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[NAYEONIST] Nayeon's birthday reading, personality traits, musings ...

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The following writings are taken from the book, "The Secret Language of Birthdays" by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers (information available online as well). Readers are encourage to proceed with a light heart and open mind for enjoyment.  Similar writings for Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung and Tzuyu shall be available in their respective threads, (and an addition for JYP himself).  A brief summary of all readings (including additional selected Korean celebrities) are found on this post link. Thank you.


:ny-cute:Nayeon (September 22nd, Virgo, The Fool)

Element/Quality: Earth/ Mutable

Ruler/Symbol: Mercury/ The Virgin

Mode/Motto: Sensation, Thought/ "I Serve"

Image/Season: Beauty (Virgo-Libra cusp)/ Late-Summer/ Early Fall (Equinox)

Virgo Stones & Uses:
Amethyst (grants freedom from everyday concerns)
Carnelian (alleviates worry, stomachaches and bad dreams)
Pyrite (strengthens self-confidence and vitality)

Virgo Colours: Silver, Indigo, Dark Violet

Virgo Body Areas: Abdomen, Small and Large intestines, Pancreas, Spleen, Metabolic system

Virgo Keys: C major, (Db) D flat major

Virgo Plants: Wintergreen, Sage, Privet

(Virgo-Libra cusp/ Fall Equinox) Trees & Vines: September 19 - September 24 (White Poplar, Aspen)

Virgo Attractions: To Gemini, Pisces, Taurus

:ny-tough:(September 22nd) The Day of Restless Drive

Strengths: Individual, Perceptive, Well-Directed
Weaknesses: Acerbic, Dark, Guarded

Those born on September 22 have a restless drive to begin all sorts of new projects. Usually they bring the one they are working on to completion but immediately set of on a new one without rest. They are also capable of handling several projects at the same time. Those born on this day have a low boredom threshold, and consequently demand challenging people and situations. They can be outgoing and dynamic types at one time, and solitary and unapproachable at another. In either case, their strong character is unmistakable.

Often September 22 people oscillate between an offensive and defensive posture. In one sense, such postures may be one and the same since a good offense is the best defense and vice-versa. Whether in a broad social context or on a personal level, the issues and ideas those born on this day are most often concerned with involve fairness and equality -- in general, matters pertaining to the delegation and exercise of power. In putting forth their arguments, they can be very ironic, witty and outright funny. Their humour, however, is not for everyone as it is liable to be off-beat, sardonic, perhaps even macabre.

September 22 people can display a disturbing lack of stability. Although they may be involved in quite respectable professions, one often gets the idea that the profession itself, or whatever they do in general, lends the consistency their lives so desperately need. Those born on this day can be at risk when their restless nature brings them into conflict with the powers that be. September 22 people think for themselves and will not tolerate others, particularly those of less intelligence, trying to tell them what to do. Thus, they must be careful not to arouse enemies and antagonise their colleagues.

Those born on September 22 can hide a warm heart under a forbidding exterior, but generally will only open up to people whom they deeply trust and value. Even then they may find it difficult to open all the way, however, principally because their orientation is highly realistic and the ironies of life all too visible to them. This day, indeed, carries insight and clarity of vision both literal and figurative. September 22 people are excellent judges of character, and capable of sizing people up very quickly. Those few friends whom they allow into their inner sanctum they value most highly, usually for life. It is quite possible that one or even both parents, in exceptional cases, will fall into this category.

September 22 people can often have a greater effect on those around them than they realise, and indeed can register a high degree of shock value. Because of their often disturbing impact, they should seek to be more aware of their effect on others, both friends and foes alike. True warriors in the battle of life, they must take stock of their armaments and defenses, using them judiciously and effectively, and avoid isolating and alienating themselves from the daily world of human values.

