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  1. Watch: TWICE Takes 2nd Win For “Dance The Night Away” On “M!Countdown,” Performances By SEVENTEEN, MAMAMOO, And More TWICE has grabbed their second win for “Dance the Night Away”! On the July 19 episode of “M!Countdown,” TWICE’s latest track was up against Apink’s “I’m So Sick” for first place. TWICE took first with a total score of 10,933 to Apink’s 6,258. Watch their performance and win below! Performers on this week’s episode also included A.C.E, Apink, Chungha, ELRIS, fromis_9, GFRIEND, Golden Child, gugudan SEMINA, Kim Dong Han, Kyungri, MAMAMOO, MOMOLAND, MYTEEN, ONF, Seenroot, SEVENTEEN, TARGET, Triple H, and VARSITY. Watch many of the performances in the soompi link! Congratulations to TWICE! CR: soompi
  2. 2018 Korea Music Festival Reveals Full Lineup Of Artists Joining SHINee, TWICE, Wanna One, And More The 2018 Korea Music Festival has unveiled the final lineup! Previously, artists including SHINee, iKON, Wanna One, TWICE, BTOB, Apink, MAMAMOO, NCT, MOMOLAND, WJSN, gugudan, and SF9 were announced for the lineup of the event. It has now been confirmed that Wanna One, TWICE, iKON, MAMAMOO, WJSN, and SF9 will be performing on the first day, August 1. The other artists now announced for the first day are Oh My Girl, LABOUM, VICTON, Weki Meki, HALO, FlaShe, IN2IT, KARD, H.U.B, TRCNG, Hash Tag, Kim Dong Han, NeonPunch, VROMANCE, Soul Latido, MYTEEN, The Brothers, Woo Jin Young and Kim Hyun Soo, Lim Chae Eon, GBB, and Joel. SHINee, Apink, BTOB, NCT 127, MOMOLAND, and gugudan will take the stage on the second day. They will be joined by the newly revealed artists EXID, AOA, 9MUSES, SNUPER, The East Light, N.Flying, Seol Ha Yoon, 14U, G-reyish, Favorite, WALWARI, BIGFLO, IMFACT, Jeon Min Kyung, Stray Kids, TREI, Nick & Sammy, South Club, and WeAreYoung. Although PENTAGON was initially announced for the event, the group is no longer listed in the lineup. The first day of the event will include collaborative performances of artists together with their managers. On the second day, talented artists will showcase diverse performances as they introduce their music. As shared previously, several interactive events are being planned for stars and fans to enjoy together. There will be a field day, school attack, open photo wall, and fan letter event. In addition, there will be areas for fans to interact with each other and initiate trades and giveaways. The 2018 Korea Music Festival will be held on August 1 and 2 at Gocheok Sky Dome. Tickets for August 1 will go on sale on July 9 at 8 p.m. KST, and tickets for August 2 will go on sale on July 10 at 8 p.m. KST. Source (1) CR: soompi More information on KMF 2018 website / Instagram / Facebook
  3. Watch: TWICE Takes 1st Win For “Dance The Night Away” On “Show Champion,” Performances By Apink, Golden Child, And More TWICE has won their first trophy for “Dance the Night Away”! In the July 18 episode of “Show Champion,” the nominees for first place were TWICE’s “Dance the Night Away,” BTOB’s “Only One for You,” Apink’s “I’m So Sick,” MOMOLAND’s “BAAM,” and BLACKPINK’s “DDU-DU DDU-DU.” TWICE took the win! Watch their performance, win, and encore below! Performances in this week’s episode were also by Apink, Ladies’ Code’s Ashley, ELRIS, fromis_9, GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE, FlaShe, Golden Child, gugudan SEMINA, 9MUSES’ Kyungri, MOMOLAND, MYTEEN, NeonPunch, Seenroot, Seo J, and TARGET. Check them out in the soompi link! Congratulations to TWICE! CR: soompi
  4. Can we take a moment and appreciate JeongYeon's voice here! JeongYeon slaying as always! :' )
  5. The "Let's Ulsan Summer Festival 2018" kicks off on July 23rd and ends on July 29th. TWICE is scheduled to perform on the starting date of the festival, July 23rd, along with Wanna One, NCT 127, Triple H(Hyuna, Pentagon's Hui & E'Dawn), Winner, Momoland, GFriend, Chungha, FT Island, Kyungri, Seventeen, Gugudan's "SeMiNa", KARD, Golden Child, IN2IT, Jeong Sewoon, 100%. CR: ksilbo Ulsan Summer Festival website: http://www.usmbc.co.kr/
