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Found 642 results

  1. TWICE is very known around the world, and mostly South Korea. The very popular Korean Drama called "Fight for My Way" features a moment where the main characters have a little mini conversation about TWICE's popular show called "TWICETV". Around random episodes, you can also hear TWICE's songs playing in the background of stores/shops. Signal and Knock Knock were discovered to be played. It has been stated in the past that Park Seo-Joon (The actor of Dong Man), enjoys listening to TWICE; his bias being Sana. CREDIT: Myself xd
  2. TWICE Points Out 6 Things You May Have Missed In “Likey” MV TWICE has shared some fun behind-the-scenes stories from the filming of their “Likey” music video! In a new clip of the group reacting to their own music video, the TWICE members talked about filming the video for “Likey” and pointed out a few things that may have escaped fans’ notice. Jihyo The Director From the very beginning of the music video, Jihyo carries a video camera and films the other members dancing. As it turns out, Jihyo really did film the other members, and some of the footage that she shot was actually used in the video! For example, the scene below was shot by Jihyo, which is why she’s missing. Jihyo revealed that Jeongyeon is also absent because she was filming her individual scenes at the time. Jeongyeon’s Dream Comes True Another cute Easter egg that fans might not have noticed—the outfit that Jeongyeon admires throughout the video makes an appearance again at the very end, when she wears it in the final dance scene! The TWICE members joked that after working hard and saving up at her part-time job in the video, Jeongyeon was finally able to buy the outfit that she’d had her eye on. That Train Is Not CGI The train that passes by both Jihyo and Nayeon in the music video is not computer-generated, but is actually a real train that the girls had to wait for while filming. Furthermore, the filming crew had no idea what the train’s schedule was, so Jihyo had to stand in place and hope that she didn’t run out of sparklers before the train came by! Momo Choreographed That Dance Break Herself That dance break in “Likey” that fans can’t get enough of? The TWICE members revealed that Momo personally choreographed it herself! TWICE’s Greatest Hits Medley While it isn’t highlighted in the music video, the choreography for “Likey” features a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it medley of TWICE’s most famous hits. During Momo’s part in the first verse, the group quickly speeds through their trademark dance moves from “Cheer Up, “TT,” and “Signal.” Sana also noted that the reason they kiss their thumb and forefinger is to indicate an “L” for “Likey.” Ending With A Heart Finally, TWICE pointed out for fans who haven’t noticed that their ending pose for “Likey” is a formation in the shape of a heart! Watch the full clip of TWICE’s “MV Commentary” below! cr: soompi
  3. https://news.yahoo.co.jp/polls/entertainment/31603/result Twice is currently at secondl place! Keep voting Once!
  4. This is the pedantic side of me coming out, but how do you really think Jeongyeon's name should be spelled? It has bugged me since day 1 that there are two different ways her name is romanised. I believe she's the only member for which this is the case. The reality is of course that the correct way to spell her name is "정연" and the way you romanise it (i.e. spell it in the Latin alphabet) doesn't really matter as long as it roughly corresponds to how the words are pronounced. Personally, however, I always felt "Jeongyeon" was more correct, based on how I heard the pronunciation. To me, "Jung" and "Jeong" suggest rather different sounds, comparable to "lung" vs "long". However, I was unaware until recently that the "정" in her name is actually the same as the common Korean family name, as in Jessica Jung, for example. I had always thought Jeong and Jung were two different names, pronounced differently, but it turns out they're not (and I've been saying Jessica's name wrong all these years...); they're just different spellings of the same name. But to my knowledge, people with this name always tend to stick to one spelling or the other for whatever reason, whereas there doesn't seem to be this sort of consensus for Jeongyeon. Throw in the fact that even on this forum, the tags are spelled "Jungyeon" but her official thread is spelled "Jeongyeon", and I just had to put this to a poll. What do you think? The time has come to decide the true spelling of "정".

