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Found 21 results

  1. She became my bais wrecker http://m.vlive.tv/video/54197?channelCode=EDBF at 7:35
  2. Jungyeon and Sana shared some cute behind-the-scenes moments from their "What Is Love?" MV on 'TWICE TV'! Although the moments in the actual MV were fairly short, the filming of the scene actually took quite a bit longer! As a parody of the famous American movie 'Ghost', TWICE's Jungyeon and Sana had to create pottery together, with Jungyeon as Demi Moore's character in the front and Sana as Patrick Swayze's role in the back. The two displayed cute awkwardness, especially since Sana's arms could not reach the pot, and the two had to constantly shift postures to get into a comfortable position! Meanwhile, Jungyeon continued to lip-sync well throughout the shoot, maintaining professionalism even as Sana's face inched closer to hers. © Allkpop
  3. So I just browsing youtube where I just found this gem She is just so cute in the video and her expressions is just priceless Cr: MoMo Jjang
  4. Where do I begin... Mina's voice has such warm, soothing qualities gives me all the feels Whether I'm listening to her sing or just talk, her voice is amazing Her different "voices" or vocal expressions are the best Personally, I think she's improved a lot as a singer. It's nice to see her take on a bigger role in songs (e.g. Someone Like Me). She generally does more high-pitched parts, and I think her voice is most suited to them, but I enjoy all of her vocals Do you all have a favorite Mina singing line/part? Mine is either her aforementioned Melting intro, or her chorus parts in Someone Like Me (both are so beautiful and soothing). Please share any thoughts or feelings you have about Mina's voice/vocals here
  5. These videos are really fun to watch and it is nice to see the members be playful. However, the 'video quality sucks' and I wish time travel was a thing so we could see these beautiful videos redone in 1080p! I really am thankful for the subtitles because I'd be pretty lost without them. If you could one video from V.live tv redone which would you choose? 'Love you' Twice!
  6. lovetwice365


  7. Hallo ONCE, ^-^ I'm not sure, if the topic is in the right place to be discuss. So sorry if I'm wrong. The Twitter profile of TWICE reveals in a tweet that TWICE TV5 boxes will be sold. You can preorder it at the 15. january. But my question is where I can order it in the internet. Because I'm from Germany I only can order it on engish speaking websides. Hope you can help me out :)
  8. TTV 1 to 4 (in South Korea, inc. Jeju Island) TTV 5 (in Switzerland, Europe) TTV 6 (in Singapore, South East Asia) Where do you wish our girls to explore and visit next? (Coincidentally, 'S'outh Korea, 'S'witzerland, 'S'ingapore are all countries that begin with the letter 'S'. They could either continue with this track or not.) I list out my 3 places for starters (a few countries/nations starting with 'S'): 1. Scotland (UK, Western Europe) Cities: Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dundee, Inverness etc Food - Haggis, Cullen Skink, Mince and Tatties, Shortbread, Cranachan, Scone, Lorne Sausage, Deep-fried Mars bar, Arbroath Smokie, Smoked Salmon, Clootie, Scotch pie, Stovies, Scotch broth, Cock-a-leekie soup, Bannock, Bridie, Clapshot, Rumbledethumps, Black bun, Skirlie, Crowdie, Kipper, Collops, Crappit held, Partan bree, Caboc, Blood Sausage, Caramel shortbread, Dunlop cheese, Edinburgh rock, Cabbie stew, Soor ploom, Crumpet, Moffat toffee, Berwick cockie, Dundee cake etc Music - Great Highland Bagpipes, Accordion, the fiddle, the (Clarsach)harp, tin whistle, Annie Lennox, Shirley Manson, Franz Ferdinand, Calvin Harris etc Edinburgh - Edinburgh Castle, The Edinburgh International Festival and The Edinburgh Fringe(both in August & September), Holyrood Palace, The Royal Museum, Saint Giles' Cathedral etc Glasgow - SECC(Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre), The Royal Concert Hall, The Pavilion Theatre, The Loch Lomond, The Western Isles etc Aberdeen - Aberdeen International Youth Festival(in August), Union Street, Statue of William Wallace, Victoria Park, Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre etc Dundee - Tay Rail Bridge, RRS Discovery and City Centre, Magdalen Yard Bandstand etc Inverness - Scottish Highlands etc 2. Spain (Mediterranean Europe) Cities: Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla, Zaragoza, Bilbao, Malaga etc Food - Tapas, Tortilla, Meze, Rice pudding, Meringue milk, Aranjuez strawberries, Chocolate con churros, Bunuelos, Gazpacho, Menudo Gitano(Andalusian tripe), Flamenquin, Pringa, Zoque, Polea, Salmorejo, Asado de Ternasco(Roast lamb), Fabada Asturiana(Asturian bean stew), Changurro, Morchilla(black pudding made with special spices), Escudella, Tomato bread, Jamon de Guijuelo, Calcots and Escalivada, Patatas a la Riojana, Fritada, Peladillas, Fideua etc Music - Flamenco, Jota, Gaita, Tabor pipe & Tamboril, Trikitixa, Sardana etc Madrid - Royal Palace, The Prado Museum(Museo del Prado), The Queen Sofia Museum, Santiago Bernabeu Stadium, The Plaza Major of Madrid, The Retiro Park, The Almudena Cathedral, The Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas etc Barcelona - Sagrada Familla, Mila House etc Sevilla - Puente del Alamillo, Cathedral of Sevilla etc Zaragoza - Cathedral of Zaragoza, Nuestra Senora del Pilar etc Bilbao - Guggenheim Museum(Modern Art), Bellas Artes Musuem(Fine Art), Arriaga Theatre, Bilbao's Town Hall, St. Jacob's Cathedral, Plaza del Sagrado Corazon etc 3. Sweden (Northern Europe) Cities: Stockholm, Uppsala, Nykoping, Linkoping, Vasteras etc Food - Swedish meatballs(with cream sauce, mashed potatoes, pickled cucumber and lingoberry jam), Rose hip soup, Blabarssoppa(Blueberry soup), Sauerkraut, Surstromming(fermented herring), Gravlax(raw salmon cured in salt, sugar and dill), Pitepalt dumpling, Pytt i panna, Swedish Knackebrod(Crisp bread), Smorgastarta(sandwich-cake), Kraftskiva(Crayfish party) etc Music - ABBA, Roxette, Ace of Base, Avicii etc Stockholm - Tyresta National Park, Gamla Stan(The Old Town), Skeppsholmen etc Uppsala - Church of Sweden, Domkyrkan etc