  6. Link: Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SCLPree2x_E NaverTV: https://tv.naver.com/v/3610142
  7. PERFORMANCE: INTERVIEW: Links: Youtube: Official (Not available to some countries): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pphC4Xs-WMsNon-Official: https://youtu.be/yi4VvYiakOY (Performance) https://youtu.be/1nEYyaFrgow (Interview) NaverTV (Not available to some countries): https://tv.naver.com/v/3613470 Or you can download it here :
  8. The 70th anniversary Constitution Day celebrations - KBS Open Concert Place: South Korea's National Assembly Building - lawn yard Live Performance date and time: July 17th (Tues), 7.45pm-KST Broadcast date and time at KBS 1 TV: July 22nd (Sun), 6pm-KST. Performers: TWICE, Mamamoo, DJ DOC, An Chi Hwan(singer), Kang San Ae(musician), Jung Dong Ha(singer), Ali(singer), Song So Hee(South Korean 'gugak' singer) and Forte di Quattro(musical group). CR/Website: culture.assembly.go.kr:450
  9. Watch: TWICE Asks Fans To “Dance The Night Away” In Choreography Video Filmed In New JYP Building TWICE keeps things fun and carefree in a new choreography video for “Dance the Night Away“! The video begins with all the members gathered in a circle in the dance studio at JYP Entertainment’s new building. Nayeon points to the camera and says, “We are going to shout ‘Fighting!’ for the first [take] of the choreography video.” The members go on to chant, “TWICE, TWICE, let’s do a good job!” TWICE then gets into formation and shows off their upbeat choreography full of jumps, waves, and spins. In keeping with the breezy, summery vibe of the track, TWICE keeps their fun energy going until the very end of the song. The video also gives fans a glimpse of the dance studio rooms at the new JYP building. Watch the full choreography video below! https://www.vlive.tv/video/79852 CR: soompi
  10. [V Report] Twice is not at the beach -- but a studio (Naver's V app) The dance video to Twice’s summer song “Dance the Night Away” features the members dancing on a sandy beach ? oh wait, no, it’s not. If you look closely, the starry night background is a giant screen. Twice released the video on V Live on Tuesday evening. The tri-national girl group’s summer track is different from its past releases in that it is “definitely not a love song,” says Jeongyeon. “It’s a summer song, not a love song,” she explained. Twice’s second Korean release of 2018 “Summer Night” fronted by “Dance the Night Away” is the group’s first-ever summer-themed album. Singer and producer Wheesung wrote the lyrics to the lead track and the group’s three Japanese members, Sana, Momo and Mina, co-wrote the lyrics to one of the nine tracks, “Shot Thru the Heart.” https://www.vlive.tv/video/79410 https://www.vlive.tv/video/79557 CR: KPOPHERALD
  11. Exclusive: TWICE Performs Special Cover Stages, Gives Cute Fan Service, And More At “TWICELAND ZONE 2: Fantasy Park” TWICE made a long-awaited return to Singapore for their second tour “TWICELAND ZONE 2: Fantasy Park” this past weekend! This is their first Southeast Asia stop after opening the tour in Seoul last month, and they marked their return to Singapore after a year by having the concert at a venue twice the size of their previous one. During the magical evening, TWICE took Singapore ONCEs on a journey through their fantasy park with dazzling performances of hits like “Like Ooh-Ahh” and “Cheer Up,” as well as beautiful stage sets and outfits during fan-favorite songs like “You in My Heart” and “Turtle.” The nine-member girl group captured the fans’ hearts in the three-hour concert and we have compiled some of our favorite moments from the concert: Special cover stages On top of performing remixes for their hit songs, TWICE also prepared special solo and unit stages with covers of popular songs, like Winner’s “Really Really” and BoA’s “Valenti,” which