    Well, do you like locksreens? Then, I have a pack of them for you! I'm not a good editor, but hope you like it~ https://imgur.com/a/AZH4N
  6. TWICE’s “Likey” Becomes Fastest K-Pop Girl Group MV To Reach 70 Million Views TWICE has added a new record to their collection! Previously, “Likey” had beaten the girl group’s personal record for most views in 24 hours as well as several other music video records. Now the “Likey” music video has launched TWICE to the position of fastest K-pop girl group to reach 70 million views. The previous record was held by BLACKPINK’s “As If It’s Your Last,” which reached 70 million views in 25 days and 20 hours. TWICE’s “Likey” recorded 70 million views in about 17 days and 9 hours after its release on October 30 at 6 p.m. KST. Congratulations to TWICE! cr: soompi
  7. The TWICE managers got together to dance to the popular idol group's latest track "Likey" in Sapporo, Japan. The girls and their managers were in Sapporo, Japan to film a CF for Japanese sports drink brand Pocari Sweat. On November 15 KST, a video clip was posted on TWICE's official Instagram page of the managers dancing to "Likey" in the cold weather of Sapporo, all bundled up in their bubble coats and winter gear. The caption reads, "Manager unnies and oppas dancing to LIKEY in Sapporo". SOURCE: allkpop I don't know about you guys, but I find this really funny
  8. TWICE Takes 5th Win For “Likey” On “M!Countdown” Despite No Broadcast This Week TWICE has taken home their fifth music show win for “Likey” on this week’s M!Countdown!” The November 16 episode of “M!Countdown” aired a highlight reel of the 2017 MAMA nominated groups instead of the usual live performances as the show is currently preparing for the MAMA ceremonies. “M!Countdown” will not be airing live performances for the next few weeks but will continue to announce each week’s winners. This week the first place nominees were SEVENTEEN’s “Clap” and TWICE’s “Likey” and the girl group took home the final win. This also marks TWICE’s 50th music show win since their debut. Congratulations to TWICE! Source (1) cr: soompi
  9. TWICE, SEVENTEEN, Urban Zakapa, And MeloMance Top Weekly Gaon Charts On November 16, Gaon revealed chart results for the week from November 5 through November 11. Urban Zakapa’s new release “When We Were Two” placed first on both the digital chart and download chart. MeloMance’s “Gift” took second and TWICE’s “Likey” took third on the digital chart, while “Likey” took second and “Gift” took third on the download chart. On the streaming chart, “Gift” and Epik High’s “Love Story” maintained their top two spots, and “Likey” rose to take third. On the mobile chart for ringtones, “Gift” took first, “Likey” took second, and Im Chang Jung’s “Do You Know That Person” took third. New releases topped the album chart recording physical album shipments. SEVENTEEN’s “TEEN, AGE” placed first, followed by Super Junior’s “PLAY” and MONSTA X’s “THE CODE.” “Likey” maintained the first place position on the social chart, which is a result of data from YouTube, Twitter, and YinYueTai. SEVENTEEN’s “Clap” placed second and BTS’s “DNA” placed third. Source (1) cr: soompi
  10. [V Report Plus] Ticket to tropics during winter: Twice’s Singapore adventure In Wednesday’s episode of a V broadcast series titled “Twice in Singapore,” the K-pop group went on an adventure in the urban jungle of the city-state. The group mates first hit the iconic Merlion Park. They walked to the lion-shaped fountain in the park and screamed suddenly, surprised by water splashing from the fountain. “ "Everyone! The rain has suddenly started pouring here,” emoted Dahyun in the broad daylight. Jungyeon and Nayeon playfully roared like lions at each other. After customary selfie photographs with the famous Merlion in the background, the group headed to an ice cream parlor. Seemingly satisfied with the ice cream, they left for their next destination of the day: Dempsey Hill. By Kim Min-joo (mjk625@heraldcorp.com) cr: KPOPHERALD
  11. [DISCUSSION/POLL] The best Era

    I will not add "One more time" because it was only officially released in Japan and been promoted only in Japan. This poll determines the best Era for ONCES out there, your favorite Era will be based on how good the songs in that era, their dance and choreography and lastly the satisfaction it gives every single time we listen to it. Mine is TT Era, I like how they managed to make their cuteness even more amazing, I kinda like all of the song plus their single "TT" which gives an exciting feeling in every beat it gives. Its melody is kinda catchy and makes me dance every time I hear it.
  12. [KBS Music Bank: Likey Comeback 11/03/2017] I just realized it haha :')) BEFORE AFTER Cr. screenshots from Mubank vid below Watch the original video here: What do you think, guys?
