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Found 171 results

  1. Share all your Momo gifs here. I have a few:
  2. Momo with long hair Momo with short hair I like her with both hairstyle but short hair definitely gives a fresher look. Loving her new short hair ❤❤
  3. I'm just curious to see if anyone else has ever had any of the members in a dream/how the dream went etc. Last month I think it was, I had 3 dreams 3 nights in a row and the first two were some kind of new kind of nightmare because I met them all both times in this super social setting but when I'd speak what I do know how to say in Korean (Hello, you guys are so cute, I love you, etc.) they'd just stand there looking super confused and Momo would be doing that "yes yes" polite bow and Sana would have a really confused smile on, you know, trying to be encouraging when she actually has no idea what you're talking about But in the dream I knew I was saying the words/phrases correctly but I'd get embarrassed anyways The third dream on the third night was just some apocalyptic survival game of tag and everyone was in their ooh-ahh m/v outfits (w/ their hair back to how it used to be) and we all ran to a plane out of this zombie infested mall at the end (idk if anyone got left behind) (Jeongyeon was also snipping zombies from the top of this tall staircase that lead to nowhere?) LOL anyways just curious to hear about other ONCE's TWICE dreams
  4. everyone knows that momo has the best abs out of 9 members right, so without further ado, I give you holy abs of Hirai Momo please do spazz them momo's abs in this thread yeorobundulz source: tumblr
  5. LOA ofc This era not only gave us her legendary dance break but, her iconic blond hair too What do you think was the best era for Momo?
  6. 『BDZ』release date September 12th, 2018. " TWICE : Break your Barriers, BDZ!" Nayeon / 나연 / ナヨン/ 娜璉 Jeongyeon / 정연 / ジョンヨン / 定延 Momo / 모모 / モモ / 桃 Sana / 사나 / サナ / 紗夏 Jihyo / 지효 / ジヒョ / 志效 Mina / 미나 / ミナ / 南 Dahyun / 다현 / ダヒョン / 多賢 Chaeyoung / 채영 / チェヨン / 彩瑛 Tzuyu / 쯔위 / ツウィ / 子瑜
  7. We all know she flirts with anything that moves So what's your favorite Momo ship? Momo x Nayeon Momo x Jungyeon Momo x Sana Momo x Jihyo Momo x Mina Momo x Dahyun Momo x Chaeyoung Momo x Tzuyu Bonus and my ultimate favorite Momo ship! Momo x Jokbal
  8. if you all had one chance to say something to your bias what will you says? IF me i want to tell momo that i really like her and i really2 love her
  9. TWICE Momo’s Shoulder Strap Slipped Down And Photographers Couldn’t Handle It (10 Photos) Momo’s strap fell down while on the red carpet, and it was pure shoulder perfection. TWICE‘s Momo‘s shoulder strap slipped while she was promoting on the red carpet – and it’s easy to see why photographers couldn’t deal! Momo strutted onto the red carpet looking stunning in her black dress! She looked sexy and confident as she made her entrance… Even her movements were pretty! As she stood against the photo wall with her fellow TWICE members, she pushed her hair behind her ears gracefully. The reporters asked for the girls to do some hearts and dance moves, and the movements began shifting her thin dress strap… Momo really committed to the movements, leaning forward as she made a sweet heart. But it was this heart that proved to be the icing on the cake, and her strap began to slip… Sliding down to reveal her entire shoulder before she could catch it! She continued doing heart hands with her shoulder exposed, and looked so elegant doing it! Reporters and fans alike couldn’t get enough of the slip! She rocked the rest of the red carpet photo session after accidentally showing off her perfect shoulder! cr:koreaboo