allowed fans to see a side of TWICE that are not normally shown during their promotions. Check out some of the covers below: Dahyun – “Dahyunism” (Original: Rain’s “Rainism”) 180617 #TWICE Twiceland 2 Fantasy Park in Singapore Dahyunism –#twiceland2 #FANTASYPARKinSG #fantasypark #twiceland #twice #JIHYO #TZUYU #DAHYUN #NAYEON #CHAEYOUNG #JEONGYEON #MINA #SANA #MOMO pic.twitter.com/eCEdtoQWjg — eℓectric kiss (@enchanting_yeol) June 17, 2018 Jihyo, Tzuyu & Momo – “End of Time” (Original: Beyonce’s “End of Time”) 180617 Twice( JIHYO, TZUYU, MOMO) – Beyonce's End of Time #모모 #쯔의 #지효 #TWICELAND2inSG #MOMO #TZUYU #JIHYO #FANTASYPARKinSG [do not crop or upload video w/o permission thanks] pic.twitter.com/1wULeevgES — yangz? (@sakuramichis) June 17, 2018 Nayeon & Jeongyeon – “My Ear’s Candy” (Original: Baek Ji Young ft. Taecyeon’s “My Ear’s Candy”) 180617 Twice Fantasy Park in SG 2YEON – CANDY 캔디( JUNGYEON, NAYEON) #TWICELAND2inSG #정연 #나연 #2연 #트와이스 #TWICE #JUNGYEON #NAYEON #FANTASYPARKinSG pic.twitter.com/wMAd66Xy80 — yangz? (@sakuramichis) June 17, 2018 Fan event Singapore ONCEs also had prepared something special for the girls, when they surprised TWICE with a heartwarming video they had created for the group. The video started off with a mention of the amount of time that TWICE had been away from Singapore and how Singapore ONCEs had been missing them during this time, but were still supporting them from afar. The fans then held up banners saying “We’ll be waiting until TWICE returns” after the video ended. The members were moved to tears from the video and promised to continuously keep their fans updated by sharing more on their social media accounts. Thank you ONCEs for making our fan video and banner project a success tonight! #FantasyParkinSG #트와이스 pic.twitter.com/tfnKx1ajBI — TWICE SINGAPORE (@SG_TWICE9) June 17, 2018 Fan service TWICE also returned the love with many fan services of their own, from aegyo to cover dances and they also did their best to communicate with fans despite the language barrier, Tzuyu even did her thank you speech in Chinese. #TWICELANDinSG pic.twitter.com/lzgz5VgiIG — •̀ㅅ•́ (@_taevae) June 19, 2018 gashina by twice hahaha #TWICELAND2inSG #TWICE pic.twitter.com/2sWbbhI6uK — TWICELAND2inSG ☆彡 (@onlychuus) June 17, 2018 ‘We will be back’ by 2yeon Jeongyeon imitate nayeon is so funny lmao?. #TWICELAND2inSG pic.twitter.com/2glaYXzG6f — 서열 9위 (@2yeonshipper) June 17, 2018 TWICE ended the concert with an acoustic version of “What is Love?” and promised their Singapore fans to be back again really soon! Meanwhile, TWICE will be making a summer comeback on July 9, their first Korean comeback since “What is Love?” in April. Special thanks to Rock Media for inviting us to the event! Photo Credits: ONE Production CR: soompi Previously reported on CLEO Singapore
  12. All The Highlights From TWICE’s 2018 Concert In Singapore TWICE has shaken all of our hearts. Author: Hidayah Idris (18 Jun 2018) Since their debut, Korean girl group TWICE has been nabbing the top spots on the charts from their first song “Cheer Up” to their latest release “What Is Love”. Their success is illustrated not only through chart rankings, but also their concert tours. The group returned to Singapore last weekend for their highly-anticipated second tour, TWICE 2ND TOUR ‘TWICELAND ZONE 2: Fantasy Park at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. With Singapore being the first stop of their tour after Seoul, Singaporean ONCEs had the honour of being the first to watch them perform their newest hits outside Korea. [Please visit CLEO Singapore website to read up the original article and other entertainment news!] Missed the concert? Or experiencing post-concert withdrawals? Here are all the highlights from TWICE’s concert in Singapore. CR: CLEO Singapore