  13. Twice to be featured in NHK’s ‘Kohaku’: reports K-pop group Twice will appear on Japanese broadcaster NHK’s annual “Year-end Song Festival,” also known as “Kohaku Uta Gassen.” Japanese media outlets including Nikkan Sports reported Wednesday that the K-pop group had decided to appear on “Kohaku” and that NHK would make an official announcement Thursday. It will mark the first appearance of a K-pop group on the Japanese year-end show in six years. In 2011, Kara, Girls’ Generation and TVXQ were featured on the show. The nine-piece group, which includes Japanese and Taiwanese members, made its Japanese debut in June with “#TWICE,” a compilation album that contains past hits such as “Cheer Up” and “TT” in both Japanese and Korean. “#Twice” was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of Japan for selling more than 250,000 copies. The group’s next release in Japan, “One More Time,” was also certified platinum by the association. By Kim So-yeon (syk19372@heraldcorp.com) cr: KPOPHERALD
  14. 'JYPE is expected to set a record breaking performance by 2019 thanks to the popularity of TWICE ' "JYPE is expected to generate sales of 101.5 billion won & an operating profit of 20.7 billion won this year, with 2019 sales of KRW 149.9 billion & operating profit of KRW 34 billion." Translated by: SubjectKpop Source: BusinessPost
  15. It has come to my attention that the forum doesn't have that many polls, at least compared to Soshified, where virtually everything in the Discussions section is a poll. (<<< This is my favourite emote, alright?) This is my first attempt to remedy that, and simultaneously discuss the ladies' personalities a bit more. One of the most attractive features of TWICE, I believe, is the amazing diversity amongst the members in terms of personality, as well as skills. It makes each member all the more unique, which in turn makes it easier for new fans to recognise each of the members. Perhaps also, fans will appreciate and empathise with idols who have similarities to themselves. Whilst we may hold them up as goddesses at times, it is also comforting to see that these idols are just ordinary girls who've accomplished extraordinary things. Whose personality in TWICE is closest to yours'? Perhaps you are a combination of two or more, so I've made the poll multi-choice. Personally I'd say I'm a combination of Mina and Tzuyu, but whilst they look like queens, I resemble pond scum by comparison. Also, (despite being their pet gerbil) I can't claim to know perfectly the personalities of all nine of the girls (I doubt many of us can), so don't take the summaries I've given as exhaustive, and please by all means suggest additions and alterations, as I want to take the opportunity to learn more about them all as well.
  16. [V Report Plus] Twice gets early taste of winter in snowy Sapporo K-pop darlings Twice aired a live broadcast from a snow-covered field in Sapporo, via Naver’s V app Monday. The band flew to Sapporo, a city in northern Japan to shoot a TV commercial for a beverage product. Jihyo, in charge of the girl group’s main vocal, appeared in front of the camera with a thick scarf around her neck. Showing the snowy field to the viewers, she said, “You know, I love snow since I was born in winter. It’s so cold but so beautiful here!” She then asked “How are you?” to the viewers in Korea, where the weather is still at autumn. “During my busy days in Seoul, I don’t really get enough chance to look at the sky, but today I get to enjoy the blueness as much as I want,” said Jihyo in excited voice. Other members also seemed excited about their day out in the nature, taking pictures of each other and running around in snow. Chaeyoung and Dahyun built a snowman and wrote the name of their fanclub “Once” on the snowy field. They also ran around listening to their latest song “Likey.” “We flew all the way here, but in our heart, we are always near you. Please look forward to our new commercial as well!” said Dahyun to wrap up the broadcast. By Kim Min-joo (mjk625@heraldcorp.com) cr: KPOPHERALD
