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[PIC]170916 TWICE Stage 100 pictures

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    • By #Twice
      TWICE’s Jihyo may have dropped the bi
      ggest hint about the group’s July comeback!
      TWICE fans, are you ready for this? The new summer track to come from TWICE may be the hottest, sexiest yet. During a live broadcast, member Jihyo implied that the group is trying out a sexier concept this time.
      “For the first time, all the members wore sleeveless tops. There is more skin showing. Not sure if you guys will like it or hate it… Sorry if you don’t want to see it.” — Jihyo
      TWICE has conquered all kinds of concepts, from quirky zombie apocalypse survivors to adorable slumber party friends to elegant princesses, but the girl group has yet to take on a full-on sexy concept. Since the broadcast, fans’ anticipation for TWICE’s return with “more skin” has been growing stronger!

      Meanwhile, TWICE is said to have been in Okinawa, Japan where the beaches are summery.
        Fans are putting together the comeback date, the beaches, and the sleeveless tops to only mean one thing. TWICE is about to drop a killer summer bop and no one can be ready enough!
      Well, ready or not, here they come. Brace yourselves — the hot-summer-beachy, sleeveless-top-wearing, sexy-fun TWICE is coming!
    • By sacheol-21stC
      TWICE is singing the theme song of an upcoming Japanese live-action movie 『センセイ君主』/ "Sensei Kunshu", which will be shown at theaters/cinemas in Japan from August 1st (Weds.). This song is a cover of an American family music group, The Jackson 5's (which includes the King of Pop, Michael Jackson) famous No.1 hit song, "I Want You Back".

      Official movie website:  センセイ君主 (Sensei Kunshu)
      Official movie twitter link.
      CR: Sensei Kunshu