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[DISCUSSION/POLL] Whose name is your favourite?

Whose (full) name do you like the most?  

30 members have voted

  1. 1. Prettiest/coolest/awesomest name?

    • Im Nayeon
    • Yoo Jeongyeon
    • Hirai Momo
    • Minatozaki Sana
    • Park Jihyo
    • Myoui Mina
    • Kim Dahyun
    • Son Chaeyoung
    • Chou Tzuyu
    • *I am indecisive and should stay away from polls*

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Hmm well i like momo's because its so cute and suits her:jh-cute: and tuyu's because i think it's unique and her nickname is just so cute:ty-hehe:

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For me is Minatozaki Sana because her name remind me of Fourth Hokage :sn-lol:

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I don't know anyone in Japan named Minatozaki other than Sana, so I love her name 

But I really adore how nice 'Myoui Mina' sounds. Also, I have a friend named Mina, so I really like her name :mn-blush:

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MI.NA.TO.ZA.KI. :sn-stare:

Sanaaa~ :sn-hi: 

Edited by Ahn Haeju

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for me i would choose Twice

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      “I think it’s nice that I get to watch them do stuff first like when we are practicing. I get to watch how they do it and then learn,” Chaeyoung said.

      Twice’s first summer-themed album and second Korean extended play of the year “Dance the Night Away” was released on July 9.
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