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  1. Here is the notice to the recruitment Notice:Interpark Source:Twice
  2. Happy Birthday to our Dubu #HappyDAHYUNDay#TWICE
  3. let's go crazy about our 'cutie-sexy' sana banana!!
  4. This is kinda random, but there was a poll like this on Soshified so I thought: might as well have one for TWICE as well. You probably don't often really think much about the aesthetics of a person's name, but it does happen occasionally, lol (at least for me, but I know I'm weird ;-;). For example, there are pianists/composers like Franz Xaver Scharwenka and Sviatoslav Richter who make me go "Wow, you know what? That's a really cool name." I've also heard that Tzuyu's Mandarin name is considered really pretty by speakers of that language. I'm hoping this doesn't just turn into a "choose your bias" poll, but for me it does happen to be the case that I like Sana's name the most. It's that five-syllabled "Minatozaki" that does it for me. "Minatozaki Sana", it just rolls off the tongue so well.
  5. When thinking of this particular member. Whats' the ideal song for this member? Don't forget to paste up a link and tell us why! (doesn't have to be a TWICE song)
  6. TheKyeoptaBunnyNayeon

    [DISCUSSION] Your TWICE song ranking

    Hello! What is your song ranking? For me: 1. TT 2.LOA 3. Missing U 4. Signal 5. Heart Shaker and Likey Whats yours?
  7. [!] 160509 Updates: This list now strictly focuses on fansites who has taken personal fancam/fantaken pictures of the Twice members. Translation accounts/ GIF makers etc are now taken off this list. Some fansites have trouble concentrating on their biases that it made my life harder to categorize lol. So any fansites that has a lot of pictures of the other members despite their twitter DPs/Banner and fansite name are now categorized under 'OT9' category. [NEW] Now available with Youtube links! [!!] 171217 Updates: [NEW] Now available with Instagram links! Updated with more fansites. Updated statuses of fansites, removed expired sites. --- Legend: Green – Active Blue – Hiatus/Hasn’t been updated for the past 1 month Red – No longer updated (in a span of 6 months) * - Notes (W) - Available Website (Wordpress, Tistory, etc) Link (T) - Available Twitter Link (Y) - Available Youtube Link (I) - Available Instagram Link [N] - Newly added in the 171217 update --- OT9: [N]1for2 (T) (W) 어 화 잇 트 : TW (T) (W) [N]BLANK (T) (W) [N]crushtwice (T) [N]DrawingTWICE (T) (I) 두두 (T) [N]Enneagon1020 (T) (W) Twice_advance (T) 오늘두부탁해 (T) [N]호잉(T) [N]모노 (T) (W) [N]웨니린린(T) [N]어화잇트 : TW (T) (W) [N] 마쉬멜로우(Mashimellow)(T) [N]Jellybeans (T) [N]지방이(T) [N]It's Krad's (T) (Y) [N]studioPARN (T) 텐더아이즈 (T) [N]TwiceOnceLand(T) 유독 (T) 두부애기사랑해 (T) (W) hotwice (T) *last updated 171109 Twice Studio (T) *last updated 171118 AllTwice.com (T) (W) O2 (T) [N]챙구 (T) (W) [N]티팟(Twice_pot) (T) [N]하늘연달 스무날/10-Twice-20 (T) (W) [N]AllTwice (T) (W) [N]사탕발림 (T) [N]Peacelove (T) (W) [N]제우스(ZEUS)(T) (W) Lovelybunny (T) *last updated(14 months ago) Satangbaleem (T) *last updated(6 monts ago) Baby Angel (T) (W) *last updated 160207 Other Members (OTPs, etc): Beauty And Beat (Mina & Momo) (T) (W) [N]2yeon fever (Nayeon & Jeongyeon) (T) [N]MONI_SATZU(Sana & Tzuyu) (T) (W) [N]coup de fourde. (Jeongyeon & Mina) (T) [N]MOZZI House(Momo & Jihyo) (T) [N]FLORESCENT[Sana & Chaeyoung] (T) Chouchu♥사실 나 널 좋아해 (Tzuyu & Sana) (T) (W) *last updated 151115 Nayeon: 하트립 (T) (W) 나연이랑 (T) (Y) 나숭힝 (T) [N]F4.25 (T) [N]WanderLust (T) [N]first rabbit (T) (W) [N]FLORA ANGEL (T) [N]MyElegantGirl (T) (W) 체리콕 🍒 (T) (W) *last updated 170131 Favorite (T) *last updated 151103 Jeongyeon: Black Paint (T) 유플러스 (T) (W) Jace (T) (W) ᵁᵀᴵᶠᵁᴸ 유티풀 (T) (W) [N]WHEREVER YU ARE (T) [N]Eleven And One (T) [N]Brilliant Topaz (T) [N]정연의법칙 (T) [N]노잼정연맘 (T) Smile1101 (T) HEART PUNCH (T) Momo: close (T) 모요모요 (T) (W) RingX3(T) peachmomo(모숭아) (T) (W) [N]피치톡톡 (T) (Y) [N]close (T) [N]써클인모모 (T) [N]Fairyism (T) [N]Throbbing_Egg (T) [N]MOMOPLAYER (T) (Y) [N]DoDoMoMo (T) [N]Sweet Peach (T) (W) 모구리닷컴 (T) (W) *last updated 171108 Peach Romance (T) Peach Pink Punch (T) Momoya (T) PS (T) 딱 PeacH (T) Ice Tea (T) Sana: candy frappe (T) A Mood Board (T) 사나의여름 (T) (Y) [N]ㅋㅅㅅ (T) [N]사나의 콧냄세 (T) [N]White Heather 1229 (T) [N]season in the sun (T) [N]Had Me At Hello (T) [N]CottonCandy (T) (W) [N]12:29 (T) [N]사카츄 (T) [N]PineconeSanaChina (T) [N]SPACEWALK (T) [N]사나는 못말려 (T) [N]Flake Of Snow (T) (W) [N]사나에 빠진 딸기 (T) [N]나의 하루 (T) My Light (T) *last update 160321 사나에 빠진 딸기♡ (T) *last update 160123 My Haru/Spring (나의 하루) (T) *last update 151114 No Sana No Life (T) *last update 151117 Jihyo: [N]Asante (T) Under The Sea (T) (W) [N]찍죠 (T) [N]Wink Angel (T) [N]Jihyochip (T) [N]AT THE END (T) [N]2분 1초의 기적 (T) [N]ε천사지효3 (T) (W) [N]INFI (T) 지효옆자리 (T) (W) *last update 171023 진진 [반동결] (T) BlackJJack (T) [N]지효랑 (T) Jihyorang (T) *last update 151105 Mina: Sweet Smile 0324 (T) (W) Miracle Night (T) Spring of South Pole (T) (W) [N]세묘입미나 (T) [N]미또파 (T) [N]미나를미나 (T) [N]미나라이트 (T) [N]myou (T) (W) [N]love me now! (T) [N]FOREVERLYMINA (T) [N]Ballerina Mina (T) (W) [N]Alpha Crucis (T) [N]𝓂𝒾𝓃𝒶_𝒸𝓊𝓇𝓋𝑒𝓈 (T) Black Swan (T) Flower Mina (T) With Mina (T) (W) [N]아름다운미소:) (T) [N]Spring of South Pole (T) (W) [N]Mina Day (T) Dahyun: Shine a light (T) (W) Best Dahyun (Choigo Dahyun) (T) (W) 두 붓 컴♥ (T) White Bean (T) (W) 오늘두부탁해 (T) Dear Dahyun (T) (W) The night I count the stars (T) phdrj_twice (W) Chaeyoung: A Born Artist (T) (W) 채영꿀노잼(Honey Chaeng) (T) [N]시금 (T) [N]vividfilm (T) (W) Flawless April (T) (W) Drop the beat (T) (W) At The Flow (T) (W) Near and dear (T) (W) Tzuyu: Delta Trap (T) (W) [N]Tzu t`aime (T) [N]BEAUTY CHOICE (T) (W) [N]ᴀɴɢᴇʟᴛɪᴍᴇ (T) [N]sugarglider (T) (Y) [N]막내쯔(TZUYU_corp) (T) Gemini (T) *last update 160115 My Fairy (T) *last update 151023 Lucky Eevee (T) (W) Twice0614 (T) (W) Pegasus (T) (W) Mentions (MultiFandom): DISK (T) (W) SHAQ (T) (W) Studi0-G (T) (W) GirlGroupCD (W) Rainy (T) smile -wA- (Y) Jibbazee (T) (W) (Y) 순덕스튜디오 (T) *last updated 171120 대학생 업로드용 Upload (T) (W) *last updated 170401 PS. Sorry if I missed a few, until the next update!
  8. imnayeonly


    Happy Birthday Dahyun!!
  9. TheKyeoptaBunnyNayeon


    PLEASE VOTE! AND Happy Sana day!
  10. Practicing my vector art skills, yeah I know this was just basic so I want you chingus to teach me different techniques Hope y'all like it though
  11. Lets spazz about our eternal leader God-Jihyo!
  12. Jokbal

    Jokbal. Is. Back.

