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Found 292 results

  2. Heya! Hopefully I'm not the only one who watches kdrama here! So! If TWICE members are in a kdrama, what role do you think each girls will have? ALSO! What kdrama are you currently watching and what do you recommend? I'm currently watching Suspicious Partner, My Secret Romance and lots more
  3. You pick, discuss, debate, and/or battle which side is better. The Light Side Or The Dark Side Have fun!
  4. so you need badly to spazz about Tzuyu but you dont know where to go? or which thread to post in? or simply you need to share it withothers! Here is the plae your looking for!! *Let's Spazz Tzuyu Pics, Vids or even opinions here together!
  5. TWICE cause of death be like: Nayeon: stressing of what shade of red should she put on her lips Jeongyeon: kept on laughing at her own jokes Momo: choked on the bone of her jokbal Sana: being chased by her 'girlfriends' Mina: lost on her favorite video game Dahyun: cant stop winking Chaeyoung: tripped on her high heels Tzuyu: lost her appetite while looking at the mirror and lastly... Jihyo: cant handle to manage the 8 gays anymore lmao xD *this is not a death note and for comedic purposes only
  6. Momo 1m28s A huge increase in her parts for the main song but still her parts in the other songs remains the same standard 2 lines. Dahyun 1m12s Standard timing as part of the rapper line but then her vocal in Someone Like Me is bop. Tzuyu 53s She got 2m+ on the last album, now idk why she got less than 1 minute. b group next.
  7. twice

    Hey i came up with a Twice tag that has 10 questions for you to answer i thought this would be fun for you guys to do. Here are the questions Questions: 1. How did you Discover Twice? 2. Bias in Twice? 3. Your top 3 favorite Twice songs? 4. Show that has featured Twice (Not counting Reality Show) E.g. Weekly Idol, Happy Together, ... 5. Your Favourite Twice Album? 6. Favorite Moment/Memory with Twice 7. Your Favourite Twice Stage? 8. Your Favourite Twice outfit? 9. Are you a boy or girl Once? 10. Why do you love the Once fandom? my Example: Questions: 1. How did you Discover Twice? on the tv show sixteen 2. Bias in Twice? sana, momo, nayeon & Jihyo 3. Your top 3 favorite Twice songs? knock knock, Cheer Up & Signal 4. Show that has featured Twice (Not counting Reality Show) Weekly Idol when thy did sailor moon 5. Your Favourite Twice Album? TWICEcoaster : LANE 1 6. Favorite Moment/Memory with Twice when they won so many awards 7. Your Favourite Twice Stage? mama 2016 8. Your Favourite Twice outfit? TT outfits 9. Are you a boy or girl Once? boy 10. Why do you love the Once fandom? how friendly everyone is
  8. Let us spazz over our two adorable maknaes and their interactions!
  9. WELCOME TO THE JUNGTZU/JEONGTZU THREAD!~~~~~ I know Im not that only one that ship these two together. VISUALS IMPACT! Plus this!!! Nothing gayer than actually looking like a gay couple from an anime
  10. Let's vote our Twice for Best K-pop Girl Group in 2017
  11. What if, just for ONCE (pun intended) in your life, you can meet TWICE up close and personal and able to do just 1 thing / go somewhere with them, What will you choose to do? For me, I would.... Nayeon: DEFINITELY PINCH HER CHEEKS! Jeongyeon: Ask her to do her cutest Aegyo! Momo: Request her to sing a children song! Sana: Its tough as I wanna pinch her cheeks too, but, I would like to give her a peck on her cheeks. Jihyo: Sing a Trot Song!! Wooooooooooooooooooooo! Mina: Play an online game with her side by side and see her reactions! Dahyun: PARTY TIME! Chaeyoung: It's another tough choice on choosing whose cheeks to pinch! BUT, would love to see her in the Chick Onsie from Amigo TV! Tzuyu: Would definitely bring her to a Dog Cafe!
  12. It's been a month since I posted something like this so yay!! I'm back hehe. Hope you like this one 😍 Hirai Dahnayeon