:ny-fish:Numbers and Planets:
Those born on the 22nd of the month are ruled by the number 4 (2+2=4), and by the planet Uranus, which is both erratic and explosive. The number 4 typically represents rebellion, idiosyncratic beliefs and a desire to change the rules. Because those governed by the number 4 so often take the opposing point of view and are remarkably self-assured, they sometimes arouse antagonism and make enemies, often secret ones. The explosive, restless qualities mentioned above may only be heightened in September 22 people since, as Virgos, they come under the influence of the dynamic and speedy planet, Mercury.

The 22nd card of the Major Arcana is The Fool, who in several versions of the Tarot is shown blithely stepping over the edge of a cliff. Some interpretations picture him as a foolish man who has given up his reason, others a highly spiritualised being free of material considerations. Positive meanings include renouncing resistance and following instincts freely; foolish acts, impulsiveness and annihilation are the negative aspects. The highly evolved Fool has followed life's path, experienced its lessons and become one with his/her own vision.

Those born on September 22 must beware of the depressive effects of isolation. Also they should avoid attracting the animosity of others, whether in the form of bad vibes or physical violence. Because of their restless nature, they may be accident-prone and inflict all kinds of minor hurts unwittingly on themselves and others. Paradoxically they may also display a talent for healing. Since their taste in food tends to the exotic, they must be attentive to the effects of spicy, unusual or rich foods on their body. If they can eat from a balance menu it will help control restless and possibly destructive impulses. Only mild to moderate exercise is recommended for those born on this day.

Don't despise those who are more open and gullible than yourself. Get in touch with your own innocent nature. Try not to box yourself into one kind of outlook. Give yourself time to dream and to recharge.

"Buddha just sat under a tree and let the whole world come to him"



Musings and themes to Nayeon. [Please listen and enjoy] ->>>>

Japanese music


"Hand in Hand" by Do As Infinity (vocals: Tomiko Van & Ryo Owatari)
 (in kanji/romaji/english)

思えば 道に迷い (Omoeba michi ni mayoi) (Now that I think about it,)
途方に暮れてたあの頃 (Tohou ni kureteta ano koro) (When I was lost and didn't know what to do,)
目の前の手のひら (Me no mae no tenohira) (I gripped a hand)
握りしめていたんだ (Nigirishimete itanda) (In front of me.)

いつしか出會いが出會いを呼び (Itsushika deai ga deai o yobi) (Before I knew it, one encounter led to another,)
戶惑いに搖り起こされて (Tomadoi ni yuri okosarete) (Which shook me out of my confusion.)
不器用なぼくの (Bukiyou na boku no) (I was clumsy, and the hands of my clock had stopped,)
止まってた時計が動き出した (Tomatteta tokei ga ugokidashita) (But this started them moving again.)

しあわせの鍵はいつも (Shiawase no kagi wa itsumo) (The key to happiness)
この心に隱されてる (Kono kokoro ni kakusareteru) (Is always hidden in your heart,)
でも自分で見つけるのって (Demo jibun de mitsukeru notte) (But finding it on your own)
言うよりずっと難しくて (Yuu yori zutto muzukashikute) (Is much easier said than done.)
だからもうしばらく (Dakara moushi baraku) (So stay by my side)
そばに… (Soba ni...) (A little longer...)

たとえば 轉んだとき (Tatoeba koronda toki) (For example, even when I fell)
ひざ小僧を擦りむいても (Hizakozou o surimuitemo) (And skinned my knee,)
なんにも言わないで (Nannimo iwanaide) (You kept waiting for me)
待ち續けてくれた (Machi tsudzukete kureta) (Without saying a word.)

手を貸すことはたやすいけれど (Te o kasu koto wa tayasui keredo) (It's easy to lend a hand,)
今のあなたには要らない (Ima no anata ni wa iranai) (But you don't need that now.)
優しさは決して (Yasashisa wa keshite) (Spoiling people)
ただ甘やかすことだけじゃないよ (Tada ama yakasu koto dake janai yo) (Isn't the only type of kindness.)

