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AJ Son-Minatozaki

Fool's Gold (SaMo x NaMo)

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Hello, everyone! :sn-hi:  It's me again with another video and cover. :jy-jks:

So, this one is inspired by @StormyMomo/Stormageddon101's SaMoxNaMo fanfic, titled "Fool's Gold"
Here is the link: http://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1240705/fool-s-gold-twice-samo-namo
It's a beautiful story so I made a cover of 1D's "Fool's Gold" and created the FMV to accompany it in tribute of this awesome fic.

Please do like/dislike, comment and tell me what you think. :cy-heart: THANK YOU! :cy-cutie:

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I'm starting shiping those OTPs. Thank you for this. :mn-praise:

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      The following writings are taken from the book, "The Secret Language of Birthdays" by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers (information available online as well). Readers are encourage to proceed with a light heart and open mind for enjoyment.  Similar writings for Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung and Tzuyu shall be available in their respective threads, (and an addition for JYP himself). A brief summary of all readings (including additional selected Korean celebrities) are found on this post link. Thank you.
      Sana (December 29th, Capricorn, The Priestess)
      Element/Quality: Earth/ Cardinal
      Ruler/Symbol: Saturn/ The Goat
      Mode/Motto: Sensation/ "I Master"
      Image/Season: Ruler (Capricorn I)/ Early Winter
      Capricorn Stones & Uses:
      Diamond (raises self-confidence, enhances ambition)
      Falcon's Eye (augments visionary power, sparks intuition)
      White Sapphire (combines discipline with friendliness)
      Capricorn Colours: All shades of Brown, Orange
      Capricorn Body Areas: Teeth, Skeletal system, Knees
      Capricorn Keys: C minor, B major
      Capricorn Plants: Hemlock, Black poppy, Burdock root
      (Capricorn I) Trees: December 23 - January 20 (Birch)
      Capricorn Attractions: To Taurus, Scorpio, Leo

      (December 29th) The Day of Preeminence
      Strengths: Interesting, Communicative, Commanding
      Weaknesses: Self-Unaware, Careless, Undiplomatic
      Those born on December 29 are often destined to play a leading role in the life around them. Although they may not desire to be a boss, somehow they are chosen by fate to occupy positions of responsibility. Those born on this day who are suited for leadership roles can function in an executive post year after year in a steady fashion. Those who are not may one day find the apple cart upset and themselves unceremoniously toppled.
      Again, it should be emphasized that December 29 people are not in general overly ambitious, but have a knack for being in the right place at the right time. The question which only they can answer is whether they wish to accept the opportunities offered them. In order to make such choices they will have to devote time to understanding themselves better and making a realistic assessment of their true talents and abilities.
      Some born on this day may find themselves more comfortable playing a supporting role in life, yet close to a source of power. Such December 29 people have an ability to fit into work and social activities and do the politically correct thing. It is crucial that they cultivate tact and diplomacy, however, for such qualities do not come naturally to many born on this day. Furthermore, December 29 people must beware of attracting the suspicion of others concerning supposed misdeeds which they in fact have never committed. Their vulnerability in this area may derive from their own oversight or even arrogance. Those born on this day must be sure of their motives before acting, and not allow expediency to direct their course.
      December 29 people have a low-key sense of humour which is not always noticed or appreciated. They may give the impression of being overly serious, but in fact are at heart ironic. When those born on this day choose to exercise their talent for communication, they can hold audiences spellbound, whether it be family, friends or a wider group of listeners. Perhaps it is their physical presence or the sonority of their voice that keeps attention riveted on them. Many born on this day have a subdued but potent aggressiveness which makes others take notice out of a mixture of fear and fascination.
      The greatest challenge for December 29 people is quite simply to live up to their position of preeminence in their family, social circle or field of endeavour. They must, however, avoid locking themselves into a fixed notion of how they may function in such a role, and never exclude the possibility that they may one day wish to relinquish their responsibility (hopefully free of rancor or guilt).
      Numbers and Planets:
      Those born on the 29th of the month are rule by the number 2 (2+9=11, 1+1=2), and by the Moon. Those ruled by the number 2 often make good co-workers and partners, rather than leaders, so December 29 people may experience a measure of stress when occupying positions of authority. Though the Moon's influence strengthens their sense of cooperation and team play, it may also act as a brake on individual initiative and action. The secondary number 11 (2+9=11) lends a feeling for physical plane as well as a possible interest in double occurrences and replicate phenomena. A strong connection between the Moon and Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) can indicate profundity, but also bluntness and sometimes self-pity.
      The 2nd card of the Major Arcana is The Priestess, shown seated on her throne, calm and impenetrable. She is a spiritual woman who reveals hidden forces and secrets, empowering those of us who heed her with that knowledge. Favourable qualities of this card are silence, intuition, reserve and discretion; negative traits are secretiveness, mistrust and inertia.
      Those born on December 29 may be prone to nursing private resentments or internalised failures. Consequently they must beware of turning to alcohol or any other highly addictive drugs for solace. Those born on this day may be prone to debilitating, chronic ailments affecting their internal organs and circulatory or skeletal systems. At the first indication of such difficulties they should seek treatment with a trusted and competent physician, homeopath, chiropractor or physiotherapist. As far as diet is concerned, December 29 people should in general use food to make them feel good and stimulate their will to win. Learning to cook a wide variety of tasty dishes can do wonders for their sense of well-being. Where exercise is concerned, vigorous athletic workouts once or twice a week are strongly recommended.
      Have the courage to lead but also to compromise and admit your mistakes. Just walk away and begin over when necessary. Fulfill the opportunities you have been given by living up to your potential.
      "The leader is usually the one out front"
      Musings and themes to Sana. [Please listen and enjoy] ->>>>
      Japanese music
      English music
    • By sacheol-21stC
      The following writings are taken from the book, "The Secret Language of Birthdays" by Gary Goldschneider and Joost Elffers (information available online as well). Readers are encourage to proceed with a light heart and open mind for enjoyment.  Similar writings for Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung and Tzuyu shall be available in their respective threads, (and an addition for JYP himself). A brief summary of all readings (including additional selected Korean celebrities) are found on this post link. Thank you.
      Momo (November 9th, Scorpio, The Hermit)
      Element/Quality: Water/ Fixed
      Ruler/Symbol: Pluto (co-ruler: Mars)/ The Scorpion
      Mode/Motto: Feeling/ "I Control"
      Image/Season: Depth (Scorpio II)/ Mid-Fall
      Scorpio Stones & Uses:
      Ruby (supports inner faith and courage needed to face the world)
      Garnet (balances sexual drives)
      Carnelian (keeps one's feet on the ground)
      Black Pearl (grants calm and solace in troubled times)
      Scorpio Colours: Black, Blood Red, Charcoal Gray
      Scorpio Body Areas: Nose, Genitals, Blood, Urethra, Bladder
      Scorpio Keys: D minor, (C#) C sharp minor
      Scorpio Plants: Root vegetables, Black poppy, Hemlock
      (Scorpio II) Grasses & Vines: October 28 - November 21 (Reed)
      Scorpio Attractions: To Capricorn, Leo, Pisces