  13. Let's compile the pictures of Tzuyu. The adorable Tzuyu. credits. Sw Once
  14. Tzuyu daily pics thread cr: dooooly
  15. On a Good day , on a bad Day How does Twice Make you feel?
  16. Okay , Which Tzuyu hair color you most like for me , it is green You are welcome to leave your comments here , thanks Note to all Onces : please do not set up similar topic like which Sana / Momo hair color you most like ... Thank you
  17. Hi Guys!! ChewyTzuyuChan here, it's been a long time since my last post Im not in my country right now, im on vacation and i dont have my computer with me where i create all my fanarts, but i did bring my laptop and try to do vector art and i think its pretty good! Hope you like it :D Yours Truly. ChewyTzuyuChan
  18. sana

    안녕하세요 Everyone ... I just wanted to know those who have multiple bias(es) from TWICE ... I have 3 Bias : Sana,Momo,Tzuyu Bias Wreckers? EVERYONE else WRECKS ME <3
  19. So, the title says it all. Please give a reason why you chose that particular anime character so everybody can understand your thinking, especially for those who have not yet watched that anime. You can fit more than 1 character to a Twice member if you like, because I deliberately made, "Characters", in the title plural, just in case there's more than one favorite anime that popped into your mind. You can also post up multiple character sets from each anime too. For example, matching anime characters from the entire Dragon Ball franchise in one post. Then posting up another with anime characters from the Gundam franchise. Since I've been watching anime since the 1980s and cannot decide on a single anime to best fit with Twice, I'll go first with a character set from the Macross anime. = Komilia Maria Fallyna Jenius Kaname Buccaneer Why Komilia Maria Fallyna Jenius = Nayeon fits as the eldest daughter in the family, even to how well the baby acted in the Macross series. Why Kaname Buccaneer = She can portray that veteran singer and carry that deep love for Messer Ihlefeld in the Macross Delta series. = Miracle Jenius Ishtar Reina Prowler Why Miracle Jenius = Jeongyeon fits as the 2nd eldest daughter in the family, and has matching artistic facial features in the family portrait in the Macross 7 series. Why Ishtar = She has an excellent likeness to the character and can definite show that innocence turned into something much more in the Macross II series. Why Reina Prowler = Again, aside from the similarities in appearance, she can carry that supportiveness as a team member quite well in the Macross Delta series. = Muse Jenius Misa Hayase Sheryl Nome/Sara Nome Why Muse Jenius = I still think both Momo and Sana look very much alike that is fitting to Muse and Therese Twins from the family portrait in the Macross 7 series. Why Misa Hayase = She can display that woman in uniform with that mature look and sense of integrity, just like the character from the Macross series. Why Sheryl Nome/Sara Nome = Playful, serious, with a dash of melancholy and doubt, yet strong and determined, a perfect match with the character from the Macross Frontier series. = Therese Jenius Myung Fang Lone Catherine Glass Why Therese Jenius = Please re-read "Why Muse Jenius" above. Why Myung Fang Lone = Sana can show that producer within and sing just as passionately as the character in the Macross Plus series. Why Catherine Glass = Like Momo, she too can shine just as brightly in uniform, and portray that strength and maturity just like the character from the Macross Frontier series. = Emilia Jenius Silvie Gena Mikumo Guynemer Why Emilia Jenius = Her love for music is strikingly similar to the character in the Macross 7 series. Why Silvie Gena = Jihyo can demonstrate her skills as an ace and struggle socially at the same time, just like the character in the Macross II series. Why Mikumo Guynemer = There is a directness in her persona which matches to the character in the Macross Delta series. = Miranda Jenius Canaria Berstein Makina Nakajima Why Miranda Jenius = Mina would look cute in pigtails just like the family portrait in the Macross 7 series. Why Canaria Berstein = She has an intelligent and centered disposition appearance which matches the character in the Macross Frontier series. Why Makina Nakajima = Bubbly and adorable fits with the character from the Macross Delta series. = Mylene Flare Jenius Lalamia Lelenia Freyja Wion Why Mylene Flare Jenius = Dahyun can rock the stage with her loving explosive personality mixed with that purity of youth, just like the character from the Macross 7 series. Why Lalamia Lelenia = Supportive and level-headed with a touch of being there for a friend, matches quite well with the character in the Macross Frontier series. Why Freyja Wion = Expressive in so many ways and wanting to help people fits nicely with this character from the Macross Delta series. = Moaramia Fallyna Jenius Ranka Lee/Mao Nome Why Moaramia Fallyna Jenius = Smart, strong, with virtues of being a good and noble person of the character from the Macross 7 series family portrait, fits very well with Chaeyoung. Why Ranka Lee/Mao Nome = Enthusiasm, so full of love and charity, with hints of care and humanity in the character from the Macross Frontier series, goes well with her here too. = Mirage Fallyna Jenius Lynn Minmay Klan Klang Why Mirage Fallyna Jenius = Tzuyu has that pride and skill set to be the best she can be, which is exactly the sort of character is from in the Macross Delta series. Why Lynn Minmay = Tzuyu looks the best in traditional Chinese clothing, no question about that, and can easily show that spoiled side for the kid that has everything, so very similar to the iconic character from the Macross series. Why Klan Klang = Brazen with foreshadowing bravado and cuteness, Tzuyu got this covered with ease for the character in the Macross Frontier series. Have fun Onces.