  17. My babies I'm not the only one who has noticed the HUGE increase of TWICE's improvement, right? Songs in Twicetagram fit them all so much more, and it makes me so happy.... What do you guys think? Other MR Removes from other performances:
  18. Twice unveils new Pocari Sweat commercial

    Twice unveils new Pocari Sweat commercial A new commercial for the sports drink Pocari Sweat featuring K-pop girl group Twice was released Monday. In the 15-second video, Twice excitedly plans for a trip. In contrast to a previous ad, the singers are dressed in winter outfits in the product’s signature blue and white. In March, the group was picked to promote the sports drink’s 30th anniversary. It was the first time an idol group had been chosen to model for the brand. Modeling for Pocari Sweat is a coveted job among celebrities, as the brand has a history of featuring top celebrities. Celebrities who have endorsed the product include Han Ji-min, Park Shin-hye, Lee Yeon-hee, Kim So-eun, Moon Chae-won and Kim So-hyun. (syk19372@heraldcorp.com) cr: KPOPHERALD, Dong-A Otsuka
  19. 2017 Melon Music Awards Announces Nominees For Category Awards + Voting Begins The next round of voting has begun for the 2017 Melon Music Awards! The first round of voting for the Top 10 ended on November 12, and the winners were announced on November 13. Voting is also currently running for the Kakao Hot Star award. Now, voting has opened for the category awards, as well. The nominees are as follows: Best Artist Award BIGBANG Bolbbalgan4 BTS EXO Heize IU Red Velvet TWICE Wanna One WINNER Best Album Award Akdong Musician – “Winter” BIGBANG – “MADE” Bolbbalgan4 – “Red Diary Page. 1” BTS – “You Never Walk Alone” EXO – “The War” G-Dragon (BIGBANG) – “Kwon Ji Yong” Heize – “/// (You, Clouds, Rain)” IU – “Palette” PSY – “4X2=8” Zion.T – “OO” Best Song Award Ailee – “I Will Go to You Like the First Snow” Akdong Musician – “Last Goodbye” BIGBANG – “FXXK IT” BLACKPINK – “As If It’s Your Last” Bolbbalgan4 – “Tell Me You Love Me” BTS – “Spring Day” Ed Sheeran – “Shape of You” EXO – “Ko Ko Bop” G-Dragon (BIGBANG) – “Untitled” Heize – “You, Clouds, Rain” Hwang Chi Yeol – “A Daily Song” Hyorin, Changmo – “Blue Moon” IU – “Through the Night” Jung Seung Hwan – “The Fool” PSY – “New Face” Red Velvet – “Rookie” Suran – “Wine” (Feat. Changmo) TWICE – “Knock Knock” WINNER – “Really Really” Yoon Jong Shin – “Like It” Best New Artist Award Chungha DreamCatcher Jeong Sewoon KARD MXM ONE PRISTIN Wanna One Weki Meki Woo Won Jae Stage of the Year Kim Junsu (JYJ) – “2016 XIA Ballad&Musical Concert with Orchestra Vol. 5” Park Hyo Shin – “Park Hyo Shin 2016 LIVE : I AM A DREAMER” Seo Taiji – “Seo Taiji 25th Anniversary Concert Lotte Card MOOV : Soundtrack Vol. 2” SEVENTEEN – “SEVENTEEN 1ST WORLD TOUR ‘DIAMOND EDGE'” VIXX – “VIXX LIVE FANTASIA DAYDREAM” Netizen Popularity Award BIGBANG BTOB BTS EXO Highlight Hwang Chi Yeol MAMAMOO TWICE Wanna One WINNER Hot Trend Award Girls Next Door – “Deep Blue Eyes” I.O.I – “Downpour” Kim Sejeong (gugudan) – “Flower Way” Suran – “Wine” (Feat. Changmo) Taeil (Block B), Kim Sejeong (gugudan) – “I Like You, I Dont” Best Ballad Award Hwang Chi Yeol – “A Daily Song” Jungkey – “Anymore” Feat. Wheein (MAMAMOO) Jung Seung Hwan – “The Fool” Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation) – “Fine” Yoon Jong Shin – “Like It” Best Dance Track Award BLACKPINK – “As If It’s Your Last” BTS – “DNA” EXO – “Ko Ko Bop” Highlight – “Plz Don’t Be Sad” MAMAMOO – “Yes I Am” PSY – “New Face” Red Velvet – “Red Flavor” Sunmi – “Gashina” TWICE – “Knock Knock” WINNER – “Really Really” Best Rap/Hip Hop Award Dynamic Duo, Chen (EXO) – “nosedive” Mad Clown – “Lost Without You” Feat. Bolbbalgan4 Nucksal, Hanhae, Rhino, Jo Woo Chan – “1/n” Feat. Dynamic Duo Woo Won Jae – “We Are” Feat. Loco & Gray Zico (Block B) – “Bermuda Triangle” Feat. Crush & Dean Best R&B/Soul Award G-Dragon – “Untitled” SISTAR – “Lonely” Suran – “Wine” (Feat. Changmo) Zico (Block B) – “She’s a Baby” Zion.T – “The Song” Best Indie Award CHEEZE – “Love You (bye)” Jung Joonil – “Wish” MeloMance – “Gift” Standing Egg – “Thought of You” Vanilla Acoustic – “Just Thinking About You” Best Rock Award Buzz – “The Love” DAY6 – “You Were Beautiful” FTISLAND – “Wind” Hyukoh – “TOMBOY” Kim Heechul (Super Junior), Min Kyung Hoon – “Sweet Dream” Best Trot Award Choi Won Young – “I’m Coming” Hong Jin Young – “Ring Ring” (Composer Ver.) Jang Yoon Jung – “Cherry Blossom Road 2017” Kim Yeon Ja, DIA, Hong Jin Young – “You Are My Flower” Na Hoon A – “The Man’s Life Story” Best Folk/Blues Award Akdong Musician – “Last Goodbye” Cao Lu (FIESTAR), Kisum, Yerin (GFRIEND) – “Spring Again” Jung Eun Ji (Apink) – “The Spring” Feat. Hareem Yun DdanDdan – “The Night I Miss You” 10cm – “Phonecert” Best Pop Award The Chainsmokers, Coldplay – “Something Just Like This” Charlie Puth – “Attention” Ed Sheeran – “Shape of You” Maroon 5 – “Don’t Wanna Know” Feat. Kendrick Lamar Zedd, Alessia Cara – “Stay” Best OST Award Ailee – “I Will Go to You Like the First Snow” Bolbbalgan4 – “You and Me from the Start” Kassy – “Good Morning” Sung Si Kyung – “Somewhere Someday” V (BTS), Jin (BTS) – “Even If I Die, It’s You” Voting will run until December 1, and the winners will be announced at the 2017 Melon Music Awards on December 2. cr: soompi
  20. 2017 Melon Music Awards Announces Winners For Top 10 Artists Voting has ended for the Top 10 of the 2017 Melon Music Awards! From October 26 through November 12, the Melon Music Awards held voting for the Top 10 award. As the title indicates, this award is given to the 10 artists who were most loved by Melon users in the past year. The 40 nominees were chosen based on the number of downloads, number of streams, and the results from Melon’s Weekly Popularity Award, which is a vote done on the top 20 tracks each week. The winners of the Top 10 were selected 80 percent based on digitals and 20 percent based on votes. The final winners are as follows: BIGBANG, EXO, Red Velvet, TWICE, Wanna One, WINNER, BTS, Bolbbalgan4, IU, Heize The Top 10 will be awarded at the 2017 Melon Music Awards on December 2 at Gocheok Sky Dome. Congratulations to all the winners! cr: soompi
  21. K-Pop's Twice Rack Up Two No. 1s On The Charts "Likey" and 'Twicetagram' take Twice and K-pop where only BTS has gone before The K-pop surge continues as the nine young ladies of Twice enjoy No. 1 status atop Billboard's World Digital Song Sales for their single "Likey" as well as No. 1 on the World Albums chart for Twicetagram. Although this double chart status has been accomplished by BTS three times, Twice is the first female K-pop band to accomplish this feat. "Likey" plays with different ideas about trying to look one's best while being true to oneself. The diversity and independence of the women's personalities is featured — a staple for K-pop boy bands — while much of their dancing is exceptional. Like the message of "Likey," it can take a lot of effort to wind up looking fresh and spontaneous. Twicetagram is sending an additional note to the mainstream that K-pop has found new power to crossover. cr: Grammy Awards news site
  22. Fastest K-Pop Girl Group MV to reach 40M, 50M & 60M Views on Youtube Original Thread: SkyDragon
  23. [NAVER] TWICE is unrivaled

    Article goes over the amazing achievements TWICE have made just two years after debut including OOH-AHH becoming a sleeper hit TWICE winning their first daesang just a year into debut with Cheer Up TT becoming a trendy pose in Japan Signal and Knock Knock had popular and trending point dances LIKEY doing well on the charts and expected to be a long-running popular song Amazing sales that even some boy groups have yet to achieve Record-breaking views on Youtube Multiple first-place trophies on music shows Constantly placing first on brand rankings COMMENTS [+661] TWICE is winning with facts ^^ I still remember vividly how much they struggled during OOH-AHH with all the School Attack! events [+621] LIKEY is doing well overseas as well, I think even they've reached a new record on Youtube as well! I like it so much [+488] TWICE TWICE Let's do well [+513] TWICE Hwaiting [+290] TWICE is TWICE's own enemy (T/N: TWICE keeps breaking their own records)!! Since LIKEY era has started, let's aim even higher! Hwaiting! TRANSLATED by: TwiceTalk