しあわせになりたいなら (Shiawase ni naritai nara) ("If you want to be happy)
その脆さに負けないでと (Sono morosa ni makenaide to) (Then don't let your fragility win" --)
聽こえるんだ 伝えてるんだ (Kikoerunda tsutaeterunda) (I can hear it, the words have reached me.)
くちびる嚙んで立ち上がれと (Kuchibiru kande tachiagare to) ("Grit your teeth and get back up" --)
それに應えたくて (Sore ni kotaetakute) (I want to respond to that,)
ずっと… (Zutto...) (Always...)

未來の地圖を持って (Mirai no chizu o motte) (Hold a map of the future,)
最短距離を目指せ (Saitan kyori o mezase) (And look for the shortest way.)
きっとゆける (Kitto yukeru) (You'll get there,)
誰が邪魔をしようと (Dare ga jama o shiyou to) (No matter who gets in your way.)
壁に阻まれようと (Kabe ni habamareyou to) (Even if there's a wall blocking you,)
今 進むんだ (Ima susumunda) (Go now.)

しあわせをつかみ取るんだ (Shiawase o tsukamitorunda) (I'll grab happiness;)
なによりそれが ありがとう (Nani yori sore ga arigatou) (That's the thing I'm most grateful for.)

しあわせを探す手には (Shiawase o sagasute ni wa) (The hands that search for happiness)
いつもそこに絆がある (Itsumo soko ni kizuna ga aru) (Will always be linked.)
たとえ目に見えなくたって (Tatoe me ni mienakutatte) (Even if you can't see it,)
心の手が放さないよ (Kokoro no te ga hanasanai yo) (That hand in your heart won't let go.)
獨り立ちしたって (Hitoridachi shitatte) (Even if you're standing alone,)
たとえ離れたって (Tatoe hanaretatte) (Even if we're apart,)
ずっと… (Zutto...) (Always...)



"楓"/"Kaede"/ "Maple Tree" by Spitz (vocals: Masamune Kusano)
 (in kanji/romaji/english)

忘れはしないよ 時が流れても (Wasure wa shinai yo toki ga nagarete mo)(I won't forget even if time goes by)
いたずらなやりとりや (Itazura na yaritori ya)(Our mischievous conversations)
心のトゲさえも 君が笑えばもう (Kokoro no TOGE sae mo kimi ga waraeba mou)(Or the way you could tame the thorn in my heart)
小さく丸くなっていたこと (Chiisaku maruku natte ita koto)(Just by smiling)

かわるがわるのぞいた穴から (Kawaru gawaru nozoita ana kara)(I wonder what you were looking at)
何を見てたかなぁ?(Nani wo miteta kanaa?)(When we took turns peeking through the hole?)
一人きりじゃ叶えられない (Hitori kiri jya kanaerarenai)(Even though we had dreams)
夢もあったけれど (Yume mo atta keredo)(That we couldn't fulfill on our own)

さよなら 君の声を 抱いて歩いていく (Sayonara kimi no koe wo daite aruite yuku)(Goodbye, I'll hold on to your voice and walk on)
ああ 僕のままで どこまで届くだろう (Aa boku no mama de dokomade todoku darou)(Ah, I wonder how far I can go by just being myself)

探していたのさ 君と会う日まで (Sagashite ita no sa kimi to au hi made)(I was looking for something till the day I met you)
今じゃ懐かしい言葉 (Ima jya natsukashi kotoba)(A word that's rather nostalgic now)
ガラスの向こうには 水玉の雲が (GARASU no mukou ni wa mizutama no kumo ga)(On the other side of the glass, polka-dotted clouds)
散らかっていた あの日まで (Chirakatte ita ano hi made)(Were scattered about until that day)

風が吹いて飛ばされそうな (Kaze ga fuite tobasaresou na)(With a soul so light)
軽いタマシイで (Karui TAMASHII de)(That it might be blown away by the wind)
他人と同じような幸せを (Hito to onaji you na shiawase wo)(I believed that I could have)
信じていたのに (Shinjite ita no ni)(The same kind of happiness as everyone else)

これから 傷ついたり 誰か 傷つけても (Korekara kizutsuitari dareka kizutsukete mo)(Even though I'll go on hurting, and wounding others,)
ああ 僕のままで どこまで届くだろう (Aa boku no mama de doko made todoku darou)(Ah, I wonder how far I can go by just being myself)

瞬きするほど長い季節が来て (Mabataki suru hodo nagai kisetsu ga kite)(The season that's so long you have to blink comes)
呼び合う名前がこだまし始める (Yobi au namae ga kodama shi hajimeru)(And the names we called each other start to echo)
聞こえる?(Kikoeru?)(Can you hear?)

