singles are also changing with the times. JoongAng Ilbo, affiliate of the Korea JoongAng Daily, met with the producers at two major entertainment agencies, JYP Entertainment and S.M. Entertainment. Park Jin-young [JYP ENTERTAINMENT] Finding an in-house producer Girl group Twice’s recent single “Knock Knock,” which was released in February, was on top of the music charts for two weeks straight. The artist behind the single, who also churned out consecutive hits with Twice from their debut song “Like Ooh-Ahh” to “Cheer Up” and “TT,” is JYP Entertainment’s very own in-house producer Lee Woo-min, who goes by the name Min Lee. Lee is a product of the JYP Publishing Songwriter & Producer Audition and has honed his craft through joint producing R&B singer G.Soul’s debut album “Coming Home” and Ha:tfelt’s mini album “Me?.” Lee might not be as reputable as the producing group Black Eyed Pilseung that joint produced “Like Ooh-Ahh,” but the young producer has been praised by the chief editor of an online blog dedicated to K-pop music, Mimyo of Idology, who said Lee has the ability to “write clear-cut, well-structured songs that stand out from the crowd.” “Knock Knock,” a collaborative effort with Japanese composer Mayu Wakisaka, is especially regarded as a perfect fit for Twice, who are preparing to jump into the Japanese market come June. Three members of the nine member group are Japanese and the pre-released digital single “What’s Twice,” received favorable reviews. In a music industry where entertainment agencies hold auditions for producers similar to the ones they hold for future boy and girl group members, Lee is an example of the success that agencies have had with the system. Although Lee was in the United States, the JoongAng Ilbo was able to reach the young producer via e-mail. When asked how “Knock Knock” was produced, Lee said it “took quite a while to produce. JYP suggested that I join a songwriting camp that was held in Australia and Japan in late 2015, where I met Wakisaka. We clicked — that’s why we decided to co-produce the song via email.” While there are rumors that JYP Entertainment’s internal evaluation for choosing new tracks is very complicated, Lee said he didn’t really have much knowledge regarding the evaluation process. “It works like an audition. The agency announces something like ‘Submit one song that fits as a new single for Got7 or Twice’s [both under management of JYP Entertainment] new album.’ Then we producers submit songs that are later chosen after monitoring and numerous meetings. If we don’t receive an answer in a couple of days, we [assume that it has] failed. Luckily, ‘Knock Knock’ was met with favorable responses from the start.” Lee said he started composing ever since he was little. “Since I moved to the United States early in my life and they didn’t have many Korean students there, I wasn’t able to converse with anyone. I only played the guitar in my free time, then I joined a band, which naturally had me writing songs.” As Lee finally decided to pursue a career in music, he started writing songs on a daily business, which later saw him applying for the aforementioned audition. “I met with Park Jin-young [Founder of JYP Entertainment] for an interview and later signed a contract. It was really fascinating.” Lee is an in-house producer for JYP Entertainment, meaning that he almost exclusively produces tracks for JYP Entertainment’s artists. “The biggest advantage of being an in-house producer is the synergy we get from working with other in-house producers. We all have our expertise so we can work efficiently and share new ideas.” JYP Publishing has held auditions for producers twice a year since 2012.Creative Manager of JYP Publishing Kim Min-ji said, “We currently have 22 exclusive producers and if we add artists that can produce as well, it amounts to 51 producers. The advantage of these auditions is that we can unearth hidden talents that can produce tailor made songs for our artists.” Lee also had some words for aspiring producers. “When I was working with G.Soul, it was troublesome initially because we didn’t have a clear understanding of what we both liked. When we did succeed in that, we were able to create a song [of mixed genre] like ‘Coming Home.’ You need to have a mixed diet of genres and not only focus on ones you like.” Camps attract foreign talent If you have a keen ear, you might have noticed that S.M. Entertainment’s boy group EXO’s music went through a transition between the albums “EX’ACT” and “LOTTO.” If you have a keen eye, you will have noticed the same credit on the songs “Lucky One,” “Monster” and “Lotto,” which helped make EXO top three million in sales – LDN Noise. Ever since being founded in 1995, S.M. Entertainment has been the home of distinguished producers like Yoo Young-jin, Kenzie and Ryan. To continue that trend, the agency has hosted the “SM Songwriting Camp” since 2009. “If we bought songs from producers abroad in the early 2000s, we now produce songs together with foreign producers. We now have a pool of 500 foreign producers and we hold many songwriting camps to produce the next big song for our artists,” said Lee Seo-kyung of international A&R. Among the pool of 500 artists, a team made up of Greg Bonnick and Hayden Chapman, known as LDN Noise, is one of the most active foreign collaborators for S.M. Entertainment. They started working as a team when they produced Chris Brown’s 2012 mega hit “Turn Up the Music,” where they showcased their strengths in EDM and deep-house. They boast a wide spectrum of abilities, as they have shown with Shinhwa’s “Sniper,” Taeyeon’s “Why,” Shinee’s “View” and Red Velvet’s “Dumb Dumb.” “The agency gives us information about the mood and concept for each artist, but we never know if the song we’re making now will be an EXO song, or an NCT song. Even for EXO’s ‘Lucky One’ — we intended for it to be a Shinee song, but when EXO’s team heard it, they took it away,” said Chapman. The other half of LDN Noise, Bonnick, gave insight into the producing process. “It normally goes on for a week. First, we showcase our pre-produced tracks to the A&R team and receive feedback. Even when we go back to the United Kingdom, the continuous feedback process continues through e-mail.” There are many song camps available for these producers. Bonnick says song camps in Europe are much more permissive, while S.M. is much clearer in their feedback. Chapman revels in S.M. Entertainment’s leadership. “We prefer this style much more. There is no right answer in producing so we sometimes have disagreements… But we usually have it our way!” Bonnick says the agency’s leadership also aids with the creative process. “What S.M. wanted for Shinee’s next single were keywords like funky, happy and high tempo. We add a little bit of our spice then make a new style. Shinee’s ‘View’ is a song that we suddenly thought of and made after dancing in a club. It became a title song right after we presented it to the agency.” The duo has something of a division of labor going on in their creative process. Chapman is the one that lays out everything in his head, while Bonnick’s job is to “organize what Chapman laid out. I usually write down the melodies while Chapman writes the rap parts, but there is no clear rule of who does what.” LDN Noise first met with their now-frequent collaborators at a song camp held in Sweden in 2014. Before that, they had no interest in K-pop. “A friend that works in Universal Music Group told me about it and I watched one [K-pop] video. It was so distant from the British style of music,” said Bonnick. He picked K-pop’s freedom and liberty as the genre’s main strengths. “Most pop songs follow a set rule: verse, bridge, chorus and repetition. Maybe it’s due to the sheer amount of members in the groups, but there are many more sections than that in K-pop. They break the rules in the process.” Chapman chimed in on Bonnick’s claims, adding that “Shinee’s ‘Married to the Music’ is very experimental. Each chorus is in a different pitch, while each verse is so different from one another.” BY MIN KYUNG-WON [] cr: koreajoongangdaily
  15. random

    MOMO! That was a fun video to make! I've never seen these types of videos before. Please check out my YouTube channel and subscribe! Bye Onceeeeee!
  16. OMG THIS IS CRAZY! Check out the video below: LOL.... If you wanna see more of my videos, check out my channel. It's in my About Me here on TTF. Thanks for watching!
  17. Okay, since we have the elbow game why won't we try typing with closed eyes? But this time, we only type the names of the the Twice members. Rules: - No Peeking - This time you are allowed to backspace but remember not to peek! - You can type the members' name in any order - Have fun! Me first: jihyo nayeon tzuyu dahun xhaeyounf mina hubfeywon sana sahyun what even.. xD Edited: I just noticed I attempted to type Dahyun's name twice and forgot Momo @@...