  10. I'm really curious ! You can also say why you choose one of the choices.
  11. [V Report] Twice’s best dancer Momo holds ‘Dance the Night Away’ tutorial (Naver's V Live) Twice’s Momo showed fans how it’s done. The 21-year-old held a virtual dance class on Naver’s V live Saturday at midnight. She kicked off the broadcast in the dance practice hall. “Should I use a filter? Which is better?” she posed to the viewers. “I’m eating chips so that I’ll have some energy to dance,” she announced, before issue a warning: “If you eat too much, you might feel like throwing up while dancing.” However, that didn’t stop her from munching on chips and gummy candy for a while, even as she said, “If you’re trying to lose weight, this dance could help.” (Naver's V Live) She began with light stretching before officially delving into dance instructions, and then she took fans through the “Dance the Night Away” choreography step by step. “I’m exhausted,” she said at the end of the hour-long video. Momo has the reputation as the group’s best dancer, which is probably why she stepped up to give the dance tutorial. https://www.vlive.tv/video/81267 By The Korea Herald (khnews@heraldcorp.com) CR: KPOPHERALD
  12. *Sana meeting up with her friend, Girl's Day's Hyeri. *Momo showing her iconic 'circle for everything' to the hosts. Website for tVN's "Amazing Saturday" Please update on TWICE's schedule (for Momo & Sana) in the forum calendar and thanks again, @Jokballet
  13. TWICE’s Sana Wins Over Girl’s Day’s Hyeri And SHINee’s Key With Her Aegyo On “Amazing Saturday” The cast of tvN’s “Amazing Saturday” just couldn’t get enough of TWICE’s Sana and Momo! The two twice members made a guest appearance on the tvN variety show and were met with excitement from the cast members. Sana and Momo explained that while they were in the waiting room, they had practiced for the show by trying to write down lyrics after listening to a song. They talked about how difficult it had been for them, and the male cast members offered to help them out during the show. Boom suggested that Sana do aegyo for SHINee’s Key to encourage him to help her during the show, and Key’s face reddened as he was shy to be the center of Sana’s attention. As Sana prepared her well-known “Shy, shy, shy” aegyo, Key had everyone laughing when he quickly whipped out his phone so he could record the moment and keep it forever. It wasn’t just the male cast members who were enthralled by the two TWICE members as Girl’s Day’s Hyeri shared a story of a gift she had received from Sana. Stating that it had been her birthday recently, Hyeri revealed that Sana had sent her a video message on the day. She exclaimed that the video had been so cute that she had spent a whole day watching the video and thanked Sana for the sweet gift. Sana and Momo then joined the cast as they attempted to write down lyrics for songs to various degrees of success. “Amazing Saturday” airs every Saturday at 7:40 p.m. KST on tvN. Source (1) CR: soompi Snippets from tvN's "Amazing Saturday" featuring TWICE's Momo and Sana:
  14. “Amazing Saturday” CP Praises TWICE’s Momo And Sana For Their Recent Guest Appearance The chief producer (CP) of tvN’s “Amazing Saturday” had nothing but praise for TWICE’s Momo and Sana after their recent appearance. Momo and Sana were guests on “Amazing Saturday” on August 4 and their episode garnered average viewership ratings of 2.0 percent and peaked at 2.8 percent for the 20-49 age bracket (viewers between the ages of 20 and 49). This was a new record for “Amazing Saturday” and made it the most watched show in its time slot in the 20-49 age bracket. CP Park Sung Jae stated, “Sana and Momo had just come from a music show taping, but they didn’t show a hint of fatigue and did their best throughout the show, bringing more laughter to the show. Most of the cast members were surprised at how well the two TWICE members wrote in Korean and how high their understanding of the Korean language was despite being Japanese [and Korean not being their first language].” He went on to say, “Cast members like SHINee’s Key, Girl’s Day’s Hyeri, and rapper Hanhae welcomed the TWICE members very warmly as industry seniors and as fans of the popular girl group. Thanks to this, Sana and Momo were very relaxed throughout the taping of the show. Shin Dong Yup shared that his daughter is a big fan of TWICE, and Moon Se Yoon and Kim Dong Hyun also revealed that they are fans as well.” “Amazing Saturday” was able to hit its highest ratings for its target age bracket with TWICE’s help. The CP said, “Most of all, we are grateful to our viewers and we are grateful to the cast members for always doing their best. We really felt TWICE’s power through this [rise in ratings]. We really want to thank Sana and Momo.” The show has been inviting guests since its eighth episode, bringing in celebrities like AOA’s Hyejeong and Seolhyun, Yang Se Hyung, SEVENTEEN’s Dokyeom and Hoshi, Kim Heechul, Wanna One’s Ong Seong Woo and Lee Dae hwi, g.o.d’s Park Joon Hyung and Danny Ahn, Han Hyun Min, and now TWICE’s Momo and Sana. When asked who else he’d like on the show, CP Park Sung Jae replied, “I’d like to invite people from a variety of fields like writer Yoo Si Min, Jung Hae In, BIGBANG’s Seungri, rapper Simon Dominic, Wanna One’s Kang Daniel, Kim Hee Sun, Zico, and BTS.” “Amazing Saturday” is a variety show in which cast members and guests try to guess the lyrics to songs. The show airs every Saturday at 7:40 p.m. KST. Source (1) CR: soompi
  15. Twice’s Nayeon and Momo stream live from Japan (Naver's V Live) “It’s been a while since we talked to Once (a collective name for Twice fans) so,” Nayeon began the broadcast. “How long has it been since we got to Japan?” the Twice eldest asked her group mate, who replied, “It’s been three days already.” Twice is gearing up for the release of its first full-length Japanese album, “BDZ,” the teaser photos to which have been released Sunday midnight. https://www.vlive.tv/video/83334 https://www.vlive.tv/video/83335 By The Korea Herald (khnews@heraldcorp.com) CR: KPOPHERALD
  16. 14 Times TWICE’s Momo Killed Boy Group Dance Covers Her dance covers literally kill. 1. “Call Me Baby” — EXO 2. “Pretty U” — SEVENTEEN 3. “A.D.T.O.Y.” — 2PM 4. “If You Do” — GOT7 5. “I Need U” — BTS 6. “Overdose” — EXO 7. “It’s Raining” — Rain 8. “Hard Carry” — GOT7 9. “Mansae” — SEVENTEEN 10. “Love Me Right” — EXO 11. “Just Right” — GOT7 12. “Move” — Taemin 13. “Be Mine” — Infinite 14. “My House” — 2PM cr:koreaboo
  17. time to spazz about our 'performance leader' momo
  18. Our "The Way You Love Me" couple! These two were totally fire during Sixteen, but we all know their true personalities! They went from this to this They're always clinging to each other Cuties!!!!
