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Found 109 results

  1. TWICE’s Jihyo may have dropped the bi ggest hint about the group’s July comeback! TWICE fans, are you ready for this? The new summer track to come from TWICE may be the hottest, sexiest yet. During a live broadcast, member Jihyo implied that the group is trying out a sexier concept this time. “For the first time, all the members wore sleeveless tops. There is more skin showing. Not sure if you guys will like it or hate it… Sorry if you don’t want to see it.” — Jihyo TWICE has conquered all kinds of concepts, from quirky zombie apocalypse survivors to adorable slumber party friends to elegant princesses, but the girl group has yet to take on a full-on sexy concept. Since the broadcast, fans’ anticipation for TWICE’s return with “more skin” has been growing stronger! Meanwhile, TWICE is said to have been in Okinawa, Japan where the beaches are summery. Fans are putting together the comeback date, the beaches, and the sleeveless tops to only mean one thing. TWICE is about to drop a killer summer bop and no one can be ready enough! Well, ready or not, here they come. Brace yourselves — the hot-summer-beachy, sleeveless-top-wearing, sexy-fun TWICE is coming!
  2. TWICE To Release Digital Single As Surprise For Fans TWICE has announced the release of a surprise digital single for their fans! Just before midnight on April 30, JYP Entertainment surprised fans by revealing that TWICE would be wrapping up their latest round of promotions with a digital release of their song “Stuck.” In an official statement posted to its website, the agency wrote, “ONCE [TWICE’s fan club name], in order to assuage your disappointment that [TWICE’s] ‘What is Love?‘ promotions have ended, we have prepared a small, precious surprise for you. On April 30 at 6 p.m., the song ‘Stuck,’ which is dedicated to ONCE and TWICE, will be released through various music sites.” JYP Entertainment also explained that the lyrics for the song were meant to depict the relationship between TWICE and their fans. The agency stated, “[‘Stuck’] is a song that delicately portrays the feeling of falling in love. According to the lyricist, the lyrics for ‘Stuck’ were written with the relationship between ONCE and TWICE in mind.” “Stuck” was previously released on April 9 as a CD-only track on the physical album “What is Love?”, but was not available for digital purchase or streaming. Source (1) CR: soompi
  3. 10 K-Pop Idols’ Stage Outfits To Inspire Your Own Personal Wardrobe These idols will help you give your wardrobe a makeover! 1. A Blast from the Past EXID‘s throwback 80s and 90s outfits will make you want to visit the nearest thrift store 2. Fresh and Funky TWICE‘s bright, energetic outfits are perfect for those fun, summer days! 3. Couple Outfits Looking for matching outfits for you and your SO? KARD has you covered. From hounds’ tooth blazers, to beachwear, to denim, this co-ed group is sure to give you some ideas. 4. Sleeves with shorts Depending on where you live, it might be warm but not quite be warm enough yet to go sleeveless. The solution? Pair sleeves with shorts or skirts, GFRIEND style! 5. Pure White Outfits If you’re looking for something more feminine (and don’t usually spill things on your clothes) you may want to try pairing a white, lace crop top with either a white skirt or white shorts, like GFRIEND has. 6. Patterns & Plaid For a fashionable and casual look, pair ripped denim with either patterns or plaid, like WINNER. 6. Easily achieved “boyfriend” looks. Wanna One‘s casual, “boyfriend” looks are perfect for the guys who want to look good but don’t want to spend hours in front of the mirror. Just mix and match dark colors with jeans and you’re good to go! To accessorize, all you need is a belt or chain! 7. Button-ups There are many reasons why men’s dress shirts never go out of style. These classic clothing items are fashionable, attractive, and versatile. Wanna One demonstrates how these shirts can be worn on their own, or layered with shirts and jackets! 9. Plaid Skirts and Blouses The members of Lovelyz each have their own distinct aura yet they manage to pull off this look by pairing different kinds of dressy tops with plaid mini-skirts. Don’t forget the tennis shoes! 10. Ruffled Mini Dresses BLACKPINK‘s Rose and Jisoo prove just how stunning mini-dresses can be. Rose shows off her pure side in a white, angelic dress, while Jisoo flaunts her sexy side in a similar, red dress. These dresses look especially beautiful when worn with a thick belt! cr:koreaboo
