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  1. MinaPenguin #TwiceismyLife

    [FANART] MiTzu/ Incomparable love between them

  2. TWICE's Sana, Wanna One's Daehwi and Chungha to host 'M! Countdown' as global MC crew on April 26th(Thurs), at 6PM KST CR: STARDAILYNEWS ========= List of performers:
  3. [V Report Plus] Behind-the-scenes of Nayeon’s baseball pitch (Naver V app) Nayeon of girl group Twice revealed some behind-the-scenes footage of her recent first pitch at a Korean Baseball Organization game via Naver’s V app Sunday. The video started with the singer practicing the pose ahead of the event. She not only practiced the pitching pose, but also the pitching gestures, shaking and nodding her head. “LG Twice, way to go!” the singer said, using the baseball team LG Twins and her group name. The pitch at LG Twins marked the singer’s second opening pitch following her pitch two years ago. “I saw the picture (from two years ago) and I looked like a baby,” she said. “But now I’m… a woman?” During the actual pitch, Nayeon had a proper posture for throwing but her ball failed to reach the catcher. Though she left some regret on the opening pitch, she enjoyed the game while cheering and eating fried chicken -- a popular snack to eat at a baseball game in Korea. http://www.vlive.tv/video/66050 CR: KPOPHERALD
  4. https://www.instagram.com/banghana/?hl=en In her stories!!!Faster check it out
  5. Watch: TWICE Grabs 7th Win For “What Is Love?” On “M!Countdown,” Performances By VIXX, NCT 2018, And More TWICE has taken home another trophy for their latest hit! On the April 26 episode of “M!Countdown,” TWICE’s “What Is Love?” was up against WINNER’s “Everyday” for first place. TWICE took first with a total score of 9,360 to WINNER’s 4,850. This is the first week that “M!Countdown” has incorporated its new scoring system for the weekly chart. Global fan votes and social media now account for larger proportions of the final scores. Watch TWICE’s performance and win below! TWICE – “What Is Love?” Other performances in this week’s episode were by Badkiz, Berry Good Heart Heart, The Boyz, Eric Nam, Hyeongseop x Euiwoong, IMFACT, IN2IT, Lovelyz, NCT 2018, NOIR, PENTAGON, Samuel, SNUPER, Stray Kids, The Rose, UNB, and VIXX. Watch many of them in the soompi link! Congratulations to TWICE! CR: soompi
  6. TWICE has made another hit with their 3rd single 'Wake Me Up'. The girls will be releasing their full 3rd single on May16th, but the song was pre-released on the 25th at midnight. The song ranked #1 on LINE MUSIC's Top 100 chart, and "What is Love?" also ranked at #9 alongside. Congratulations to TWICE. The girls will soon be going on a tour in Japan in Saitama on May 26th and 27th, and in Osaka on June 2nd and 3rd. cr: allkpop
  7. Gaon Reveals Latest Weekly Chart Results On April 26, Gaon revealed chart results for the week from April 15 through April 21. The overall digital and streaming charts were topped by Nilo’s “Pass,” which has had controversial success with accusations of digital chart manipulation. On both the digital and streaming charts, TWICE’s “What is Love?” is No. 2, HAON’s “Boong Boong” is No. 3, MeloMance’s “You” is No. 4, and HAON and VINXEN’s “Barcode” is No. 5. “Boong Boong” took first on the download chart, followed by “What is Love?” and “Pass.” VINXEN’s “Not at All” took fourth, and WINNER’s “Everyday” took fifth. VIXX’s “Eau De Vixx” and JBJ’s “New Moon” took the top two spots of the album chart recording physical album shipments. EXO-CBX’s “Blooming Days,” NCT’s “NCT 2018 Empathy,” and TWICE’s “What is Love?” round up the top five. TWICE’s “What is Love?” maintained its reign on the social chart, which is a result of data from YouTube, Twitter, and YinYueTai. It is followed by Super Junior’s “Lo Siento,” MOMOLAND’s “BBoom BBoom,” EXO-CBX’s “Blooming Day,” and BTS’s “DNA.” Source (1) CR: soompi