      (November 9th) The Day of Earthly Temptation
      Strengths: Physical, Insistent, Open
      Weaknesses: Impulsive, Troubled, Materially Stuck
      Those born on November 9 face a tremendous temptation to give themselves completely to the here and now, to earthly pleasures of all types, and to submerge themselves in an unremitting search for experiential highs. They are often completely caught up in the excitement of what they are doing at the moment, and thus not fully aware of dark forces that may operating behind their drives. For those born on this day to look themselves squarely in the eye is a tremendous and potentially rewarding challenge, as is learning how to direct their prodigious talents and energies  in a constructive and productive way.
      Temptation itself figures as a major theme in the lives of November 9 people and along with it corresponding moral dilemmas involving upbringing  vs. adult experience, societal vs. personal morality, etc. Usually the ethical instincts of those born on this day are well developed, so when they sin, they are fully aware of what they are doing. Nevertheless, some born on this day may reach a point where they are only able to find satisfaction, whether mental or physical, when engaged in dangerous, shadowy or outright illicit activities.
      A very positive theme central to the lives of these complex people is the joy of discovery. Often they emerge from their intense experiences having made important realisations about themselves and life itself. Those November 9 people who grow more philosophical with age are capable of withdrawing into a contemplative or meditative state where they can assess their actions and make prudent choices for the future. Still, even after acquiring a large measure of wisdom, those born on this day rarely pause in the thick of battle to ponder their direction; for them, such work is to be done afterwards, preferably in tranquility.
      November 9 people live close to the edge, and therefore must learn to protect themselves. In addition it is important for them to maintain respect for their fellow human beings, and to beware of becoming mercenary in their relationships. As they are highly sensitive to rejection, those born on this day also face the danger of retreating into themselves, nursing private grudges and fears, and even in extreme cases coming to live in a dark fantasy world.
      More highly evolved individuals born on November 9 use their profound relationship with the dark side to gain insight into how life and the universe work, and equally important, learn to share these insights with others. Like Orpheus rising from the underworld, November 9 people must never look back but constantly move onward and upward toward the light. The greatest danger is that they will get stuck (particularly in the physical-material realm), and for this reason should set themselves high moral and ethical, albeit worldly, goals.
      Numbers and Planets:
      Those born on the 9th of the month are ruled by the number 9 and by the planet Mars. The number 9 is powerful in its influence on other numbers (any number added to 9 yields that number: e.g., 5+9=14, 4+1=5, and any number multiplied by 9 yields a 9: e.g., 9x5=45, 4+5=9), and the ability of November 9 people to influence others is similarly enhanced. The planet Mars is forceful and aggressive, embodying male energy, and for November 9 people (both men and women) this is doubly true since Mars is also co-ruler of their sign, Scorpio. When combined with Pluto (principal ruler of Scorpio), Mar's potential for ruthlessness and blind ambition is augmented -- but so is the potential for meaningful and deeply transformative changes.
      The 9th card of the Tarot's Major Arcana is The Hermit, who is usually depicted walking with a lantern and a stick; he represents meditation, isolation and quietude. The card also signifies crystallised wisdom and practiced discipline. The Hermit is a taskmaster who motivates by conscience and guides others on their path. The positive side of this card is stick-to-it-iveness, purpose, profundity and concentration; negative qualities include dogmatism, intolerance, mistrust and discouragement. November 9 people must beware of becoming too withdrawn from the world, like the Hermit, but perhaps can learn from his positive introspection.
      Those born on November 9 at some point will have to deal with their internal emotional rollercoaster. Ups and downs might be evened out by a balanced diet and plenty of exercise; perhaps practicing yoga and meditation could also prove beneficial. Foodwise, it may be necessary to cut down on yang foods (particularly meat), and to move more in the direction of vegetarian diet. Vigorous activities that favour betterment of objective goals (gymnastics, rock climbing, surfing, etc.) may meet the rugged appetites of November 9 people. Plenty of sleep is important, but should not be abused as an escape from the waking world.
      Cultivate your spiritual side. Learn to float. Don't just enjoy your pleasures -- be aware of their effect. Step back from time to time and observe yourself living. Heed your inner voice and follow your higher self.
      "The act of succumbing to temptation holds many mighty challenges"
      Musings and themes to Momo. [Please listen and enjoy] ->>>>
      Japanese music
      English music