  13. Hi there back with me your most loyal penguin Anyway as usual, here's a compilation of Twice's pic on the 7th Gaon Music Award performance and Red Carpet~ OT9 Mina Tzuyu Chaeyoung Dahyun Nayeon Sana Momo Jihyo Jeongyeon More pic will be updated soon~ Cr: Twice's official Twitter , Crushtwice, BeyondWords, studioPARN, TwiceOnceLand,
  14. Hii! Guys! I found a fantaken video of the performance of Twice in Twiceland Zone 2 This fantaken video is full version and I hope you will watch it! heheheh CC: TWICE GOT STRAY ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZcU6qNGAi-tG9iTHdr3FPQ )
  15. Watch: TWICE Is Cheerful And Energetic In Dance Practice Video For “What Is Love?” TWICE has released a dance practice video for their newest song “What is Love?” for fans. See Also: Watch: TWICE Dances To Other Artists' Songs And Performs Medley Of Greatest Hits The girl group recently made a successful comeback with the title track of their mini album “What is Love?” The track’s music video recently became the fastest K-pop girl group music video to hit 40 million views. In the video, the members are dressed in comfortable, casual clothes. This doesn’t make their dancing any less perfect than when they are dressed in their stage outfits, as they perfectly pull off the choreography for the bright, peppy song. Watch their dance practice video here! CR: soompi
  16. [V Report Plus] Twice shares anecdotes from filming ‘What is Love?’ (Naver V app) Twice revealed behind-the-scene stories from the filming of the music video for “What is Love?” during a showcase event broadcast live via Naver’s V app Monday. The music video parodies popular scenes from romance films. Tzuyu and Jeongyeon re-created a popular encounter scene from 1996’s “Romeo + Juliet,” which featured Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes. “It was so awkward. We had to keep eye contact with each other while watching the fish in the fish tank,” Jeongyeon said. “But the fish all hid. So we had to play with them for hours (so they didn’t avoid us). The filming was delayed as we had to wait for the fish,” Tzuyu said. Nayeon re-created a scene from 2001’s “The Princess Diaries.” When asked to write a diary for the day, she said, “April 9, the music video for the fifth mini album was revealed. I was glad that (Twice fan club) Once liked it. We topped the music chart. I was so excited.” Momo, in a reimagining of a scene from 2016’s “La La Land” said that she learned the dance moves on the spot. “(She) saw the choreography for the first time on that day and she copied it right away. I felt embarrassed as I kept getting the dance wrong,” Tzuyu admitted. http://www.vlive.tv/video/65838 CR: KPOPHERALD
  17. Watch: TWICE Dances To Other Artists’ Songs And Performs Medley Of Greatest Hits TWICE captivated the audience with their energy and signature playful charm on the latest episode of “Yoo Hee Yeol‘s Sketchbook”! See Also: TWICE Reveals Which BTS Song Nayeon Sings In Her Sleep The girl group appeared as guests on the April 14 broadcast of the KBS music variety show, where MC Yoo Hee Yeol mentioned that the members were known for their fun, lively personalities. He then asked TWICE to show the audience some of their hidden energy, saying, “Starting now, we’ll play a few random songs, and we ask that any members who feel excited by the music and want to dance to it [come forward and] express their excitement on stage. From now on, think of this show as ‘Weekly Idol’ and not ‘[Yoo Hee Yeol’s] Sketchbook.'” Momo kicked things off by showcasing her impressive dance skills to Camila Cabello’s “Havana,” while Dahyun cracked the audience up with an encore performance of her famous dance to DJ HANMIN’s “Show me Your BBA SAE.” All nine of the members then got up to dance to Kim Young Chul‘s “Can’t We,” which they later revealed was one of Dahyun’s favorite songs to sing at karaoke. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BO8aN4Xx96g TWICE also performed a cute hit medley featuring some of their most popular songs, including “Cheer Up,” “TT,” and “Heart Shaker.” Finally, TWICE melted the audience’s hearts with a live performance of their latest title track “What is Love?” CR: soompi