    Back from an almost 2 year hiatus from the forum. Glad to see the forum grow so much and fast in two years, kudos to the OG people who started things from the ground up back then during the OHH-AHH days. And i see a handful of you guys with Jokbal in your name id, hahaha. Jokbal club maybe?
  13. MinaPenguin #TwiceismyLife

    [FANART] #HappyDubuDay

    cr.Astrid Morales‎
  14. MinaPenguin #TwiceismyLife

    [FANART] Dahyun in Twiceland

    cr:Astrid Morales‎
  15. For all of the TzuYo/JiTzu (I hope those are right ) shippers out there! To be completely honest my ultimate ship is still SaTzu but these two look cute together too <3 Totally flirting: Thanks to @katzenlibrary for the following gifs
  16. MinaPenguin #TwiceismyLife


  17. little 'heungbu' dahyun deserves a spazz thread yo, let's go cray up in here
  18. Sana's Pouting, Angry or Staring is really a killer ! ONCE again enough gif and picture to start this thread LOL Let admire and appreciate the Art of Pouting !! Feel free to share !! Sharing is LOVE 1. Gif 2. Picture
  19. Time to share my collection of Sana's HEARTEU !!! finally collected enough gif to start this thread LOL Feel free to share more of Sana's Hearteu 1. Gif 2. Pic
  20. 1. Nayeon Nayeon was a trainee for five years and two months before she debuted with TWICE. Nayeon and JYP Entertainment were fated to be. When she was a little girl, she entered a modeling competition and was noticed and casted by the agency. Unfortunately, her mother refused to allow her to model and Nayeon was unable to begin training with the agency. By 2010, Nayeon decided the stage life is what she wanted. She auditioned at JYP Entertainment’s 7th Open Audition without telling her family. When Nayeon passed as the second best out of the whole group that auditioned, she proved she had not only the passion, but the potential too and ended up signing as a trainee with the agency. Nayeon had always been the ace card. Aside from her flying colors at the audition, she also won the Seoul Art College Dean’s Award and the Spris Star Award. She became a popular trainee with great potential to become a super idol JYP Entertainment saw her as the gem she is and supported her so she could gain more experience in the K-Pop world even before she debuted. She appeared in GOT7‘s “Girls Girls Girls”, San E‘s “You Can’t Go”, and miss A‘s “Only You” music videos. Nayeon also modeled for several brands like Nintendo Wii’s Just Dance 2, Smart School Uniform, TN cosmetics, and many more. Viewers grew curious about her when she appeared as an aspiring idol-student in Dream High 2. Fully prepped with the talent and training, Nayeon was naturally selected to become one of the members of JYP Entertainment’s next girl group called 6MIX. The debut of this girl group, however, became cancelled when it lost two members and faced difficulties in replacing the members with the right trainees. Around a year later from the cancelled debut, Nayeon joined the TV audition program SIXTEEN, held by JYP Entertainment to seek out the qualifying final members of the agency’s newly planned girl group. Nayeon, a trusted trainee that had J. Y. Park‘s faith and support, became the first to be announced as an official member of TWICE. “I trust Nayeon now. She acts a strong core for the team and leads her teammates.” — J. Y. Park 2. Jeongyeon Jeongyeon trained for five years and eight months prior to her debut as TWICE. Jeongyeon auditioned for JYP Entertainment when she was younger. Unfortunately, she didn’t make the cut her first time around. This did not stop Jeongyeon from pursuing her dream of becoming a K-Pop star though. By 2010, Jeongyeon tried again at the 6th JYP Entertainment Open Audition and passed with an Ivy Star Award. In fact, she heard back from both SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment on the same day, but she chose JYP Entertainment because she was more attracted to the agency. “I have never thought about debuting with any other agency than JYP Entertainment.” — Jeongyeon Around 2014, Jeongyeon had high hopes of debuting as one of the members for 6MIX, along with Nayeon. With the unfortunate cancellation of the production of this group, Jeongyeon fell into a state of despair and actually didn’t attend her trainings at the agency. She spent a couple months part-timing at a bakery and realized she liked baking. Right about when she was going to pick up baking as a new career path, JYP Entertainment called her to ask if she would like to appear on SIXTEEN. Thank goodness Jeongyeon decided to return to the agency and participate in the TV audition program, because she was amazing on the show. Repeatedly ranking within the top three contestants on the program, Jeongyeon was widely accepted by the viewers as a potential member. When SIXTEEN ended July 7th, 2015, Jeongyeon was confirmed to be debuting with TWICE. With her “girl crush” traits, Jeongyeon is now a popular member that attracts both male and female fans alike. 