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[FMV] Twice | Walking On Air

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I recently finished my first youtube video. There is a lot I want to say about this, but I‘ll keep it short. I tried to give the Twice MV‘s a different look and atmosphere. Sadly my PC was starting acting up as it couldn‘t handle the lenght of the video anymore which forced me to cut this video a minute shorter. But I still had a lot of fun making this video and thought I‘ll share it.

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Having a trippy MV would be certainly interesting and very unique for Twice, but I wouldn't say it's impossible. There are still (hopefully) many years to come after all. 

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1 hour ago, Amazarashi said:

Having a trippy MV would be certainly interesting and very unique for Twice, but I wouldn't say it's impossible. There are still (hopefully) many years to come after all. 

Maybe lol

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15 hours ago, MyiMina said:

You really had fun making this! :mm-jjang: 

I did for sure ! There were a few frustrating moments, because things wouldn't go the way I wanted, but overall it was really fun.


3 hours ago, Hera said:

How do you edit videos like this? :ny-nice:

I use Premiere Pro and After Effects. For this video I specially used a tool to create the slow motion effects. 

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