  8. Born in Kyoto, Momo is one of three Japanese members of girl group Twice and the best-known non-Korean star in K-pop. Talent-spotted after appearing in a dance video online, she has helped Twice win fans in Japan The idea of a Japanese singer in a K-pop outfit could be seen as a political statement, given the historical antagonism between South Korea and Japan. But youngsters in Asia increasingly choose their allegiances based on fashion and pop culture, instead of history or politics. And K-pop entertainment firms, whether to promote international exchange or simply to tap into a star’s transnational crossover appeal, are recruiting band members from neighbouring countries. Of course, Asia has produced its share of crossover stars in the past – such as Hong Kong’s Leslie Cheung, Japan’s Namie Amuro, South Korea’s Rain – but the rise of K-pop has ushered in a new era for multicultural pop stars in Asia. And Momo, one of the three Japanese members of dominant K-pop girl group Twice, is arguably the best-known non-Korean star in K-pop today. This is her story so far. Early life Momo, whose full name is Momo Hirai, was born and raised in Kyoto, Japan. The 21-year-old started dancing at the age of three, training alongside her elder sister. Like Justin Bieber and many other pop stars in the YouTube era, Momo and her sister were spotted in an online video – in their case, South Korea’s JYP Entertainment, the firm behind bands such as 2PM and Got7. To join Twice, Momo had to compete against other young hopefuls on Sixteen, a Korean reality TV show. While initially eliminated, Momo was brought back at the end. “I was fascinated by the powerful yet precise dance performances of K-pop. I loved Rain and 2NE1. I always wanted to thrill people with my dancing – just as how K-pop dancing thrilled me,” Momo said during an interview with the Chosun newspaper. Her role in Twice Given her dance training and extensive experience, Momo has some of the best moves in the nine-member girl group. And as one of the outfit’s three Japanese members, Momo is credited with boosting the group’s popularity in her home country. Since their 2015 debut, Twice have become one of the dominant K-pop groups not only in South Korea but also in Japan, where their Japanese-language album debuted at No 2 on the Oricon Albums Chart. As the group broke through, Japan’s NHK News even ran a feature about how multicultural groups such as Twice could help solve political problems between Seoul and Tokyo. Her solo work Having only launched her career fairly recently – in 2015 – Momo has yet to embark on any solo projects. Before joining Twice, though, as a “K-pop trainee” Momo performed as a dancer in several videos for fellow JYP groups including Got7’s Stop Stop It and Miss A’s Only You. And in 2016, after becoming a member of Twice, Momo also starred in Sweet Dream, a music video by Kim Hee-chul and Min Kyung-hoon. Momo has described her hip-hop-influenced dance style as “urban with a feminine touch” and says she prefers choreographed routines over free-styling. Besides Namie Amuro, Momo says she looks up to other dancer-singers such as American singer-songwriter Tinashe. Her image Momo is famed for her perfect bangs, which she says highlights her eyes and makes her look less “cold” or “strong”. As a dancer, Momo famously lost 7kg to be fitter and adhere to the famously tight requirements of the Korean pop industry. “I didn’t eat well while filming Sixteen because I was so stressed out. So people said I came off kind of strong. After the programme ended, I wanted to look ‘brighter’ so I got bangs again,” she said in an interview with GQ Korea. “I just don’t want to be seen as a strong person.” In her words “Yes [I look in the mirror often] … I continuously wonder about how my face looks. I’m a little nervous because I don’t have a lot of make-up on right now,” she told GQ Korea. And in a letter to her fans, she once wrote: “Even though our first promotions have ended, I will continue to work hard in order to present a better image [to you].” cr: scmp
  9. TWICE Says They’re Amazed By Park Jin Young’s Ability To Write Lyrics From Girls’ Perspective TWICE expressed their amazement at JYP Entertainment founder Park Jin Young’s songwriting skills on “Yoo Hee Yeol‘s Sketchbook”! See Also: TWICE’s “What Is Love?” Becomes Fastest K-Pop Girl Group MV To Hit 40 Million Views During the April 14 episode of the KBS music variety show, TWICE talked about their new title track “What is Love?” and the meaning behind the song’s lyrics. Leader Jihyo remarked, “Producer Park Jin Young personally composed our title track this time. The song is about a girl wanting to experience the love she learned about in books, movies, and dramas for herself in real life.” MC Yoo Hee Yeol jokingly replied, “I heard that Park Jin Young wrote your new song and was very worried. But as soon as I heard it, I thought that it would do well. Fortunately, there was no ‘JYP’ in the [song’s] introduction.” As the TWICE members all cracked up at his comment, Yoo Hee Yeol went on to ask, “[Park] Jin Young also wrote all the lyrics himself, right?” After TWICE confirmed that he had, he continued, “I looked at the lyrics, and they were totally from the perspective of a young girl. How does Park Jin Young write [lyrics] like that?” TWICE earnestly replied, “We want to know too. We’re really curious ourselves.” Yoo Hee Yeol then asked the group to pick the line from “What is Love?” that they found most girlish, and several of the members instantly agreed on Sana’s line, “They say it’s sweet like candy/They say it feels like flying through the sky.” Nayeon speculated, “In my opinion, it seems like producer [Park Jin Young] wrote the lyrics while using the ideal image of a young girl in his mind and imagining [her perspective].” Jeongyeon added, “He also choreographs our dances,” while the other members chimed in, “He even teaches us the choreography himself.” Expressing his disbelief, Yoo Hee Yeol asked TWICE which part Park Jin Young had choreographed. To his surprise, they revealed that he had choreographed the dance to the same girlish line that they had mentioned earlier. You can check out TWICE’s performances from the show here! Source (1) CR: soompi
  10. Watch: TWICE Takes 6th Win For “What Is Love?” On “Show Champion,” Performances By VIXX, NCT 2018, And More TWICE’s “What Is Love?” has won another trophy! On the April 25 episode of “Show Champion,” the nominees for first place were TWICE’s “What Is Love?”, VIXX’s “Scentist,” EXO-CBX’s “Blooming Day,” WINNER’s “Everyday,” and EXID’s “Lady.” TWICE took the win (for the second week in a row on “Show Champion”) and although they didn’t perform on the show, they sent a video where they thanked everyone. Performances this week were by VIXX, NCT 2018, Eric Nam, PENTAGON, Samuel, Hyeongseop x Euiwoong, H.U.B, IMFACT, The Boyz, Stray Kids, 14U, Badkiz, The Rose, Hoons, IN2IT, SNUPER, HINT, and more. Check them out in the soompi link! Congratulations to TWICE! CR: soompi
  11. [Music @ Lipost] The center is a rabbit girl ... JYP's PICK [TV Report = Kim Yeon-Na] I guess it's like one side. Or did it follow the popular preference of men. JYP's Gal Group Center resembles. Wonder Girls Sohee, Mt. Ai, Suzie and Twiz are all rabbit girls. Wonder Girls, who made his debut in 2007, was the youngest son in the center. Soo-hee, the expressionless artist, attracted the enthusiasm of male fans with a smile and a smile at once. The so-called rabbit front teeth became a character of Sohee. Ahn Soh-hee, who was born in 1992, made her debut as a middle school girl and kept her youngest image ever. Hence, the somewhat larger front teeth were able to maximize Sohu 's charm. It was a coincidence. The last Mitsuie who started in 2010 was Suzuki's center. The resin, which was plump in the skin with immaculate skin, secured the eye. Resin 'rabbit front teeth' were also rated as cute elements. In 1994, the reservoir acted as a high school girl and appealed to her teenage feelings. Especially, the teeth of the plastic resin exposed with a good smile were added to the crush. his is the strategy. Twice in 2015 has nine members and a center. Among them, the proportion that is in charge of Nagai is great. She is baptized as a camera flash with a sleek appearance, a bright smile, and a doodle 'rabbit front teeth'. Born in 1995, Im Na-yeon debuted at the age of just over 20 years old. Compared to the predecessors, the rate of synchro of the most rabbit girl is high. The frequency of large front teeth exposure is also high. It is getting popularity by taking advantage of its merits. Kim Ye-na, press yeah@tvreport.co.kr/ Photo = TV report DB CR:naver
  12. TWICE's Nayeon, Jihyo and Dahyun to guest on KBS Happy Together Season 3: Segment 2 - "Legendary Big Mouth: Sing My Song" - broadcast sometime in April. CR: STARNEWS
  13. [STARCAST] Analysis on sub characters in TWICE’s 'What is Love' music video! Hello!It’s TWICE STARCAST as sweet as a candy!(ONCE, shout!!!!!!!!!) If you saw the main member episode on the music video last week, look forward to it today! (Drums) We specially prepared the sub member episode of music video! (ONCE, shout again!!!!!!!!!)Even though they were subs, they were more impressive than anyone else (Amazing) Then, hold your remote control and let’s Go Are you JEONGYEON from JYP High school?When I saw you, my heart stopped… When I stood in front of the fishbowl to see tropical fishmy heart stopped again… ONCE, it’s strange. You can keep the love in your heart forever..!Let’s keep the love for each other for good CR:naver