さよなら 君の声を 抱いて歩いていく (Sayonara kimi no koe wo daite aruite yuku)(Goodbye, I'll hold on to your voice and walk on)
ああ 僕のままで どこまで届くだろう (Aa boku no mama de dokomade todoku darou)(Ah, I wonder how far I can go by just being myself)

さよなら 君の声を 抱いて歩いていく (Sayonara kimi no koe wo daite aruite yuku)(Goodbye, I'll hold on to your voice and walk on)
ああ 僕のままで どこまで届くだろう (Aa boku no mama de dokomade todoku darou)(Ah, I wonder how far I can go by just being myself)

ああ 君の声を・・・ (Aa kimi no koe wo...)(Ah, your voice...)


Bonus music to Nayeon: "Parallel Hearts" by FictionFunction (with Yuki Kajiura)


English music


"Somewhere Only We Know" by Lily Allen (originally by Keane)

I walked across an empty land
I knew the pathway like the back of my hand
I felt the earth beneath my feet
Sat by the river and it made me complete

Oh simple thing, where have you gone?
I'm getting tired and I need someone to rely on

I came across a fallen tree
I felt the branches of it looking at me
Is this the place we used to love?
Is this the place that I've been dreaming of?

Oh simple thing, where have you gone?
I'm getting old and I need something to rely on

And if you have a minute why don't we go
Talk about it somewhere only we know?
This could be the end of everything,
So why don't we go
Somewhere only we know?
Somewhere only we know?

Oh simple thing, where have you gone?
I'm getting old and I need someone to rely on
So tell me when you're gonna let me in
I'm getting tired and I need somewhere to begin

And if you have a minute why don't we go
Talk about it somewhere only we know?
'Cause this could be the end of everything,
So why don't we go
Somewhere only we know?
Somewhere only we know?


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(Personal Opinion) Looking into the crystal ball of what is to come ...

330px-Im_Na-yeon_at_Twiceland_Encore_Con Nayeon ~ Seo Hyunjin Seo_Hyun-Jin_-_1985-p1.jpg

Seo Hyunjin

- Actress, Singer
- 8 years with SM Entertainment (main vocalist of M.I.L.K.), 7 years with Jump Entertainment (actress)
- best friend with Ku Hyesun
- acted in TV dramas: Hwang Jini(2006), The Duo(2011), Feast of the Gods(2012), Here Comes Mr.Oh(2012), Goddess of Fire(2012), Another Oh Haeyoung(2016), Romantic Docter, Teacher Kim(2017) etc
- performed in musical: The Sound of Music(2006, as Liesl von Trapp), Goong: The Musical(2010, as Min Hyorin), Cinderella(2015, as Cinderella) etc

more musings:






Edited by sacheol-21stC

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For Nayeon - (Rumba)
Step by step, hand in hand, TWICE and ONCE walking on the flowery path.
Every street, every road, every place we covered shall be written in the Chronicles of TWICE&ONCE.

~ sacheol21stC (2018 June 12th)































































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      Exclusive: TWICE Performs Special Cover Stages, Gives Cute Fan Service, And More At “TWICELAND ZONE 2: Fantasy Park”

      TWICE made a long-awaited return to Singapore for their second tour “TWICELAND ZONE 2: Fantasy Park” this past weekend! This is their first Southeast Asia stop after opening the tour in Seoul last month, and they marked their return to Singapore after a year by having the concert at a venue twice the size of their previous one.  During the magical evening, TWICE took Singapore ONCEs on a journey through their fantasy park with dazzling performances of hits like “Like Ooh-Ahh” and “Cheer Up,” as well as beautiful stage sets and outfits during fan-favorite songs like “You in My Heart” and “Turtle.”

