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[VID] TWICE Red Velvet LOONA Albums Unboxing Video

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Not really a FMV or compilation, just a lil unboxing video I made for TWICE albums I bought for this month(late November included) :ty-lol:

Red Velvet + LOONA Albums included so yea just gonna drop the video here. :jy-flee:

*Note: My camera works + angles all sucks so yea not a professional video because this is my first time doing it :dh-fp: 

TWICE + Red Velvet 



Hope you guys don't mind my lame talks and awful voice :dh-wut: 


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I've talked to you in VC on Discord before and I think your voice is perfectly fine lool~

I want to do an unboxing when I get my albums too but I don't want to bring my albums to my dad's.

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This video getting my desire of buying twice album bigger :ty-peek:

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