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[RULES] Minatozaki Sana (사나, 湊崎 紗夏)

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|| Rules ||


☞ General Forum Rules (here) must be followed

☞ Please tag post titles appropriately:
[SANAIST] for discussion thread or compilation pictures with a specific topic
[CAP] for screencaptures from any broadcasts or mv's
[GIF] for gif moving images
[VID] for Videos
[OTHER] for anything else

Tags must be in all caps
if multiple tags are necessary, list in alphabetical order: [MINAIST/GIF/POLL]
when using the date in a title, type it as yy.mm.dd (e.g. 170613)
social media updates for Photos and Audio & Video topics must include the date
such topics must also include the platform the content was sourced from (e.g. [TWT])

☞ Keep topics relevant to Sana
No posting topics about other members, places, articles, etc

☞ Do not repost images or media that have been shared recently in the Spazz Thread
Please check previous posts in the last 3 pages to avoid having unnecessary duplicates as they only serve to lag the page.

Edited by Mina'sPenguins

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