      The nine-member girl group captured the fans’ hearts in the three-hour concert and we have compiled some of our favorite moments from the concert:
      Special cover stages
      On top of performing remixes for their hit songs, TWICE also prepared special solo and unit stages with covers of popular songs, like Winner’s “Really Really” and BoA’s “Valenti,” which allowed fans to see a side of TWICE that are not normally shown during their promotions. Check out some of the covers below:
      Dahyun – “Dahyunism” (Original: Rain’s “Rainism”)
      Jihyo, Tzuyu & Momo – “End of Time” (Original: Beyonce’s “End of Time”)
      Nayeon & Jeongyeon – “My Ear’s Candy” (Original: Baek Ji Young ft. Taecyeon’s “My Ear’s Candy”)
      Fan event
      Singapore ONCEs also had prepared something special for the girls, when they surprised TWICE with a heartwarming video they had created for the group. The video started off with a mention of the amount of time that TWICE had been away from Singapore and how Singapore ONCEs had been missing them during this time, but were still supporting them from afar. The fans then held up banners saying “We’ll be waiting until TWICE returns” after the video ended.
      The members were moved to tears from the video and promised to continuously keep their fans updated by sharing more on their social media accounts.
      Fan service
      TWICE also returned the love with many fan services of their own, from aegyo to cover dances and they also did their best to communicate with fans despite the language barrier, Tzuyu even did her thank you speech in Chinese.
      TWICE ended the concert with an acoustic version of “What is Love?” and promised their Singapore fans to be back again really soon! Meanwhile, TWICE will be making a summer comeback on July 9, their first Korean comeback since “What is Love?” in April.
      Special thanks to Rock Media for inviting us to the event!
      Photo Credits: ONE Production
      CR: soompi
      Previously reported on CLEO Singapore
    • By sacheol-21stC
      TWICE Shares Thoughts On Their Recent Achievements, Travel Must-Haves, And Recommends Songs For Learning Korean

      Following their first sold out concert in Singapore last year, TWICE is back for their “TWICELAND Zone 2: Fantasy Park” tour! We were at the press conference to meet the girls and find out their thoughts on their upcoming gig. Here are some of the highlights:
      How does it feel like to return to Singapore and perform at a venue that is twice as large as last year’s?
      Nayeon: I’m grateful to be back in Singapore within one year, and am really looking forward to the concert.
      Jihyo: I’m thankful to see double the fans that we used to have, and I’m really looking forward to meeting you all.
      How will your second concert here be different from your first concert last year?
      Chaeyoung: There will be plenty more songs and unit performances that fans can look forward to!
      During your concert, which song do you enjoy performing the most?
      Tzuyu: I like performing “Only 너,” since it’s a song where many ONCEs sing along with us.
      Dahyun: My favorite moment is when the stage opens; I get goosebumps as soon as I hear cheers from fans, and I really look forward to meeting them!

