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Found 136 results

  1. let's go crazy about our 'cutie-sexy' sana banana!!
  2. A video of these TWICE members eating made them look like these cute animals. During their trip to Switzerland for their TWICE TV5 reality show, the members spent a lot of time eating delicious baked goods. The way some of the members chewed their bread made them look like these cute animals! Chaeyoung – Baby Beast (Tiger) Chaeyoung has been nicknamed TWICE’s “baby beast” for her resemblance to a baby lion or tiger cub. Chaeyoung isn’t afraid to rip into the bread with her teeth in order to scarf it down. Tzuyu – Fox TWICE’s maknae has been compared to a fennec fox because of her large, beautiful eyes and her large ears. Her strong and firm bite bears a strong resemblance to the way the carnivorous canines eat. Mina – Swan Looking at how elegantly Mina is biting into her sandwich, there’s no doubt that the animal she resembles is a graceful swan. Everything from her grip to her bite is high-class. Sana – Chipmunk Sana is often compared to a chipmunk because of her bright and charming personality. The way her cheeks puff up when she chomps down definitely helps the comparison stick too! source: koreaboo
  3. Twice - Pictures Gallery

    Ok Guys, I'm gonna share the Pictures of TWICE from different sources. Keep visiting this post, I'll keep on updating it. The Photos will increase day by day If you need Something, you can ask me I'll try to upload them in Highest Definition Thank You :) Here you Go Signal Teaser Album all 20 Images
  4. TWICE’s Sana Shares What Her Favorite Red Velvet Track Is These Days TWICE’s Sana shared what Red Velvet track has been on her mind lately. During a V Live on July 30, Sana was asked what she likes to listen to nowadays. She replied, “I like Red Velvet’s ‘Hear the Sea’ these days.” She explained, “When Red Velvet’s new songs came out, I listened to all their songs. All their songs are great. But I was in the practice room alone and ‘Hear the Sea’ came on, and I loved it.” She quickly also added, “I like ‘Red Flavor’ too, of course!” Meanwhile, Red Velvet recently made a successful comeback with “Red Flavor.” Source (1) cr: soompi
  5. Figured I'll start this too. Another post to keep the forum active~ credits to alltwice
  7. Why are the Japanese members in the fan chants always called Momo-jjang, Sana-jjang, and Mina-jjang? Why not just use their last name like the Korean members? This is probably a stupid question but oh well.
  8. Hi! I'm new ><

    Hi guyzzz I'm new to this website >~< I hope I have a good time here
  9. Hello all

    Hello guys it's me aganai hito I use a new acount to sign in,I hope one of u guys still remember me
  10. All caps and credits to the uploader of THIS VIDEO: GET READY FOR SOME LONGGGG SCROLLING.. Really.... it's long. Minatozaki Sana's Fail Moments Compilation 1. ON LIKE OOH AHH MV/LIVE... But really though, she can do it. ^ This picture brings back memories, if you know what I mean 2. WHEN YOUR LEG GAVE UP ON YOU EVEN BEFORE THE GAME STARTED... ... she still tried tho .. ... she'll try to remain standing for at least 20 second she said.. .. and still failed ... 3. EVEN WHEN YOUR TOY HAMMER GAVE UP ON YOU.. ...and you lose without anyone touching you... ..yes, she fell by herself there ^... 5. WHEN YOU DO A ONE TAKE MV WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND YOU'RE LIKE... /le spaces out/..../remembers/......oh sh...... RUN SANA! RUN! - few moments later - ../crickets/... is anyone there..? 6. WHEN POPCORN GAVE UP ON YOU... ..let's bow first!.. I'm innocent!!! INNOCENT! ^NY: ...right... 7. SOMEONE SAVE HER... ...oops, too late... ..I think she went crazy.. 8. LE FROG POSE.. ...but really tho... Sana's prolly shocked by Momo that she forgot . tbh, I don't know if she's trying to seduce dem girls with her hair flips, performing an exorcist ritual (Nayeon & Mina aren't really helping) or just turning into some Goku dude. 9. IN AN AMUSEMENT PARK.. ..I don't think she got the memo that you aren't supposed to jump on this ride.. /dat SatZu blanket tho/.. ...Poor Chaeng got dragged into the mess... ...Apparently she also didn't get the memo that there's a railing to hold on to.. Look at Mina, like a boss B) ...Now that's what you call being stylish in an amusement park... 10. IT JUST NEVER ENDS... ^ I ask the same question Chaeyoung... Apparently, she has Spiderman powers.. ..or not.. 11. AH, THIS GAME AGAIN.. ... pretty much ... 12. WHEN AN OUT OF NOWHERE RANDOM FLYING POUCH ATTACKS YOU.. .. my paint skillz tho... 13. I'M RUNNING OUT OF CAPTION IDEAS.. ... < self explanatory 14. WHEN YOU'RE LOST AND THE STAIRS FAIL YOU 15. WHAT DOES JIHYO & JUNGYEON THINK ABOUT ALL THESE? CONCLUSION: SHE NEEDS HELP. but really... She is. I sincerely applaud you if you read through all that. napagod ako dito shet
  11. I love Sana because she's 4d, so cute, such a squirrel and is tooooooo cutie-sexy 4 me.
  12. SANA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHY SHY SHY
  13. I noticed there wasn't a thread for Sana gifs (?) so I decided to make one! Share all your Sana gifs here, and get sent to shahalla land Here are some gifs for now:
  14. [PIC] Twice Photo Compilation

