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Found 605 results

  1. All hail the fake maknae Bunny, Im Nayeon!!! Lets spazz about her!
  2. time to spazz about our 'performance leader' momo
  3. let's go crazy about our 'cutie-sexy' sana banana!!
  4. Hello from Jordan ❤🇯🇴

    Hello everyone😍my name is Leen and i am a once girl from Jordan, iam 21 years old ,ive been a once for good time now , but iam new to teamtwice . Hope to get know you all. Fighting 💪❤
  5. Lets spazz about our eternal leader God-Jihyo!
  6. TWICE _ I LOVED YOU FMV https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gtdgPGmE1rY
  7. [BIRTHDAY] Jeongyeon's Message Book

    Jeongyeon's birthday is coming up on the 1st of November and Team Twice will be sending her a printed book filled with fan messages and photos to let her know Once think she is one in a million! How to Participate Post a message to Jeongyeon wishing her a happy birthday. Post a photo with a fansign wishing her a happy birthday. Post a piece of fanart for her birthday. Rules & Guidelines Messages must be under 100 words in length. Messages over 100 words will not be included in the book. Messages must be in English or Korean. Do not use Google Translate to translate. No emojis Images must be at least 4in x 5.5in (horizontal or vertical) and 300dpi. Each participant may submit one photo (fansign, fanart, etc.) and one message. Deadline All messages and photos must be received by 11:59pm KST on 18th October 2017. The post will be locked immediately afterwards. No late submissions will be accepted. Leave Your Message To leave your message for the book, please reply in this thread with the following: Name: Country: Message (100 words MAX): Photo Link: (Please be thoughtful if you're uploading images directly to this thread. Big files slow the thread. Thank you)
  8. little 'heungbu' dahyun deserves a spazz thread yo, let's go cray up in here
  9. This is the place for all you Mina fans to spazz about our favourite ketchup loving member
  10. Tzuyu initially received comments about her weight gain at the start of TWICE’s promotions for “Signal.” At the start of their promotions, netizens commented as to how Tzuyu seemed to have gained little weight. Apparently, the young singer looked a bit different than usual after her recent shots were compared to her previous appearances. Tzuyu was even revealed to be a bit conscious about it based on her recent Weekly Idol appearance. But she proved them wrong. In a recent appearance, she appeared to have slimed down again. She didn’t look bad when she gained weight, but it seems like she’s getting praises again now that she’s skinnier. Tzuyu is just as beautiful whatever the image! source: koreaboo
  11. Post They both received the rookie award as soon as they debuted. And they also received daesangs. EXO even received 5 of them.... Rookie award, daesang, daesang, daesang, daesang, daesang.... Twice too, they have rookie award, daesang, daesang.. Wow both teams are f*cking amazing. As expected, when you get dissed on PANN, it means you're bigㅋㅋ They also received daesangs from Soribada's first award show too.. Let's disregard all the hate and let's hit big~~ EXO, Twice congrats for winning the Soribada daesangs! post response: [+112][-10] original post: here ㅇㅇ |2017.09.21 20:31 신고하기 So proud of EXOㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Twice too, congrats! 추천47 반대1 ㅇㅇ |2017.09.21 20:36 신고하기 Congrats to Twice and EXO 추천40 반대1 ㅇㅇ |2017.09.21 20:28 신고하기 Finally we got the results that everyone expected. Digital daesang for Twice and daesang for EXO. The girl group one top is Twice and the idols one top is EXO ㅇㅇ 이미지확대보기 추천40 반대11 ㅇㅇ |2017.09.21 22:11 신고하기 As expected you can't disregard JYP's girl group, they all took the path of rookie award->daesang 추천18 반대1 ㅇㅇ |2017.09.21 20:40 신고하기 Twice is amazing... Let's win the daesang next year tooㅠㅠ 추천15 반대0 ㅇㅇ |2017.09.22 00:06 신고하기 Twice congrats, congrats to our kids too 'ㅅ' 추천4 반대0
  12. Twice's ‘black suit teaser’ has fans on edge Twice is teasing the fans to the point of agony with its serial teaser releases for its fan meeting next month, which it capped off with the group photo released Friday. The photo, revealed via its agency JYP Entertainment’s homepage and the group’s official SNS pages, showed the nine members posing in front of the “Twice Mansion” black suit, tie, and shoes. Twice's teaser image (JYP Entertainment) It heralded the upcoming “Twice Fan Meeting: Once Begins” which was to take place on Oct.14-15 at the Grand Peace Hall of Kyung Hee University’s Seoul campus in Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul. Tickets for the event will be made available exclusively for the group’s fan club, at 8 p.m. Friday and 8 p.m. Tuesday. Twice will release their first Japanese single “One More Time” on Oct. 18. (minsikyoon@heraldcorp.com) cr: The Korea Herald
  13. Post COMMENTS [+540] We all know they'd take the digital daesang...Congrats! [+504] Congratulations to Superstar GODTwice [+473] I hope they comeback with another good song like Knock Knock!! Congratulation!!! [+443] Congrats~~~~~~In my opinion, Knock Knock was really goodㅠㅠIt's a shame that the promotions for it were so short [+330] So gorgeous ㅠㅠ TWICEㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ [+211] Congrats on the daesang, teudoongiesㅠㅠ [+231] Congratulations to TWICE on winning both the bonsang and daesang!! [+189] Congratulations on the digital daesang~ Today's stage was really good too! [+193] GODTwice! [+148] Congratulations TWICE~♡ I'm really excited for the comeback!
  14. OF COURSE Game

    This game is inspired by a popular game in Korean TV show called X-Man. (Credit to owner) So the rules are simple: 1. You just have to answer 'Of course!' to any question that asked by someone above you. After that you can ask a random question. 2. If you can't answer it, you have to post a picture instead. The picture has to be the BIAS of the person above you (the one who asks) BUT it has to be a photo of her in a variety show/radio/CF/Vlive or behind the scene of a show. (Give us good pictures pleaaaaaase!!!) 3. If the person above you can't choose one bias, you can choose any Twice member's screenshot to post. 4. If you just want to comment without participating in the game, you have to post a picture as well. It's easy to understand, right? Okay I will go first! Here we goooo
  15. Would you rather?......