  14. Watch: TWICE Show Off Their Cute And Silly Side On “Gag Concert” TWICE’s Sana, Mina, Dahyun, and Jihyo made a memorable appearance on the latest episode of “Gag Concert”! The four TWICE members appeared as guest stars on the April 22 broadcast of the KBS 2TV comedy show. In one sketch, Sana and Mina played adorable but hard-bargaining customers at a clothing store, using their signature cute charms to haggle with the owner. In another sketch, Dahyun proved her skills as an entertainer by showing off her powerful dance moves and, oddly enough, her impressively large mouth. Finally, Jihyo appeared as a perky cheerleader attempting to help things along on a blind date, only to have the man pay all his attention to her instead of his date. Check out the full clips of TWICE’s appearance below! Source (1) CR: soompi
  15. [V Report Plus] Camila Cabello ‘likes’ Twice’s cover of ‘Havana’ (Naver V app) Sana and Momo of girl group Twice danced to Cuban-American singer Camila Cabello’s “Havana” in a live broadcast held via Naver’s V app Monday. Titled “Momo’s ‘What is Love?’ Dance School,” the live broadcast featured the two K-pop singers explaining the choreography of the group’s latest track “What is Love?” Before they started their dance lesson in earnest, they danced to Cabello’s track “Havana” as a warmup exercise. (Naver V app) After the broadcast, a fan posted the clip of the two dancing to the track on Twitter, where it was soon spotted and “liked” by the Cuban-American singer. http://www.vlive.tv/video/68132 CR: KPOPHERALD
  16. TWICE Takes 5th Win For “What is Love?” On “Inkigayo” Congratulations to TWICE for winning first place with “What is Love?” on SBS’s “Inkigayo”! Second place was Nilo’s “Pass,” and third place went to WINNER’s “Everyday.” This week’s performers include EXO-CBX, VIXX, TWICE, WINNER, EXID, MONSTA X, Eric Nam, Oh My Girl Banhana, PENTAGON, NCT 2018, IMFACT, Tae Jin Ah and Kangnam, IN2IT, Samuel, The Boyz, The Rose, and more. Winner Announcement: TWICE – “What is Love?” Check out this week’s performances on the soompi link! CR: soompi
  17. Watch: TWICE Takes 4th Win For “What Is Love?” On “Music Core,” Performances By EXO-CBX, NCT 2018, VIXX, And More The April 21 episode of MBC’s “Music Core” had EXO-CBX’s “Blooming Day,” WINNER’s “Everyday,” and TWICE’s “What Is Love?” as contenders for first place. TWICE took home the crown this week, making it their fourth win for “What Is Love?” Congratulations to TWICE! Today’s episode featured performances from EXO-CBX, VIXX, NCT 2018, TWICE, WINNER, EXID, PENTAGON, Stray Kids, Eric Nam, Oh My Girl BANHANA, Samuel, The Boyz, The Rose, IMFACT, IN2IT, and Tae Jin Ah x Kangnam. Watch performances on the soompi link! (or MBCkpop YouTube channel) ♬ Hot ♥ Stage ♬ TWICE 『What is Love?』 CR: soompi
  18. TWICE Shares Thoughts On Becoming A Senior Group At JYP After Stray Kids’ Debut TWICE talked about their new standing at JYP Entertainment and their latest comeback during a radio show. On April 19, TWICE appeared as guests on SBS PowerFM’s “Lee Guk Joo’s Young Street” and shared that they finally became a senior group at their agency after the debut of Stray Kids. The group’s leader Jihyo said, “We’re still the second youngest at JYP, but I’m really happy to have juniors. We received CDs not too long ago and they wrote something to each member.” Nayeon added, “It’s really cool now that we have become seniors,” to which the other members agreed. TWICE then took turns answering questions. When asked to choose the member with the most memorable first impression, Jihyo answered, “Momo and Sana.” She explained, “Momo and Sana were the first Japanese people I’d ever met. I think they thought that I was definitely older than them. When I told them that we were the same age, they said, ‘Huh…?'” Dahyun was asked to choose the clumsiest member off-stage. She answered, “Definitely Nayeon. On stage, Nayeon’s performance skills are really good. But in real life, she does things like wear t-shirts inside out.” Nayeon commented, “I’m clumsy on stage too. These days, I can’t find my position on stage and get the choreography wrong.” Jeongyeon added, “Nayeon gets it wrong, but is good at