    https://menboongieya.wordpress.com/ this site is not mine, i just share it. thanks you
  15. Hello! I'm gonna Introduce my group cover named Tricky wickey we are from Indonesia... guys I need your help for watch, like and comment on our video.. we are join KWF 2017 we need to pass a national region for go to Final... Kindly watch our video >< here the link below PS: sorry our voice is not that good
  16. After hours of intense deliberation, observation and research in both the butt thread and the spazz thread, we, the residents of Shahalla, have noticed that yet another of the goddess Minatozaki Sana's habits has come to light. Upon verification we have come to the conclusion that Sana has a strange habit of... slapping the other members' butts. Please, look at our evidence: NAYEON MOMO DAHYUN MINA JEONGYEON Sana keep this thread alive
  17. Finally I created this topic, was with him in the head, but after the comeback was all clear!!! SAHYUN IS REAL! >> http://cfile3.uf.tistory.com/original/252DF24E571DA62D047528 >> http://cfile2.uf.tistory.com/original/277D3733571D045C020D19 Cuties...

    Well i originally Started this in the wrong section sooo... I'LL JUST POST THEM HERE NOW
  19. NOTE: OP will slowly change in a couple of days. Watch out for that! WELCOME ABOARD SATZU | TZUNA SHIPPERS! SaTzu or TzuNa is a Twice OTP that consists of Minatozaki Sana & Chou Tzuyu Let's start off with some of the legendary SaTzu/TzuNa moments 1. The Blanket 2. The 'Cheek' Kiss (or whisper but whatever) someone save me One thing I found about this OTP is that they can be a little.. subtle... Yeah they can be 'showy' at times but what I mean is, they have A LOT of hidden moments that sometimes you have to really look to see it. FOR EXAMPLE: 1) 2) 3) 4) Even during predebut: 5) Gotta hand it to Sana tho, she's smooth af. Teach me your ways sempaiz *--* Selca timeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Look at her (Sana) all clingy. Never thought she'd be the clingy type (not that I'm complaining) Poor Mina, she looks like she's already done w/ SaTzu Yup, SO done.. She's probably saying 'Fvck this sh!t /dramatically leaves/' in her head. MinaRIP /see what I did there ;) okay I'll stop/ If you read through all that, I applaud you. Go spam and share all the SaTzu | TzuNa moments on here! Let's be real, we can never have enough SaTzu | TzuNa -edited at 160410-
  20. Sana is just so AMAZING and MAGICAL that your SOUL will be captured by her whenever she is dancing !!! The most legendary one is her SHY SHY SHY dance !!! Feel free to share any Sana's dance VIDEO or GIF 1. Sana' Wriggling Dance 2. Sana's Animal Dance 3. Sana's Shy Shy Shy 4. Sana's Dance Cover
  21. Sana + Aegyo = Master of Aegyo A Sana's Aegyo A Day Keeps The ONCEs Alive Feel free to share more of Sana's Aegyo Let us all MELTED & DED together !!! 1. Sana's AH Aegyo 2. Sana's Oppaya 3. Sana's Cheese Gimbap 4. Sana's Oh Hyo Oh Hyo 5. Sana's Other Languages Aegyo
  22. As a Sana' Stan, You probably realized that Sana have this tongue habit which is to moist her lips cause too dry ? OR just like to play with her tongue ? OR whatever reasons LOL I don't really have a thing or fetish for tongue but sometimes you just can't help but to notice it 1. GIF 2. PICTURES