  24. Twice riding high without a hitch

    Twice riding high without a hitch By Yoon Min-sik In the volatile world of K-pop, hundreds of acts rise and fade into obscurity each year. For every successful TVXQ and Girls’ Generation, there have been other groups like The Grace and M.I.L.K. Since entering the music scene two years ago, JYP Entertainment’s newest heavyweight Twice has stood tall and broken records with hits. The nine-piece group on Saturday once again topped the brand reputation chart based on monthly research by the Korea Reputation Center. Based on big data related to certain keywords -- in this case girl groups -- the center analyzes which K-pop acts are most valuable. “About 73.99 percent of the links related to Twice were positive, with keywords like “Momo (a Twice member), No. 1, Likey (Twice’s song) popping up most frequently,” the KRC said, noting that the girl-group-related data circulating from Oct. 9 to Nov. 10 had surged by 24.5 percent compared to the earlier month. In terms of YouTube views among K-pop girl groups, Twice is in a league of its own. On Thursday, it became the fastest K-pop girl group to top 40 million views on the video-sharing site. It did so in a little under 10 days with the music video for “Likey” -- the lead track of its first full-length studio album “Twicetagram.” The previous record was held by another one of its songs, “Knock Knock,” which passed the mark in 19 days. It remains the only K-pop girl group to have three videos with 200 million views or more, with all five songs that it has promoted -- “Like Ooh-Aah,” “Cheer Up,” “TT,” “Knock Knock” and “Signal” -- all surpassing 100 million views. According Forbes, 1.6 million copies of its records have been sold as of Saturday and JYP’s stock price has hit a five-year high since releasing “Likey.” Winning combination The nine members of the group came together via a competition survival show, “Sixteen,” in early 2015, with Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, and Chaeyoung originally being selected. But JYP’s producer and founder Park Jin-young abruptly announced that he would expand the group to nine members by adding the “audience’s pick,” Tzuyu, and his hand-picked member Momo. The decision sparked controversy among fans and sparked concerns that the fairness of the selection process would be tainted. The members’ varying nationalities -- five Koreans, one Taiwanese, and three Japanese -- also appeared to be a factor. But the nine members say that their differences are hardly an issue. If anything, they said they owe a large part of their success to their chemistry. “Language is important, but I don’t think it is a big issue. Nine people who love dance and music have gathered to encourage each other and perform,” Taiwan-born Tzuyu said in an interview with Nikkei Style. “The different nationalities can be a positive factor, but I don’t think it hinders us.” The group’s success in Japan after its official debut in July is a testament to Twice’s international fame. Twice became the fastest selling K-pop girl group of all time last month by surpassing 19,000 copies in just two days after its new release. As the group reaches superstar status in the country, Twice members said they wish to someday hold a tour across the dome stadiums in Japan. By Yoon Min-sik (minsikyoon@heraldcorp.com) cr: The Korea Herald
  25. TWICE’s “Likey” Becomes Fastest K-Pop Girl Group MV To Reach 60 Million Views TWICE continues to break more YouTube records! On November 12 at approximately 3:20 p.m. KST, the music video for TWICE’s “Likey” reached 60 million views. This is about 12 days and 21 hours after its release on October 30 at 6 p.m. KST. Just three days after setting a new K-pop girl group record for 50 million views, TWICE has now broken the record for 60 million, as well. The previous record was set by BLACKPINK’s “As If It’s Your Last” with approximately 20 days and one hour. TWICE(트와이스) "LIKEY" M/V 60,000,000 VIEWS ❤ https://t.co/AZKHPGesaa #TWICE #트와이스 #LIKEY — TWICE (@JYPETWICE) November 12, 2017 Congratulations to TWICE on another awesome achievement! cr: soompi