confidently acting like she didn’t.” When it was Momo’s turn, she had to choose the member more obsessed with food. She also chose Nayeon and explained, “She always travel with food and Nayeon also obsesses over food. When I’m eating something, she always comes next to me and asks, ‘What’s that?” Chaeyoung had to answer which member she’d scold if she wasn’t the youngest. She chose Nayeon again, who responded with an embarrassed laugh. TWICE then revealed that Dahyun was the most different on and off camera. Dahyun acknowledged this and said, “Fans also say that I’m like a middle-aged man.” The members also went around choosing songs they’d play on the radio if they became DJs. Nayeon chose I.O.I’s “Downpour,” Momo picked TWICE’s “What is Love?” and Sana selected Apink’s “Miracle.” Source (1) CR: soompi
  19. [SW Issue] "Real first place" ... Twice's prestigious streak [Sports World = Yoon, Ki-baek reporter] Girl group Twice recorded a new song 'What's Love?' It is meaningless in that it is a 'real first place' that fans recognize as well as the public. Twice was broadcast on the 21st MBC 'Show! Music center "and a new song 'What's Love?' To top of Exochenbach City and Winner. Twice shortly after the award, he said, "I will become a tweeter who is as hard as you have given me first place." Twice is MBC Music 'Show! Champion ', Mnet' M Countdown ', KBS' Music Bank ', MBC' Show! Music center "music broadcast first trophy Unlike music broadcasts, current music charts are Tweed and Nilo, and 'High Wrapper 2' Kim Ha-on. Nilo takes the top spot on the charts in Melon, the largest music site in the country, but it has been a long time since it has lost its meaning in terms of the first place that no one can agree with. In the case of the first sound recording chart, it should be easy to get online and broadcast as well as on the street. Nilo's 'Gina Oda' can not feel its influence at all. The agency has explained that there is no legal problem, but it is doubtful that it is overwhelmingly dominant only in toxic melon. On the other hand, Twice is on the top in music charts, music charts and music broadcasts, and it ranks first on various portal real-time search terms. Also, it is showing the way to be in the top position so that it can be easily accessed even in everyday life that goes online and offline. In that sense, Twice 's 4th album of music is more than ever. Although it was the first place in Korea's largest melancholy site Melon, it is the moment when Twice's shine is brilliant because it is the first place that anyone can sympathize with. giback@sportsworldi.com CR:.naver
  20. Jungyeon and Sana shared some cute behind-the-scenes moments from their "What Is Love?" MV on 'TWICE TV'! Although the moments in the actual MV were fairly short, the filming of the scene actually took quite a bit longer! As a parody of the famous American movie 'Ghost', TWICE's Jungyeon and Sana had to create pottery together, with Jungyeon as Demi Moore's character in the front and Sana as Patrick Swayze's role in the back. The two displayed cute awkwardness, especially since Sana's arms could not reach the pot, and the two had to constantly shift postures to get into a comfortable position! Meanwhile, Jungyeon continued to lip-sync well throughout the shoot, maintaining professionalism even as Sana's face inched closer to hers. © Allkpop
  21. MinaPenguin #TwiceismyLife

    [INFO] [Allkpop] Best TWICE Lyrics

    Best TWICE Lyrics Intro Best TWICE Lyrics TWICE has just released their latest EP 'What Is Love', which features five new songs, including their newest single of the same title! While TWICE is known for their cute, girly concepts, some of their songs have very deep and touching lyrics. Let's take a look at their entire discography, and listen to some of their best lyrical lines from all the members! Which TWICE song is your favorite to listen to? Don't Give Up! "Pick up your crayons, fill your heart's canvas. Don't doubt your conviction, Don't hesitate again. Tell me everyday, Cheer up baby! Don't give up!" TWICE - Twicetagram One In A Million "You gotta know you're one in a million. One in a million, the only one in the world. You're a masterpiece, you are perfect." TWICE - Twicecoaster Cheer Up "Cheer up baby, Give it a little more, A girl shouldn't give her heart away so easily". TWICE - Page Two Like A Fool "I've also wanted to say, without feeling awkward, looking