      If you could design a fantasy park, what facilities would you like to have in it?
      Sana: Personally, I really like roller coasters, and if any ONCEs want to join in on the roller coaster as well, we can enjoy it together!
      TWICE recently became the first female foreign artist to have a single album certified double platinum in Japan. How do you feel about this remarkable achievement?
      Jihyo: When we first debuted in Korea, our song “TT” became a hit. I think it’s really cool that fans in Japan also really liked that song, which brought us there and I’m thankful to be given the opportunity to be awarded.
      Can you share an anecdote of something exciting or funny that occurred behind the scenes while filming your music videos?
      Tzuyu: We really like to play this game called “Mafia,” and we always play it while waiting to film our MVs. I really like it!
      Jeongyeon: When filming our music video “What Is Love,” we actually had to dress up as males, which was very memorable for me.
      Where would you like to visit, or what would you like to try on this trip?
      Momo: When I visit Singapore, I usually order Chilli Crab or Black Pepper Crab (famous local dishes). I got the chance to try it yesterday, so I was really happy.
      Sana: I really like the Mantou (fried bun) that comes together with the Chilli Crab, and I want to have it again before we leave Singapore.
      What is one item that you have to carry with you for your overseas schedules, and why?
      Jihyo: My camera! I really like photography, so I bought a new camera last year, and enjoy filling up my photo albums with pictures of other people and myself.
      Jeongyeon: My headphones, as I like listening to music. Whenever I’m on the plane, my ears hurt, but with my headphones they don’t hurt as much.
      Dahyun: Since we travel a lot, I always ensure that I bring my skincare products, in order to keep my skin healthy after wearing makeup for a long period of time.
      Momo: I like to have plenty of snacks to eat during our flight!
      Chaeyoung: I like brushing my hair, so I always have a comb with me.
      Tzuyu: Bath bombs! I like taking baths in our hotel whenever we travel, so this is an essential.
      Mina: My tablet, so I can watch movies.
      Nayeon: My eye mask, since I can’t fall asleep unless it’s totally dark.
      What is your favourite TWICE song, and why?
      Momo: I like “TT.” A lot of people got to know us through that song, and the dance moves are easy enough for people to follow as well.
      Dahyun: I like all our songs, but if I had to choose, it would be “Like Ooh-Ahh.” This is our debut song, so it’s special to me.
      Which TWICE song would you recommend to help people learn Korean?
      Tzuyu: “You In My Heart.” I think that the lyrics are really well-written, and it’s a lovely song. I would like it if people can learn and know what the lyrics mean.
      Jihyo: “What Is Love,” as the lyrics have simple words that can be used in everyday life, plus, the song is quite catchy.
      Fans can expect special stage set-ups with spectacular visuals at the “TWICELAND Zone 2: Fantasy Park.” Special thanks to ONE Production for inviting us to the press conference!
      CR: soompi
      Previously reported on CLEO Singapore and The Straits Times (Singapore)
    • By sacheol-21stC
      All The Highlights From TWICE’s 2018 Concert In Singapore
      TWICE has shaken all of our hearts.
      Author: Hidayah Idris (18 Jun 2018)
      Since their debut, Korean girl group TWICE has been nabbing the top spots on the charts from their first song “Cheer Up” to their latest release “What Is Love”. Their success is illustrated not only through chart rankings, but also their concert tours.
      The group returned to Singapore last weekend for their highly-anticipated second tour, TWICE 2ND TOUR ‘TWICELAND ZONE 2: Fantasy Park at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. With Singapore being the first stop of their tour after Seoul, Singaporean ONCEs had the honour of being the first to watch them perform their newest hits outside Korea.
      [Please visit CLEO Singapore website to read up the original article and other entertainment news!]
      Missed the concert? Or experiencing post-concert withdrawals? Here are all the highlights from TWICE’s concert in Singapore.
      CR: CLEO Singapore
    • By sacheol-21stC
      Everything You Missed At TWICE’s Press Conference In Singapore
      Find out what their travel essentials are!
      Author: Cheryl LYS (16 Jun 2018)

      JYP Entertainment’s multinational girl group TWICE has unquestionably succeeded on all fronts: they perform crazily addictive chart-toppers, boast adorable charms and have stunning visuals.
      And they’re encapsulating all of those winning factors into their second tour, TWICELAND ZONE 2: Fantasy Park. After a three-day show in Seoul, the nonet( group of nine people, esp. musicians) is taking their tour overseas, choosing Singapore as their first overseas stop.
      We caught up with the nonet at their press conference ahead of their concert at Singapore Indoor Stadium tomorrow, during which they revealed their favourite TWICE songs and travel essentials.
      [Please visit CLEO Singapore website to read up the original article and other entertainment news!]
      CR: CLEO Singapore