  4. TWICE Autographed Polaroid Event (April 11th to 18th) !! Send in entries for chance to win TWICE autographed polaroids !! [Participation] 1. Watch 'ASK IN A BOX : TWICE" on the 1theK YouTube channel! 2. Capture your favourite scene in the ASK IN A BOX and leave a Facebook reply or Twitter mention with a hashtag #AIAB_TWICE *If you follow 1theK Facebook or Twitter, the chance of winning goes UP! Period (4/11 to 4/18) Winner will receive an autographed polaroid photo of TWICE! (Random Member) https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DafYtlmW4AQ9F5R.jpg Hi moderators, @<3TzuNaMi, @A.Moguri, @Phebe, @chaerrybear, @SaranghaeMina, please help pin this post from the period April 11 to 18, so as to let forumers and ONCE take notice and participate. Thanks! CR: 1theK
  5. Twice the gag concert ... Self-luminous flower beauty [Daily Economic Star Today] The end of the girl group, Wang Twis, appears in the 'Gag Concert'. On the 22nd, KBS2 'Gag Concert' (hereafter referred to as 'Gacon'), a girl group Twice appears in a surprise appearance, and Mimo Dogg also takes a peak in the past. Twice, who has recently comeback as a new song 'What is Love?', Is the overwhelming popularity that has topped the list of all music sites, music videos, Proving. The hot topic in every place where their feet reached, the members, Sanae, Ji Hyo, Mina, and Tae Hyun, the moment they appeared on the stage of 'Gacon', was the overwhelming response to the explosion of the recording scene. In particular, the four girls who boast self-luminous beauty that does not need lighting are playing a gigantic performance, and even the gag is lovingly digesting. There is a growing interest in how they will appear in some of the corners and play a role in beauty. The producers of 'Gag Concert' said, "I am really grateful to my Tweise friends who have found a gag concert." Sana, Ji Hyo, Mina, and Da Hyun all worked hard from the rehearsal stage to the recording stage. I hope that viewers will have fun with their Twice friends and the gag concert comedians. " Twice and 'Gag Concert' will be released at 9:15 pm on December 22. skyb1842@mk.co.kr CR:naver
  6. TWICE model two different looks of chic and sweet for 'Acuvue' contacts 'Acuvue' unveiled a new CF featuring TWICE. The girl group model two varying looks you can pull off with the 'Acuvue' contact lenses. Jungyeon, Jihyo, Tzuyu, Mina, and Chaeyoung define chic with sassy, classy, charismatic style. On the other hand, Dahyun, Nayeon, Sana, and Momo define sweet with lovely, natural, playful, bubbly look. Check out the chic and sweet CF with TWICE. Which style do you prefer? CR:allkpop
  7. TWICE members are extra sweet in 'What is Love?' dance practice 'for ONCE' version TWICE hared a new version of "What is Love?" dance practice video. For the latest dance practice clip, TWICE went extra sweet and lovely for their fans. The members perfect the choreography in the dance practice room while giving off a bright energy. SEE ALSO: TWICE wonder 'What is Love?' in dance practice video Check out TWICE's adorable moves in the new clip! CR:allkpop
