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      HAPPY NEW YEAR !!   12/30/2017

      As we celebrate the New Year, We wish everyone success, a healthy long life and a fresh new start. Happy New Year! - TEAM TWICE <3  

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LIKEY, 거북기(Turtle), MISSING U, 날 바라바라봐, ROLLIN, LOVE LINE <3, 널 내게 담아, 잘자요 굿나잇 ㅠㅠ 

:jh-myheart: Can't wait to listen to the full album erhmerhgerd

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LIKEY, TURTLE, MISSING U, FFW, ROLLIN', DING DONG... almost all :jh-myheart:

So excited for all these songs :ny-yes:

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24/7 sounds like it's going to be my favorite out of the 13 tracks... :mn-blush:But we'll never know until the album is out :mm-pdnim:

I can't wait to finally experience the joy of listening to their very first album~ :cy-cutie:

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Track 1 - Likey is a bop already.  It sounds so different from the previous Twice songs but you can hear the classic Twice style in there. 

Track 2 - This is the type of song that I wouldn't like overall (same as Precious Love) but you know I'm gonna sing this one when I listen to the full album. 

Track 3 - I'm trying not to get blinded by my dislike of earattack songs (GOT7 is my ultimate boy group) but that guitar is A+ 

Track 4 - Wow is such a feel good song. 

Track 5 - The chanting from the snippet gives me I'm Gonna Be A Star flashbacks (I like the song but at the same time, I don't like it if that makes sense) but Chae's part makes me think I shouldn't judge this early lol

Track 6 - Honestly, I don't know what to think about this one haha! 

Track 7 - I'm not sure about 24/7 too.

Track 8 - This is promising.

Track 9 - I can confirm that this will be my favorite B-side track and I hope they perform this on music shows.  Surprisingly, I liked this one despite the involvement of earattack.

Track 10 - Oh, I love this one. This is the cute song that I will play in the car over and over.

Track 11 - Those beats in the background, I love that!

Track 12 - This is like Track 2. I know I won't like it a lot from the teaser but when I hear the full song, I'm gonna sing it on the top of my lungs somewhere and embarrass myself because I'm tone deaf.

Track 13 - I think I need to hear more. 


Overall, I love all the tracks they included in the album and I'm so hyped for tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to Likey and I can guarantee that this will be a hit. LOA, CU, TT, KK, and Signal's teasers didn't make me repeat the teaser vid over and over again because I kinda knew what I should be expecting but the fact that the girls are looking forward to it makes me more excited. Congratulations for the 1st full album, Twice! Gonna order mine soon.



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I like them all, although the "D-D-D-DANCE ON THE FLOOR" chant at the beginning of DING DONG is a bit rough heh
I LOVE THE 12TH TRACK. I remember it from the spoiler stream and I love it ;;w;;

I'm so so so so so excited for tomorrow!!! :jh-cheer:


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bad memes

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Definitely pre-ordering this album! All the songs are so catchy, can't wait to hear the full versions. I think that 24/7 will be my favorite song. Rollin' sounds very different than Twice's regular style, but I like it lol. Obsessed with the autotune in Love Line :mm-shh: Likey sounds like a very upbeat and cute song, anticipating the mv! I like Ding Dong a lot! Twice & Once fighting! :ny-tough:

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