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Found 136 results

  1. ALL ONCE KNOW MOMO ARE STRONG EATING...so there is a special forum for a strong idol eaten ... among them is Momo Twice
  2. On Saturday, 02/03/2018, Twice arrived at Gimpo International Airport from Japan for their Showcase tours and Promotion. Momo looked so gorgeous with her two-toned hair, white sweater, and a tight jeans. She is spotted wearing Gucci belt on that day.... cr. studioPARN The belt look so nice and expensive. I was curious how much the price of that belt, so looked it up on google. This was what I found.... src. Gucci.com I think it's safe to say that, approximately, the price is between US$350 - US$450. For me, it's so expensive for a belt :o Momo is sure knows how to treat herself I heard that money sharing between a Kpop group members is based on their individual air time. A member who has more individual parts on a song tends to get more payment. They also get extra salary for every individual events that they attend, such as appearing in a variety show or being a music show MC.
  3. [V Report Plus] Twice’s Momo gets two birthday cakes Twice’s Momo took to the V app Thursday to live broadcast her feelings on turning 21. “Last night, I completely forgot about my birthday and I went to bed. But then the other Twice girls knocked on my door and brought in an ice cream cake,” said Momo, who added that she had received another cake from the staff of “M! Countdown.” Twice nabbed a win at “M! Countdown” with its new song “Likey” on the same day. Momo expressed happiness at having nabbed the prize on her birthday. “I’m confused about my age now, because the age counting system is different in Japan and in Korea. In Korea, you don’t age another year on the birthday, right?” Momo asked viewers. “Thank you for your congratulatory messages,” Momo said to Twice’s fan club Once. She also mentioned an overseas fan who had written a song for her for her birthday and photo gifts given by Once. After the live V app broadcast that went on for about 30 minutes, Momo posted photos of herself taken in front of the JYP Entertainment building on Instagram. By Lim Jeong-yeo (kaylalim@heraldcorp.com) cr KPOPHERALD
  4. Haru

    JAPANESE LINE :: J-Trinity

  5. MinaPenguin #TwiceismyLife

    [FANART] Momo Showing her Beauty

  6. time to spazz about our 'performance leader' momo
  7. MinaPenguin #TwiceismyLife

    [FANART] MoTzu/Parody Lalaland

  8. [V Report Plus] Momo learns to play Korean ‘se se se’ (Naver V app) Girl group Twice enjoyed their time back in school in the latest episode of Twice TV released via Naver’s V app Wednesday. The episode showed some behind-the-scenes footage from the filming of the music video for the group’s latest track “What is Love?” which parodies popular scenes from romance films. In the video, the Twice bandmates filmed a scene which parodied a scene from the 2001 film “The Princess Diaries” where the heroine Mia, played by Anne Hathaway, returned to school after getting a drastic makeover to become the princess of Genovia. During the break, Jihyo taught her Japanese bandmate Momo how play the “se se se” clapping game. Momo was confused by the quick hand movements at first, but got the moves soon after. Watching them play the game, Sana said, “It would have been fun if they went to same school. Don’t you think so?” Another Japanese bandmate Mina is a professional when it comes to the clapping game and played a more complicated version than Jihyo. http://www.vlive.tv/video/67315 CR: KPOPHERALD
  9. Hi Guys I made this thread to discuss about what do you expect for momo this year? I really want to know what Momo's fans wish and expect for her. As for me, I hope for: 1. JYP will give her more Singing/Rap lines and let her improve. 2. More dance break for her to show her skill. 3. Give her more chance to contribute in choreographing the dance for Twice 4. For her to have a project either in Dancing or maybe Twice Unit. 5. For her to have more friends outside Twice. What about you guys?
  10. TWICE Shares Thoughts On Becoming A Senior Group At JYP After Stray Kids’ Debut TWICE talked about their new standing at JYP Entertainment and their latest comeback during a radio show. On April 19, TWICE appeared as guests on SBS PowerFM’s “Lee Guk Joo’s Young Street” and shared that they finally became a senior group at their agency after the debut of Stray Kids. The group’s leader Jihyo said, “We’re still the second youngest at JYP, but I’m really happy to have juniors. We received CDs not too long ago and they wrote something to each member.” Nayeon added, “It’s really cool now that we have become seniors,” to which the other members agreed. TWICE then took turns answering questions. When asked to choose the member with the most memorable first impression, Jihyo answered, “Momo and Sana.” She explained, “Momo and Sana were the first Japanese people I’d ever met. I think they thought that I was definitely older than them. When I told them that we were the same age, they said, ‘Huh…?'” Dahyun was asked to choose the clumsiest member off-stage. She answered, “Definitely Nayeon. On stage, Nayeon’s performance skills are really good. But in real life, she does things like wear t-shirts inside out.” Nayeon commented, “I’m clumsy on stage too. These days, I can’t find my position on stage and get the choreography wrong.” Jeongyeon added, “Nayeon gets it wrong, but is good at confidently acting like she didn’t.” When it was Momo’s turn, she had to choose the member more obsessed with food. She also chose Nayeon and explained, “She always travel with food and Nayeon also obsesses over food. When I’m eating something, she always comes next to me and asks, ‘What’s that?” Chaeyoung had to answer which member she’d scold if she wasn’t the youngest. She chose Nayeon again, who responded with an embarrassed laugh. TWICE then revealed that Dahyun was the most different on and off camera. Dahyun acknowledged this and said, “Fans also say that I’m like a middle-aged man.” The members also went around choosing songs they’d play on the radio if they became DJs. Nayeon chose I.O.I’s “Downpour,” Momo picked TWICE’s “What is Love?” and Sana selected Apink’s “Miracle.” Source (1) CR: soompi
  11. ZGminatozakimyoui

    [DISCUSSION] Hunt for the shoes worn by TWICE

    A thread for those who loves sneakers and twice Im on the hunt to collect the shoes worn by twice can you guys help me? i'll start with this one Worn by Myoui Mina (W Airmax Sequent 3)
  12. Momo with long hair Momo with short hair I like her with both hairstyle but short hair definitely gives a fresher look. Loving her new short hair ❤❤
  13. Here we are appreciating Momo's Cute Aegyo. Even though she's good at dancing, she also have good and cute Aegyo like other members had. So feel free to add some gifs, pics or videos of Momo's cute aegyo.
  14. Nayeon and Momo! These two members are always flirting with everyone and, of course, with each other! Spazz about this beautiful ship here! (c) Gay and gayer
  15. My favorite OTP... Seriously, how not to love these little things? Feel free to post anything related: 3 ~So cute :3~
  16. Well some people has requested to share ISAC 2018 pics if I can make all of them in a single folder ... So I'm sharing ... Well it's rough ... Many non-hd pics are here and can be duplicate as well ... So Up to you guys what you like it's your ISAC 2018 Jan photo Compilation cr : Tzuyu pics , TWICE global group , Dahyun Pics , Studio parn , 꿈나라 , SHINE A LIGHT , beyondwords , Jeongyeon pics , TwiceOnceLand , #1 NaTzu Promoter ♡ , Jihyo pics , 울고보채영‏ , ♡ dahyun pics ♡ And apologizing for a few Sana can't find.. really sorry :(
  17. alfianmsn

    [PIC] Twice Photo Compilation

    https://menboongieya.wordpress.com/ this site is not mine, i just share it. thanks you