back at the past, I regret everything, like a fool." TWICE - The Story Begins Turtle "At first, I didn't feel anything, But everyday we beat ourselves. Like a balloon, my heart is getting bigger which might burst." TWICE - Twicetagram TT "Beautiful no matter what I wear. Just the two of us in a mirror having a fashion show. I think I'm all grown up now. I'm free to make my own choices, but why can't I have it my way?" TWICE - Twicecoaster Precious Love "I was stupid for not knowing how much pain you had. The eyes that looked at me were eyes that withstood tears. At that time I didn't realize how precious that love was. You don't know how much I regret letting you go." TWICE - Page Two Precious Love "I was stupid for not knowing how much pain you had. The eyes that looked at me were eyes that withstood tears. At that time I didn't realize how precious that love was. You don't know how much I regret letting you go." TWICE - Page Two What Is Love? "I wanna know how it could be as sweet as candy. I wanna know how it's like flying in the sky. I wanna know how it keeps you smiling all day. I wanna know how the whole world turns beautiful." TWICE - What Is Love What's some of your favorite lyrics from TWICE? CR:allkpop
  22. April Singer Brand Reputation Rankings Revealed On April 22, the Korean Business Research Institute announced this month’s ranking for brand reputation among singers. The results are based on the analysis of participation, media coverage, interaction, and community indexes for 103,939,104 pieces of big data on singers from March 20 to April 21. This is a 5.77 percent increase from the 98,265,135 pieces of big data analyzed for the March ranking. Wanna One rose one spot to top the list again with a participation score of 1,327,460, media coverage score of 2,596,666, interaction score of 3,823,343, and community score of 4,307,401 for a total brand reputation score of 12,054,871. This is a 10.33 percent increase from their March score of 10,926,118. “Cute,” “Thankful,” and “Precious” are words that ranked high for Wanna One’s keyword analysis, while “Concert,” “Kang Daniel,” and “I.P.U.” ranked high for their link analysis. The positivity-negativity analysis showed 89.66 percent positive reactions towards Wanna One’s brand. BTS took second on this month’s ranking with a participation score of 2,222,300, media coverage score of 1,511,012, interaction score of 2,545,227, and community score of 1,744,739 for a total brand reputation score of 8,023,277. TWICE rose six spots to take third with a total brand reputation score of 7,945,940, which is a 122.06 percent increase from their March score of 3,578,235. Their participation score is 1,966,564, media coverage score is 2,539,422, interaction score is 1,671,060, and community score is 1,768,895. Check out the top 30 below: Wanna One BTS TWICE Red Velvet iKON BLACKPINK EXO IU WINNER Oh My Girl BIGBANG MOMOLAND Chungha Bolbbalgan4 Punch SEVENTEEN MAMAMOO 10cm Nilo BTOB Woo Won Jae INFINITE Highlight Suzy Sunmi Davichi GOT7 Heize Roy Kim Park Hyo Shin Source (1) CR: soompi, rekorea.net
  23. [V Report Plus] Momo learns to play Korean ‘se se se’ (Naver V app) Girl group Twice enjoyed their time back in school in the latest episode of Twice TV released via Naver’s V app Wednesday. The episode showed some behind-the-scenes footage from the filming of the music video for the group’s latest track “What is Love?” which parodies popular scenes from romance films. In the video, the Twice bandmates filmed a scene which parodied a scene from the 2001 film “The Princess Diaries” where the heroine Mia, played by Anne Hathaway, returned to school after getting a drastic makeover to become the princess of Genovia. During the break, Jihyo taught her Japanese bandmate Momo how play the “se se se” clapping game. Momo was confused by the quick hand movements at first, but got the moves soon after. Watching them play the game, Sana said, “It would have been fun if they went to same school. Don’t you think so?” Another Japanese bandmate Mina is a professional when it comes to the clapping game and played a more complicated version than Jihyo. http://www.vlive.tv/video/67315 CR: KPOPHERALD
  24. TWICE shall appear as guests on SBS Running Man (Recording is on April 16 Mon., and broadcast is scheduled sometime in April). CR: MYDAILY, sports.donga
  25. MinaPenguin #TwiceismyLife

    [FANART] Happy Birthday CHAEYOUNG ❤ ❤