  10. [V Report Plus] Twice takes midnight stroll in tropical gardens Twice’s adventure in the urban jungle of Singapore was broadcast Wednesday via Naver’s V app. On Wednesday’s episode of “Twice in Singapore,” a V broadcast series, the K-pop darlings visited Gardens by the Bay, a waterfront garden featuring tropical flora and artistic sculptures. The starlets took a nighttime stroll in the garden while enjoying the greenery. When they found a giant waterfall, the girls paused for a mandatory selfie session. Even while getting soaked, they posed in front of the waterfall in a bid to get a good photo. They also went to Supertree gardens where music was playing along with lights on the trees. Dancing to the tropical tunes, the girls wrapped up their last night in Singapore. By Kim Min-joo (mjk625@heraldcorp.com) cr: KPOPHERALD
  11. [V Report Plus] Twice shows how to crack crab like pro In Tuesday’s episode of “Twice in Singapore,” a V broadcast series, the K-pop darlings enjoyed a chili crab meal, Singapore’s signature dish. The group mates sat around a table with big smiles on their faces, excited for the upcoming meal. Sana found a wooden hammer on the table to her surprise. “Oh, we are supposed to crack the crab with this thing!,” Momo said, swinging the hammer in an exaggerated manner. Jeongyeon warned Momo, “You know what, the sauce will be splashed onto your clothes.” Sana kept playing with the hammer, now tapping it like a gavel in a courtroom. The girls initially seemed confused about how to use the hammer. Jihyo took the lead and cracked a crab’s claws. Sana also gave it a shot. She stretched her arms out and tapped the crab lightly in order to avoid the sauce splashing onto her. Momo was still struggling with her hammer, and Jeongyeon helped her crack a big claw. Jeongyeon smiled at Momo as she nibbled into the crab meat with a bright smile. cr: KPOPHERALD
  12. [V Report] Twice goes teddy bear shopping Twice was enchanted by colorful teddy bears at Universal Studios Singapore, showed a clip aired on Naver’s V app Saturday. Before going on rides at the theme park, the K-pop act went shopping. Many of the group’s members were eager to buy rainbow-colored teddy bears. Mina and Chaeyoung were the first ones to find the bears. Both of them cried out, “They are so cute!” However, they were hesitant to buy them, due to their high price. After considering whether to buy small ones instead, they ended up leaving the shop empty handed. Next, Momo appeared on camera. “I must have this. None other than anything,” she said, hugging one of the bears in her arms. She bought the bear without hesitation, unlike her group mates, and named it, “Bearing.” Jihyo was the last one to jump on the bandwagon. “I never knew that I would be buying teddy bears at this age,” Jihyo said. cr: KPOPHERALD
  13. [V Report Plus] Twice enjoys Singaporean cuisine in ‘silence’ A clip of Twice delving into Singaporean cuisine was released on Naver’s V app Wednesday. The band, while traveling in Singapore, tried many different dishes such as jumbo crab legs, fish in bamboo, and chili crab. The girls showed fans what “professional eaters” do, eating in silence. They all agreed that their eating sounded like “ASMR.” When different dishes came out, the girls all took turns taking pictures of the food, especially Tzuyu. The girls asked Tzuyu, who was particularly good at photographing the dishes, to send them pictures. As they waited for the remaining dishes to come out, Twice played games such as Mafia, 007 Bang and music trivia quiz. Tzuyu appeared to be experiencing difficulties with 007 Bang, as she kept making mistakes raising both of her arms when it was not her turn. After a delicious meal, the band enjoyed the beautiful night view from their hotel room and called it a night By Catherine Chung (cec82@heraldcorp.com) cr: KPOPHERALD
  14. sacheol-21stC