3. Momo Momo was a trainee for three years and seven months before debuting with TWICE. Momo has always been an avid dancer. She learned how to dance at a studio since she was three years old. While practicing at the STEP OUT Dance Studio, located in Osaka, Japan, Momo came across the opportunity to appear in a Korean singer Lexy‘s “Ma People” music video. By 2011, her dream to become a successful entertainer grew strong as Momo auditioned as a four-member girl group for the Superstar K3‘s preliminary round in Japan. Unfortunately, Momo didn’t make the cut for this program either. It was JYP Entertainment that discovered Momo through YouTube. A video of Momo’s dance performance was uploaded, which intrigued the agency’s casting team. Momo was contacted to audition. She tried out with her old sister, but passed by herself. She felt bad about being the only one to be selected, but after discussing things with her family, she decided to pursue her dream in Korea and began training with JYP Entertainment immediately. Momo is said to have been a part of the agency’s “Japanese Girl Group” in the making. When the production was dropped, Momo – along with the two other Japanese members of TWICE – signed up for SIXTEEN. While she originally did not make the cut on the final episode of the show, Momo was chosen by J. Y. Park himself to be an additional member of the debuting group because she offered dance skills like no other trainee could. “I have chosen Momo whom I believe will improve TWICE’s dancer line and the group’s performance overall.” — J. Y. Park 4. Sana Sana trained for three years and seven months before she debuted as TWICE. Since 2009 when she was in 6th grade, Sana practiced dancing for around two years at the EXPG Osaka branch of the EXILE Dance Academy to become a singer. So for Sana, singing and dancing have always been her passion and dream. When Sana was in middle school, by 2012, she was discovered when she was out shopping with her friend. A JYP Entertainment casting associate noticed her and approached her. The friend who had been with her at the time spoke Korean and helped the agent and Sana communicate. Sana later explained she decided to try out for the JYP Global Audition because the casting associate showed her pictures of the Dream High cast as the agency’s managing artists. Sana was a fan of the K-Drama and recognized the artists. Sana passed the audition, but her parents were not too sure about allowing her to quit middle school and sending her overseas by herself to pursue an entertainment career. The reason became clear, however, when Sana’s mother took Sana to see a 2PM concert and Sana claimed she wanted to be on the stage too. Sana moved to Korea in April of 2012 and began training with JYP Entertainment. During her training period, Sana appeared in several music videos. With her eye-catching visual, fans wondered who she could be in GOT7’s “A” and 2PM’s Junho‘s “Feel” music videos. Sana remained a part of the Japanese girl group project under development by the agency. When another close-to-debut girl group, 6MIX, lost a member, Sana was chosen to replace the position. She received a great amount of attention as a member of this potential girl group. Unfortunately, the girl group’s debut was cancelled and Sana had to wait another year before appearing on SIXTEEN. Sana was stable throughout the show and won her way into debuting with TWICE. She is a widely loved member now, with fans who promise “No Sana, No Life”. 