  8. [STARCAST] Analysis on sub characters in TWICE’s 'What is Love' music video! Hello!It’s TWICE STARCAST as sweet as a candy!(ONCE, shout!!!!!!!!!) If you saw the main member episode on the music video last week, look forward to it today! (Drums) We specially prepared the sub member episode of music video! (ONCE, shout again!!!!!!!!!)Even though they were subs, they were more impressive than anyone else (Amazing) Then, hold your remote control and let’s Go Are you JEONGYEON from JYP High school?When I saw you, my heart stopped… When I stood in front of the fishbowl to see tropical fishmy heart stopped again… ONCE, it’s strange. You can keep the love in your heart forever..!Let’s keep the love for each other for good CR:naver
  9. [SW Issue] "Real first place" ... Twice's prestigious streak [Sports World = Yoon, Ki-baek reporter] Girl group Twice recorded a new song 'What's Love?' It is meaningless in that it is a 'real first place' that fans recognize as well as the public. Twice was broadcast on the 21st MBC 'Show! Music center "and a new song 'What's Love?' To top of Exochenbach City and Winner. Twice shortly after the award, he said, "I will become a tweeter who is as hard as you have given me first place." Twice is MBC Music 'Show! Champion ', Mnet' M Countdown ', KBS' Music Bank ', MBC' Show! Music center "music broadcast first trophy Unlike music broadcasts, current music charts are Tweed and Nilo, and 'High Wrapper 2' Kim Ha-on. Nilo takes the top spot on the charts in Melon, the largest music site in the country, but it has been a long time since it has lost its meaning in terms of the first place that no one can agree with. In the case of the first sound recording chart, it should be easy to get online and broadcast as well as on the street. Nilo's 'Gina Oda' can not feel its influence at all. The agency has explained that there is no legal problem, but it is doubtful that it is overwhelmingly dominant only in toxic melon. On the other hand, Twice is on the top in music charts, music charts and music broadcasts, and it ranks first on various portal real-time search terms. Also, it is showing the way to be in the top position so that it can be easily accessed even in everyday life that goes online and offline. In that sense, Twice 's 4th album of music is more than ever. Although it was the first place in Korea's largest melancholy site Melon, it is the moment when Twice's shine is brilliant because it is the first place that anyone can sympathize with. giback@sportsworldi.com CR:.naver
  10. TWICE has made another hit with their 3rd single 'Wake Me Up'. The girls will be releasing their full 3rd single on May16th, but the song was pre-released on the 25th at midnight. The song ranked #1 on LINE MUSIC's Top 100 chart, and "What is Love?" also ranked at #9 alongside. Congratulations to TWICE. The girls will soon be going on a tour in Japan in Saitama on May 26th and 27th, and in Osaka on June 2nd and 3rd. cr: allkpop
  11. Watch: TWICE’s Dahyun Raps To BTOB’s Eunkwang’s Beatboxing On “Unexpected Q” TWICE’s Dahyun and BTOB’s Eunkwang teamed up to show their talents on MBC’s “Unexpected Q.” See Also: Watch: TWICE Grabs 11th Win For "What Is Love?" On "Show Champion," Performances By Lovelyz, PENTAGON, And More “Unexpected Q” is a new music variety show where celebrities try to solve creative and unusual questions submitted by viewers. On the May 5 premiere, the guests tried to guess the lyrics to Yubin’s rap in Wonder Girls’ “So Hot.” WINNER’s Song Mino attempted to answer the question and wowed everyone with his creative rap, filling in the blanks with “laser” and “London Bridge.” The correct lyrics were revealed as, “My sexy eyes are Ko So Young, my beautiful legs are Ha Ji Won.” Dahyun and Girls’ Generation’s Sunny were the only people who got this answer correct. Dahyun said, “It’s my first time getting the answer correct,” and the MCs asked her to rap the lyrics to celebrate. With Eunkwang’s beatbox, Dahyun showed viewers her rapping skills on the program. “Unexpected Q” airs on Saturdays at 6:25 p.m. KST. Check out the clip below! cr:soompi
  12. MinaPenguin #TwiceismyLife

    [INFO] [Naver] [STARCAST] 180504 The selfie parade of TWICE