  18. Here we can post the cutest outfits that twice has worn. I hope there is not already a thread for this. cr: news1 via. sweetnara
  19. Black Eyed Pilseung’s Rado To Compare Working With TWICE And SISTAR On “Radio Star” On the next episode of “Radio Star,” composer Rado will discuss what it is like to work with different girl groups. Rado is one half of the songwriting and producing team, Black Eyed Pilseung, and Choi Kyu Sung makes up the other half of the team. Together they helped create SISTAR’s songs, “Touch My Body” and “I Like That.” Black Eyed Pilseung also are the producers behind TWICE’s debut title track, “Like OOH-AHH,” as well as “Cheer Up.” While recording the episode, it was also revealed that Rado was a member of the group Someday, which sang “Do You Know?” for the soundtrack of the Korean drama, “Boys Over Flowers.” Not only that, but Rado is also the person behind the signature whistling line in duo Trouble Maker’s “Trouble Maker.” SISTAR’s Soyou is also a guest on this episode, and it was reported that Rado used a comparison of “good and evil” to talk about SISTAR and TWICE, saying that SISTAR was the “evil” and TWICE was the “good.” If you’d like to find out why Rado said what he said and how Soyou responded to him, don’t forget to catch the next episode of “Radio Star” on Wednesday, May 3. Source (1) cr: soompi
  20. misc

    so I am just wondering and I do not know if someone addressed this already. I know we have rules and stuff from being a part of the fandom but we have our own personal emotions. Now to the question; How do you guys deal with potential thrice? Why did I ask this? I recently stumble across a tweet from a professional League player that I follow (for those who follow the scene I think you guys know who I am talking about). He mentioned about how BTS sucked, and boy the fandom bombarded him with hate and threast; being all personal and stuff. A lot of the player's supporters found it extremely mediocre and called them crazy, immature and stupid. TBH the fans were extremely on the wrong what happened felt like the person is not entitled to have his opinions anymore and its not good. I wondered suddenly, would ONCE do the same? Do not get me wrong, I am not doubting my fellow ONCES. I just do not want other people to identify ONCE as full of immature people. Despite our fandom being extremely protective to our babies. I do not want our fandom to get tarnished by acting extremely irresponsible. So back to my question, if you come across to a tweet like that about twice, what would you say or do? I will post my answer later as well.
  21. Jeju Central Girls' High School students are fighting against obesity. Mr. Kim, the principal of the institute, launched a special project titled 'Healthy and Joyful School Program' after Jeju Central Girls' High School ranked highest in obesity rate of all girls' high schools in Jeju Island. To lose the title of being the heaviest school, Jeju Central Girls' High School changed its meal plan to the '2+2' plan, where 2 types of fruit and 2 types of vegetables are available for lunch each day. In addition, an aerobic class is available where students can learn the dance moves to hit K-Pop songs such as TWICE's ''Knock Knock". A new rule prohibiting fast food and snacks in classrooms will also start taking effect in April. A freshmen student Kim Ji Eun shared a comment about the school's fight against obesity, and said, "It's fun learning new moves every day. I can feel that our school has become healthier as we take aerobic classes and exercise." A sophomore student Lee Soo Ji commented, "It was annoying at first because our lunch time was cut short and we couldn't eat anything other than school lunch, but I started enjoying exercising and felt the fun. I'm now joyfully participating in the program after seeing weight loss results." cr:
  22. random

    I'm putting this on other talents because it doesn't really qualify as a talent at all. I've been creating Playlists on Soundcloud and I have just started a Youtube channel. I hope to showcase my skills and content in making these and I hope you enjoy. P.S- I do not know if the mods mind this kind of post, if it is not allowed I'm terribly sorry about it. Soundcloud Link- I'll be making a full Twice Playlist that I'll showcase here to celebrate my membership on TTF
  23. { TWICE GRAPHICS } SIGNATURES & WALLPAPERS: free to use REQUESTED SIGNATURES: only for the use of the username listed here { OTHER K-POP ARTISTS } WALLPAPERS SIGNATURES { ANIME } AVATARS TAGWALLS SIGNATURES WALLPAPERS Fun Facts: 1) I change my editing names more than my usernames here in TTF. 2) I use Photoshop CS6 and Topaz Clean to edit these photos. 3) I mostly get my resources from DeviantArt and I post my graphics there too from time to time. 4) I get pressured when I do editing requests so I'm just mostly doing this as a hobby. I just want to share. 5) I want to study Graphics and Multimedia but my sister already took it so I'm stuck as an IT student haha! 6) I listen to TWICE songs while editing. But it depends on who I'm editing. If it's Irene, I listen to RV's songs. If it's Kagerou Project, I listen to Kagerou Project songs. Questions? You can ask me in this thread. Haha! I'll bump this thread from time to time when I add something new so I hope you'll check it out <3
  24. For you Tzuyuholics out there... Get Yourself a Tzuyu Blanket Today! Why....
  25. Anyone who is interested, can dm me. The original ticket price is 212 SGD, but I won't sell it for profit and the sale price is negotiable. The transaction will be at the venue on April 29 in person. CAT 2 ticket | Level Circle E-1 | Section H| Row HM. I rarely access this forum but I will reply as soon as possible
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