5. Jihyo Jihyo was a JYP Entertainment trainee for over a decade. It was August 2004 when Jihyo entered the 1st Junior Naver Child Acting Star competition and won second place. While her parents signed her up to do this, Jihyo showed great potential and was recognized by JYP Entertainment’s casting team. She was casted by the agency immediately. From July 2005 to her debut in October 2015, Jihyo endured ten years and four months of training with JYP Entertainment. Throughout the years, she watched the Wonder Girls and miss A debut while she remained a trainee. Jihyo did receive some exposure during her trainee period though, as she modeled for brands like TN cosmetics and Reebok. Jihyo was also a part of the members who were preparing to debut as the girl group 6MIX. When the project was dropped, Jihyo had no choice but to continue training and hope for a different chance, as she had already devoted ten years to pursuing this career and could not change her path. She later shared that during these years of her debut getting pushed around and cancelled caused a tremendous amount of stress for her and she had developed a binge eating habit at the time. When she joined SIXTEEN, Jihyo received somewhat of a criticism for being chubbier than the girl group standard. She proved herself, however, with pure talent and diligence and won her way into the finalists’ group. She also worked hard to shed the pounds she had put on from the stress eating. Viewers fell in love with Jihyo as she journeyed through the final stages of her decade-long traineeship and stepped closer to debut. “I have never doubted your singing and dancing skills, have I?” — J. Y. Park 6. Mina Mina trained for a short year and ten months prior to debuting with TWICE. Mina started off as a ballet student at the prestigious Obayashi Sacred Heart School in Japan. So she has always been a dancer and performer at heart. She didn’t know she wanted to become a K-Pop idol at this point though. Then in middle school, she became interested in K-Pop after a friend of hers suggested they learn the choreography to a Girls Generation song. She dove deeper into the world of K-Pop after attending the 2012 Golden Disk Award held in Osaka, Japan. Eventually, Mina signed up at a K-Pop dance school called URIZIP to learn K-Pop choreographies. Mina was approached by a JYP Entertainment casting associate when she was shopping with her mother in Osaka. Mina passed her JYP Global Audition and signed as a trainee with the agency in January of 2014. She dropped out of the school and moved to Korea to pursue her idol training. During her training time, Mina got to appear in some music videos too. She was in miss A’s “Only You” and 2PM’s Wooyoung’s “R.O.S.E” music videos. By May 2015, only 16 months into her traineeship, Mina joined SIXTEEN to compete for a spot in TWICE. While the duration may seem short, especially for a JYP Entertainment trainee, a fellow trainee who trained with Mina mentioned that Mina came ready and could sing and dance well when she signed with JYP Entertainment. Now, Mina adds grace and elegance to TWICE’s performances and attracts tons of fans as one of the three Japanese wonders of this amazing girl group. 7. Dahyun Dahyun was a trainee for three years and four months before she got to debut. While Dahyun’s most popular past video of the “Eagle Dance” from 6th grade has nothing specific to do with her debut, it does show that Dahyun has always been passionate about dancing whenever, wherever. Years later, when she was in middle school, Dahyun entered an adolescent dance competition by choreographing and arranging music on her own. A JYP Entertainment casting associate who attended the competition noticed her potential and offered to cast her as the agency’s trainee. While training with JYP Entertainment, Dahyun had some opportunities to appear in other artists’ music videos. She was in GOT7’s “Stop Stop It” and 2PM’s Wooyoung’s “R.O.S.E” videos, gaining some more exposure since the eagle dance. Dahyun’s participation in SIXTEEN shed light on the eagle dance again. She used this to her advantage and got a lot of attention on the first episode of the audition program by recreating the dance. Aside from the dance though, fans grew attached to her carefree spirit. She continued to improve throughout the show and ended up winning a spot in TWICE to debut. “Dahyun has been chosen because although her skills are still unstable, she has the superstar potential that cannot be gained with training or practicing. She knows how to grab people’s eyes.” — J. Y. Park Fans appreciate Dahyun’s presence in the team, as the ball of energy who likes to have fun and is truly full of talent underneath all the goofing around. 