    [STARCAST] The selfie parade of TWICE Now that TWICE’s activities for “What is Love?”, a song as warm as spring, has ended, I’m back again with another STARCAST just for ONCE who was thinking like “what should I do now while waiting for them?” (Yaay!) The girls are special to us every day but today I got you their selfies which you can’t see them elsewhere! So get ready for it! Get ready to save them on your phones! “Goo- goo- gga- gga-“ NAYEON, the eldest who looks like youngest, looks gorgeous on school uniform Im: Impossible is nothing Na: It is I! I’m TWICE’s Yeon: Alchemist! Nothing is impossible for ONCE and TWICE if you know this spell! Abracadabra! Whoosh! The name of this beauty is JEONGYEON. She’s so nice with this blue shirt and hair ಢ‸ಢ She has ended the war with outfits “WAR IS OVER!” ON: ONCE! We really enjoyed our schedule for this album thanks to you! CE: We were busy with our schedule but I hope to see you soon at TWICELAND! MOMO is still beautiful with glasses! MOMO: Everyone would look pretty if you wear glasses without lenses! She’s a girl of spring! Please be the black knight of ONCE! SANA is so seductive SA: What is love? NA: Me and you are the love of everyone ‧⁺◟( ᵒ̴̶̷̥ •̫ ᵒ̴̶̷̥ ) NO SANA NO LIFE!!!! SANA: ONCE! Let me choose the menu for your lucn! I’m sending my signal with a wink (Your heart will stop for a moment when you receive her wink) ONCE: We’ll go for “Cheese kimbab” for our lunch today! ONCE, what are you doing? I already miss you. I can’t imagine a day without ONCE :’( ON: JIHYO was so “happy” because of your love CE: Wait for us a little bit more The hearts of ONCE are stuck on you- because of MINA ONCE! It’s not over until it’s over! MINA and ONCE will soon meet at [TWICELAND ZONE 2!!!!!! FANTASY PARK]! The forever high schooler of TWICE The first love of ONCE DAHYUN, do you remember the day when I went to the principal’s alone after being noisy at the corridor…? (Those days) She never gets old. Congratulations on entering the Slytherin School! CHAE: The loveliest and cutest girl CHAEYOUNG YOUNG: Young and rich and pretty and cutie You do whatever you want to do (Wink ම້ੁ͡ˌ̫̮ම້ੁ͡✧) Journalist: I came here after hearing that CHAEYOUNG is going to punch the hearts of ONCE. ONCE, her best score is 423. What score do you expect? ONCE: We’ll know it if we meet CHAEYOUNG… - CHAEYOUNG arrives - Journalist: It’s hard to tell the score after the hearts of ONCE got a severe… error… _( :0 」 )_ It’s TZUYU wearing a beret! ONCE: Tears are falling from my eyes… ಢ‸ಢ (Tears dropping) TZUYU, you’re something. You make me give you my everything!!!!!!!! ONCE is already stuck on TZUYU Their official schedule for “What is Love?” may have ended but they have still much more to show us! So it ain’t over until it’s over! Watch out for the M/V behind the scenes and they’ll be back soon so stay happy until then! Bye now! cr:naver
  13. http://twicephotoblog.blogspot.kr/2017/11/171128-twice-gimpo-airport-150-pictures.html
  14. Let's just be silent for a moment and take a look on how gorgeous our smol bean could be with her long hair CR: Twitter - chaeyoungpic
  15. MinaPenguin #TwiceismyLife

    [TZUYUIST/PIC] TZUYU Centrair Airport

    TZUYU Entry to Nagoya Airport
  16. http://twicephotoblog.blogspot.kr/2017/11/twice-2017915-stage-100-pictures.html
  17. TWICE is singing the theme song of an upcoming Japanese live-action movie 『センセイ君主』/ "Sensei Kunshu", which will be shown at theaters/cinemas in Japan from August 1st (Weds.). This song is a cover of an American family music group, The Jackson 5's (which includes the King of Pop, Michael Jackson) famous No.1 hit song, "I Want You Back". Official movie website: センセイ君主 (Sensei Kunshu) Official movie twitter link. CR: Sensei Kunshu
  18. Hi! So apparently I've made a Birthday FMV dedicated to her on the 29th and in behalf of Team Twice You can see it here: ps: iv'e kinda rushed the video so sorry in advance for errors Once again Happy Birthday to our lovely girl~
  19. http://twicephotoblog.blogspot.kr/2017/12/twice-photo-compilation-120-pic.html