  20. *WARNING* REALLY LONG ARTICLE JUST BECAUSE I WANT TO SHARE MY WHOLE EXPERIENCE AND NOT MANY DETAILS REGARDING THE ACTUAL CONCERT Hei everyone, Like a lot of ONCEs that attended Twiceland yesterday, I am having the post concert depression. I've woke up at 12 noon and spent 4 hours on my bed scrolling through Twitter trying to relive the moment. So now I just felt like sharing with you all my experience at TWICELAND, what I hate and what I love. This article might be boring to a lot of you as there are barely any photos because I prefer to enjoy the show with my eyes and not worry about taking that perfect video. You can find a lot of pictures and videos from last night on social media :) -Before the concert- On the day itself, I arrived at the venue a little late because I had a submission at school and couldn't leave before 2 pm. When I arrived at the train station at about 240pm ish immediately I saw people selling Twiceland merchandise at the exit with some having a ridiculous markup price. I ignored them and made my way down to the official merchandise counter and found out that all of the merch except Candy Bong was sold out in a time span of like 2 hours because a lot of people are buying in bulk to resell them. I've already gotten some of the merch I wanted from pre-ordering but kind of bummed out that the other merch that I couldn't pre-order was gone. Like any other ONCEs that have Twitter on, I walked around the venue looking for fan-made freebies and spent some money buying Dahyun merch. Below pic includes the things that I've gotten from the event although it was not much because the crowd would surround the people who were giving away stuff and security have to be called in. People were running up and down the venue just to collect all the fan made merch. I did not try to do that because people were pushing each other and there was no order. I didn't want to try to get the freebies unless I was really close to the person handing it out, it was too hectic. -GOING INTO THE VENUE- When 3.30pm hits I went up to the entrance to joined the queue but I was not surprised that there was no queue but hundreds of people cramped together like flamingos trying to squeeze their way into the entrance. I just joined a line that was the longest and slowly creep my way in. After making my way past the ticketing machine the securities were there to check our bags to make sure that we did not bring any prohibited items such as cameras in while some who did will have to surrender it to a counter for safe keeping. After getting past that stage the security ushered us VIP ticket holders to redemption to collect our exclusive gift which is a passport holder and luggage tag. The people at the counter was quite rude as they were trying to rush us but there were too many people moving in one direction and not enough space to skip them due to the rope barrier being too close. Nothing much after that then to just go to the gate and wait for it to be open which was not that long of the wait and after like 10 minutes of talking to random strangers we start making out way to our seats I would consider my seat to be at an okay distance but honestly, it does not deserve to be called 'VIP' seating at all(But I did win the group photo chance so I'm happy I guess) Before the concert, people were passing out banners and told us to raise it after the fan-made video that will be shown after the concert. I sat there talking to the guy who is sitting beside me and found out we both have a lot in common. CONCERT TIMEEEE Now to the part where I was pissed about, the concert was amazing don't get me wrong but the staff ruined the experience for me. The staff was walking up and down warning people not to take video or photograph during the performance which I understand as it is the policy and they were doing their job but some of them are utterly rude. When the concert finally started the little boy in me that I never knew existed screamed like crazy as Twice was slowly revealed but then to my horror the staff walked down the aisle and blocked my view so I had to move half of my body sideways out towards the aisle just to get a proper look while trying to scream at the guard to move away. During the concert people who were taking videos had flashlights shines into their faces by the so that they would stop and the guard would stand in front of them which ruined the amazing experience for quite a few people. Yes, I understand that you should not take videos or photographs during the actual performance and the security was just trying to do their jobs but by shining flashlights into people faces and trying to move into the seats just to warn the people they are constantly blocking a lot of people's view and it was quite distracting having them walking past me non-stop. What's worse was that a couple of them actually pulled people out of their seats out of the theater to lecture them for 5 minutes before letting them in but imagine what you can miss that in 5 minutes span. When TWICE was giving their ending speech and was shown the fan made video I teared up a little bit because we all know their struggle to get to the point they are standing at today from SIXTEEN to winning their first award and to be able to perform overseas..... and it happened again......a guard stopped in front of my view and I cussed at the guy to move away. That moment I had a mixed feeling of proud for TWICE with the feeling of sadness due to the concert ending and the anger for the staff members who were there just to ruin experience was unexplainable. AFTER THE CONCERT Yep, like any other ONCEs, I walked out of the theater feeling empty inside and made my way to the parking exit where I would try my luck to see them one more time(which I failed because I was standing too far away and the whole thing ended really fast). As I was on my way home I wonder. Why is it that the venue of the concert couldn't be better like so that TWICE can interact more with fans instead of just those who are sitting front row. Why is it that the distribution of ticket class is so unfair. Why are so many things so messed up but I was still able to enjoy the concert. TWICE made the concert enjoyable, the company that hosted the show made the experience less enjoyable. What I do know is that I will never be able to recall everything that happened last night but I do know is that I will continue to support TWICE for as long possible. Thank you Twice for making it such an amazing experience credit:KAvenyou
Team Twice is an international fanbase for JYPE's new girl group TWICE/트와이스: Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Sana, Momo, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung & Tzuyu. Established on April 26, 2015 Team Twice strives to provide a great fan experience through providing news, translations, photo archives, forums & much more. Follow us on Twitter and be sure to visit our homepage.

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