8. Chaeyoung Chaeyoung trained with JYP Entertainment for three years and five months to debut with TWICE. Chaeyoung never doubted her goal of wanting to become a singer. In fact, she wasn’t shy to chase her dream. She signed up for dance classes in 2011, when she was in 6th grade. While honing her dance skills at a dance academy, Chaeyoung auditioned for PLEDIS Entertainment as well. By 2012, she passed JYP Entertainment’s audition and was signed to become a trainee in June of the same year. Her dance school uploaded a picture of Chaeyoung in class, titled “Chaeyoung Passed JYP Entertainment’s Audition! Last Class” and captioned, “Chaeyoung from Monday,Wednesday,Friday 7:10PM class had her last lesson today. Congratulations on passing the JYP Entertainment audition, Chaeyoung! Come see us often!” During her traineeship with JYP Entertainment, Chaeyoung appeared in GOT7’s “Stop Stop It” music video, along with Dahyun and Momo. By exposing herself little by little and building up camera experience, Chaeyoung prepared herself well and was ready when she joined SIXTEEN. While Chaeyoung received minimal coverage throughout the show, her talent and personality gained her a substantial fan base that supported her to ranking high. 9. Tzuyu Tzuyu remained a trainee for three years prior to finally debuting as a part of TWICE. Tzuyu shared on TWICE TV that she signed up for dance classes because she had always been fond of dancing. Around 2012, when the dance school filmed Tzuyu dancing at the recital and uploaded the video to YouTube, JYP Entertainment’s casting team watched it and became interested in Tzuyu. While Tzuyu’s face barely shows in this video, the agency knew exactly what it wanted. The casting associate flew to Taiwan and saw Tzuyu dance in person. When the associate recorded Tzuyu’s dance to the agency in Korea, the casting team gave the okay to recruit Tzuyu. She was signed into the traineeship immediately. On SIXTEEN, while Tzuyu’s visual received a tremendous amount of attention from the viewers, her talent remained questionable. In the earlier episodes, J. Y. Park criticizes Tzuyu for not having enough charm to be a debuting girl group member. On SIXTEEN, while Tzuyu’s visual received a tremendous amount of attention from the viewers, her talent remained questionable. In the earlier episodes, J. Y. Park criticizes Tzuyu for not having enough charm to be a debuting girl group member. Along with Momo, Tzuyu was not in the original seven chosen to be TWICE. However, J. Y. Park saw potential in the incredible amount of improvements Tzuyu has made throughout the show and decided to give her a chance. “Tzuyu was the one whose skills improved the most. The best way to see how passionate a person is to check how much he or she is trying to get better. Based on that, I believe Tzuyu is serious and desperate about this.” — J. Y. Park credits:koreaboo
  21. Sana + Aegyo = Master of Aegyo A Sana's Aegyo A Day Keeps The ONCEs Alive Feel free to share more of Sana's Aegyo Let us all MELTED & DED together !!! 1. AH / Bang Bang Aegyo 2. Sana's Cute Voice Cheese Kimbap Mandarin Strawberry 3. Oh Hyo Oh Hyo 4. Sana's Oppaya 5. Flying Sana 6. Animal Sana 7. Random Aegyo
  22. TWICE Tops Billboard Japan’s Hot 100 Chart + Several BTS Tracks Take Impressive Rankings TWICE and BTS have shown impressive results on Billboard Japan’s weekly chart! Earlier in the week, it was revealed that “Wake Me Up” topped Oricon’s weekly singles chart and became the first foreign artist in history to surpass 200,000 sales with three consecutive releases. In the newest Hot 100 announced by Billboard Japan, TWICE’s third Japanese single “Wake Me Up” took first with a total of 299,195 sales recorded for the week. With 28,695 points, the single took an overwhelming victory with the second place single taking 10,328 points. Other TWICE releases that made the chart include “What is Love” at No. 12, the Japanese version of “TT” at No. 42, Japanese track “Candy Pop” at No. 56, “Likey” at No. 65, and “Heart Shaker” at No. 92. BTS also showed great strength in Billboard Japan’s Hot 100 with three releases in the top 20. The Japanese version of “DNA” took No. 9, “Fake Love” took No. 10, and their Japanese single “Don’t Leave Me” took No. 11. “Singularity” also placed No. 86. Other releases by Korean artists in the Top 100 are NCT 127’s Japanese track “Chain” at No. 26, GOT7’s Japanese track “THE New Era” at No. 30, and the Japanese version of MOMOLAND’s “BBoom BBoom” at No. 39. Source (1) CR: soompi
  23. Sana really like to bpo bpo other members Her future hubby must be damn fortunate since she already training how to kiss HAHAHA LOL 1. Sana's Flying Kiss <3 2. NaSa 3. JeongSa 4. MoSa 5. SaJi 6. SaMi 7. SaiDa 8. SaChae 9. SaTzu
  24. As a Sana' Stan, You probably realized that Sana have this tongue habit which is to moist her lips cause too dry ? OR just like to play with her tongue ? OR whatever reasons LOL I don't really have a thing or fetish for tongue but sometimes you just can't help but to notice it 1. GIF 2. PICTURES