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1 hour ago, Pink Heart Shaker said:

I have no words... :mm-wow:


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Wow the poll hasn't ended lmao

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    • By sacheol-21stC
      Twice members transform into princesses

      Twice appeared on the cover of Marie Claire fashion magazine’s August issue looking like Disney princesses.

      The K-pop group recently released the song “Dance the Night Away.”

      In the pictures released, each of the nine singers of Twice put on white laced dresses and pastel chiffon outfits.

      Jihyo, Momo and Sana donned dresses with flower patterns. Dahyun and Chaeyoung flashed big smiles for the camera.

      In an interview that accompanied the photo spread, Sana said she had participated in writing the lyrics for the song with Momo and Mina.

      Jihyo shared how she had gotten a tan while shooting the music video for the track. Tzuyu and Nayeon said dance moves for the new song are especially fun because they include plenty of leg movements.

      By Kim Soo-bin, Intern reporter (soob@heraldcorp.com)
    • By sacheol-21stC
      Girls Who We Love – 트와이스(TWICE) Preview

      CR: Marie Claire Korea
    • By liraeyllis

      (Pic not included)

      They had an interview in their waiting room during Music Bank
      Momo sang some of her parts live and I was seriously shocked..

       (Starts at ~ 1:06)
      It wasn't even some technical part, it was a part that any average person could've sang
      Seriously, she was just so bad.. I thought that some tone-deaf person was singing...
      The melody itself was just weird... and her pronunciation is also...
      I can understand that she was nervous but the melody was just so weird..
      Seriously, I was really surprised at how bad it was...
      A singer should at least get some basics of his/her title song down...
      She should practice her singing as much as her dancing...

      post response: [+1,364][-106] original post: here  
      ㅇㅇ |2018.07.14 03:08 신고하기 It's not that we are jealous or have inferiority complex, this is just a fact 추천464 반대10   ㅇㅇ |2018.07.14 05:18 신고하기 She's really super good at dancing, but she's only good at dancing 추천392 반대13   ㅇㅇ |2018.07.14 01:19 신고하기 If vocalization is the most difficult thing for foreigners, shouldn't she improve on her pronunciation no? I watched some cuts of the video, and I think that some trainees on P48 were better than her 추천357 반대13   ㅇㅇ |2018.07.14 12:03 신고하기 The funniest thing is that Park Jinyoung acted like he cares so much about skills during his audition program but actually, he makes his singers lipsync and is so tolerant with their pronunciation... 추천216 반대4   ㅇㅇ |2018.07.14 11:35 신고하기 I just don't think that she has a talent for singing.. It wasn't even a difficult part and when I hear her singing live, her voice is always wobbly so I think that she's just not suited for singing. Meanwhile, she doesn't have a voice for rapping either.. Her tone is overall high-pitched but she can't really sing low notes nor high notes 추천156 반대0   ㅇㅇ |2018.07.14 12:03 신고하기 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Seriously, I don't understand what JYP was thinking when he added her to Twice. As a singer, if you always get bashed like this, it can become fatal;; it can also become a nuisance for the team. I get that it's not only Momo's fault, but they are the #1 group who's known for their lack of skills. 추천140 반대4

    • By liraeyllis
      It is said that the guy is a fansite master of another idol.   theqoo   -I heard that he's one of Apink's fansite master..   -Momoring..ㅠㅠ Ugh I really hate this. What is he doing..ㅠㅠ   -F*ck.. Is he out of his mind??   -Did Momo hurt somewhere..?ㅠㅠ What the heck is this. What is he going to do if she got hurt..   -This is why I hate Music Bank..   -Hul.. Did he leave his manners at home??   -Is he taking a picture together with Momo?? What is happening..??   -How dare him to bump my Momo!!   -Let's just expose his face..   -Again..???   -He just apologized on his Twitter.. Such a relief..   -F*cker....   -Whoa.. What the f*ck is wrong with that f*cker..   -Crazy.. He's being rude just because Momo is not his idol..
    • By sacheol-21stC
      TWICE Has Fun Answering Fans’ Questions About Their Habits, Transformations, And More

      TWICE satisfied the curiosity of their fans in a new video!
      On July 12, the girl group participated in 1theK’s “Ask in A Box” series and answered questions from fans all around the world.
      Mina began the video by answering a fan’s question about how she’s been seen going out a lot. The TWICE member said that there are many things on sale and that she likes shopping. She goes out for 30 minutes to an hour, and ends her shopping trip with watermelon juice.
      Chaeyoung chose Nayeon as the member who recently made her laugh the most before talking about sharing a room with her on their overseas promotions. She explained, “We have to order room service in Japanese and our Japanese isn’t that good yet. We’re working hard on it. I have a video, but she was laughing and embarrassed while trying to speak Japanese, and it was really funny.”
      She also credited her age, sexy dancing, and influence from their concepts for her transformation from a child to an adult.

      Dahyun and the other members talked about how Dahyun seemed grown-up when she showed some skin for their album photos. Nayeon explained that Dahyun usually doesn’t wear clothes that show skin, but did so for their comeback.
      Tzuyu revealed she wants to live as Nayeon for a day. “I’m really curious about her thoughts,” she said and made the others burst into laughter.
      Since Sana has coined some popular phrases such as “Oh hyo oh hyo” and “Kekeke,” a fan asked her to create a new one. She told fans that she can’t just come up with one on the spot and asked them to keep an eye out during promotions for her next popular phrase.
      Jihyo was tasked with matching an Avenger with each TWICE member. She said Tzuyu is Hulk, Mina is Dr. Strange, Chaeyoung is Spider Man, Dahyun is Rocket Raccoon, Sana is Wanda, Jeongyeon is Hawkeye, Momo is Black Widow, Nayeon is Iron Man, and that she is Thor.
      Nayeon talked about sleeping habits. She wasn’t aware of hers, but the members told her that she’s always eating or tasting something in her sleep. Momo added that many of the members, including herself, sleep with their eyes open.
      While Nayeon was responding to a question about how she is the member who acts the most spontaneously, Dahyun brought up Nayeon’s glasses. She asked Nayeon why she always leaves her glasses in the refrigerator and revealed that she takes them out and puts them on the top of the refrigerator. Nayeon was really shocked to hear this and asked multiple times if this was true.
      Jeongyeon told the members about a scary nightmare involving a really tall grim reaper and chose Nayeon as the member who would survive on a deserted island because she’s “persistent.”
      Nayeon joked, “Tell the truth. I thought you didn’t like me all this time, but you really like me, don’t you?” She added, “She likes me a lot so she keeps wanting to tease me and denies that she likes me,” and praised Jeongyeon on how she’s good at playing hard to get.
      Check out the video below!
      TWICE released their first summer track “Dance the Night Away” on July 9.
      CR: soompi