    [V Report Plus] Twice makes DIY notebooks

    [V Report Plus] Twice makes DIY notebooks A clip of Twice making customized notebooks was released via Naver’s V app Saturday. The members of Twice were at a shop in Singapore where they could make unique notebooks. They had to choose everything from the cover to the binding. Jihyo and Sana hesitated for a long time, as they were unable to decide. “I cannot hesitate anymore, I have to choose,” Jihyo said. Some members kept their fans in mind while choosing phrases to be printed on the covers of their notebooks. Dahyun and Jeongyeon chose “Once❤️Twice Dahyun” and “One in a million,” respectively, referring to their fan club called Once. After making the notebooks, they gathered in front of the camera to explain how they had made the diaries. By Im Eun-byel (silverstar@heraldcorp.com) cr: KPOPHERALD
  15. [V Report Plus] Twice goes gourmet during Singapore tour A clip of Twice trying out Singaporean cuisine was released on Naver’s V app Saturday. The group, while traveling in Singapore, tried out a Peranakan-style meal at a fine dining restaurant. Peranakans are descendants of early Chinese migrants who settled in Southeast Asia. The chef explained to Twice, that he was inspired by his grandmother and mother’s recipes. Awed by the exotic cuisine, Twice kept taking photos of the food. “In every dish, there is a lot of coriander,” Sana said. And Mina said that “everything is spicy, due to the spices.” Nayeon evaluated after finishing the meal, “It tasted foreign.” By Im Eun-byel (silverstar@heraldcorp.com) cr: KPOPHERALD
  16. [V Report Plus] Ticket to tropics during winter: Twice’s Singapore adventure In Wednesday’s episode of a V broadcast series titled “Twice in Singapore,” the K-pop group went on an adventure in the urban jungle of the city-state. The group mates first hit the iconic Merlion Park. They walked to the lion-shaped fountain in the park and screamed suddenly, surprised by water splashing from the fountain. “ "Everyone! The rain has suddenly started pouring here,” emoted Dahyun in the broad daylight. Jungyeon and Nayeon playfully roared like lions at each other. After customary selfie photographs with the famous Merlion in the background, the group headed to an ice cream parlor. Seemingly satisfied with the ice cream, they left for their next destination of the day: Dempsey Hill. By Kim Min-joo (mjk625@heraldcorp.com) cr: KPOPHERALD
  17. [V Report Plus] Twice enjoys Singapore from above A clip of Twice riding a Ferris wheel was released on Naver’s V app Saturday. The members of Twice were riding the Singapore Flyer, a 165-meter-high observation wheel. “This is huge, but so slow,” Momo said. But as the capsule went up, she became scared and remained in her seat throughout the whole ride. Jeongyeon and Jihyo were busy taking photos of each other. They were amazed with the race track for the Singapore F1 Grand Prix, which was held in September. “You can see everything from here,” Jeongyeon said. By Im Eun-byel (silverstar@heraldcorp.com) cr: KPOPHERALD
  18. [V Report Plus] Sneak peek into Twice's Singapore adventures K-pop darlings Twice released a teaser video for the sixth season of reality show ‘TWICE TV,’ via Naver’s V app. The destination for the new season of TWICE TV turned out to be Singapore. The last season of TWICE TV showed the bandmates travelling in Switzerland. Via V live comments, viewers expressed their excitement about the band’s upcoming adventure in the Asian urban jungle. The clip opened up with shots of band members enjoying room service breakfast in pajamas. The girls were then seen travelling around famous tourist spots of Singapore, including the famous Merlion. The casual and intimate moments between the bandmates on a trip, will go on air on Nov. 8. By Kim Min-joo (mjk625@heraldcorp.com) cr: KPOPHERALD
  19. Nayeonly

    Live Streaming TWICE TV2 @ V app

    TWICE will do a live streaming session for their TWICE TV2 through "V" App.
  20. Nayeonly

    Live Streaming TWICE TV2 @V app

    TWICE Live Streaming "TwiceTV2" @ V App