  19. Because a peach a day keeps the doctor away XD
  20. Girls Who We Love – 트와이스(TWICE) Preview CR: Marie Claire Korea
  21. Watch: TWICE Performs Sexy Versions Of Their Songs, Shows Their Rap Skills, And More On “Idol Room” TWICE was the latest guest to appear on JTBC’s “Idol Room”! On July 10, the nine members had fun dancing and playing games on the idol variety show. Chaeyoung said, “I liked reading poetry for a bit and I wrote a poem for ‘Idol Room.'” When asked if there was a nickname she wanted to go by, Chaeyoung answered, “Strawberry” and became “Strawberry Chaeng.” She then read out loud her poem that wittily incorporated the titles of TWICE’s songs. She said, “‘Idol Room’ thankfully sent us a ‘Signal‘ so TWICE ‘Knock Knock‘ed and entered ‘Idol Room.’ We’ll work hard to ‘Heart Shaker‘ the viewers, so I hope you’ll ‘Likey‘ it a lot.” The TWICE members also created their own emoticons and showed how they can communicate with each other by just using their facial expressions. During the “Nano Dance” segment, each member showed a key point in their choreography for their latest title track “Dance the Night Away.” https://www.vlive.tv/video/79342 After completing the “Nano Dance,” the members asked about the “Attention Dance” challenge and said they wanted to do it. The “Attention Dance” is where idols have to dance to their choreography without using their hands, keeping their arms stiffly to their sides like a soldier at attention. TWICE took on the dance challenge to “Knock Knock.” Although there were times when the members were offbeat or in the wrong spot, they ultimately succeeded! https://www.vlive.tv/video/79469 In the segment “TWICE Fact Check,” the girl group revealed their first ever sexy concept. Momo showed a sexy dance to “TT,” Jihyo to “Knock Knock,” Chaeyoung to “Signal,” and Mina to “What is Love?“ The members also brought up Nayeon’s trademark sexy pose. Jihyo said, “It was the day of a fan event. Nayeon wore an off the shoulder top and pouted her lips.” Listening to her members, Nayeon slightly tilted her head and recreated the pose. Jeongyeon then also imitated her pose. The MCs then requested a sexy pose from Dahyun. She protested, “I really can’t do it,” but perfectly recreated Nayeon’s pose. Jung Hyung Don commented, “Dahyun, you’re like an adult,” and she replied, “I am an adult!” https://www.vlive.tv/video/79475 Nayeon also spoke about her love for rap. She had previously stated at a showcase that she’s good at rapping. Calling herself by her rap name “MC Rail,” she performed HAON and VINXEN’s “Barcode.” https://www.vlive.tv/video/79477 Jihyo concluded, “It was our first time on ‘Idol Room’ and I think we did well. We’ll make sure to watch it when it broadcasts.” Mina added, “We made a comeback with our first summer album, so please give us love.” TWICE released their special album “Summer Nights” and title track “Dance the Night Away” on July 9. Source (1) (2) CR: soompi
  22. I hope i don't sail this ship alone... Aren''t they the cutest? Source: osmosis (tumblr)
  23. [V Report] Twice is not at the beach -- but a studio (Naver's V app) The dance video to Twice’s summer song “Dance the Night Away” features the members dancing on a sandy beach ? oh wait, no, it’s not. If you look closely, the starry night background is a giant screen. Twice released the video on V Live on Tuesday evening. The tri-national girl group’s summer track is different from its past releases in that it is “definitely not a love song,” says Jeongyeon. “It’s a summer song, not a love song,” she explained. Twice’s second Korean release of 2018 “Summer Night” fronted by “Dance the Night Away” is the group’s first-ever summer-themed album. Singer and producer Wheesung wrote the lyrics to the lead track and the group’s three Japanese members, Sana, Momo and Mina, co-wrote the lyrics to one of the nine tracks, “Shot Thru the Heart.” https://www.vlive.tv/video/79410 https://www.vlive.tv/video/79557 CR: KPOPHERALD