    This is a game of would you rather?... (Rules) 1.) when a person says would you rather..... The next one has to answer it and make a question 2.) Don't answer the other if someone all ready answered and have a question 4 you 3.) don't copy other once's would you rather?.... So... let me go first would you rather... have a fun time with your bias or the whole Twice instead of your bias Thanks 4 Playing!
  16. TWICE still succeeds DIGITAL source: reddit
  17. A video of these TWICE members eating made them look like these cute animals. During their trip to Switzerland for their TWICE TV5 reality show, the members spent a lot of time eating delicious baked goods. The way some of the members chewed their bread made them look like these cute animals! Chaeyoung – Baby Beast (Tiger) Chaeyoung has been nicknamed TWICE’s “baby beast” for her resemblance to a baby lion or tiger cub. Chaeyoung isn’t afraid to rip into the bread with her teeth in order to scarf it down. Tzuyu – Fox TWICE’s maknae has been compared to a fennec fox because of her large, beautiful eyes and her large ears. Her strong and firm bite bears a strong resemblance to the way the carnivorous canines eat. Mina – Swan Looking at how elegantly Mina is biting into her sandwich, there’s no doubt that the animal she resembles is a graceful swan. Everything from her grip to her bite is high-class. Sana – Chipmunk Sana is often compared to a chipmunk because of her bright and charming personality. The way her cheeks puff up when she chomps down definitely helps the comparison stick too! source: koreaboo
  18. [DISCUSSION] We Protec

    Hello! I haven't been on here for quite some time due to my school assignments. Throughout this duration, I've noticed TWICE popularity is growing, alot. Which is good, and also bad in a way. People are crowding around them during their free time, especially when they're overseas. I understand that we're international ONCEs and can't always get to see them. But, it's intruding their space. You'll make them scared and uncomfortable as well. I wanna propose a plan, in every country. To have a TWICE protection squad. Or just any ONCE, wherever you are, please Protec them. Form a human shield for them. I believe they'll be touched too. Thank you. Let's respect and let them enjoy their trip even when it's just for work. Make this fandom special and nice. ❤️
  19. Netizens are accusing TWICE's Momo of going under the knife. According to netizens, Momo's double eyelids have been looking deeper and thicker lately. Many pointed out her ''changed'' look in the new 'LG Mobile' CF. It's also claimed that Momo seemed like she was trying to hide her eyes when TWICE recently appeared at an airport. Comments stated, "She has become a second Eunha'', ''I used to think she was the prettiest in TWICE but she has become plastic; She must've been uncomfortable and conscious of her surroundings after the surgery", "Hul, why did she do it?? I wonder if it'll look more natural after time..", "I think she got it retouched." What are your thoughts on Momo's double eyelids? source: allkpop
  20. TWICE’s new MV for the Japanese version of TT is full of little clues leading back to each members’ costumes from the original version. While some are in plain sight, other are much harder to spot. Here they all are! Mina Mina’s cinema ticket has a skull and crossbones on it, a trademark sign that a pirate is nearby. Chaeyoung Chaeyoung’s magazine is titled “Amazing Mermaid” a clear reference to her amphibious past. Tzuyu Tzuyu appeared in the original video as a vampire, and in the Japanese version, she’s seen sipping on a blood red drink. Jungyeon Just next to Jungyeon is a Pinocchio hanging from the car’s rearview mirror, while she appeared as a puppet who had come alive in the Korean MV. Sana At the start of the MV, a superhero’s mask can be seen on the car’s license plate, just like the one Sana used to hide her true identity. Nayeon Nayeon’s longboard is covered in fun stickers, some of which hint at her devil outfit in the original MV. Dahyun Dahyun’s stuffed toy looks just like the playful rabbit costume Dahyun wore. Jihyo In the Korean MV, Jihyo was seen in a glamorous ballgown as an ice queen, just like the one on the cookie she’s eating. Momo Finally, Momo the fairy is seen in the updated MV holding a playing card with a picture of a suspiciously similar creature. source: koreaboo
  21. Hello! As you guys have saw the teaser video of TWICE's Japan comeback. if you haven't, quickly go check it out! And there's a slight preview of their new song, One More Time with vocals! Listen to the background music! If I'm not wrong, Japan ONCE can already start pre-ordering their albums at 1,500 YEN each! 1 Album inlcudes 4 Songs. 1. One More Time 2. Luv Me 3. One More Time (instrumental) 4. Luv Me (instrumental) ARE YOU HYPED?! 18th October 23:59 Japan Time (I Guess)
  22. [Discussion]

    Hi, What is the meaning of teudungi (트둥이)? Answers will be much appreciated :)
  23. Apparently, TWICE Japan's twitter account just announced that there will be Japanese original song titled "One More Time" with a sweet teaser!!! Here is the teaser
  24. For the sake of no spoilers I won't post anything, because the videos that were filmed had them dancing in them! I'm sure an article will be posted in english, but NAVER posted an article with JYP confirming that TWICE is filming in Canada! :) THERE IS NOT SET DATE ON THE COMEBACK! NAVER article on TWICE's comeback Anyways, who else is excited for this comeback? I AM! Cheers :)