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This is just a suggestion I have because on Soshified they have threads that list all the topics that people have started, so if you're ever in doubt about whether to start a new topic you can check to see whether someone else already has. This will be especially useful as time goes on and the number of topics grows and grows and grows. 

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Yea this. Or like enlarge/extend the 'New Topics' sidebar so that people can see more recent topics that has been made already. :ny-hmm:

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1)You can use the search bar provided on the top right corner of the site to search for threads which is similar as searching through lists. 

2)Most recent topics will also be shown at the first or second pages so will be no problem if you check the pages for duplicates.

3)If you go to your activity stream at the top bar, you can create a new stream to filter the latest topics to check for all topics as well.

If you are still unsure you can ask one of our staffs to help you :)


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    • By Picapict
      Hello, i've been thinking of some things for a while so i'm going to post my suggestion here
      1. Twice official good affiliate link
      So before joining TTF, i've been in a some forums such as soshified and iheartfx. And there's something i notice in soshified, they put something on their forum:
      I don't really know about how it works, but i think by affiliating with yesasia they got some money if someone purchase it through the link they share? 
      I think by putting that kind of widget (i don't know how to call it) on TTF it will help member to get official album easier and help TTF to get some money (not sure if it's a lot but i'm sure even the little amount of money will help )that can be used to take care of the forum. I know there's a thread about list of website for twice merchandise already but putting it on home would be more practical.
      2. Icon for every subforum
      I know all the admin is kind of busy and maybe have thought or decided to but don't have time for this but i think it would be nice to have an icon for every sub-forum, not only the Twice member's subforum.  
      As a suggestion in case staff is too busy to design one, maybe you can open a icon designing contest with wonce as the reward? 
      That's all my suggestion for now. Thank you 
    • By Ahn Haeju
      Because of the so-many news, it's difficult for me to find the threads where people are just chatting or discussing about things. Like the sub-section's title suggests, General Discussion section is supposed to be a place to chat, not for reading news. Thank you for your attention.
    • By Ahn Haeju
      In each Twice member's section, beside '(Member) Spazz Thread', there's also this thread called 'A (Member) A Day'. Sometimes it's called 'Daily (Member)'. Here is one for example:
      In those threads, I have caught soooooooo many people post more than one picture per post. As the title suggests, we only may post one picture a day. Unfortunately, there's no clear rule about it, not even in the main post of the thread. But once I saw a TTF staff warned someone for posting more than one pictures in his/her post. It was kinda a long time ago so I don't remember who was the staff nor the TTF member. So.... Is posting one picture for every post the official rule of that thread? Please make a clear statement about this. Thank you.
    • By SANA 4 L1F3
      I think an option of upload pictures from computer directly can be added. This can make uploading picture much more easier and people might upload more of Twice’s beautiful pictures.
      If I am wrong at any point feel free to correct me.
    • By syko
      I've heard that the minimum number of posts to enter the chatbox is 50 posts (liketheolddaysayy) That really seems a bit high - I understand it's to prevent spammers and bots from getting into the chatbox but is 50 really necessary? Feels overkill, I doubt any spammer/bot would post 50 times just to troll. The problem with 50 posts is that that's also a lot for newbies. They'll often be discouraged by that because it can take a fairly decent amount of time to get that many posts, and I think that chatting with fellow forum-goers is what makes the forum experience much funner and gives you incentive to keep coming back, and keep posting. IMO the post requirement should be dropped. I'd say to 10 or 15, but whatever you mods/admins agree on, as long as it's less, is cool. inb4 49 post requirement
      Just wanna revive chatbox, with a basically non-existent stream of newcomers the chatbox is really slowing down, and we don't want that to happen  Make Chatbox Great Again