  18. TWICE And More To Perform At KSTAR Korea Music Festival (KMF) 2018 (August 1st and 2nd) 遂に「2018コリアミュージックフェスティバル(KMF)」に参加する最終ラインナップが公開された。 1日にはWanna One(ワナワン)とTWICE(トワイス)、iKON、MAMAMOO(ママム)、OH MY GIRL(オーマイガール)、SF9、LABOUM(ラブム)、宇宙少女、VICTON(ビクトン)、WekiMeki(ウィキミキ)、NEONPUNCH、キム・ドンハン、HASH TAG(ハッシュタグ)、TRCNG、H.U.B、KARD、IN2IT、Flashe(フレッシュ)、HALO(ヘイロ)、ジョエル、GBB、イム・チェオン、ウ・ジニョン×キム・ヒョンス、The Brothers(ザブラザーズ)、MYTEEN(マイティーン)、SOUL LATIDO(ソウルラティド)、VROMANCE(ブロマンス)が出演する。 2日にはSHINee(シャイニー)、Apink(エイピンク)、BTOB(ビートゥービー)、EXID、NCT127、MOMOLAND(モモランド)、AOA、9muses(ナインミュージス)、SNUPER(スヌーパー)、gugudan(ググダン)、The EastLight.(ザイーストライト)、N.Flying、ソル・ハユン、WALWARI(ワルワリ)、FAVORITE、グレイシー、14U、ウィ・アヨン、サウスクラブ、NICK&SAMMY、TREI、Stray Kids、チョン・ミンギョン、IMFACT(インパクト)、Bigflo(ビックフロー)がファンたちに会う。 また1日公演は、マネージャーと歌手が共に出演、歌手のダンス実力を魅せるなど、これまで見ることのできなかった舞台を準備する予定だ。2日目は、実力派歌手が、自身の歌を紹介し、多様なパフォーマンスを動員し、舞台を演出するなど、観客のための異色な舞台でファンの視線を集める予定だ。 Announcement from GT TOUR official website, TWICE will be performing at the KSTAR Korea Music Festival (KMF) 2018. Event: KSTAR Korea Music Festival (KMF) 2018 Date: Wednesday, August 1, 2018 ; Thursday, August 2, 2018 Venue: Gocheok Sky Dome ( 430 Gyeongin-ro, Gocheok-dong, Guro-gu, Seoul, South Korea ) Artists schedules: *Wednesday, August 1, 2018: Wanna One, TWICE, iKON, MAMAMOO, WJSN, SF9, Oh My Girl, LABOUM, VICTON, Weki Meki, HALO, FlaShe, IN2IT, KARD, H.U.B, TRCNG, Hash Tag, Kim Dong Han, NeonPunch, VROMANCE, Soul Latido, MYTEEN, The Brothers, Woo Jin Young and Kim Hyun Soo, Lim Chae Eon, GBB, and Joel *Thursday, August 2, 2018: SHINee, Apink, BTOB, NCT 127, MOMOLAND, gugudan, EXID, AOA, 9MUSES, SNUPER, The East Light, N.Flying, Seol Ha Yoon, 14U, G-reyish, Favorite, WALWARI, BIGFLO, IMFACT, Jeon Min Kyung, Stray Kids, TREI, Nick & Sammy, South Club, and WeAreYoung *There is a possibility of change in artists' attendance without notice. Ticketing and reservation: GT Tour (KSTAR Korea Music Festival 2018) Booking website More information on KMF 2018 website / Instagram / Facebook and GT Tour Official website CR: GTTOUR
  19. Watch: Red Velvet, Jeon Somi, Gong Seung Yeon, And More Spotted At TWICE’s Concert A number of celebrities were seen attending TWICE’s solo concert in Seoul! On May 19, fans spotted several idols showing their support for TWICE at their “TWICELAND ZONE 2: Fantasy Park” concert at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Seoul. One fan managed to capture a cute video clip of Red Velvet’s Irene and Yeri in the audience, adorably dancing along to TWICE’s “TT.” The video also shows BTOB’s Peniel sitting to Yeri’s left. Other fans noticed JYP Entertainment’s Jeon Somi and Shin Ryu Jin waiting to enter the concert venue outside. The I.O.I member and the former “MIXNINE” contestant were seen with a number of other female JYP Entertainment trainees, including Chaeryeong, the former “K-Pop Star 3” contestant who also appeared on Mnet’s “SIXTEEN” with Jeon Somi and the members of TWICE. Somi, Shin Ryujin and other JYP trainees spotted at the Twice Concert Fantasy Park today pic.twitter.com/liLkiRwOjm — rezon? (@r_xal) May 19, 2018 Actress Gong Seung Yeon, the older sister of TWICE’s Jeongyeon, also snapped several cute family photos and video clips at the concert together with her parents. One video shows Gong Seung Yeon and her mother cheering the TWICE member on by saying, “Jeongyeon, fighting! Do well!” The second clip shows the family backstage posing for photos with Jeongyeon, as their father adorably protests, “Why won’t you film your dad?” Jeongyeon laughs, “All right, all right, I’ll film you, Dad,” while Gong Seung Yeon teasingly remarks, “Dad loves [being on camera].” Oh My Girl’s Hyojung revealed in a Naver V Live broadcast that she had attended TWICE’s concert as well. “I had so much fun,” she said, explaining that she had gone alone. Read more about TWICE’s concert here! Source (1) CR: soompi